2012-05-26: Ponies And Vampires

Players: Cale and Kalindi

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Summary: Cale helps Kalindi pick out a gift for Tabitha.

Date: May 26, 2012

Log Title: Ponies and Vampires

Rating: G

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

Cale is of course… Being a mall rat. Mouse. Cat. You know. Some kind of animal. He's seated on a bench near the front entrance, one foot perched upon it with him while the other hangs free. He's reading some kind of manga (it's hard to tell which, as the front cover is done all in kanji, even though it's translated inside). He's wearing a pair of simple blue athletic shorts and a Powerpuff Girls t-shirt, apparently not minding the warm weather that much. Every now and then, he peeks over the edge of his book, watching random people enter and leave the mall. Kalindi happens to be one of these people.

Kalindi's eyes catch Cale's when he looks up over his book, and she offers him a slightly tilt of the head and a look at his manga. The young woman says, "What is this book that you are reading? Is it worth buying for a person? As a gift? I am not one to buy gifts lightly, yes?"

Cale just kind of blinks at Kalindi, not really saying anything for a moment. "It's… a comic book. But like, Japanese," he explains, replying softly and somewhat shyly. Unknown random weird girl talking to him! "So, I guess, I mean, if they liked that sorta thing. I'd like one as a gift. But a lot of people don't like it."

Kalindi sighs softly and then says, "A lot of people do not like it? Then how am I to know if my girlfriend would like it? I am looking for a gift. I have been away for a long time, and I think that is a good time to be giving gifts, yes? When away for a long time?"

"Why don't you ask her if she'd like it?" Cale blinks, not appearing all that phased by Kalindi noting that she has a girlfriend. It's hardly the weirdest thing he heard today even! "I don't know. Why not get her some jewelry? Lots of people like jewelry. Or something she can use, like a tool for something she likes to do, like, I don't know, cooking, or working on a car or something. Heck, I dunno." He blinks back down to his comic book.

Kalindi frowns and then says, "It is not the social convention to find a gift without asking first? I think this is how gifts are given, because when you ask, it is a request. At least in this culture. Where I was raised, it is just not a custom that is done very often." Kali considers that for a few moments and then touches her wrist, pulling off a fine gold bracelet and then reforming it into a pair of earrings, "Jewellery is too easy for me. A gift, should it not be a challenge?"

"No, I mean…" Cale trails off, blinking at the gold, "A gift doesn't have to be a challenge. It's the thought that counts. Though… you're right…" he murmurs, feeling a little uneasy at the open display of what he figures are mutant powers in public. "You shouldn't do that…" he sighs, "Anyway. Don't you know anything about her? You don't have to /ask/ what they'd like for a gift. You're supposed to know what they like to do already, and get them something they'd like. So what does she like?"

Kali tilts her head and says, "She likes guns, and little ponies, and kung fu. She does kung fu fighting, yes? And she likes motorcycles, and she likes me. She likes many many things." The young woman shrugs lightly, "But we have not been together long… I have been away longer than we have been together, even."

Cale brightens, "She likes ponies? Well that's easy then. Just get her something… you know… pony-related." The long haired boy reaches out and grabs Kali by the hand, tugging her along into the mall. "C'mon I know just the place." This is totally a job for him! Totally!

Kalindi is surprised by being tugged, but doesn't seem to object so long as Cale's intention seems to be friendly. The young woman raises her eyebrow slightly and she says, "So what sorts of pony related things am I to get?"

Eventually, they make their way through the mall to rather geeky looking store that sells anime and comic book odds and ends. It's tightly packed, like such stores tend to be, and populated by less than social or well groomed looking people. Cale doesn't seem to mind that at all though, heading straight to the one back corner whereupon… Ponies. Ponies /everywhere./ And the centerpiece is several large stuffed ponies, one of each of the main characters. "Do you know which one she likes? You should get her one of these. She'd love it. I mean, I want one. So I'm sure she would!"

Kalindi blinks a few times slowly and then says, "I admit that I have many toys at home, but it is more of a collection than anything. I do not know what toys appeal to people the most. Maybe she likes the rainbow pony the best? I am not sure. I will get the rainbow pony, yes?" The young woman puts her hands on her hips, staring at the ponies with pursed lips. "What is your favorite?"

