2009-12-08: Pirates Robbers Giants Crocodiles Oh My


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Summary: There's a bit of Fairy Tale Chaos in Salem Center.

Date: December 8, 2009

Log Title Pirates Robbers Giants Crocodiles Oh My!

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

Sure, it's cold outside. But that doesn't stop Addison from wanting one of the things he almost never got back home. Ice Cream. As he comes out of Coldstone, he's holding a small tub of something, with a grin of happiness on his face. He's also wearing… a hat. Why he's wearing a hat, he couldn't say. He's never liked them, but lately, he has to have one. He sits in the cold, at an outdoor table, munching from the little tub with a spoon.

Something about a yellow brick road? Danny thought he saw one and felt compelled to follow it. Down the hall, to the street, subway, train and now to Salem Center. With a weird sort of skip and humming to himself, Danny, dressed in a flannel shirt, straw hat, beat up jeans and bits of straw sticking out of the clothes, heads down the street with the Emerald City in mind. "If I only had a brain.." He sings quietly.

In his civvies right now because he's off duty, Nick Hunter's stopped by Salem Center to see an old friend. Now that the visit is over, the officer's been exploring for a little while. He's currently inside Cold Stone, waiting in line and idly toying with the keychain on his wrist.

Wesley just got off of work, with his shift over, he bundles up and walks out of the corner store where he works. After shoving his hands in the pocket of his new hoodie, he walks down the sidewalk. He's idly looking up at some tall foliage. stopping every now and again when he sees a tall tree to feel the plant, not being what he's looking for, he continues.

Wearing a beautiful blue gown, Robin has come to the Salem Center for the ball. As well as the gown, she wears a little tiara, some gloves that come up to her forearm and distinctive glass slippers. She rides in on a pumpkin-like horse-drawn carriage led by four white horses, and steered by Blank (who is dressed up as the driver). The carriage seems to be moving at a pretty fast pace. After all, Robin can't be out too late… (RE)

There's a slight bending feeling, as if everybody's brain took a sudden jump to the right, as a large, three-masted Man-of-War suddenly appears in the middle of the parking lot, floating mere inches above the tarmac, it's prow upending unsuspecting cars like so much floatsam. It appears that there's a heated battle taking place atop the ship, the focus of which seems to be…. Skyler of all people. He's dressed in nothing but autumn leaves, and a sword, and is floating, nee, flying above the deck as a certain one-handed pirate is fencing with him. "Ha-ha!" crows Skyler as he scores a hit on Hook, causing the man to bleed from a cut on his shoulder.

"I'm LATE!" The words precede the form of Jared Stone teenaged mutant and of late large anthropromorphic rabbit. Around the cornor comes he tall teenager, covered in short white fur with his long rabbit ears flapping in the wind dressed in a grey hoodie and jeans. As he slides into Salem Center he reaches into the pocket ofhis hoodie and pulls out a gold pocket watch that he flips open to check the time. "I'm…wait, what am I late for?" Slowly where he is starts to dawn on Jared, who bites back a curse and quickly reaches back to grab his hood and hope he can hide his ears before he gets too much notice.

Nathaniel has been standing outside of the Grind as people randomly appear dressed in all manners of clothing. He lifts a brow, lips wrapped around the straw of what may or may not be a blended coffee, then tilts his head back to watch the ship appear. He watches absentmindedly for a few seconds before he lifts his arm, tugging the sleeve back with a move of his elbows, and checks the watch on his wrist. Satisfied that it is now Crazy o'Clock, he drops his hand back into his hip pocket and sucks on the straw, watching the scene with idle curiosity.

The ground starts to shake a bit as it feels like ther'es a mild earthquake. The ground starts to crack and split open and some small plant start to peak it's way through. Then more and more start to come out of the same spot and the vine starts to thicken and attach together, growing at a rapid rate. As the vine is breaking through the pavement, down the street there's a *TICK TOCK TICK TOCK* as a Crocolide licks his lips and heads towards the ship.

Seeing the carriage glide down the way, Addison nods. He runs a hand over his clothing, shifting them to something more appropriate. A woodsman's outfit. "Ah, yes. The ball. A perfect opportunity. Where the richest of the rich mingle and gather. The coffers of the poor shall be filled tonight." He says, tying his hair back with a leather thong. He looks both ways before leaping onto the back of the carriage and hanging on tightly. He'll not attack the lady inside, of course. He's just using her carriage as a way into the ball.

