2012-11-30: Playing Hooky


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Summary: Instead of going to classes, a few students hang out in the Observation Deck.

Date: November 30, 2012

Log Title: Playing Hooky

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

Quenton stands on top of the observation deck, leaning against a railing, his cheek against his fist, elbow on the steel part of it. His red eyes are hidden behind dark sunglasses, and he's wearing a black jacket with the Paragon's symbol on the back. His eyes scan the school grounds lazily, and his fingers eventually splay out to cover the glasgow smile on his face.

With classes being over Nicholas has decided do his homework, and the catchup work he's still got, up in the Observation Deck. The quiet perch above the school is a spot where he likes to go to get some peace and quiet. Stepping out of the elevator Nick sees he's not alone but because it's Quenton standing there he doesn't instantly turn around to find a new place to go. "Hey there, mind company?"

"Nope," Quenton offers, glancing over his shoulder at Nicholas, scratching at his cheek, rising to his full height, hand no longer covering his maimed face. "That new chick still being all Cassandra or whatever?" he wonders. "I can totally do without that shit." His nostrils flare briefly, and he adds, as an afterthought, "Wonder if her father was one of the guys at the Church."

Nicholas walks with a slight limp to stand next to Quenton at the window. "She was something alright, just it was weird when she started going off about us being the ones." He shakes his head and leans forward. "I hope not…she probably wouldn't be alive if her father was one of the guys that were that bad." He shrugs. "So how you holding up?"

"Playin' hooky?" Shane says as the elevator doors slide open. It would seem that the slight young mutant, these days, has almost been living in her Danger Room gear; as often as she's been training, this could indeed be the case. Clomping toward the boys, she tosses a lock of ash-blond hair away from her face, slipping an arm around Quenton's waist and squeezing, silent for now as she notes she's come in the middle of a conversation.

From behind one of the couches, a curiously familiar silver and smoke lump shifts from it's curled position, tail first, and the huge feline form of Ahmed pokes it's head up over the back of the couch to see what's going on, and who is about. With his distance from the others, his slightly glowing eyes and muzzle are not quite so obvious, unless one is looking. Otherwise, it's just your average, everyday titanic feline peeking over the furniture.

"It's what I do best," Quenton tells Shane, his arm slipping about the slight mutant's shoulders very carefully, pressing the corner of his lips to her temple. "And my day suddenly got a little brighter," he says to Nick, though he grimaces a little at his own sappiness. "Anyway, it's weird to feel safe around a bunch of dudes who got tortured. she should shut her fucking yap about it all." Good ol' Q, recovering from being romantical. His red eyes catch on to Ahmed, sunglasses covering them, but if the others haven't seen the feline he doesn't bother to alert them to his presence.

"No, already done with classes for the day." Nicholas says. "I'll have to run down and take care of Orion later." He nods to Shane as she approaches and smiles at Quenton's comment. "Hey there Shane. Anyway yeah, noone should feel safe around either of us…no offence. It was just weird, and I don't know. She just seemed like a really weird girl." Ahmed goes unnoticed for the time being since Nick's back is to the feline.

"Chick seemed pretty broken," Shane murmurs, lifting a shoulder. "Things must be pretty fucked up in th'City, 'f she's gonna trade computer lessons f'r a headband she made outta sparkly shirt." Shaking her head, she catches the giant blue feline's movement out of the corner of her eye, and lifts her chin in silent greeting to Ahmed.

Ahmed ducks back behind the couch, giving him time to lose the big feline shell and then for the ectoplasm to evaporate enough that he doesn't look like a sticky mess. Suitably back to two legs and clothes once more, he pulls his hood up to cover most of his features. Still not really speaking, he moves over and sits on a closer couch to the others, curling his legs up under him and resting his furred hands in his lap, with his tail curling over top.

"Cat got your tongue?" Quenton finally wonders to Ahmed. He just can't help himself, while he lightly lets his head go limp so it can briefly bump against Shane's own. His eyes trail over to Shane and he furrows his brow. "Headband she made out of sparkly shirt? Huh?" he wonders, squinting.

