2012-10-18: Planning


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Summary: Rashmi tells Travis about the Purifiers upcoming plans.

Date: October 18, 2012

Log Title: Planning

Rating: PG-13

Barnes Academy - Travis's Room

This room screams that someone is a Colorado Rockies fan. Travis has posters of the baseball team and Rockies paraphernalia all over the room, even his comforter on his bed sports the teams logo. There are a lot of pictures on his decs and a few tacked up to his wall of him when he was younger with his mother and father. There is also a framed picture of his father up on the wall and he looks very much like an older version of Travis. There are also a few baseball bats and hats in various spots of the room and what looks like a homemade bookshelf and desk. In one corner he has neatly, and safely, packed away a few power tools and other tools.

Travis has stayed underground at Barnes since the first attack, he doesn't want to draw attention to himself and he's also been worried about his mother. He's currently sitting on the bed in his room flipping through channels, linger on the news reports in regards to mutants. He's also been worried about Rashmi as well since the video she put out but as much as he worries he's even more supportive of her decisions.

There's a muffled knocking on Travis' bedroom door, followed by a likewise-indistict "Travis? It's Rashmi… I have some bad news and some less bad news… Can I come in?"

Quickly upon hearing her voice, Travis rushes to the door. The sound of him bumping into something can be heard before he opens the door and one of his six arms is rubbing one of the others. "Hey Rashmi, everything okay?" He ushers her in and leads her over to the bed to sit down since there really isn't any other place to sit. "What's up?"

At first, Rashmi simply throws her arms around Travis' upper shoulders, squeezing tightly. "….I found out where Connor and the others are," she says into nis neck, her shoulders shaking. "I know what they're planning, too… That's the bad news, Travis… The Church of Humanity wants to do a public execution *this Saturday.*"

Travis returns the hug, holding her in his arms and cuddles her. "What?!" He says as the public and execution registers in his head. "But you know, so that's something? Right? Maybe we can stop it, not like the two of us but with everyone here and at the other school or something. This Saturday, do you at least know where?"

"Giants Stadium," Rashmi murmurs, squeezing her eyes tight. "There're already people on it. I've got something else I have to handle, which is even worse… What I just told you? That's the less-bad news. Travis… I want you to have your mom go with Mami and Papi on vacation, all right?"

Letting out a breath of relief, Travis nods. "I really hope Connor's okay and they're able get him back. He's a good guy." He likes Rashmi's roommates. "Okay, less bad news, I can see why it might be less bad since there's hope for them to be rescued by I'm afraid of the worse news. I trust you and I'll talk to my Mom but why?"

"….Because the reason they're having the public execution on Saturday is, that's when the Mutant Registration Act is being passed," Rashmi says, sniffling, eyes watering as she raises her head. "And it turns out they slipped the Mutant Relocation Act into that bill… Which means they're basically going to turn Mutant Town into like a concentration camp. And I was given a whole crapload of money *specifically* so I could get Mami and Papi out of the country, and I'm not gonna be happy until your mom's with them."

Travis's face pales at the news and his arms grip tighter around Rashmi. "I'll talk to my Mom and make sure she goes with them. She likes your Mami and Papi and I think she's fine with going out of the country. She just has to talk one of the agents first with the whole witness thing." Which is part of why he's equally worried. "It's just almost impossible to believe this country would allow something like that to happen."

"Yeah… it really is, and it makes me sick… Which is why…" Swallowing, the redhead takes a long, deep breath. "…Why I'm going to be moving back into my apartment tomorrow. And why I'm going to be staing there after it all goes down."

"Are you sure that's a good idea and that you'll be safe?" Travis knows that once Rashmi makes up her mind it's usually made up and that no matter what she'll be moving back in there. "What about Robyn, cause he's at your old school are you going to be alone there? Do you want me to stay with you?"

"No and no," Rashmi answers. "I *know* it's a horrible idea and I'll only be a little bit safer than I was in *Nigeria,* but I have to. *Someone* has to help everyone who lives there try and keep it together." Drawing in a deep, shuddery breath, she rests her cheek on Travis' shoulder, looking up into his eyes. "I wasn't going to ask you. I'm still not. But if you want to… It'd *really* help having you with me. Wouldn't be *as* bad, at least, if we're together."

"I'm going with you." Travis says with almost a finality. "I'm not letting you go there alone, I can't. I can't stay down here hiding like a prairie dog while you're putting your life on the line. I know it's not smart but just like you need a to be a prescience there, so do I. Mostly it's to be there for you but like you said, they're going to need people who know what's going on, to make them feel safe. Also if we can talk to Franky….he's a good guy and he'd be an easy target who probably won't know what's going on but he'll be an excellent prescience."

