2009-11-13: Politics Shmolitics


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Summary: Danny and Cole over hear Brielle and Erik's conversation and join in.

Date: November 13, 2009

Log Title Politics Shmolitics

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

It's close to noon and Danny's just gotten out of a morning work out at the Tae Kwon Do studio he attends. He's made his way to Mutant Town since he has to work at the club there a bit later, figuring killing time in the park between paractice and work was better than going back home for a bit. At the moment Danny is sitting in the grass against a tree reading a book. He's wearing a leather jacket over a pair of jeans, his back pack lying on the ground next to him.

Dressed pretty normal for him, jacket zipped up to ward off the cold, is one Cole Aron. He'd been planning on heading to the club in a bit to hang out with Danny but had also decided to stay in the park for awhile. Just walking along, he's slightly surprised to see Danny up ahead. Smiling, he shrugs and heads over with hands in his pockets. "Good book?" he asks as he gets close.

Brielle is in her jeans, low heeled boots and zipped jacket. Blonde is loose over black leather, hands wrapped around a cup of coffee. Walking alongside one mister Leif, sipping at it. "So why a lawyer, anyhow? You like being the butt of bad jokes?"

Erik chuckles a little bit. "Well someone has to be it, don't they?" He asks as he walks along with Bri in a button up shirt and jacket, no tie, nice shoes. "I had a passion for civil rights, so I went to school to learn about the Constitution, and how to keep people from using it for toilet paper."

Danny smiles as he hears Coles voice. "Ah wasn't expectin' tah run inta you here." He says in that slight southern accent of his. "It's a pretty good book." He says showing off the cover, a fantasy novel by R.A. Salvatore, his geek side showing. "So what brings ya out here…and Ah think Ah know that guy." He says off Erik knowing he's run into him a few times, one of the bars perhaps?

Cole chuckles, moving to sit down next to Danny. The shield maker leans in to kiss the mutant with the souther accent before peeking at the book. "Ooh, that is a good one. Farther along in it than I am," he admits, own geek side showing. "I was just hanging around. Was gonna come hang with you at work for a little while," he says. When Erik's pointed out, Cole glances over and frowns a bit. "I think I've seen him before too."

"Constitution's not a bad read. Of course, my dad and brother are in the military, so I better think so, hmm?" Another sip of her coffee. "Just wish some people in the world would realize the Constitution was designed to grow and change." Brielle admits.

Erik gives a little bit of a nod. "Well, there you see it exactly. When they were making the Constitution one of the delegates from Georgia said 'If we list a set of rights, some fools in the future are going to claim that people are entitled only to those rights enumerated and no others.'" Erik says with a smile, clearly one of his favorite quotations. "It has to be able to adapt to new circumstances, like no longer thinking black people aren't as smart as white people. And it needs people who are willing to be the butts of jokes to battle it out." He says, not quite noticing Danny yet.

Danny returns the kiss and leans against Cole as he dog ears the page in his book and tosses it on top of his backpack. "Well Ah still do work at tha book store part time so Ah get a head start on 'em." He says with a chuckle that ends quickly and his face turns to one of confused amusment as he can't help but eavsedrop on on their conversation. "Cole, are you hearin' what they're talkin' 'bout?" He finds it oddly amusing that two people can be so engrossed about the Constitution cause to him, it'd be boring.

Cole smiles as Danny leans against him, subtley slipping an arm around the other mutant. He makes a face as he listens in on the conversation and then shrugs slightly. "Political teacher ans favorite student?" he guesses.

"Oh, I agree. But the new amendments some groups want to add, like banning same-sex marriage, crap like that. That irritates me to no end. The founding fathers weren't all christian, like some people suggest, either. I'm seriously for seperation of church and state. So many European countries have got great ideas, healthcare for all, no charges for possession of small amounts of marijuana. But no, we have to have a bunch of rock-headed politicians who don't want to work on it." Bri's just a little opinionated.

Erik chuckles a bit as he listens to her opinions, before Cole and Danny's running commentary catches up to him. He laughs a little bit and looks over to them with a raised eyebrow. "Hey, you…" He says to Danny. "One of the bars, right?" He says, generally, before he looks back to Brie. "I agree. We have a lot of issues that need to be addressed, and true to form because it doesn't say so right in the lists, people want to make sure we don't have those rights."

Danny looks at Cole and shrugs. "Who knows, my finals were all about mixing driniks and combine what and what to make this." Then as he over hears more of the conversation, he can't help but chuckle at something Brielle just said and the bartender can't keep his mouth shug. "Some rock-headed people, who ain't politicians, do agree with what you're sayin', and hey to you too. And yeah, Ah work at Nowhere now, used tah be working at Otto's."

