Piotr "Colossus" Rasputin
Piotr Rasputin
Portrayed By Daniel Cudmore
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age Late 20s
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Pete, Colossus
Place of Birth Siberia, Russia
Current Location Salem Center, NY
Occupation Painter, Hero
Known Relatives Illyana Rasputin (sister, deceased)
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities Body Transmutes into Organic Osmium Steel, accompanied by super strength and near-invulnerability
First Appearance ???

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Piotr was raised on a farm in Siberia, instilled with all of the qualities that a wholesome boy would dream of. It was a simple, unassuming lifestyle with his parents, his brother Mikhail and his little sister Illyana, and he became a sterling young man, strong as an ox, and when his mutant ability began to manifest, it was a source of tension, but his parents were relatively open minded about it, due to their love for their son.

Piotr's first manifestation of his mutant power came on his farm when he was trying to save his sister from a runaway tractor. He was too late to push her out of the way, and the tractor hit him. He transformed instinctively, and the tractor took much more damage than he did. His parents were disturbed at first, as any parent would be, but they grew to accept it.

Xavier contacted him when he needed a powerful new team of mutants to save the original X-Men from being trapped within Krakoa, The Living Island. He took on this noble duty, along with such notables as Sunfire, Nightcrawler, Storm, Banshee, Wolverine and Thunderbird, and the mission was successful. He remained at Xavier's school, his nobility appealed to by Xavier's dream and the general warmth and acceptance of the team members appealing to his kind heart.

He was put through very vigorous training at the mansion - mental and physical - in preparation to do battle with the monumental menaces that were threatening the relationship beween homosuperior and humanity. He developed his physical prowess and mental strength to the point where he was deemed ready to be an X-Man - a badge of honor. His first adventures were exhilirating, frightening, amazing, and addicting for him. He felt like he truly belonged. He was becoming an ideal superhero.

A significant land mine in his quest came when Moira MacTaggart's son went on a rampage with his reality-warping powers and his ability of posession. However, his weakness was to metal, and when he tried to possess Piotr, he transformed into his metal form, which ended up killing Proteus, and racked Piotr with guilt at taking a life. It is something he still has to deal with every day - and it multiplied much later when he engaged Riptide of the Marauders shortly after the Morlock Massacre and became enraged. He had watched Riptide tear apart many of his friends and had seen the death he had left behind and lost it, approaching him steadily, deflecting his stars. He simply reached out and snapped his neck, killing him. These incidents still weigh heavily on his conscience and have strengthened his resolve to never again take a life if it's at all possible to avoid it. He has pushed all of this guilt down within him despite many attempts to bring it out and get him to talk about it.

Soon after Proteus incident, Piotr suffered anew trauma - losing his brother Mikhail to mysterious circumstances. All of his family had manifested mutant abilities, and Mikhail was no exception - although he had chosen a less noble path than Piotr did. The exact details of the event are sketchy, but he was lost to another dimension and presumed dead. The loss of Mikhail was devastating to a man like Piotr, with such a deep-rooted sense of obligation and family. He hadn't been raised to express himself very openly with people, so he pushed it down deep within him, in order to be the strong one for Illyana. It is an issue he's never fully dealt with.

Another sibling disaster occurred when his little sister Illyana was taken into another dimension by Belasco and returned a few minutes later, but she had aged several years and was adept at wielding magical powers. This really messed with Piotr, feeling overjoyed that Yana had returned safely, but also wracked with guilt that he missed a chunk of her childhood and this all had happened to her because he wasn't able to protect her. Illyana has never held him responsible, but it's always been like Piotr to assume guilt for things he didn't do. Sometimes his nobility gets the best of him.

During one of the X-Men's trips to the Savage Land, Piotr was selected by a woman named Nereel to be the father of a child - it is a custom among the Fall People to have a child to replace any recent death among their numbers. Piotr, however, was unaware of the true intentions she had, being a young and naive sort about these things, but he still carries strong feelings for Nereel and is unaware that she has borne his son - a young boy named Peter.

His adventures had also drawn him closer to the young Kitty Pryde. The two have a great friendship and a mutual attraction, and they had started a very innocent little relationship until he was taken away for the Secret Wars and he fell for some mysterious silver-haired healer named Zsaji, and he ended it with Kitty. But Zsaji's quick death devastated him, and he wasn't the same when he returned. He broke it off with Kitty for a while, much to the chagrin of Logan and Kurt, who were so put-off by Piotr's actions that they let Juggernaut beat him savagely that night. Although Piotr's ability to trust people was damaged by this - and he continued to fight alongside the X-Men, always ready to lay down his life for Xavier's dream.

