2009-07-31: Pool Party


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Summary: It's hot, people head to the pool to cool off. Out there, it's time to plan a sudden party for a certain windy mutant!

Date: July 31, 2009

Pool Party

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

Swim time, one of the better parts of Jared's exercise routine is the twice a week set of 200 laps in a pool. Of course just because he knows it will make his room mate blush in a rather cute way he is is swimming in the smallest of his suits, a white and read speedo that a friend once described as being almost big enough to be a pair of bikini briefs. Nearing the end of his set he is not swimming his full speed but about half of it almost like a post exorcise streatch. Near the side of the pool is a large fluffy towl, and the math book he has had with him since school ended for the summer while he trys to catch up with where he should be in the most hated of school subjects.

"Banzai!" comes from above as a fuzzy Owen Folger cannonballs his way out of a cloud of DarkForce above the pool. In his little purple swim-shorts, Owen's just looking to cool off on such a hot day. Hopefully he doesn't land on anyone.

Given the heat of summer, Pallaton decides to lounge around where he can be coolest which, in this case, is the shade near the pool. Of course, with Owen teleporting in, the fuzzy mutant gets a bit startled, but just laughs it off. After all, this is par for the course at Xavier's. But he's not swimming, sitting in the shade and watching. Then again, he's not dressed for swimming, wearing his usual black pants as shorts.

The people in the shade would feel a few seconds of a light breeze as young Kael comes sprinting towards the pool. His towel cast aside as he yells out, "Cannonball!" A blast of wind giving him a small boost in his jump as he leaps into the water. THough that blast would give Pallaton a small gust of wind to cool off by while the aerokinetic goes under.

Robin is fond of pools. Not necessarily swimming, but just of being around the water and all of the pool smells. The teen holds a book up to her chest and is wearing a tank top and a orangey-pink skirt. Behind Robin walks a floating blue humanoid, who looks to be about the same height and build as Robin. She blinks a few times as she approaches the pool but, hey, what did she expect? It's a summer day, of course there will be bustle in the pool. She smiles slightly and sits a little ways away from the edge, so not to get splashed. The blue humanoid follows her like a loyal puppy.

Jared exclaims, "——!" as a cannonballing teenager hits him with a glancing blow just to his left side. What he says is lost in a cloud of bubbles as he looses his stride and sinks for a second before catching his bearings and striking out for the surface hoping like heck who ever hit him does not end up drowning so he can have the pleasure of drwoning them himself. When he manages to break the surface he spits out a spray of watter before saying a little louder than he means to, "Geeze, learn how to aim away from people!"

Owen surfaces with a surprised expression, not knowing Kael was coming in after him. "Ah hit someone?" he asks. Finding himself dead-center in the pool it doesn't look like it. "Ya'll alright, Jared?" he asks. Glancing around, he offers a wave to Robin and the puppet before grinning over at Pallaton. "Ya'll gonna come in or jus' take up space over there?"

Pallaton watches the scenes unfold, shielding himself, somewhat ineffectually, from the splashes with a laugh. His tail twitches in a sort of semi-wag as he listens to those speaking and looking around. Of course, he replies to Owen. "I would, but I don't have any swim clothes!"

Kael surfaces with a gasp of air, his hair bleeding back to brown as he looks over at Jared with a soft laugh. "Heh… sorry. I couldn't really see ya." He gulps a bit and then just sinks below the surface. No sees him~ No one~

Robin waves in return to Owen. The puppet's motions are synched to Robin's at the moment, it seems, as it waves in the exact same way at the exact same time. She notes to Pallaton, the only other non-swimmer, "I'm not much of a swimmer myself." Her voice is androgynous; it would be very hard to tell her gender from her voice alone.

Jared just glares at Kael a moment. Ok, so its not like Kael has powers like his where he can tell where everyone is with his eyes closed, but it is still annoying. "Damn it, and I lost count." Jared takes a breath and sighs. "I was close to the end anyway at least. Might as well call it a wash if I am gonna risk getting cannonballed again. Yeah, I am alright. Bruise is gone already."

Owen swims up behind Kael to pick him up and dunk him. "How's mah lil' breeze doin' without the snowcone 'round?" he asks. Pallaton gets a laugh. "Well, if we were anywhere but the school Ah'd say ya'll don' need any. Ah'm sure we could find someone who's got some for ya tah borrow," he offers. "Or jus' jump in with your underwear," he adds. There's a pause when he looks down at Jared. "Looks tah me like half your suit's gone too…"

Pallaton chuckles to Owen. "If you know someone with my size, I'd be glad to join you both." Notably, he's dodging the underwear comment, though there's a slight tinge of blush showing through the fur of his. Or was that because he just looked at Jared? Hard to tell…

Kael lets out a soft yell as he's lifted up out of the water, and then another one when he's dunked. He surfaces with another gasp of air as he splashes water in Owen's general direction. "It's bored really. I can't think of anything to do. Even if wandering the city brought some kind of excitement." He looks over at Pallaton before he snickers a bit before he says, "Why not just use your squad shorts? I mean, they clean easily enough."

Robin tilts her head slightly in the general direction of the pool and then puts her book beside her. The puppet stands up and takes a few steps towards the pool, almost as if kind of nervously.

Jared just grins a little and laughs. "Just cause Leo used to reffer to this swim suit as an eye patch with delusions of grandure does not mean its half missing. It covers enough to be legal in Cali so works for me. Pall, I got board shorts you might could squeeze in. They would fit you like a speedo but keep you decent as I am."