"Yeah, then I guess she'll fit right in here." Nicholas says in response to Shane. He catches the movement of Ahmed because of his shadow and turns to look. "When did you get in here?" No hello because he's a bit surprised to see him sitting there so he doesn't say hello. "She just…I don't know. Seemed reluctant of everything, she's like a young skiddish colt."

"Like I said. Broken," Shane says, lifting a shoulder. Her hand leaves Quenton's waist to hang off his shoulder, and she glances up. "Iunno. Just looked like she had an old sparkly shirt, it got tore or something, 'n she made a headband outta it, cos she liked it so much. Kinda shitty work too, but she probably ain't been doin' it too long." Looking over her shoulder, she raises an eyebrow at the feline, waiting for his response.

After a few more moments of silence, Ahmed replies, "I was trying to come up with something vaguely insulting to say back, but I figured anything at this point would just be lame." Then he sighs, featured shadowed under the hood as he leans back on the couch, "And I don't know what I'm supposed to say."

"You can call me Smiles now," offers Quenton, dead-pan, falling silent. Awkward silence is awkward. He watches Ahmed before his fingers lift and begin to dig into his cheek a little roughly, before he greets, "So uh… what's going on? What's the uh… what's the haps? What's, you know… cracking?"

Nicholas faintly winces at the smiles comment. "You can always say hello?" He suggests to Ahmed before turning back towards the window. "Shane, you're making fun of a broken girl for her shitty headband." He teases trying to break a bit of the tension. "Sorry, Shane, man what this place needs. Another basket case."

"No," Shane says, in a voice of barely-controlled patience, "I ain't makin' *fun* of her. I'm sayin', if tradin' a headband f'r computer lessons sounded like a good idea, then shit in Mutant Town's way broke, right now. And I'm sayin' that she ain't been sewin' long, or practicin' much. I can *tell,* y'know. On account of, like, *practicin' much.*" With a snort, she glances up at Quenton, a very brief smirk touching her face. "..Crackin'?"

"Are you even listening to yourself, Nick?" Ahmed replies, exhaling hard, "Weird? Basket Case? Like you have any reason to throw bricks at glass houses. Someone locked her in a camp that used to be a nice part of town, left her without food, without power, and probably without the ability to defend herself. She got lucky she hooked up with some people from here, and you…" Tail beginning to tap and lasg irritably, he stops himself, "Nevermind…" Turning his head slightly to look at Quenton, he pulls back the hood, revealing his much more anthromorphised head, "This happened… oh and the tail too. And I'm not calling you Smiles. Makes you sound like a mob wannabe."

"Well, the whole point is to insult me," reminds Quenton, staring at the tail a moment, before his gaze draws over to Ahmed's face, rolling his tongue in his cheek. His arm trails away from Shane, falling to his side, though he remains as close as he could be. "Anyway, not that I like playing mediator to this strangely confusing domestic dispute, but lay off each other. I'm the asshole here, not you guys." He gives Shane a half grin. "You know. Cracking. Cracka-lacking."

Nicholas just figures he'll keep his mouth shut since nothing he's saying is really coming out right. "Forget it." He turns and leans against the window to look outside again. "I just don't know what to say anymore. And I didn't mean it to insult her, just to say she's one of us. Screwed up."

"Fair enough," Shane says, leaning against Quenton, "in other news, holy fucking shitballs on a crap cracker, Q. Snoop called an' he wants his dumbshit words back." This last, said with a snort and a shake of the head. "Anyway. Ahmed found some wild fuckin' Danger Room stuff. All pirates an' bucklin' swashes an' shit, 'parently onea th' X-Men was a huge Errol Flynn nut. Shitty Old Pirate Movie sounds good an' all, but Shitty Old Pirate Fighting Hour sounds like it could be kind of a blast. Anyone else in?"

