2011-12-13: Pizza Muppets And Mutants


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Summary: A quiet evening of Pizza, Muppet DVDs, and Holiday plans.

Date: December 13, 2011

Log Title: Pizza, Muppets and Mutants

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Nigel sits on the couch, watching a DVD of the old Muppet show. A half-empty pizza box on the coffee table as well as two remaining bottles from a Pepsi max 6-pack.

It's probably less of a surprise this time as the giant cat form pads into the rec room behind Nigel, almost tall enough to see over the edge of the couch. But instead there's a huff before a pair of large paws land on the back, and a feline head coming over the side to see what's on. One ear flicks, and then the snow leopard snorts softly and rumbles out, "Hrrrroh."

Nigel blinks and looks over as the large feline peers over the back of the couch. "Ah hey Ahmed, care for some pizza?" He motions to the box "Sausage, Pepperoni, Bacon, Canadian Bacon, and extra Cheese." He pauses the DVD for the moment. Sylvestor Stallone wearing what looks to be a barbershop quartet shirt and vest frozen on the screen.

The big leopard's muzzle parts like a cat's does in the closest thing to a smile that can be mustered, and Ahmed's form pushes off the back and comes around the front, nosing immediately at the pizza box as his tail curls around the far side of the couch. When nosing doesn't work, he begins to paw at it, followed by a slightly frustrated growl.

Nigel chuckles and leans in to remove a slice from the box and put it on a paper plate for Ahmed "There you go, just watching some old TV for a bit. You're welcome to join me." He starts the DVD back up and sits back.

Pork, Pork, Pork, Pork, and then Cheese… that's what's on the pizza. So it's a rather interesting display to see this huge beast ever so delicately pluck each little bit of fried meat off until it's just a cheese pizza. Once he's done, the slice is licked up into his muzzle and chewed down in a few sideways bites. All rather neat and tidy. And to thank Nigel? He gets leopard fur over his legs as the big cat flumps down on the floor.

Nigel can't help but laugh "A Finiky Feline.. oy." He lets the last number play through and switchs to the cable to bring up the local news. "So you getting adjusted to the school? Place can take a bit of getting used to, but it's not so bad if you can avoid a few of the students."

It's an odd cross between a rumbling growl and a chuckle before that marred voice replies, "Mmmmmmet Krrrrrrnton." Following that up with a jaw-popping yawn, he rubs his cheek against one of Nigel's knees and then adds after ruminating a few more moments, "Rrrrrrmat… N'klssss…." Tail beginning to whip in frustration from the inability to communicate properly in this state with speech.

Nigel pauses to try and decipher and then nods "Ah Yes.. Quenton the resident hardass. Havn't had too many issues with Nicholas but I've heard he's no bed of roses either. I mean none of us have exactly had a perfect life but those two seem to have gotten the worst of it.. so I can excuse some of thier BS.. but not all of it."

Ahmed waffles a moment at the talk, and then just raises his head and lowers it in a nod, or at least a nod-like gesture, followed by a heavy and rather annoyed snort. Moving over and around he pushes up on couch and tries to put his head in your lap, but lacking that, he manages to somehow to compact himself into place next to you. Once more, he rumbles out, "Nnnnnt aknnntesssst."

Nigel chuckles and reachs out to scratch Ahmed behind the ears. "You are definately a little big to be a lap cat. Though I think this conversation would be a bit better in your Bipedal form."

The snort that comes out seems slightly bemused as the leopard walks to the far end of the room, and this time instead of bursting and sending goop flying in every direction, it more acts like it's popped from the bottom and just falls off of Ahmed, letting him stand up and spit a few times, "Sorry, Nigel… I…" And he pauses, "I sometimes cat out to keep it all from getting to me. Stuff that bugs me normally doesn't seem to matter."

Nigel was ready for another goosplosion and covered the pizza, only to see his change without sliming the room. "Ah cool, I can understand that but it does make chatting a bit tough."

Ahmed chuckles and then wipes a few times at one arm to slop a little goop on the outside of the pizza box, just for show, watching it already begin to steam away, "Something one of the instructors told me… aim the pop down so that it… you saw." Waving it off, Ahmed looks down at his hands, and then over at you a moment, "Hannukah begins in a couple weeks. I don't suppose there's a synagogue in Mutant Town? I never asked… what are you doing for the holiday?"

Nigel shrugs "There might be, havn't been there myself yet. As for me I'm pretty much sticking around here for the Holidays. Parents are scared witless of wildcard so until I've got full control I can't even think about going home. Even then I probably won't. Figured I might hit the town in a few days and see the Windows at Macy's or somthing."

"I have an idea… but we'll need one of the teachers for it." Ahmed replies with a grin, "We can't really go anywhere for the holiday… so let's bring it to us." Motioning down the hall, "A couple hundred feet under us is the biggest Sims game the world has ever known. You gotta think SOMEONE's done something more than fight in it… right?"

Nigel grins "Ah the danger room, that would certainly work. Be the first time I went in there not intending to blow somthing up but could definately be fun." He moves to take a swallow from the pepsi he's been nursing.

Fishing out another slice of pizza, he begins picking the toppings off, then says with a chuckle, "Not Kosher… some habits are hard to break. My dad bought Kosher and Halal… hard combo to get unless you're from our neck of the world originally… but he pulled it off." There's a catch in his voice, and then Ahmed nods once, "Meantime… thanks for trying out what I made. Food's my thing… well… it's my other thing."

Nigel nods "Ah didn't think of that, sorry. I'll try and get half pure cheese next time. You're definately a good cook, just always been more of a Burger and fries guy but always willing to try somthing new. Not familiar with Halal, heard of Kosher before though."