"Just annoys me that we're the youngest superpower, but the most resistent to change. We lag behind other countries to the point it's laughable." Brielle glances over, a glimmer of a smile. "Well, if you're willing to consider other points, you're not rockheaded." She points out.

Cole chuckles a little as well. "Sounds a lot easier than my finals were," he says. Danny's joke brings another laugh from the shield-maker and the young man gives him an affectionate squeeze. "Don't forget the psychopaths trying to screw with mutant rights," he chimes in. When Cole finally recognizes where he's seen Erik before, the shield-maker keeps quiet on it but does glance at Danny.

Erik nods. "Probably from Otto's then." He says, giving a node to Cole. "Well, youngest super power if for no other reason than being the /only/ superpower left. Although we'll see how long that lasts." Erik says, before he nods to the Mutant Question. "Especially mutant rights, that is where the /truly/ frightening things are coming from. A little bit too 1940s for my comfort, some of the ideas."

Danny is not shy about showing his affection to Cole in the open, especially in a place like Mutant Town, as he reaches a hand out to hold Cole's. "The rocked headed thing was a bit of a bad joke, but Ah'm all about mutant rights and gay rights and all that stuff, but no matter what ya do, there'll always be your people fightin' against what ya believe in if it's right or wrong. Do Ah wish people were more open minded, yes ma'am, but ya got as many…rock heads as y'all put it as ya do non-rock heads."

Cole squeezes Danny's hand when his is taken, smiling just a bit wider. "Not like those same people providing those messed up ideas wouldn't turn them on people with different skin, religion, or orientations if there weren't mutants around," he points out to Erik. "Some people are just hateful asshats," a small sigh.

Brielle fidgets a little, another sip of coffee to give herself reason to be silent longer than usual. "Well, I mean look at European countries. They allow so many more rights, and they certainly haven't suffered." A smile at Danny. "I'm not ma'am, that's my mother. You can just call me Brielle, or Bri. I know, there's always a debate. But really, some of these arguments should be brainlessly easy."

Erik nods. "Yes, some people are hateful asshats. But it will happen. It took a long time to get African-Americans and women the same rights as white men, Mutants will be there. We just have some more long nights ahead of us, and certain people in the world aren't helping."

"Like mah parents?" Danny says to Cole in regards to being hateful asshats. "Ah think what bothers me, with what ya are sayin' 'bout African-American's, is that they're the ones quickest tah put gays down. And ya say mutants but what about people who ain't mutants and have super powers?" Danny asks with a shrug. "Nice tah meet ya Brielle, Ah'm Danny. An' Ah know what ya mean by brainlessly easy, but Ah'm from tha south orginally, they put too much faith into the 'good book'."

Cole frowns a little and squeezes Danny's hand again. He remains quiet a bit before shaking his head. "It's different for mutants than most metas. It's not like people that got turned into metas by space rays had their own bucket-headed terrorists running around with a horde of minions declaring them the next step in evolution trying to replace baselines," he shrugs. "Besides…lot more superheroes aren't mutants than mutants are superheroes. Gotta be a complete and total suicidal moron in this day and age to start treating all metas like some of those groups treat mutants."

"I don't know many mutants, personally. Or non-mutants with superpowers, to be honest. I just get tired of the fact people should be treated equally. That's the point. No matter gay, straight, mutant or not. Just an idealist." Bri stats. "Nice to meet you, Danny."

Erik blinks a little bit as he gets a cellphone call, pulling it out to check the number. He steps aside to take it before he returns. "Sorry, I have to go help a friend out. I'll owe you another coffee, Bri." He says with a smile.

Danny gives a wave to Erik as he takes off and runs a hand through his hair. "Ah know Cole but we know Ah ain't got a problem with mutants, Ah mean more than one of my bosses are mutants." He says with a chuckle. After all he works in mutant town so it's not like it's a secret that the owner of Nowhere, Nik, is a mutant. "Ah dunno, sometimes it just depends on where ya go and who your surround yourself with Bri."

Brielle nods. "I understand, I'm on call a lot. Catch you some other time." A glance back to Danny and his friend who has yet to give a name. Ah-ha! Cole, that's it. Bri shrugs. "Well, I guess I just need to start finding smarter places to hang out, like where you work. " Bri smiles. " I should head on towards work, I think. It was nice to meet you Danny, Cole. Maybe I'll see you around, sometime soon."