Owen ruffles Kael's hair and gives his shoulder a little squeeze. "Well, if ya'll want Ah can help try tah find somethin' tah keep ya occupied a bit later," he offers. Jared just gets a grin and a laugh before Owen swims back towards the side of the pool. "Well?" he begins, teleporting out of the water and right next to Pallaton. He looks the wolf-mutant over and lets out a thoughful noise. "How big are ya?" he asks. There's another pause as he realizes how that sounds. "Well…Ah meant, what's your pant-size…not that other thin'…" he explains. The fuzzy mutant then leans a little closer to whisper. "Not that Ah would min' knowin' that," he says with a grin. Half joke, yay. "Yeah, use your squad shorts if ya want…an' later you and me can go shoppin' for a pair that'll fit ya. Everyone should be able tah swim."

Pallaton looks to Jared and nods. "Oh, really? Thanks. Oh, umm, I might need to cut a hole for my tail, though. You don't mind, though, do you?" He blushes quite obviously at Owen's question, but it sort of subsides after. Or, at least until the half-joke. "Umm… I'm not sure, but Jared says they should fit. And we can still go shopping later."

Kael sinks down in the water at the hair ruffle as he floats back up. "That'd be nice." He is getting rather bored as he swims over to the edge of the pool, holding himself up with his arms before he just grins a bit. "Hey, Owen guess what." He chuckles softly, his legs kicking under the water in a way to just fidget.

After hearing Jared speak, Robin finally really processes his tiny bathing suit. She blushes a bit when she notices but turns her eyes back to her knees. Blank, the puppet, finally decides to just run and jump into the pool, though not eliciting much of a splash as she does so.

Jared can't help but speak up, "Quiet there Owen, if he wants to tell us that info about him self he is welcome too do so. Well, at least welcome to tell me is there are people here that might object." At the mention of having to cut a hole he cants his head to the side a second and thinks. "Naw, no prob bro. Got to bo shopping any way. If I am gonna buy a pair for Dai I can buy myself new ones then too. Heh, we schedual it all together then we can invade the local sports store and raid the swim wear section in mass." Jared, alas, is clueless when it comes to body language from the female of the species so he does not notice how Robin reacts to his itsy bitsy bikini.

Owen chuckles and grins. "Right. Where ya keep the shorts, Jared? Ah can go get 'em real quick," he offers. The splashing puppet gets a confused look for a moment before Owen shrugs and looks back to Kael. "What is it?"

Pallaton nods and stands with a smile, heading off, but then stops short. "Oh yeah… I don't know where it is." He turns, about to ask Jared when Owen does it for him. He chuckles. "Yeah, what Owen said."

Kael grins wide, "It's my birthday." He just smiles before he looks back over at the puppet as it falls into the pool. "That… was odd." He tilts his head a bit before he looks back over at Owen and Pallaton.

Robin gets up from where she's sitting when she notices that Blank is in the pool and takes a couple steps towards the water. "Why did she do that?" she wonders out loud, though knowing the reason. She rubs the back of her neck lightly and watches as Blank just flails about. The puppet doesn't look like a strong swimmer, but she stays afloat.

Jared grins and gives a description of his rom and where his spare pair of swim shorts are kept for Owen if he wants to por there and grab them for Pallaton. "Happy birthday Kael! Should have told someone earlier…might have gotten a cake out of it." Jared looks over at the blue puppet and shrugs, "Maybe it is responding to a desire of yourse to go swimming?"

Owen gives Kael a look. "Well, Happy Birthday, Lil'Breeze. Ah'll be right back," he says, taking a bow before porting out. There's a delay before a slightly wobbly Owen reappears. Still all fuzzy, he's got three things with him. The first happens to be the shorts Jared described…which are on his head. He's also got a cupcake with a candle in it. "Short notice but Ah hope it'll do, Lil' Breeze," he says, lighting the candle with the lighter he got while porting.

Pallaton looks to Kael, surprised, then heads over (plucking those shorts from Owen's head with a chuckle on the way past) to go change behind a building or something. No peeking now. Or teleporting. A minute later, Pallaton's back, pantsless but wearing those shorts. Which, yes, look like speedos. Not as bad as Jared's, but they're close. He grins and tosses his pants off to one side as he dashes to the pool on all fours and dives in haphazardly, creating quite a splash in the process. But at least the fuzzy, and now soggy, mutant is in the pool.

Kael blinks a bit as Owen vanishes, and then reappears with all the items and the cupcake gives him a wide smile. He pulls himself up out of the water and he starts to head over towards Owen, he reaches out to take the cupcake with a chuckle. "Thanks… Owen." He looks back at
Pallaton as he leaps into the pool, and he turns around to get his back wet. Save the pastry!!

Robin tilts her head for a moment at Jared and nods, "You're right…" She adds with a bit of a smile, a joke in her voice, "but I don't look nearly as good in a bathing suit as you do." To Kael she notes, "Happy birthday." Everyone should get happy birthday wishes. She takes a few steps back from the pool to sit back down next to her book, adjusting her skirt as she does so.

Jared grins as he watches Pallaton go change, there is bound to be a bathroom near by, and comes back at a full gallop to dive in the pool. He takes a breath and ducks under the water as Pallaton hits it, to avoud the wave mostly, before swimming over where everyone is. "Now that leaves just Robin to join us."

Owen watches Pallaton go before grinning at Kael. "Don' worry about it," the fuzzy teen in purple trunks says, ruffling Kael's hair again before he tosses the lighter aside. "Like Robin jus' said, everyone deserves birthday wishes," he says. Pallaton gets a wolf whistle…pun likely intended…when he returns. When he sees the big mutant galloping, Owen grabs Kael and teleports them both out of splash range.
Sure it's cold and the candle went out but the cupcake is saved.