In almost a comical fashion, Danny windmills his arms as he starts to fall backwards, taking a few steps back to stay on balance. All the time he's going "WoooOOOooooooah" The Scarecrow is thrown this way and that from the shaking ground, moving left and right but staying on his feet. "Dorthy! Dorthy!" He yells for help.

"What the hell?" Nick asks no one in particular as all the chaos goes down. Rushing for the door, he looks around at all these weird people and events and then up at the ship. "Where the hell did a boat come from?!"

Wesley braces himself for the mild earthquake before finding the crack in the ground, and the large plant sprouting up from it. A wide grin pops on his face as he watches it grow taller and taller, he recognizes what this thing is becoming. And he cannot wait to scale the beanstalk.

Blank pulls on the reigns of the horses and stops them when the ground starts to shake. The puppet comes around and opens the door for Robin, who lowers her hands. Her puppet certainly wasn't moving autonomously! She looks at all the chaos that's ensuing and notes out loud, "Oh dear, how ever will I ever get to the ball before midnight now?"

The Man-of-War finally comes to a halt, bending over a lamppost, with a screech of metal. Hook, at first, doesn't notice the crocodile, despite the ticking. "Bad form, Pan!" shouts the man as Skyler takes advantage of the fact that he can, in fact, fly and Hook can not to flip over a vicious swipe of the pirate's saber to land mockingly on his hat, crushing it flat. In response, Skyler just laughs.

Jared almost bounces in place a moment as he watches a ship sail into the center of Salem Center. It is not a castle made of cards, or a giant dragon, but it does as a touch of the Wonderland about it. That is till he sees the carriage glide past. "The Ball! The Queen! I'm Late!" Just as Addison leaps on the back of the carriage Jared starts runing again only to end up tripping over his over sized feet when the earth starts to shake and rolling to a stop at Nick's feet. "Oh my, ph my." he says before standing and looking at the growing beanstalk. "Curiouser and Curiouser."

"Neverland," Nathaniel offers up rather blandly a few feet away from Nick, still drinking his mixed coffee and watching the events take place. He has stepped back and to the side somewhat to take shelter under Coldstone's overhang in response to the earth shaking. He eyes the beanstalk with trepidition, aware that beanstalks are known primarily for two things: huge beans and giants. He chews on the straw sticking out of his cup and shakes his head a little. Jared's arrival gets another absentminded look that may suggest he thinks he's not actually conscious.

The ground continues to rumble until the vine grows to about six feet around. There are enough smaller vines wrapping around it so it's scaleable. It shoots up beyond the clouds and into the sky and after a bit stops growing. As for the Crocodile, he continues his waddle towards the ship anxiously, there's something tastey abord that ship that he wants!

"Egads." Addison says simply. "A large beanstalk. What in Sherwood is this?" He asks, staring at it's growing form before stepping down from the back of the carriage to offer a hand to Robin. "Fear not, fair maiden. None shall harm you while I'm here. Though, I must admit, I haven't a clue what's going on." He says, while doffing his cap.

Putting a hand on his hat, an dlooking up, Danny Scarecrow looks up at the beanstalk. "Oh boy, that's quite a large beanstalk." Danny shaks looking around. On closer inspection there looks to be some paint on his face similar to how a Scarecrow is painted. "I hope there's no Lions and Tigers and Bears."

As soon as the beanstalk stops it's growth, Wesley cannot run towards the large plant any faster. He takes a moment to look up at the scalable plant from a close distance before starting to scale it. The smile on his face is still as wide as it can be.

Nick blinks as Jared crashes neer him. "What the…you alright, kid?" he asks, thinking Jared's just a mutant with a feral mutation. He looks over at Nathaniel and frowns. "Neverland? Like Peter Pan?" he asks, believing that Nathan's in on the insanity. "Alright, you and you, stand back," he points from Jared to Nathan. "I'm going to see if I can find out who's responsible for the boat and the big plant," he says, heading for the ship and looking for some kind of loose rope to climb up.

Robin accepts Addison's hand down and says, "Thank you, brave sir!" She steps back onto solid ground and says, "I must admit, this is as much a mystery to me as it is to you." She gazes up at the ship. The figure fighting Hook is somehow familiar to her, but at present time, she can't really recall how.

Hook takes a stab at the boy standing on his head (as the battle between the other pirates and the Lost Boys rages on), but Skyler is too quick, hopping off and deftly spins the captain around so he's facing the approaching crocodile. "Look at that, Hook," says Skyler with a sly grin, "The crocodile is coming to finish the job."