Cole watches Brielle and Erik rush off and then turns to Danny. "That guy with the white hair was the one I told ya about…from the fight with the giant octopus. Glad he didn't recognize me," he chuckles, leaning in for another kiss. "How long till you have to be at work?" he asks, mischievious glint to his eye.

"Fight with the giant octopus, what did he do again?" Danny asks not quite remembering who exactly that was. "He's always a strange one when he's come in from drinks. And how long do Ah got before work?" Danny says raising an eyebrow and grining at Cole. "Ah got at least an hour and a half."

Cole rolls his eyes a little. "Mostly just complained when I asked him to stay back and then whinned when I told him to not cause so much needless property damage," he says, remembering that fight. "What do you mean, strange?" he asks curiously. The shield-maker smiles at the answer. "That so…eh?" he chuckles. "How about we go spend that time somewhere…a little more private?" he suggests in a whisper.

"Just he seemed like a strange guy, nothing Ah can really put mah finger on." Danny explains before smiling at Cole's question before leaning in to give him a kiss as if that's the answer. "That sounds like a great plan. Where too, back to the apartment?" At least it's not terribly far, maybe a 10 minute subway ride from where they are now.

Cole nods a little before returning the kiss. "We could do that…'course there's some bushes right over there," he jokes, flashing a goofy smile. "Let's get going."

Danny stands up and reaches a hand down to help Cole up. "To where, the bushes or the apartment, I mean if you can't wait that long…." He says grining that sly grin of his.

Cole laughs, accepting the hand up and then pulling himself close to Danny. "The apartment. We'd get chewed out if we got caught doin' it in the bushes," he says, amused at the idea despite the whole joke.

"Ah can see the headlines now, two members of Freedom Force caught as the Two Backed Beast in local park." Danny says chuckling as he puts his arm around Cole's waist. "Also it's just too cold for that right now." He says laughing.

Cole smirks a bit. "Yeah, bit too cold for outdoor fun," he agrees, glancing to the sky. "There'll ne plenty of time for it out in the summer," he adds.

Danny keeps his arm around Cole as he walks with him to the subway. "Ah'm a Southern Boy, Ah prefer it warm and Ah get too cold to easy up here sometimes still." He says as he moves his hand down to quickly grab Cole's rear before returning his hand to his waist.

Cole leans close, smiling happily. "I know how that likes. Spent too much time down in Florida…have to get used to the NYC weather again," he laughs a little. He jumps from the goosing and then chuckles. "Hmm…maybe we should cash in some of our vacation time sometime…head down somewhere nice and warm…"

"That sounds like it'd be an awesome idea Cole." Danny says as he doesn't know the last time he's actually went on vacation. Probably before he found out he had powers. "Anywhere but Virgina." He says chuckling. "Ah wouldn't mind goin' tah Flordia again, Ah haven't been since Ah was little or we could always do one of those crusies."

Cole shivers slightly at a breeze and nods. "Nice beaches down in Florida. Cruises are good too if you're a boat person. Just gotta be careful on those. Heard they can get pretty nasty…especially for us Americans," he says. "'Course we could always head farther south…one of those islands…or go a bit west out to Hawaii."

"Ah didn't think about Hawaii and Ah ain't been there before…" Danny says thinking that it's a good idea. He does have a decent amount of money in his savings that he hasn't really done anything with. "And of corse Ah have ta say somethin' about goin' tah Hawaii and getting Leid…"

Cole laughs, taking a few moments to regain composure. The shield making hero then reaches over to pat Danny's chest. "Oh don't worry…we'll get that and more. Multiple times."

"And Ah think we might be gettin' th' that in about…ten to twenty minutes?" Danny says with a wink before chuckling. "Ah like that idea, you and me, Hawaii, sounds like it'd be amaizin'."

"Less if we have the train to ourselves," Cole replies casually, grinning. "It does sound like a very nice vacation…both of us, a nice sandy beach, all by ourselves," he reaches over to squeeze Danny's backside quickly. "Something to start planning for…"

Danny jumps a bit but grins like a cheshire cat with Cole squeezes his backside. "Ah'll have tah get me a new bathing suit or two, maybe some of those horrible board shorts type with the hawaiian flowers all over it." He says chuckling as they make their way down to the subway. "Ah think the back car has the best chance of bein' empyt." Danny says with browaggle.

Cole returns the browwaggle and nods. "Then lets head over to that back car…" he trails off. "And if we're getting bathing suits then I'm getting you something nice, tight, and small."

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