Pallaton laughs as he resurfaces, fur in his eyes and everything. He does shake his head off all dog-like and looks over to Kael. "Happy birthday, by the way! If I had known I would've got you something, or made something. Hmm…" He thinks as he floats in the pool, then nods. "Okay, you name what you want me to do and I'll do it!"

Kael lets out a gsap when he reappears out of the space where Owen went through for his teleportation. "That… was… cold…" He turns around to look at Pallaton, taking a bite out of his cupcake. He hms a bit. just eating his birthday food now as he thinks. "I'll get back to you on that in a bit." Cupcake deserves attention. He looks over at Rabin and smiles, "Thanks." Nomnomnom.

Robin shakes her head at Jared and notes, "I'm probably not going to join in. I've still got a build that makes Jack Skellington look obese. Not swimsuit material at all." She smiles and then tilts her head,
"But…" She closes her eyes and raises her hands above her head, fingers twitching as she uses her powers to posess the flailing Blank. The shock of being in water sends the possessed Blank to the bottom of the pool.

Another person coming out to the pool this afternoon is Robyn, he's got a t-shrit on over a pair of black swimtrunks and a Nightmare Before Christmas towel, since he seems to own way too much stuff with Tim Burton's movies on it. He stops short as he sees everyone and waves. "Hey Robin, Owen." He says as those are the many two people he knows.

Jared grins as he just watches the others for a moment before swiming over to the side of the pool and pulling himself out of it to sit with his feet dangling in the water for now. "Who cares about what you look like in a swim suit. Swiming is not about being looked at." Said by the boy that is wearing as next to nothing as he can get without breaking a law or two. "Hello Robyn, how are you doing?"

Owen ruffles Kael's hair again. "Sorry, Lil' Breeze. Reflex," he says. "Ah forget not everyone's got mah coat of fuzz," he says, stretching. Robyn gets a grin when he appears. "Howdy, Robyn. Glad tah see ya came out here," he says, happy to see the other mutant. Pallaton gets a blink before Owen laughs. "Careful who ya're sayin' that 'round, Pally," he teases. "If ya'll excuse me a moment…" he trails off, teleporting his way over to the high dive.

July isn't wearing a swimsuit by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, she's wearing common street clothes as she steps into the pool area, having heard that a lot of the remaining students are gathered there. "Hey, everyone." The elastic brunette says, waving and smiling to everyone as she remains close to the door for now.

Pallaton looks to Owen a bit confused as to why he would tell him to be careful. Ah, innocence… Or ignorance, it's hard to tell. But when he sees Owen go to the high platform, Pally's making sure to be out of the way. And, of course, giving a wave to July. "Hey, July!"

Kael shakes his head with a grin as he finishes the cupcake, licking his lips clean with a smile. "That was good." He grins a bit before he looks over at Robyn and waves over towards him, "Hey, Robyn!" Then he looks over the thing Robin's possessing and he only tilts his head to the side a bit before he looks over at July. Giving her a wave as Pallaton already dispensed with the calling towards her. Then he turns back around the sprints back towards for the pool, using a sugar boosted blast of wind that was kinda lopsided as he sends him spiraling haphazardly into the water.

Her eyes still closed and fingers still twitching, Robin releases control of Blank for just a moment to respond to what Jared said, "Well, I know, there's just lots've people here. Maybe if it was dark." And then, "Hiya, Robyn. Hi, July." But then control of the puppet is resumed and Blank manages to flail her way back to the surface of the pool. Luckily, since Blank doesn't tire, the wild flailing works just fine for staying afloat, even if it isn't appealing.

Robyn walks over to Robin and smiles. "I'm glad you're back, I'm sorry we left you the first time but things happened kind of fast." He says. "And there's nothing wrong with Jack Skellington." He says looking at the towel he's carrying. "Hey Jared, I guess I'm alright." He says looking at the pool figuring it'll be a good idea to wait until after Owen dives before heading into the pool himself.

"Yo, July!" Owen calls from way up high. He chuckles as he watches Kael leaping in and glances around. Taking a breath, Owen dives. Before hitting the water, he teleports. Reappearing up in the air at board-level he just increases fall time, plunging into the water. A few moments later, he surfaces with a laugh. "That was wild."

July smiles, "Hey guys. How's everyone—" She's interrupted by Owen's diving into the water. Glad he didn't cannonball into it. "How's everyone doing?" she asks after the spilling water hits the floor and the pool calms down a bit. She remains by the door, not really wanting to get wet right now.

Pallaton chuckles, turning his head to shield his face from the water. "Great!" he shouts in reply to July, before swimming over to the fuzzy Owen and starting a bit of a splash fight. Despite being eighteen, he really is a kid in the water…

Kael floats up in the water on his back, letting out a soft ugh as he looks up at the sky. "That… was a fun ride." He looks over at the diving before before he shakes his head and then dives down in the water. Aiming to swim over towards Pallaton. Sadly, he's a slow swimmer.

Releasing Blank and just giving up on that idea, since it's hard to feel like there's swimming going on in the controlling state, Robin just lets the puppet swim about mindlessly. She looks over towards Robyn and says, "I'm actually just glad that all of you made it out. I thought you were all executed… They didn't tell me what happened, but I heard someone saying they had. Probably to keep everyone from tryin' to leave." She rubs her wrist lightly, the worn skin, like the scars on the rest of her arms, creatively covered with make-up. "I thought I'd be there forever. Anyways, don't want to think too much about it… I'm just glad it's over. And there's nothin' wrong with Jack Skellington, but I don't think he'd look good in swimgear, that's all!"