"oh my, oh my." is all that Jared can say at the moment staring at the bean stalk. "Oh dear, I am so late…the Queen is going to have my head!" Jared of course ignores Nick's command to stay back and follows close behind him bouncing a bit as he walks to see just what is going on.

Nathaniel seems to consider for a second before he says, "Um… no." He waves cheerfully after Nick as he runs off towards the ship, though, then decides to get away from that giant beanstalk as well as the advancing crocodile. He drops his half-finished coffee in a nearby trash can - no littering, even in the face of insanity - and tucks his hands into his pockets, making his way down the sidewalk to see what he can see. He has no intention of getting in anyone's way right now.

As Wesley starts to climb up the beanstalk, it starts to shake and it feels like someone is climbing down! "FEE FI FO FUM! SMELL THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISH MAN!" Echos down from the clouds and down to the ground below. Mean while the Crocodile on the ground opens his jaws and seems to be waiting for Peter Pan to feed him another morsel of Captain Hook. As if things couldn't get weirder, soring through the sky on a broomstick is a green witch, red smoke behind her. An evil high ptich laugh escapes her as she throws a fire ball at the Scarecrow.

"Oh dear. I'm English." Addison says softly with a sigh. But before he even worries about anything at all, he slides a hand over Cinderella's arm, lifting the glove for a kiss. "Pardon me, lady. But I think there's a LITTLE too much danger here." He says, deftly sliding a bracelet away while she's not paying attention to that. "Is there anything I can do to help you get to where you're going?"

The fire ball thrown by the Wicked Witch and hits Danny his clothes light on fire but he doesn't burn as his powers kick in and he turns to Red Stone. "Not good, not good!" He says dancing around and bumping into Nathaniel in the process. He's not normally so klutzy but he's not in his usual frame of mind. "Witches, Aligators and Pirates oh my! What's that voice?"

Wesley stops scaling the beanstalk as the giant rings out in his fanfare. As soon as he hears the booming voice, Wesley starts climbing back down from the beanstalk. The thing about climbing down is, that it takes longer to climb back down than to climb up. The teenager is a bit saddened he cannot go for the treasures up at the giant's house though.

Nick looks up at the sound of the laughter, distracted from his search for a rope to climb the ship. He jumps at the sight of a fireball and scowls. The giant's yell brings a curse from Nick but only one problem at a time. Lifting his arm, the keychain on his wrist flashes blue a moment before a glowing blue bow and arrow erupts into being. He pulls back the string and takes aim at the witch. "Hey!" he yells. "Land and surrender now or I will fire!"

Robin doesn't notice the bracelet slip off. In this state of mind, she's not exactly used to things like that, so it's not like its absence leaves any impression! She nods at Addison, though, and says, "Thank you, sir. I'm trying to get to the ball. It's tonight, but I haven't much time."

Nathaniel would really like to not be on fire, so when the on-fire-but-not-burning Scarecrow bumps into him, he's quick to jump away, patting himself rapidly just to make sure he hasn't caught. Satisfied that his leather jacket is at least only as worn as it was before the incident, he jogs away from Danny and cuts between a couple nearby buildings. Rather than throw himself into the fray bodily, the young man instead focuses on a different style of helping - he sends his powers out to gently divert civilians from the area. It'll make him tired later, but it's worth it to keep people from being eaten and/or cooked first.

"No!" gasps Captain Hook, but too late! Skyler gives the pirate a shove with his foot and the man goes tumbling overboard and into the maw of the waiting crocodile. A cheer breaks out from the lost boys on the ship, and the rest of the pirates quickly abandon ship as soon as they see that they've lost. Skyler stands on the bow of the ship, arms akimbo in a victory pose, grinning ear-to-ear.

Jared stops and for an instant actualy stops moving at all while the voice booms from the heavens. "Its….ITs…A Gaint?" If Jared were himself he would likely push the panic button he carrys with him, and get ready to fight the giant or maybe even try and talk it out of being a danger to civillians. Since he is not himself he instead ends up running around in a circle panicing and possibly getting ready to hyperventalate. "A giant, a gaint, its a gaint! Why do I never have drink me when I need it?"

The Wicked Witch of the West is beyond listening to silly ment with their comands. "Fire?" She cackles. "I'll give you fire!" And a flaming ball is thrown at Nick and it's heading right his way. The Crocodile is getting bored waiting for Captain Hook and gobbles him up with a burb. Now for a chaser…RAbbit! Rabbit is good, and the Crocodile heads over to Jared and tries to snatch him up in his jaws. As for Wesley on the beanstalk, the Giant is coming down, and he's pissed. Wesley can see a Big Giant Butt headig right for him. "Be he alive, or be he dead, I'll have his bones to grind my bread."