"Oh *god,* Franky," Rashmi whispers, eyes widening. "Oh that's going to be *bad,* I just know it…" Shaking her head, she squeezes Travis tightly again, closing her eyes. "Thanks, sweetie… I'm really, 8really* sorry to put you through all this… Maybe when it's over you and I can go someplace for like a week and just vacation until our brains fall out?"

"Don't apologize, none of this is your fault and you're not putting me through anything I don't wish to be put through." Travis says rubbing her arm with one of his hands. "Yes, we'll go on vacation somewhere, maybe to another country or a cruise where you can swim with a dolphin." He says with a smile but also knowing that swimming in crowds isn't something he'll be able to do. "We really should find Franky though, I don't want him getting into trouble or taken or worse."

"Yeah… We'll definitely need to put the word out at the shelter soon," Rashmi murmurs, closing her eyes. "Or hey… How about the Bahamas? Or just someplace with a whole lot of beach and nobody else around if we don't want there to be?"

"I'm good with whatever you want Rashmi. I've never left the country so anywhere would be cool. If you want to go to a beach somewhere or explore Paris, I'm fine with anything." Travis says as he moves so he can start rubbing Rashmi's back lightly with all six of his hands. "I'm not picky when it comes to a vacation."

"Maybe not," Rashmi says, the corner of her mouth twitching upward, "but I figured maybe a bikini might be a little extra bonus, y'know? Be the first time I'd ever worn one of the things…"

Travis continues to rub Rashmi's back, trying to get some of the tension out he knows shes built up. "I'm not going to be wearing a speedo in return…okay, maybe if you ask really nice." He mutters the last part. "So this Saturday is when the shit is gonna hit the fan, do you think we should start warning the folks of mutant town, get things ready so that when they usher people into the concentration camp we can make sure we can take care of each other?"

"Give backrubs like that and you can wear whatever you want," Rashmi murmurs, sagging against Travis and letting out a long, slow breath. "Probably be a good idea… not everyone, though. We don't want the Purifiers to know there's a leak inside their group. The shelter, definitely, the Embassy, and a few other places. Just get the word out quietly, let people spread it around, y'know?"

"Well I wasn't thinking about sending out a flyer but just, worried that there are probably going to be kids thrown in their without their parents, what food situations are going to be like." Travis stops rubbing for a bit and frowns. "We have our work cut out for us, don't we?"

"We really, really do," Rashmi sighs. "It's going to be hell in there, Travis… You remember as well as I do what that's like. *And* we'll have to play the harmless resistance game just to keep morale up… But people are going to be hurt. Maybe even die. I just… there's no way I'd let that happen without *trying* to hold it back, y'know?"

"Well it's not going to be Nigeria again Rashmi." Travis says trying to be reassuring. "For one thing we're not going to be separated, for another we have a heads up about what's going to happen and are able to take steps to make sure we can band together. Right now, like you said, it's about keeping morale up and just making sure everyone sticks together and has each other's back. Actually…..we'd have to act fast with the Embassy and Barnes but try to have them get as many supplies stocked up at the Embassy as possible."

"Yeah… Good idea. And you're right, we're not going to be separated, which is good… I'm just worried, because… well yeah. I'm not expecting anyone to get us *out,* y'know? Other people, sure, but we're going to have to stay there for the duration, this time." Snuggling in close, Rashmi squeezes Travis' waist. "I'm really, really scared, Travis…"

Travis shakes his head. "No, we can't expect anyone to get us out but we're not going to be completely cut off from the outside world, hopefully…" He really hopes they don't cut power or anything off. "They can't make cell phones unusable, we'll still have your apartment, we'll still have food, yes we'll have to stay there but we can do something instead of just sit in a cell and wait. This time we can act." He wraps her in a six armed hug and kisses her on the top of her head. "I know sweetheart, I know. I'm scared too."

"You're right," Rashmi says softly. "We *can.* And that'll have to be enough, for now…" Lifting her head, she leans up and places a soft kiss of Travis' lips. "Thank you, Travis… This is why I love you, you know…"

Travis gives her a second kiss and breaks away with a smile on his face. "I love you too. We're gonna get through this okay, not matter how horrible it gets we're gonna get through this. You know how I know?" He says with a sly sort of grin. "Because I'm going to make sure I see you in that bikini." He jokes.

Rashmi's worried frown smooths out, her lips splitting into a wide grin. "I *thought* that would do the job," she whispers. "Okay… now that we know what we have to do… We should probably get started."

Travis gives her a tight hug and nods. "I agree, as much as I'd love to stay here and snog with you all night, we've got work to do. Figure out lists of stuff we need, get as much non perishable food as possible, first aide supplies, blankets and whatever Barnes or even Xavier's is willing to part with."

Rashmi plants one more kiss on Travis' cheek, and nods. "Definitely first aid… C'mon. Let's pay a visit to Medical and see what field kits they can spare." And with that, she slips off Travis' bed, standing up and heading towards the door, pausing to look over her shoulder and grin. "Let's go save some lives, hm?"

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