"I don't think so either." Robyn says in regards to Jack in a swimsuit, and he can't help but smile brigthly. "That's my favourite movie ever. So I'm gonna head into the pool." He says taking off his shirt revealing that he's a bit of a skiny kid with not much muscle tone at all, actually there's no muscle tone. Robyn doesn't jump in the pool, he uses the steps on the shallow end and ance he's in the pool he dips underneath the water quickly to get used to the cool water. "When I was coming out here, did I hear right that it's someone's birthday?"

Jared grins and laughs while he sits on the side of the pool in a swim suit that it would be an understaitment to say it leaves nothing to the imaginaiton. "Dude, Nightmare Before Christmas is like one of the most awsome movies ever. Got the special Eddition DVD that has Vincent, and Frankenweenie on it as well."

July smiles to everyone, "Glad to know everyone's doing fine. I just stopped by to see how's everyone doing before I go out for a jog around the school." she waves lightly, "I'm going to try how long I can hold out before I collapse into a heap. Heheh. Have fun, guys." she waves again before heading out.

Pallaton nods as he listens to July, pretty distracted by her to notice Kael's antics. "Sure. Catch you later, July." Then he looks back to where Kael was and… well, he looks around for the windy mutant.

As the splash fight begins, Owen laughs and starts splashing back. "Ah actually downloaded that movie…once someone showed me how," he laughs, overhearing Robyn and the others. "See ya, July," he calls. Using the distraction provided, Owen swims forward quickly to leap at and try to dunk Pallaton.

Kael swims and floats around Pallaton's feet for a moment, looking up and wondering just how to leap up onto the wolf mutant's shoulders. A frustrated stream of bubbles coming from the wind mutant. He grins a bit; watching Owen swim towards him and he reaches up and reaches to grab a paw and pull it down.

Robin waves at July, smiles and says, "I liked it, most of my family didn't really like it, though. I don't know why." She shrugs and brings her knees up close so she can lean forward and prop herself up on them.
"My family thought it was neat, it was the movie that made me want to go into sculpting for a living. I have that verison too Jared, and if you ever want to see it again Owen…" Robyn says with a nod as he looks over to agree with Jared before looking away quickly. "We're at a school, shouldn't you be wearing something a bit more…school appropriate? I mean what if one of the teachers were to come out here?" He asks shaking his head.

Jared gasps as he hears Owen say he downloaded it. "You mean you did not pay for that masterpeice? Tsk tsk my friend, turing to piracy. Maybe we should have ye walk the plank?" Jared blinks and just looks at Robyn. "What? It is perfectly decent and covers everything that legal needs to be covered. Besides, its more comfrotable that board shorts and my only pair of those are plastered on Pallaton right now as if they were speedos."

Pallaton looks over to Robyn, Robin and Jared as they speak. When he goes to take a step, though, he ends up getting dunked with a loud yelp, struggling to get back up. Of course, with his strength, he'd probably lift the two up with him. Once he managed to get free, though, he does speak to Jared. "They're quite comfortable, too."

Owen laughs, staying on Pallaton's back with fuzzy arms around the wolf-man's neck. "Nice combo attack, Lil' Breeze," he chimes to Kael. He then shrugs slightly. "Ah haven' watched it yet. Still sittin' on mah computer," he says.

Kael surfaces a few feet from Pallaton and Owen, a hand coming up to run a hand through his hair as he lets out a laugh. He grins up at Owen before he climbs out of the pool, shaking his head to get some of the water out of it; and making it poof up wildly before he plops down on the ground. "I fail to see how those look comfy."

Robin scratches her head lightly and teleports Blank back to herself by reaching a finger out. The puppet vanishes from the water, leaving a hole where it once was, creating a large bubble that bursts out of the water and reappears with it's finger touching the end of Robin's. "It sure is a tiny little thing," she notes about Jared's swimsuit. "But his choice, I guess…"

Robyn does his best to keep his eyes away from Jared as he's not really out here to stare at that kind of thing. "Owen, you and me can get together and watch it, like I showed you Coraline. Anyone else who wants to join in too." He looks over at Robin hoping she'll join too. After all when you go through something like they did together, it's hard not to like a person after that and feel a connection.

Jared raises an eyebrow at Robin. "It may only be a little ffabric but it does a big job." At the mention of watching Nightmare Jared says, "Ooooh, sounds like fun. Coraline was great too. Of course neither of them quite make it to the level of awsome that Labrynth and Legend of the Dark Crystal reach."

Pallaton looks to Kael, then down at said shorts (which fit almost like Jared's choice of swimwear), then back. "Well, they do. They're a little tight, but I like them." Then he chuckles as Owen holds on and decides to float on his back. Yes, with Owen still on.

"Ain' nothin' tiny 'bout Jared, Robin," Owen remarks, winking at the pupperteer mutant. He starts to say something only to get dunked. A few bubbles later and the fuzzy mutant teleports so that he's floating on his back nearby. He gives Pallaton a look before chuckling. "Sure thin', Robyn. Sounds like it'll be great. Though this time Ah think we should have snacks," he declares. "An' if ya'll like those so much, Pallaton…hey Jared, what size pants are ya? We'll pick up a pair jus' like 'em for Pallaton when me an' him go shoppin' later," he says.

Kael snickers a bit at Pallaton's answer. Then he stands back up. "I think I know what you can do for my birthday, Palli." He cracks his knuckles as his hair starts to bleed white a good bit. "Just stay floating, or catch me if ya want." He takes off sprinting for the edge, and leaps towards the pool; a blast of air blasting up at his back giving him an extra push to send him towards the floating wolf mutant.