The world may be crashing around him, but Addison is quite busy where he is. "Well, milady, were I but a horse, I would carry you there myself. Since I am not, I'm afraid, all I could do would be to carry you on my back. But I assure you, I'm quite able. I could get you there exceptionally quickly." He offers, waggling his eyebrows. "You need only climb upon my back, and I can get you to the ball within moments." He says, rising slightly from the ground. After all, Robin Hood makes use of ALL of his tools, even if he didn't know he had them before.

The Scarecrow is now stone, something he wasn't expecting. He was expecting to be made of straw. Seeing the witch throw a fire ball at Nick, Danny starts to wave his hands in the air. "Hey! Over here! Light me on fire again Witch!" He yells trying to get her attention.

Nick curses, letting the arrow go poorly aimed while the bow goes back to being a keychain. There's another flash of blue before he's holding a glowing, cross-shaped shield to block the fireball. "Who the hell turned the crazy land switch on?!"

Wesley stops in his tracks as he looks up and sees the Big Giant Butt coming his way. Time to hurry up! Wesley moves as fast as he can down the beanstalk. Which should get him down in 30 seconds. As soon as he's down he's getting out of sight of the giant, hopefully at least, being that tall means you can see over tons of stuff.

Nodding her head at Addison, Robin says, "Alright, kind sir, I will trust you." With that, she makes an effort to climb up onto Addison's back, since this madness is certainly no place for either the lady she's trying to be or the maid that she is. "Do you know where it is?" she asks, adding, "It can't be far from here, yet."

Not that his victory has been confirmed, Skyler finally has time to notice where he's at. He scowls as this is, quite clearly, not Neverland. However, when he spies Robin being carted away by Addison, his smile brightens up again, and he calls out after her, "Wendy! Did you see that? Wasn't I awesome?" He, then, zooms out to catch up to the two.

Jared is paniced enough by the giant descending from the sky that he does not even notice that the Crocodile's first snap at him compleatly misses. It is not till he is on a second trip around the circle he is running in that he sees the open maw of the scaley beast. "CROCODILE!" The teen turned rabbit shrieks as he is nearly bitten into again hopping backwards fast. "Oh My, Oh My! This is worse than watching the Queen play croquet!" With the Croc wanting to take a bite out of his cotton tail the white rabit starts trying to climb up the rudder of Captain Hook's ship in the hopes of jumping and climbing to the safty of the deck.

Nathaniel decides to find out just how much realism is involved in their reality right now, focusing his attention first of all on the giant. He can't see him, but if the giant has a brain, then he should be able to feel him. If he can, the teenager will send something adverse in his direction, essentially giving him the feeling that he would really rather just go home than climb down that beanstalk. A witch pitching fireballs is bad enough, after all.

The Wicked Witch is focusing on Danny and Nick at the moment and swoops down low, about three feet off the air. She has two fire balls building in each hand again as she throws it in a way for one for each of them. The Giant doesn't hit Wesley but lands on the ground with a shaking THUD! He stands about 15 feet tall and is quite ugly. "No one steals from me!" He roars and brings a foot down to stomp on part of the pirate ship, good thing Skyler Pan just left. Then Nathaniel would definately be able to feel something there and the Giant stops and looks around confused. "Home?" As for the Crocodile, he keeps chasing Jared, snapping his jaws and waiting for some Bunny Snackage.

Holding Cinderobin on his back, Addison hood smiles softly, gripping her glass slippers with his hand. "Of course, maiden. If you are going to a ball, it's elementary. A ball is held at a castle. And there is but one castle in this vicinity. Yon White Castle! It may not be much on the outside, but if a castle it be, then inside, it shall be grand!" He says, lifting them both into the air with Addison's mental abilities… and sliding glass away ever so casually, so it may feel as though they've dropped to the ground. Oops.

Danny lets the fire ball, some of the clothing burning and for some reason revealing a blue and white hero costume underneath. He brings out an arm and tries to knock the witch off the broom. "That's for scaring Dorthy!" He yells at her feeling a bit brave, hey he's not that smart so he's stepping into the danger.

Wesley moves out from ehind the dumpster, the loud and hard thud was enough to shake Wesley up something fierce. He's watching the giant carefully, apparently he still hasn't gotten over the whole taking treasure thing yet. Darn. He doesn't show a;; of himself quite yet, but he can be smelled most likely, being who he is.