Ahmed flips the hood back up in place as he adds, "I could even give you guys some tips on swordfighting before we go in. I did fencing and stage-fighting in school before everything sorta…" And he motions over himself, before looking back at the others, "We could even get costumes for it… I'm pretty sure if there's something we need, we can find it around here, or make it." Eyes going to Shane a moment, and then back, "We have the world's coolest video game in our basement, why not… have fun with it? I mean heck… I'm sure the Danger Room computers are smart enough to turn an Xbox game into a whole world for us all. We could do Borderlands."

"Relax, Nick, I know you didn't mean anything about that fucking crazy ass chick," Quenton says lazily, giving his friend a glance. He can't help but grin fondly over at Shane, glancing over to her. "Whoa, babe. Kitty has claws. This is the first time I heard crap cracker ever, cupcake." He glances back at Ahmed, shrugging his shoulders. "Anyway, fine. Let's go kick some pirate ass. I need to punch something."

"Borderlands," Shane muses, eyebrows rising. "Fine, but I call Siren. 'N Q gotta be Brick."

Nicholas looks at Ahmed and blinks a few times. "When did you actually decide to take our advice and try playing a video game?" He remembers Ahmed trying to make deals with him when he tried to get him to -try- to play a game on the X-Box. "Mordecai." He says in regards to Borderlands. "And pirates, do you mean watching something or actually doing a Danger Room session, cause right now…I mean, if you want to do a session with a cripple, sure."

Ahmed's tail curls back into his lap, "Not… entirely… I kinda watched some gameplay online, and then I checked out some stuff a friend of mine sent me. I put in the disk a couple nights back, but I died a couple times in the first town and…" The hood obscures the slightly ashamed look as he then shrugs once, "We don't have to do it right away, Nick… but seriously… we need to do something before Quenton decides to get a grill and wear his pants down off his ass. After that it's corn-rows, and malt-liquor, and he'll be wanting you to grow out a ghetto booty, Shane."

"I like your butt," Quenton says defensively to Shane, leaning to the side to check out the slight mutant's rump. "But yeah, Borderlands would totally prevent me from dropping out of school, getting you pregnant, grabbing a gat and wasting some fools Carl Johnson style in the street, yah mean?" His eyes trail back to Ahmed a moment before he explains to Nicholas, "Puberty's making him like video games."

There's a scowl on Nicholas' face but he doesn't say anything to indicate why he's scowling though it's apparent that he's not exactly that amused. It's Quenton's comment that causes him to smile and nod. "Ah okay, that makes sense. I was wondering when Ahmed over there was gonna grow some chest hair. And just to make that clear, it was a joke and I'm not making fun of anyone." Since his last attempt at joking around with Shane went poorly.

"Good," Shane shoots back, "'cos thug style's onea th'stupidest things I ever saw, an' you'd look like a poser douche in cornrows." Shaking her head, she glances at Ahmed, eyebrow rising. "So's it th'controller thing that's givin' y'problems, 'r just gamin' in general? Cos I could hook you up with th' classics."

Ahmed sticks his tongue out, though with the pronounced muzzle it looks like he almost licked himself, "Yeah, hair on my chest, my arms, my back. Someone offered to get me one of those wax-jobs, but I turned it down." But turning his head to look at Shane, he shakes his head, "I… have problems with a lot of activity on a screen these days. I see movement and it draws me, and then more, and then more, and I can't always focus well. It wasn't so bad until I started turning furry…"

"He does have more chest hairs than I do," complains Quenton, looking over his be-shirted chest a moment, before his gaze lifts back to Nick and Ahmed. "Anyway, the school needs a poser douche guy, and I don't think Cale counts." That is accompanied by an innocent whistle.

"Though I think you have a contender with that title Q, Nigel is starting to outshine you there." Nicholas says finally starting to smile a bit. "Maybe you need to do what Tay did Ahmed and look into getting glasses. It helped her. Anyway it's the weekend, between Q and I, we can drag four TV's into one of the empty class rooms, four x-boxes, Borderlands and a ton of food and sleeping bags and blankets and just say screw it. Hole ourselves and come out to shower, pee and eat. And fart, no farting in the room."