Robin feels the same way with regards to Robyn, so it's not surprising that in response to his look she smiles and says, "I would love to join in. I haven't seen that movie in such a long time." She chuckles at Owen's remark on Jared's size and then shrugs, opting now to lean on her puppet.

"Wait, it's your birthday?" Robyn asks Kael with a look of surprise on his face. "We should do something, like get you a cake. If you want I can make one out of a box." He can survive doing simple cooking as long as it has directions. "We can do an awesome movie marathon or something, it's Friday, it's summer, it's not like we have class anytime soon."

Jared grins at Owen and winks, "Look but don't touch big boy. Remember I am taken." Jared hmms a moment as Robyn brings uo the idea of a cake from a box and a movie marathon. "Your half way there Robyn. Forget the box, I have not been taking Dad's cooking classes for nothing. We can do a real cake, buncha pop corn, grab a buncha drinks and see if we can take over the Rec room and use the big TV. Hey Kael, whats your favorite kind of cake?"

Pallaton blinks, but then seems to go for the 'catch' part, tail wagging underwater as he grins and has his arms at the ready to grab Kael. At the talk of cakes, though, his ears perk up, but he focusses on catching Kael for now.

Owen rolls his eyes. "Oh alright. Too bad your guy don' wanna share ya," he jokes. He quickly moves to the side to avoid incoming Kaels before nodding to Robyn and Jared. "Sounds like it'll be a great time," he agrees. "May be able tah get away with jus' fallin' asleep down there too."

Kael lands with a lightly hard impact onto Pallaton and he grins a bit. "Sweet." He looks back at Robyn and nods. "Yup! And a cake would be awesome! Owen got me a cupcake already. But a full cake would be amazing!"

Robin notes to Jared, "I can help with the cake too. I used to help my mom with the baking all the time when I was younger. I'm pretty good at it… I mean, if you want help." She smiles and adds, "Sounds like it'll be great."

"My Mom and Dad either made a box cake or went to a bakery for birthday cakes. I mean, my Mom's an okay cook but she was better at decorting them." Robyn says, after all his mother is an artist. "I can help, I'll just follow you. So yeah Kael, we can have a little party for you in the rec room, if you want that is."

Jared laughs, "My mom sucked at cooking, I usually did that but I took from the box and altered things. Kael, ya still did not say what kind of cake you wanted. Chocolate, yellow, orange, red velvet? Robyn with a Y you can get the entertainment ready, Robin with an I and I can doo the cake. Get someone else to get the snacks and drinks….."

Pallaton chuckles and grins at Kael, deliberately holding onto him in a fuzzy, if soggy, hug. "Was that it? Of all the things you could ask for, this was what you wanted me to do?" He then looks to the others, quite intrigued by all that's said. "Wow, I've never had a birthday like that. You're lucky, Kael."

Owen returns to his non-fuzzy form and then stretches. "Jus' tell us what kinda cake ya'll want. Me an' Pallaton'll go pick up all the stuff ya need tah make it," he offers. "Right, Pally?" he asks. "Cake makin' meant the kids got chased outta the house back home," he chuckles. "Otherwise…chaos."

Kael chuckles a bit and shakes his head. "Nope! This isn't it." He reaches up and starts to scritch behind the wolf mutant's ears before he looks back at the others and says, "Oh… Yellow cake with raspberry filling. White frosting would be awesome too." He hms a bit as he looks back at Pallaton as he scritches. "And we should get another one, just to share with the others as well."

Robin claps her hands cheerily at the idea of all of the fun. To Robyn, she notes, "Well, I lived in a really small town. We all had to learn how to make certain things, since we didn't have all of the conveniences of a big city. We couldn't exactly go to the bakery." She tilts her head at Kael's description and adds, "It sounds like it'll be a great cake!"

"I lived in Brooklyn, so yeah, lots of stuff there." Robyn says with a chuckle as he was raised in the city. "Sure, I'll get the entertainment stuff ready. So Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas, Laberynth, Dark Crystal and Legend?" Robyn says as he doesn't think his musical tastes will be for everyone. "Don't forget lots of soda so we can stay up late and stuff. I'll go see if Jordan wants to come along."

Jared nods as he listens to Kael. "Oooh, that sounds good. Should not be too hard, I can grab my lap top and get any recipies I need off the net and make up a list of ingrediants we dont already have here. NOt just Jordan, we can see who else thats still at the mansion over the summer that might want to come do the movie marathon and party thing….too bad we don't have somewhere we can set up a projector and a decen screen."

Pallaton chuckles, but when Kael starts scritching, Pallaton visibly tries to hold back bursting into laughter. He's found his ticklish spot, after all, but at least in the pool, Pallaton has an off-switch. Dunking Kael. Not that he does, of course. At least, not yet.

Owen nods, chuckling as he starts to swim around aimlessly. "Right. Too bad mah guy's gonna be busy tahnight with …work," he says, not sure how to say it. "Else Ah'd ask the profs if Ah could invite him over for the show," he says. "We got plenty of space. Ah'm sure we could take over the Gym if we wanted. Heck…we get a teacher or two in on this and we could get the Danger Room."

Kael snickers a bit, moving his hands to scritch at Pallaton's jaw before he stops and looks over at Owen. "Party in the Dnager room? Somehow, I think some profs won't like that." Namely Scott for one. "The gym might work. Get a projector and screen and boom! INstant movie night!"

Robin tilts her head and says, "I think it'd be pretty neat, though, if only for just once. I imagine the Danger Room would be great for effects." She pats down her skirt and says, "But yeah, probably not allowed. The gym sounds like it'd be tons of fun, anyways."