Nick keeps his shield up, knocked back as the fireball strikes it. "Hot, hot hot…" he grumbles. Noticing Danny's clothing burning away, Nick's half disappointed and half surprised. Costume s mean super hero, right? Either way, he lets Danny deal with the witch for now. Letting the shield fade, Nick recreares his bow and arrow. Turning, he takes aim at the crocodile and opens fire. "Hey! Bunny Boy! See if you can get down here! Behind me!"

"Ah, I can't go without my slippers!" cries Robin, kicking her feet a bit when she feels them slip off. She looks down and tries to locate them, saying, "Please catch them!" This is, until she's distracted by Skyler Pan's voice. "… Prince?" she asks the air, as she looks up towards where she hears the source. "If he's here then… Then this must be the ball. Oh dear, it's more exciting than I ever could have imagined!"

"Wendy!" shouts Skyler Pan excitedly as he zooms up to her (and Addison). He pauses when he gets close to the girl, looking at how she's dressed skeptically. "Why are you dressed like that?"

Jared lets out another paniced rabbit shriek as the giant stomps on the ship he is doing his best to climb up the aft of shaking him. The teen slips, dropping twords the waiting teeth of the prehistoric preditor waiting to munch on him, but manages at the last moment to twist and land on its back. "Oh no! Oh no! Why me? The queen is never going to belive this is why I am so late!" The white rabbit wails his distress at his situation while clingign to the back of the reptile till he hears Nick. "A savior!" He yells before leaping off of the croc and running to try and cower behind Nick. "A Knight! Oh thank you, thank you sir Knight….Wait, are you the Black Knight or the White Knight?"

Nathaniel doesn't find that to be quite as great an idea as he originally planned and, thus, changes strategies. Rather than giving him the desire to go home, he adjusts it to a curious sort of hunger - the crocodile looks tasty, doesn't it? And it's the perfect size for a giant. Nathaniel braces his hand against the wall, watching at the same time he tries to keep control of his powers, focusing them as best he can. People near the giant will probably start to wonder over the taste of gator meat, too, but it'll be mild at least. Cough.

The witch is knocked off her broomstick and the broom is sent spirialing off towards where Skyler Pan is. She stands up and starts cackling and points a finger at Danny. "I'll get you my pretty!" And a flying monkey comes down from the sky to aid in the attack. The crocodile is coming after JaredRabbit, snapping his jaws with a loud cartoony SNAP, as trie to eat Jared, with no success, running right towards Nick, stoping his run after getting hit by one of Nick's arrows. The Giant on the other hand is about to go after the rabbit, a meaty hand reaches out trying to grip the crocodile.

"What do you mean, Wendy. This is Lady Marian heading towards the Ball." Addison Hood says, with a rolling of his eyes. Slowly, he lands at the White Castle. "Good luck to you, milady. I hear that both the Burger King and the Dairy Queen will be in residence tonight." He says with a soft smile. "You will certainly be the most beautiful one here." He says to Cinderobin, gently settling her on the ground, creating a soft pane of telekinetic energy so that her feet do not touch the soiled ground.

The Scarecrow starts pulling out moves he's not even sure where they come from. Little does he know it's all Danny, but the mind of the Scarecrow is what's formost. He goes through a series of kicks, knocking the witch back, obviously gaining an edge. "No more fire for you!"

If the giant were going after anyone else that wa not trying to eat people, he would get the giant to follow him. But as the giant focuses on the crocodile, Wesley just stays put, looking at the scene at hand.

Nick smirks when the croc gets stalled. He blinks at the rabbit boy's question. "Neither. I'm the blue knight I guess," he says. This would just be weird to tell anyone else about. Drawing back another arrow, he stops when the giant reaches down. "Alright…this is just messed up," he says, sighing. Looking around again, the cop scowls at the flying monkey before letting the arrow fly at it instead. He then looks for the closest fire hydrant. The witch is on his nerves.

Robin nods at Addison Hood and smiles, "Well, thank you so much, kind sir." Only a second after, though, Blank appears, having teleported from the coach to next to Robin. The puppet gestures at Addison and where she suspects the slippers were put. She smiles at Skyler Pan and says, not really paying much mind to Blank, "What do you mean? I got all dressed up for the ball. And now I'm here." She smiles at him expectantly. After all, balls are for dancing.