Shane swats Quenton's shoulder. "Kaylee ain't a douche," she mutters, though without much in the way of heat. "An' maybe y'oughta start small, Ahmed. Like, Tetris. Work y'way up? Iunno… but yeah, Classroom takeover sounds like somethin' we oughta do. Also microwave. Gonna need t'borrow a microwave."

Ahmed looks almost offended… or at least looks like a cat who's nose just got swatted, "Microwave? Allright… fine… if I'm in on this, none of you get to handle snack duty. None of you. I even smell those freezer burned pizza rolls you like, Nick, I'll deliberately ear five alarm three bean chili all weekend. We clear." And with that he looks away for a bit, tailtip flitting and flirting in amusement as he sighs, "Microwave… ugh…"

"Being a poser douche?" wonders Quenton to Nicholas, before he rubs his shoulder ruefully. Because apparently Shane's slight frame is capable of hurting someone with super toughness. "Anyway, yeah, I'll need help moving the stuff so that you know. I don't break anything." He rolls his shoulder, before peering out the window. "I won't be able to handle the controllers, either, so you guys better play the most watchable game of Tetris ever."

"He's a pretentious douche, the pretentious makes it worse." Nicholas says before frowning. "Isn't there someone out there who can make a customer titanium controller? I'm sure it's possible. Or we'll have to do some of those Kinect games so you don't need to use a controller." He turns around so his back is to the window and yawns. "Ahmed, if you can make pizza rolls that taste like that, I'll stop eating them."

"Prolly," Shane says with a shrug. "Or someone here could. Take awhile, but, the fuck're we gonna spend our money on otherwise, yeah? 'Sides, ain't like there's no good Kinect games… Children of Eden's fucking incredible… but not Ahmed's speed. *Way* lots of flashy shit everywhere."

Ahmed reaches under his hood to scratch behind one ear, and says, "Umm… what about the guys who services all the house's gear, the Danger Room, and everything else? I mean the guy works on the super-secret jet they keep deep under the mansion… probably works on all those guns that the security people have too. I suppose he could build a controller that Q-bert can't break, even if he tried."

"Hey, if I put my mind to it," Quenton begins, before his body jerks a little and he glances out the window once more, staring that way, his brow furrowing. His hand goes up to his face, to cover the mutilation on one side of it, before he continues, "I lost my train of thought."

Nicholas furrows his brow and looks at Quenton for a bit, almost as if worried about him before looking away. "Children of Eden, I've never heard of it. But there's a Star Wars game for it. I can be all…well it'd be fun to play it." He looks back at Quenton and raises his eyebrows. "So you up for hanging out this weekend? I think if anyone deserves having a weekend where they say 'fuck it, let the world burn' it's us."

Shane blinks as Quenton trails off, wrapping her arms around his upper arm and hugging tightly for a moment, giving the older teen a worried frown. THan, shaking her head, she looks over her shoulder at Ahmed, then across at Nick. "Both of'm sound like good ideas. Gotta hair date with Mr. Parker on Sunday, but, 'sides that I ain't got anythin' special going."

Ahmed pushes up to standing from his spot, fishing into the cargo pockets of his pants to dig out his sandals and slips them on, and then his hands all but shove into his pockets as he turns and starts walking towards the elevator, "I got homework, and I gotta go see what can be made for snacks for everyone from what's in the stores. Email me any special requests… otherwise, you eat what I make."

"Guys, relax, nothing's wrong. Literally just lost my train of though, and I thought I felt… heat or something. I'm not hurt, or suddenly afraid. Just felt a little heat," Quenton waves at Shane and Nicholas with his free hand, while he relaxes the arm that Shane catches on to. "I'm probably going to be flying all week," he says, glancing back out the window. "Anyway, nothing juicy for me, and probably something I can eat with silverware."

"Pizza Rolls, that's my request." Nicholas says to Ahmed before nodding to Shane. "Cool." He is a bit surprised that she can be a girly girl. "Have fun with your hair date." He means it too. "I need to head outside for a bit anyway, see to Orion or should I say Fatty McFattyFat." He shrugs and starts to hobble towards the elevator. "I'll see ya guys later and Q, if you go flying…be careful. Those guys are out there looking for us."

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