"I'll go see what I can dig up." Robyn says pushing himself out of the pool and wraping himself up in his towel. "I see if I can find a teacher to ask about the projection and see if I can start getting things set up after I take a shower." He says smiling. "See you guys in a bit." He says wandering back towards the school.

Jared grins and nods at Robyn. "Since the cake will need a little time I think I will go see what the mansion has as far as supplies and make a list of anything we will need for it…or make that a couple of them so we can be sure everyone still at the school can get some." Jared pulls his feet out of the water and pulls them under himself so he can stand up in a single smooth action. "Might even change for it too since this thing is great for beaches and pools but is a bit much just for watching movies with a bunch of others."

Pallaton calms a bit as Kael scritches his jaw instead as he's in the pool with Kael, wearing what looks like it'd be swim-shorts, but on him looks more like tight speedos. He then looks to Jared with a tilted head. "Really? Huh… Sometimes I don't bother changing after my rituals, but then again that's in my room…" He shrugs, but then decides to dunk Kael a few times, laughing playfully as he does. And yes, his tail is wagging underwater.

Owen lets out a little whistle, looking Jared over as he exits the pool. "Well, once ya have the list, jus' call mah phone an' tell us and we'll go get the stuff," he says. He watches Pallaton and Kael a moment before chuckling and swiming over to the edge of the pool.

Kael lets out an ack at the dunking, and a blast of wind surges towards Pallaton so Kael can get some air. No density in the air, just as if you were in front of a leaf blower the size of Kael. If Pallaton lets go, or something, Kael breaks the water's surface with a gasp of air and he sticks his tongue out playfully at the furred one.

Robin waves at Robyn and Jared as they head off, though now she gets a clear sight of Jared out of the water. She recovers, though, and tears her eyes away from the teeny tiny piece of fabric. She leans back against Blank, her blue humanoid puppet, who just sits motionlessly staring at the pool. Well, staring if she had eyes.

Nathaniel doesn't apparently believe much in teeny tiny bikini type suits, the lean youth showing up in a pair of normal swimtrunks and a beach tank, his hands shoved in his pockets. It's hard to tell if he actually came to swim, considering he's wearing a couple bracelets and his usual array of earrings, but either way, he lifts a hand by way of greeting to whoever catches sight of him.

Pallaton let go of Kael, but just chuckles and sticks his tongue out in return to Kael. "So you wanted a big pet, I guess?" he asks to Kael as he swims around a bit. For a canine-like form, there's a surprising lack of the doggy-paddle…

Owen offers a wave as Jared and Robyn go off, flipping onto his back. When he sees Nathaniekm Owen grins. With a quick teleport, the fuzzy mutant appears behind the empath to grab him im a hug. "Nathan!" he greets, happy to see him.

Kael treads water as he turns to watch Pallaton swim around him and he chuckles. "Nah, though I'd imagine you'd make for a good pillow to sleep on." He shrugs a bit as he looks over at Nathan, giving a wave before he goes back to keeping himself afloat. "Just wanted to do that to ya since the first time I met ya, you were taller than me."

Robin gives Nathaniel a wave, though she doesn't really know him. She stares off towards the pool and all of the people in it for a few moments before picking her book up once again and putting it on her lap.

Nathaniel would probably react more surprisedly to Owen's sudden appearance behind him if he were, well, normal, but instead, he lifts his arms, glancing back at Owen with an amused expression. He is blushing, though, which is a little humorous for the relatively stoic teen, "Oh. Hey, Owen." He rests his hands lightly on Owen's arms - the one that crosses over his chest and the one around his middle - before he bends forward, trying, playfully, to pick him up against his back. Kael gets a nod since his hands are busy.

Pallaton chuckles and nods to Kael. "Well, if that is what you want, I'll stick around after the movie." It seems he's being serious about that before he splashes water at Kael. He then looks over to Owen and Nathan, giving a wave. "You two coming in?"

Owen lets out a little chuckle as he's picked up. The fuzzy teen wriggles on Nathan before grinning. "Ah dunno. Think we should hit the water, Nathan?" he asks.

Kael resorts to just floating on his back as he grins a bit. "Why, that'd be rather comfy now that I think about it." He grins a bit, just letting the water take him where he wants to go right now. With a little added boost from random gusts of wind sending floating out towards the deepend.

Robin doesn't open the book on her lap, but just continues to watch the pool and the people, a small smile on her face. This is far better than the table she was strapped onto for the last few weeks, that's for sure.

"Yeah, I think that's the right idea," Nathaniel says, but without putting Owen down. Instead, he carts the other boy along with him before he whips them both around and falls in. Unless Owen shoves him away or something aggressive like that, he intends to take the fuzzball down with him.

Pallaton watches Owen and Nathaniel, laughing as they fall in. Or, at least, as Nathaniel falls in. Odds are Owen could just teleport away anyway. But still he laughs and swims over to Kael, deciding to go play with him. How? How else? Splash-attack!

Owen laughs, letting himself be carried. He shifts back to his non-fuzzy form half-way there. He even holds on as they fall into the pool, dragging nathan back to the surface. "Great plan!" he laughs.

Kael dives under the water, keeping his eyes up at the surface of the water as he grins to himself. He reaches a hand up and then pulls down like he's yanking down a rope, and a dense ball of air slams into the water right where he was floating. Causing a large splash as the ball just fizzles out and explodes outwards on impact.

Robin stands up and says to nobody in particular, but loud enough so that anyone who is interested can hear, "I think I'm gonna go on and head in." She waves at the people in the pool and starts heading towards the exit, her puppet following close behind her.