"I like the rainbow one, too! She reminds me a lot of someone that I know," Cale nods, picking up Rainbow Dash and holding her face to face with him. "She's definitely the coolest. After that, Twilight, because she's the smart one who always forms all the plans and leads everyone," he nods, setting the oversized stuffed pony back on the shelf.

"She is the smart one?" repeats Kalindi, tilting her head back and forth a few times, "I will get the rainbow pony, and maybe Tabitha will say if she likes the rainbow pony best or not, so I will remember in the future…" Kali picks up the Rainbow Dash and says, "I am not well versed in these customs."

"She uses magic and stuff, she's always researching different spells or like, lore and such, to figure out how to defeat the bad guy or save the day. She sorta lives in a library. Sorta," repeats Cale, watching Kalindi pick up the pony. He wanted that one! Why doesn't he already have it, anyway? Hm… He begins digging around to see if they have another.

"Oh," says Kalindi, tilting her head slightly, "This Twilight Sparkle, she sounds like me a little bit. I do these things, and I am a smart person." She considers that for a moment and then shrugs, "I have just acquired a second home that has a very large library."

Cale just sort of blinks, "You do… magic? That's kinda…" Okay, he's /heard/ that the girls at Xavier's were kidnapped by vampires, and the rumor is that Jill might actually be one now, but STILL. "That's sort of ridiculous. Are you sure it's not some kinda mutant power?"

"Yes. I am very sure. Magic is very real," says Kalindi, sighing softly at that, "I have just come home from a long trip where I had to fight a vampire and be a prisoner and kill a dragon and if magic is not real, then I am a crazy person. But I am not a crazy person."

"Hrm…" Cale trails off. That sounds rather all familiar and everything. VERY FAMILIAR. "Really?" he asks, as if to be sure that Kalindi isn't lying. Despite being told and given /fairly/ solid proof that magic actually does exist… it just doesn't make /sense/ scientifically, and he's a very scientific type person!

Kalindi stares at Cale and then says, "Yes. And I am bound to honestly, so please do not ask me for clarifying statements. I cannot lie, it is not a thing I do. Magic is real, and that is all there is to say about that."

"Well, I guess that's okay then. Bound to honesty?" Cale furrows his eybrows, "No, don't explain it, I probably won't get it. Magic just doesn't make any sense. The fact that it exists, the way it probably works… whatever." The boy shrugs, "ANYWAY. I guess that makes you like Twilight kinda, then."

"Twilight?" repeats Kalindi, blankly, seeming to not even get the reference, "And bound to honesty, it just means I cannot lie. I am soul bound not to, not that I would if I /could/. It is an awful thing that cheapens the powers of communications."

"That's the name of the purple one! Twilight Sparkle," Cale puts his hand on that pony's head. "The one in your hand is called Rainbow Dash," he pauses, "And the other three are Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity," he explains. "Bluh, I want one! They are kinda expensive though…"

"Ah, yes. That is the name. I have heard that many people do not like this Twilight. I do not find it so offensive," says Kalindi about the pony, considering it for a few moments, "They are expensive? I think that is fine, if it is to be a nice gift. I can afford things that are expensive. I have wealth."

Cale snickers, which gets out of control and turns into all out giggling. "Twilight the pony is different from the Twilight book and movie series. One is, well, a pony, in a cartoon, and the other is a series about vampires. It's not /that/ bad, but they kind of get the vampire things wrong. Like, they sparkle. And such. And can go out in the day or something ridiculous. I don't know. I haven't read it." It's one thing even he won't touch!

Kalindi shrugs lightly and then says, "Well, I know from experience that vampires do not sparkle…" The young woman tilts her head back and forth as she tries to make a decision before she says, "Well, I will get this rainbow pony and I will hope very much that she likes it." Kalindi walks towards the front counter.

"Hm… well, I hope she does!" Cale answers, shoving his hands in his pockets and following Kali up to the register. He pulls one out, giving her a small wave, "Anyway, I guess I'm gonna head out. Later!" he says to the mysterious girl, before heading towards the exit.

Kalindi nods at Cale and then says, "It was nice to speak to you. You enjoy the rest of your day, and I thank you for your aid." The young woman nods once, and then finishes her purchase.

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