2012-07-10: Place For Practice


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Summary: Theo returns from vacation to find Warlock preparing to practice at the front gates.

Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2012. 4:36pm.

Log Title: Place for Practice

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

It still annoys Theo that he has to park his car away from the school. His demeanor is sour, as usual, but perhaps moreso than usual. He stalks down the drive and up to the gates. He knows that the school hates it when he overrides security protocols, but his actions would indicate that he doesn't care much. The lock clicks open on the system as he draws near to the entrance. He is slightly sweaty from the hot weather that has been punishing the country, His backpack is over one shoulder, and behind him Proto carries his larger suitcase. He wears a pair of gray shorts, and a green Abercrombie shirt, sneakers on his feet.
A couple of feet along from the gate Lock is dropping his bag on the floor and looking around sheepishly, he's dressed in jeans, red sneakers and a Blue Lanturn Corps t-shirt. Not spotting Theo he kicks off his shoes, pulls off his shirt and begins unbuttoning his jeans showing his Danger Room uniform underneith.

Theo eyes Warlock as he reaches the gate, pushing it open. "What's wrong with you? This ain't a locker room. You want to let anyone who might drive down the street see you stripping?" He doesn't even really know Warlock, but it doesn't seem to keep him from criticizing the other teen. "You wanna reveal your super-identity to the world or something?" He lets the gate swing closed behind him and his small robot Proto, the lock latching again behind him.

Warlock jumps at the sound of Theo's voice but he doesn't come back down, he's just sort of hovering a few feet off the ground, "Damn, not again." Turning to look at Theo he shrugs, "I needed to test some stuff but I didn't wanna ask to go to the danger room incase i made a fool of myself, hardly anyone comes by here so…"

"Too late," Theo answers, head craned up to look at Warlock. "So you thought that the front gate of the school was the most discrete location." It's said more as an observation than question. The technopath rolls his eyes, adjusting his backpack on his shoulder. "It's amazing that no one knows we are here already," he comments. "You realize how often around here people end up embarrassing themselves with their powers? Besides, if you were in the Danger Room, you just embarrass yourself in front of one teacher. If you do it out here, you'll run the risk of everyone here during spring break seeing you."

Warlock pulls his jeans back up and rebuttons, "I didn't say I gave it massive thought, sometimes when I wanna try something I get my dad's planning skills," he tries to focus on landing but instead starts going higher. "Wrong way, wrong way!" After another couple of second he falls back on the ground, "See thats what I was avoiding, not many people have seen me in my uniform, I recently redesigned it, so i figured I wouldn't get recognized."

A slightly smug grin crosses Theo's face. "Grand," he states, but doesn't take any opportunity to mock Warlock. "It's okay, we all suck at our powers somehow, or need to learn to use them. I didn't even know what my powers were when I found Xavier's." He grins. "Came up to the door, Pietro was pissed at me, he's such a dip, by the way, in case you ever happen to meet him. Has the brains of a sheep that's been bashed in the skull with a hammer."

Warlock smiles, "Thanks, but I tend to mess up a lot it's like my powers just feel like popping up when they're bored. I still can't skateboard in case I break my board by accident." Apparently his dad had the same issue when he was young but that hasn't cheered Lock up, yet something else making him just like his dad. "Noted, Pietro equals glorified sweater".

Theo shrugs, "I thought skateboarders break their boards all the time anyway," he suggests. "If you sit on the side and never try anything with your powers because you're afraid you'll screw things up, you'll never do anything." Theo unshoulders the backpack, "I'd just do it, and if you break something, smile at Emma while you say 'oops'."

Warlock nods, "Yeah I've got though a few but my current one is pretty important to me, one of the few things that might make me rethink my non-violance policy if someone broke it." He chuckles, "Does that really work? She always seems very… dunno, kinda intimidating."

"Non-violence policy? Why would you want one of those? You one of those hippies?" he asks. "Like Sage?" He laughs at the comment about Emma. "She's a viper, don't take her lightly," he admits. "But she's more interested in controlling people than hurting them. So I do everything to make sure she can't control me, but thinks she can. She just likes to pretend she's all knowing, she can't focus on everybody's brain at once." He lowers his voice and covers his mouth so that the camera's can't see his lips. "She grounded me once and I am pretty sure that she still thinks I didn't break it."

Warlock shakes his head, "I live with my grandmother and she's a practicing witch, over the years I sort of picked up some of her habits and one is called the rule of three, which means that any energy you put out into the universe will be returned threefold. It's just sort of stuck with me." He thinks about what Theo's saying, "So as long as she's under the illusion that she's got all the power she's happy? So kind of what's not known won't hurt situation?"

Theo scowls. "Yeah, well, no offense but your grandmother's rule of three is a load of crap, or else my parents would be alive right now," he contests. He's quite unashamed of his statement. "But yes, if she thinks she has all the power she's happy, and what she doesn't know can only work to your advantage. If you know what to do with it."

Warlock shrugs, "There are some guys at this place that make me consider taking that view, really wanna take a swing at them." He runs a hand though his hair, "Sorry about your folks man, sometime the world just sucks. I'll remember that when I break something else, knowing how to work teachers is always good."

"The world always sucks," Theo answers. "We just see how bad it sucks only sometimes." Theo, the bucket of sunshine himself. "Yeah, good luck with your…thing," he gestures vaguely at Warlock, uncertain what he was trying to do. "I won't gawk at ya, none of my business."

Warlock grabs his bag and stuffs his shirt and shoes inside, "Actually I think I'll go find a teacher, you were right, I probably shouldn't be doing this outside, also probably best I don't risk taking out the wall," might take more than a smile and oops if he does that.

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