2010-09-09: Pizza And Pasts


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Summary: Robbie brings pizza to the Avengers Mansion, Jessica indulges him with lunch and conversation.

Date: September 9, 2010

Log Title: Of Pizza and Pasts

Rating: PG

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (Kitchen)

The kitchen is oversized, preparing for the possibility of cooking for large numbers. All the appliances are silver and black, lending to the sleek design for the kitchen interior.

A sudden bouncing outside the kitchen heralds the arrival of the resident Speedball. This time, nothing got in his way as he carries in a pair of fresh pizzas. Once again, from the same place as last time. And one is the classic Margherita, because he knows a few of the womanly types don't like all the extra fatty parts. He steps into the door, carrying the boxes over his head. "Hello anyone who's here. Pairapizza." He's still on New Warriors habits.

Jessica is just coming downstairs from a shower after her morning work out when she hears Robbie annoucing his entrance. "Pizza sounds absolutely amazing right now." She says as a workout/training routine lasting over an hour will give anyone an appetite. "And how are you this afternoon Robbie?" She asks as she walks in wearing a pair of black jeans with a nice t-shirt over them. Her hair is still damp and leaving weat spots on the shoulders and back of her shirt.

"Oh, fine fine, since I'm not having training sessions with kids today." Speedball says with a grin before depowering and dropping a few inches in height. He's just in a t-shirt and jeans now. He places the pizzas on the counter. "I didn't bounce in the pool this time!" He grins brightly. "Though I did have to fight a few pigeons on the way to keep them from it."

"I'm on a few days off from training with the kids as well but one of my students seems to already have left." Jessica says taking down two plates, one for her and one for Robbie. "Fork and Knife?" She asks since she eats her pizza with the utensils. "Those pigeons are fearless, I swear. They won't move for nothing sometimes. So what kinds did you get?"

"Margherita, since I remembered you seemed to like that idea better. And a meat-loaded MANLY pizza." Robbie says with a grin. "Or, She-Hulkly pizza. No gender-discrimination." He states as he goes to grab said utensils for the red-SHIELD woman. He brings them about and shrugs. "Well, it is a super-school. Things like that happen. Kids don't like it, they leave."

"Well not like I had any attachments towards him, just more commenting that it makes my job easier." Jessica says with a smile as she takes a slice of each kind of pizza. Hey sometimes you have to indulge a bit. "Well I'm going to try a slice of this 'manly' pizza of yours. Sometimes I wonder if things would have been easier if there was a school like that when I first…discovered my powers. I wonder if things would have been easier or harder."

"Don't I know it. Well, there WAS one, but I wasn't allowed to go, because I wasn't the right TYPE of superhuman." Robbie rolls his eyes. Hey, he knew about the two schools, because he had friends that either went or had visited. "Feel free. Either or, it's all good. Best place we have back home. Just bounced in front of a train and boom! New York Bound in minutes!" He grins.

"The X-Men Schools, Xavier's?" Jessica asks Robbie with a smile. "I met them later but then, I was never school age that I remember. I didn't really know much about the schools till recently since I did my thing mostly in California and then Madripoor." She raises an eyebrow at Robbie. "Where are you from?"

"The X-Men Schools and the other one. The one that Firestar went to for a bit." Robbie says. "Can't remember the school name, but they were called the Hellions. Cause a few years ago, the Gamesmaster sent a bunch of people out to kidnap all the Hellions they could, and all the ones from Xavier's… at the same time as the Hellions." He explains before pausing. "Oh, Connecticut. Springfield."

"So not to far from here. I was born in England actually." Jessica says as she eats her pizza. She doesn't have a trace of a British accent but then she was born in the 1930's. "I don't know too much about them, the Hellions that is." The name doesn't even sound that familar to her. "What about this Gamesmaster? I could probably look it up but why go do that when there is food here."

"Because it's BETTER. And, I was visiting my… dad…" Robbie says with distaste. "He of the problems with costumed vigilantism." He coughs before shrugging. "Gamesmaster. Omnipath. He's constantly reading everyone's minds, unless they're completely immune to it. He can't block anyone out. All he can do is focus on specific people. So, he plays complex games to keep his mind off of everything. Like… whoever kidnaps the most Hellions and New Mutants wins. What they would have won? Dunno."

"At least you have a Dad. When I woke up I found out my mother had passed away and on my hunt for my father. When I finally found out where he was, I was in a graveyard." Jessica says as a part of her still longs for a childhood that never was even if she's hardened herself beyond it. "Well I have to admit that would be difficult but those kind of games….well he wouldn't be a supervillain if he wasn't completely off his rocker."

"True. Even if he's against what I technically was. Now that I'm official…" ?Robbie pauses. "Some of the people he used though… Sienna Blaze. Scary hot. Scary evil. Scary dangerous for the planet."

"Sienna Blaze? I'm not sure I'm familar with her. I think you and I have gone up agasint a different roladex of villains." Jessica says as she finishes her first slice of pizza and goes to get a bottle of flavoured sparkling water. "So how long have you had your powers Robbie? HOw long have you been this bouncing boy?"

"Depending on how you look at it, five or ten years. Some of it was spent in another dimension, though, without much time passing here." Robbie shrugs. "And you think it's bad on me, you should see my cat. I have a CAT with the same powers I have. He was in the same explosion I was in. The scientist got nothing, though." He shrugs. "All because of a lab accident when I was working as a lab assistant. Go figure. How'd yours come about anyway?"

"You have a cat with the same powers? I'd be afraid of that cat." Jessica says and it's obvious she isn't really joking. "Well I'd say as many years as you lived out. As for me, I don't know one hundred percent what happened but my father was partners with a Mr. Wyndham who most know as the High Evolutionary. Something happened, I got sick, and woke up many years later like this. I spent time among the altered animals before going off on my own. I haven't been to Mount Wundagore since though from what I heard Pietro is familar with Mount Wundagore."
"Huh. Either way, it's still better than…. 'Hey, ma? What's this hair on my chest BRZZZZZZZZAAAAAP'. Interesting stories and all. Not that I have anything against mutants, there's just not usually a good backstory." Robbie nods. "Wundagore… dunno that one."

"Well, Jennifer isn't a mutant and neither is Carol but some of the X-Men aren't bad. I don't really care about a backstory much. It's not about where you're from but what actions you do with your life." Jessica says but then she's much more serious about things than Robbie so their outlooks are different. "Wundagore, it's in Transia. It's a nice place I have a few childhood memories from there but not many. I don't think I'd ever go back though."

"Oh, I know. Vance and Angelica are mutants. Rich, myself, Thrash, and most of the rest aren't. And Namorita, is just… strange." Robbie laughs. "And I agree wholeheartedly. But, I DO have a class to get to in just a little bit." Robbie sighs. "I gotta teach them NOT TO BREAK THINGS." He grumbles.

"That's right you were part of another superhero team for a while." Jessica says as she sneaks a third slice of pizza. She'll work it off later."Good luck with that, kids don't always understand that being a hero means to try -not- to go through the store front window. Thanks for the pizza Robbie."

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