Nathaniel hadn't much worried about Owen teleporting, since that's no fun, and so when he comes up, he's laughing quietly. He pushes his wet hair back off his forehead, brushing off the excess water on his face and grinning at Owen easily, "I thought so." He glances over when Kael sets off that explosive splash, ducking underwater for a few seconds only to proceed forward, nabbing Owen's leg and trying to tug him down. He comes up in time to hear Robin's announcement, tossing his hair again and blinking up at her with one eye closed, "Ah. Seeya, Robin!"

Pallaton looks over to Robin, nodding. "Sure. See you later for the party!" Of course, then he's completely drowned by Kael's water-burst, laughing loud. "Hey, that's cheating!" He thinks for a moment, looking quiet mischievous as he ponders a plan… A plan that leaves him standing defenceless while he thinks about it.

Owen starts to comment on Kael's explosive splash but only gets a "Woah!" as he's yanked under water. A few bubbles later and he's back on the surface, spitting out some pool water. "Bye, Robin," he offers, waving. "Oh yeah, Nathan. There's gonna be a party tahnight for Kail's birthday. You an' Leo should come."

Kael surfaces with a big smile on his face as his hair is still bleeding white as another blast of air slams into the water next to Pallaton. "Ya shouldn't stay still!" He laughs brightly as he looks over at Nate. "There'll be cake!" As if that gets everyone to go.

Nathaniel brushes his fingers through his hair, shrugging slightly and swimming back towards the wall so that he can pull himself up. He sits on the ledge, reaching over his shoulder to scratch his back and keeping on his tanktop, even though the loose fabric is currently being rather clingy, "I don't know. I'll probably swing by, but you'll have to ask Leo when you see him." He flicks water in Kael's direction, grinning slightly, "How old're you gonna be? Twelve? Finally gonna get hair in weird places? Have a funny feeling in your stomach?" He's just kidding, of course.

Pallaton shields himself from another wind-water blast and looks over to Nathaniel with a sly grin. He starts swimming over, making like he's getting away from Kael, mischief obvious to Nathan. Once he gets near him, Pallaton makes to grab Nathan's foot and pull him back in.

Owen hops up onto the ledge as well, just resting right now. "Ah guess Ah will," he says, wondering where Leo's been lately. When Pallaton makes his move, Owen just shakes his head.

Kael just treads the water as he watches with an amused expression. He swims over towards the edge near him and starts to pull himself up. "Guess we should go find a teacher and ask, hm? I doubt they'd like it if we just set up a theater in the gym."

Nathaniel knows full well that he is being targeted by a pool terrorist, eyeing Pallaton intently as the wolfman gets closer, "I doubt they'd really care, so long as there's nothing happening, but it couldn't hurt to check…" He puts up a fight, struggling and grasping at the edge of the pool only to push off and try to tackle Pallaton, trying to see if he can unbalance him enough to knock him backwards into the water.

Pallaton is taken aback by Nathan's surprise attack, and it works. Though, with that grin on his face and the sense of mischief, it seems Pallaton decided to let him win, falling onto his back and floating there with Nathaniel. "At least if they say no, we have the Rec Room. Heh, I might even put on something fancy."

Owen laughs, shaking his head again. "Yeah…Ah suppose we should clear it with a teacher," he says. "Who do ya thin' would agree tah it?" he asks, laying back on the pool-side.

Kael hms a bit and chuckles. "Anyone buy Scott and Logan?" He grins a bit, starting to walk over towards the others; winds swirling around him to dry himself off as he walks over. No towel for him!

Nathaniel gives Pallaton a wryly amused look as he takes to treading water, "What? Pants?" He flicks water at the other youth, though he looks to Kael afterwards, rolling his shoulders thoughtfully, "Buy them? …either one probably won't care. Logan might be better. Scott's… the good, jocky type, so he may be worried about sports or something." He smirks slightly, swimming back towards the edge of the pool and making sure to kick some water over Pal.

Pallaton shakes his head at Nathaniel with a grin. "I always wear pants. This is something I wear for special things." At the splash of water, Pallaton has another mischievous grin and, holding a hand out to Nathaniel, creates a lot of smooth pebbles. In Nathan's swim-clothes. That's one way of getting back at someone.

Owen chuckles, streching. "Alright. Ah'll ask Mr. Summers. He should be around," he reasons. "And Ah can probably play it off as some kinda morale boostin' inter-squad relation boostin' thin'," he says, unaware of Pallaton and Nathan's antics. Kael does get a look though. "So…how old are ya really turnin' tahday?"

Kael grins a bit. "I'm turning seventeen today." He looks over at Pallaton and Nate for a moment, tilting his head a bit before he looks back at Owen. "You know, that might actually work with him." He sits down near Owen, the dark force user would be able to feel a slight breeze from Kael as he swirls the warm air around him.

Nathaniel is startled by something that causes him to disappear under the water for a few seconds, though it looks largely like he's just squirming. When he comes back up, he doesn't take long figuring it out, whipping a look back at the wolfman, "/Ass/." He swims the rest of the way to the edge of the pool, pulling himself up carefully and promptly pushing his tanktop up so he can untie the shorts. Everyone gets a nice shot of Nathan-stomach, abdomen, hips, and backside as he gets them open and proceeds to shake them as well. He'll dig inside and shake until he gets all the pebbles out, grumbling all the while. Satisfied that he won't have stones crammed in uncomfortable places, he tugs them back up and reties them.