The confrontation with the Marauders during the Morlock Massacre which involved Riptide's death left Piotr in disarray, unable to transform back into his flesh body. It was while he was dealing with this trouble that events conspired in Dallas that forced several of the X-Men to apparently die on national television, only to survive and relocate to Australia so they could operate in secret. This lasted until a series of strange mystical events swelled into an Inferno that drew them out of hiding to stop a demonic invasion - after which Illyana had been magically reverted to her true age. Piotr then sent her back to live with their parents, believing her to be safest there. His problems with his armored form would not be solved until he was forced through a magic gateway known as the Siege Perilous, which created a vastly different identity for him, burying his mutant past and allowing him to thrive as an artist known as Peter Nicholas, who was in love with Callisto - who had been transformed into a model herself.

This ideal and tranquil life was not to last, when the threat of the Shadow King forced Xavier to shatter the illusion and bring Colossus back to the X-Men. This eventually brought strife back to his life - brought home when Piotr was devastated to learn that the Russian government had killed his parents and abducted Illyana, attempting to genetically re-age her again. With the X-Men's help he saved her, but the feeling of loss was immense. This was compounded by Mikhail's return and abrupt departure again - obviously deranged and fashioning himself as the Morlock messiah, shepherding them to another dimension. As he is wont to do, Piotr blamed himself for not being able to get through to his older brother.

The last straw was when his precious little sister Illyana became an early victim of the malicious Legacy Virus, dying far too young. It completely destroyed Piotr emotionally, he completely lost his way. He left the X-Men, no longer believing in Xavier's methods, and joined Magneto's Acolytes, in an attempt to be a positive influence on their darker methods and beliefs. But this stay did not last very long - once Magneto was nearly killed and left brain-dead, there was no place for him among the Acolytes.

Distraught, unbalanced and exhausted by the loss of everything he knew and believed in, he saw no other place to go than to try to seek out Kitty Pryde, his last chance for any kind of love - only to find her in Excalibur, in love with an abrasive Brit named Pete Wisdom. Their first meeting was a violent one, but with that team's help, Piotr eventually got some of the therapy he needed to begin to recover from the hell he'd been through and find himself again

After a long service in England, Excalibur eventually disbanded, and Piotr, Kitty and his good friend Nightcrawler returned to the X-Men, and Piotr worked to repair the friendships that had been broken when he turned to the Acolytes. He also formed a strong bond with Marrow, the bitter Morlock who was attempting to find a better way herself. There was even a brief reunion with Mikhail once again… but his brother was one of The Twelve, and he was soon lost to a battle with the mighty Apocalypse.

Piotr still felt powerfully alone, even among his friends, when Dr. Henry McCoy discovered at last a cure to the Legacy Virus - the catch being that someone had to inject it into themselves, activate their mutant power and sacrifice their lives to release it. While McCoy viewed this as unacceptable, Piotr did not. He could not stand by while anyone else's little sister still suffered from that disease when they did not have to. So he took it upon himself, without knowledge or consent of any of the other X-Men, to administer the cure to himself. Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin died that day, saving the world from the deadly scourge, willingly leaving his tumultuouslife behind and hoping to rejoin his family in a world beyond this one.

He would not be eternally rewarded for this sacrifice. He woke up in a tiny room, deep underground - one that he could not escape. He never knew why he was held - he just new that he would be periodically and subdued and tortured regularly by his unseen tormentors. He was honestly unsure as to whether or not he was alive or dead and in hell.

For two years.

Until Kitty Pryde managed to free him from his captivity, stunned to realize he was not dead. His captors were aliens from a planet called Breakworld. They were developing a cure for mutancy using the Legacy Virus cure in his bloodstream, but with the return of the Colossus to their ranks, the X-Men were able to defeat them, and bring Piotr back to Xavier's. He's no longer quite the same man they lost anymore. He is much quieter, more sullen and currently having a hard time adjusting to a world not inside his thoughts. But his time in captivity gave him much opportunity to review his life and his mistakes, and he is determined not to repeat them.


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