Ahmed nods once, "Halal's something of the same thing… a lot of it's making sure the meat is of a certain quality. You'd think with how the world is today, stuff like that wouldn't be so important… but it also makes me realize how much we all sort of rely on daily ritual."

Nigel nods "Amen to that.. probably explains why my transformed state is completely barking bonkers. Life is so structured that cutting loose like that just makes him almost totally random."

"Hey… I…" Ahmed says after a moment, and beginning to pick apart pizza slice number three, "Look, don't take my comic book comment poorly. It was me running my mouth. A couple guys I knew back at school were totally into them and wouldn't shut up about them. Did every holiday as their favorite superheroes, and the whole thing. It bugged the living hell outta me… because they just wouldn't. STOP."

Nigel chuckles and nods "Hey not a problem I completely understand it. I get a little obsessive myself from time to time. Though you only met wildcard for a few minutes.. you should see me cut loose in the danger room one of these days. It's like all the pop culture from the seventies to today took form, chugged three gallons of Red Bull, chased it with a hit of Crystal Meth then gave it a Bazooka."

Ahmed winces and then puts his hands up, "Not really sounding like a good idea… but if it comes, it comes… I bear up under a lot…" But then there's a bit of a laugh, and he starts to chew again, "So… I've got the Trans Siberian Orchestra DVD… we can jack the stereo system until someone comes and complains."

Nigel snickers "Good idea, but the last time somone got ticked about the noise they ended up blowing a hole through the floor. Not really bright to anger a building full of mutants."

Ahmed snorts, arching a brow, "hen what's your idea to make everyone feel guilty about being mad at us?"

Nigel shrugs "Guilt is for Catholics and people with no sense of Humor. The hardcases around here can just learn to deal with things. They get uppity about it then we can settle things in the danger room."

Pushing off the seat, Ahmed walks over towards the collection of DVDs already available, as well as some of the games, "It bugs you… doesn't it." Not saying what 'it' is, but seeming to be quite sure of himself.

Nigel watchs him for a few moments, looking a bit confused. "That depends on what 'it' is I suppose. Can we narrow the field down a little?"

Ahmed picks out possibly the silliest, stupidest thing off the shelf. Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas. And he takes it over to put it in the machine, "The thing with your family… because of Wildcard."

Nigel drains the rest of the pepsi bottle and shrugs a bit "Be lying if I said it didn't. But I can see it from thier perspective. Thier son turned into a living Cartoon on prom night, assaulted a dozen people.. blew up half the gymnasium and ran amuck through downtown pittsburgh spewing pop-culture one-liners and going completely batshit crazy. Who 'wouldn't' that scare the crap out of?"

As the opening riffs of banjo music start, and Kermit the Frog appears on the screen, Ahmed sits back down, and reaches up to run his hand through his rosette-laden hair, "Yeah, I can see that… I forget that when I turn cat, not everyone knows it's me… My dad nearly shot me. I never knew he kept a gun in the house, but he came in with an old Makarov and put one in the wall next to my head. Popped me right out of my form."

Nigel nods "Had it been me, the shot would have hit and Wildcard would have done somthing dumb like drink a glass of water and watch it spout out the hole. But yeah I can see why the goosplosion and then you sitting there where the cat was would have freaked them out."

Ahmed gives a one-sided shrug and a smirk again, "So… any special requests for the holidays? Since we've got a wicked kitchen, I could do some of everyone's favorites."

Nigel smirks "Just no Fruitcake.. I'd love to use a mallet on whoever invented that stuff." He sits back to watch the movie a bit "Been years since I watched this, talk about old school."

Ahmed grins, "Yeah, well… the Lion King isn't exactly Christmas material, and Disney gets really depressing with how happy everything is."

Nigel laughs "Ah hakuna Matata is good all year round. Words to live by." He reachs over to crack open another bottle. "Trying to stay up.. been talking in my sleep again. Last time that happened it took professor Xorn to get me back under control."

Ahmed motions with his thumb over his shoulder, "Want some spaghetti or ramen? I make a wicked curry bowl. Spice and carbs… perfect thing to keep you awake,"

Nigel shudders at the word Curry "Woo I bet it would.. but I'd spend all night in the bathroom. I finally figured out where they get indian music from.. they stick microphones in the bathrooms of indian restaraunts" He tosses his head back and gives a parody of the vocals from old indian music, while grabbing the sides of the sofa cushions like he's sitting on the tiolet.

Ahmed winces out a laugh, "Oh, that was just awful… I should have thought of it." And rolling back, he finishes off his slice number three from the crust, "Just don't knock the Turkish pop… I love that stuff. It's like the 90s is going to live forever there."

Nigel grins "Ah if not for bad jokes I'd have no jokes at all. Never been to another country, hell this is the first time I've been out of pittsburgh. Guess I should try and see more of the world once I've graduated. Can't really see SHIELD having much use for wildcard, but I could take a crack at the whole Super-powered hero shtick."

Ahmed tilts his head to one side, "SHIELD? What's that?"

Nigel takes a swallow from the fresh pepsi before responding. "S.H.I.E.L.D, Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate. Basically a group like the FBI but they handle supervillains, terrorist groups, and any nutball trying to rule the world. There's a school in the city called the Barnes Academy that is basically like this one, but for people they're recruiting."

Ahmed ohs, "So it's kinda like Department H… only with a cooler sounding name."

Nigel nods "Ah department H.. sounds like they take alot of time for Perparation." He waits to get smacked for that one.

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