Pallaton laughs out loud as he watches the results of his mischief, waving his hand to get rid of his pebbles. He seemed to enjoy that trick. In fact, every now and again, he does give a snicker. He then turns back to Kael, tilting his head as he swims over to them. "What, pebbles in the swim-trunks would work with Owen?" He sticks his tongue out at Kael as he sort of lounges around there, turning back to Nathan. "Sorry! I couldn't resist that one!"

Owen reaches over to pat Kael's knee. "Well. Congrats on gettin' older, Lil' Breeze," he says with a grin. Kael and Max really are like little brothers to Owen. Hes distracted by Nathan's sudden declaration of the backside, looking over. Seeing Nathan get undewaaws, Owen doesn't bother to hide the fact that he's watching but doesn't react quick enough to give Nathan some DarkForce generated privacy. Pallaton gets a look as Owen sits up. "Careful, Pally. Don' start a prank war with a teleporter," he cautions with a smirk. "Ya'll okay, Nathan?" he asks, concern in his voice.

Kael laughs a bit, sending a blast of wind towards Pallaton; just a playful one. He glances over at Owen and smiles, "Yeah, one more year till I'm eighteen. Yay." He twirls a finger apathetically and then blinks a bit. "Anyone know what age you gotta be to get a driver's permit?"

Nathaniel sighs when the stones disappear, just looking down into his shorts with an expression of irritation. He looks in Pallaton's direction, pointing at him and informing him, shortly, "Dead. Pure, simple, black death." Hmph. He walks back over to Owen and Kael, tossing an arm around Owen's shoulders as he sits down, heel propped on the edge of the pool, "I'm fine, fuzzy. Thanks for the backup."

Pallaton chuckles as Nathaniel heads over, but Pallaton sticks in the pool, floating on his back and watching the trio. "I'll try making mud or something instead, next time. That better for you, Nathan?" He chuckles. "Driving permit? Um… I don't know, I'm afraid."

Owen smiles, releasing some Dark Force to go fuzzy for Nathan. Pallaton gets an amused look before Owen ruffles Kael's hair. "Sorry tah say but ya could already get one for a whole year, Lil'Breeze."

Kael ahs a bit and shrugs. "No biggy. Never really thought to get once till I've been here all on my own." He smiles a bit before he looks over at Nate and Owen. "So cake. Movies. Snacks galore tonight? Sounds like a blast."

Nathaniel nods his head slightly, agreeing with Owen as he says, "Yeah. I'm pretty sure you can get a permit after sixteen…" He responds to Pallaton's chuckling by kicking water in his direction. He looks thoughtful after that, though, running his fingers through his hair and looking at Kael while he thinks something over. Eventually, he says, eyebrows lifting, "That's right. I'll be seventeen in a couple months. I totally forgot."

Pallaton chuckles at the looks from both Nathan and Owen, grinning. "Oh? Heh, looks like I'll have to work on that one a bit." He wades over to the edge and pulls himself out, parking his butt next to Kael as he drip-dries. "I should probably look into getting a car, but… I don't think they make cars with me in mind." he chuckles.

Owen glances at Nathaniel and then gives him a side hug. "Dude! When? Ah'll get Leo an' we'll plan somethin' for ya," he offers. "Ah've already got mah permit…jus' no car," he laughs. "Ah don' see much need for a car though…Ah teleport."

Kael grins a bit. "I am thinking of getting a motorcycle really." He laughs a bit and then says, "Mainly cause I don't think I'll be riding any where long distance. So… a bike would be more useful." He looks over at Nate and grins wide. "I could've sworn you were older than me!"

Nathaniel looks at Pallaton with a certain level of amusement, then to Kael when he mentions getting a motorcycle and nods, "That's an idea. Motorcycles are pretty cool and you can never really know how far you'll have to go in the future, right? You could ride one of those, Pal… or get a hummer or something. A huge car." He ruffles Owen's hair playfully, shrugging and smiling at him easily, "October fifteenth. I have a feeling I'll need a party around then." He arches a brow, grinning at Kael and laughing a little, "Why? Am I getting wrinkles already?"

Pallaton chuckles, leaning in close to Nathaniel. "Hmm, I think I see a few forming. I won't hit nineteen until January." he jokes before standing up and, right there and then, shaking his fur dry a bit, resulting in some… well, okay, a lot of water spray to the rest of the trio. And Pallaton looking quite straggly. "Well, I'd better go get ready. I'll have to go shopping soon and buy some proper swimming stuff if we make this a regular thing. I'll catch you guys later at the party!" And with that, he heads off to his room to go dry off fully, brush his fur and get changed.

Owen grins and gives Nathan another fuzzy hug. "Oh, we'll get ya'll a party," he chimes. He slips an arm around Kael as well, pulling them close and then trying to pull them back to lay down. He laughs at Pallaton and then waves. "See ya in a bit, Pall. We can go shoppin' tahgether," he calls, needing a few things himself. "Man…ya're both younger than me."

Kael falls backwards as warm wind swirls around the trio and he chuckles. "We should go out and get the stuff for the party tonight! Cake, candy, soda, popcorn. The whole nine yards!" Yes, he wants junk food.

Nathaniel drops backwards with the other two lazily, folding his free arm under his head and huffing at the sky, "Just no clowns or anything. Preferably copious amounts of illegal alcohol." He grins lightly, leaning over to give Owen a big smooch on the cheek before he takes to looking skyward again, "Sounds like an idea, Kael. Maybe I can find a present for you. What do you want?"

Owen nods. "Let's all hit the showers, get changed, and get shoppin'. Jared should have that list by now," he agrees, fur fading away. "No clowns and we're all too young for booze, Nathan. Sorry," he chuckles. The smooch gets a smile. "Aww," he says, leaning over to return the gesture. "Lots of junk food is definitely good."

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