Skyler looks confused and queries, "The ball?" He looks about him trying to find a ball… basketball, football, baseball, what have you. Not finding any he scowls and puts his hands on his hips. "Did Tink put you up to this?"

Jared blinks at Nick, "Blue Knight? There is no Blue Knight. Chess sets only have the black and the white. No no, if you are a knight you are either the black Knight or the White Knight. Unless your one of the Knaves. Thats it! Thats it, your the Knave of clubs arn't you? You must help me, I have to get out of this insanity soon, the Queen of Hearts is expecting me and I am already late."

The arrow flies right into the monkey and he falls like a sack of potatos, landing on the pavement. After a few seconds the monkey fades from existance. The witch is getting worn down and one of Danny's kicks sends her flying to the ground. As for the Giant and the Crocodile, Nathaniel's suggetion is still in his head and he reaches down and grabs the animal and puts him in his mouth. As soon as he takes the first bit the crocodile vanishes and the giant seems confused. "Where did dinner go? I smell dinner!" He bellows focusing on Welseyjack again.

With a bow and a sweep of his hat, Addison hood smiles. "Until next we meet, lady." He offers before walking back towards the craziness. In his hands, he carries, now, the slippers and the bracelet, visible to anyone else but the ones behind him. He looks around for someone, somewhere, who needs it more than he does.

ScarecrowDanny stands over the Wicked Witch, almost daring her to get back up. "You won't be stoping Dorthy from getting to the Emerald City again!" He says as he just stands over her, his straw hat blowing slightly in the breeze. He looks around to see if he can see where the yellow brick road is leading. Maybe he can catch up to the three.

Wesley looks up as the giant's attention turns back to him. "Oh…." He says before trying to make a break for it, he can run fast, but the stride of the giant is huge. The electrokinetic starts to arc electricity from his legs up to his body, a defence mechanism.

Shaking her head at Skyler, Robin says, "No, um, no she didn't." She doesn't know who Tink is, much less what Prince Skyler Pan is talking about. She puts her hands on her hips at the clueless Skyler and says, "A ball! For dancing!" Blank is almost a little bit more aware at the moment than Robin is, though, as she seems to stare directly at the Giant.

Nick may not find a fire hydrant but since the witch is down, he'll focus elsewhere for now. "Sure, I'll help you find your Queen," he says, gesturing for Jared to back up as he does. "Just have to deal with some of this stuff first," he says, trying to figure out just how to fight a giant.

This does nothing but confuse Skyler Pan even more. "Silly Wendy," he says chiding her, "You can't dance on a ball. You'd be sure to fall off!"

Jared nods emphatically at Nick. "What we need is a bottle of Drink Me. That would shrink that Giant down to size." Jared starts looking around, to see if he can find any bottles of liquid labled drink me, just in case someone had helpfully left one near by. "Or maybe an Eat Me cake. That way you could be as big as the giant and fight it off."

With the Crocodile gone, and with the Wicked Witch of the West being beaten silly, she vanishes as well. It leaves the giant. He's chasing after poor Wesley wanting to grind his bones into his bread. His feet stomp loudly on the ground, crushing cars, benches and anything else that gets under his feat. Who knows, if Jared might be able to find what he's looking for.

Addison hood is just walking along. He sighs as he sees the Giant causing trouble. Well, at least it's Nottingham and not the forest. Holding his arms up, a telekinetic bow and arrow form. He pulls back and releases the mental energy arrow at the giant. "Silly creature."

Danny just watches the Witch disappear and looks around. "Right, this way to the emerald city." He says and he starts skipping in a direction humming 'we're off to see the wizard."

Nick settles on just firing an arrow at the giant's back while listening to the rabbit. "Why are you all talking like crazy fairy tale characters?" he mutters, blinking when he sees another arrow fired.

A little bit exasperated at 'Prince' Skyler Pan's silliness, Robin says, "Oh. Well. Please have this dance with me?" She glances over her shoulder at the giant but figures, hey, it's the prince's ball, he's probably arranged all this zaniness himself.

"Dance?" Skyler Pan asks uncertainly, finally landing on his feet. Rather than admit that he has absolutely no idea how to dance, he instead reaches out and grabs Robin (Robinella Darling?) and starts to whirl her around.

The arrow from Addison Hood and Nick both hit the Giant at the same time and he starts to teater and fall forward, a shadow slowly growing over Wesely. It looks like he's about to smoosh Jack when he vanishes into thin air as well. The odd part, the crushed pirate ship, the pumpkin carriage and the beanstalk don't disappear, they remain there. But the villains have been vanquished!

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