2009-05-02: Pool Practice


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Summary: Eddie comes out to the pool and gets an impromptu swimming lesson.

Date: May 2, 2009

Pool Practice

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Back Yard (#1718)

The Parker-Mayfair home's back yard is a bit bigger than the front yard. It also has a lot more ornamentation. The biggest 'ornamentation' is the large swimming pool. The pool is heated in winter, so that it can still be used. Next to the pool is a small gazebo containing a hot tub… with a covered walkway to the house.

Since they've been here, Jeri's not really had a chance to truly enjoy the pool. But with the recent heat in the atmosphere, he's chosen to actually get in the cool water instead of the hot tub. With everything falling into place, and the house purchase finalizing, he's taking time to get a good swim in. OF course, as usual, he's wearing nothing. It's a private back yard, and his home. He'll do what he wants.

Eddie isn't usually one to get near the water due to fear of drowning but he figures that since there's a pool and he may need it one day, Eddie has decided he needs to learn how to swim. Proceeding outside in silver and blue swim-shorts with a towel over his shoulder, Eddie seems nervous. And not just because scars are on display. "H-hey, Dad," he greets as he gets close enough to not need to yell.

Stopping his swim, he looks over to the voice. "Hey, son. What's up?" He asks, moving to swim back to the shallow end, near his son. He doesn't know that Eddie has yet to learn to swim, just assuming he knows. "Comin' in for a while?" He asks, with a grin. He doesn't come all the way out of the water, since he knows Eddie will get all blushy.

Eddie shifts nervously on the spot, setting his towel aside and shaking his head. "N-no," he replies. Taking a deep breath, he glances around before speaking again. "Actually…I w-was hoping…you could maybe teach me…how to swim?"

"You don't know how?" Jeri asks, tilting his head. He ponders for a moment before realizing that his bio donors wouldn't teach him anything. He nods. "Sure, come on in, and we'll start with the basics for now." He says, offering his adopted son a smile. "It's a good skill for anyone to learn."

Eddie shakes his head. "N-n-nope. Kinda …afraid of the water," he murmurs. The smile gives the teen a bit more confidence and he nods. "Thanks, Dad…" he trails off. He sits down on the edge of the pool, slipping his feet in first and lingering. After a deep breath, he scoots into the shallow end, holding onto the edge as he does.

"First, remember that the water is nothing to be afraid of. It's relaxing to a lot of people." Jeri says, in his soft instructor's voice as he moves over, keeping his lower body beneath the water. "And, as long as you're not in a heavy current, you're not going to drown. Here in our pool, in a public pool, without something forcing you, you'll be perfectly fine. The human body naturally floats." His voice is calm and soothing as he waits for Eddie to get comfortable… or at least closer to it.

Eddie slowly starts to relax, Jeri's voice helping. The comment about the water being nothing to be afraid of gets a slight wary look but Eddie lets it pass. Eventually, he lets go of the edge of the pool and ventures a little away from it. "I've only…sunk before…" he murmurs.

"Probably because you didn't know, and subconsciously did something else." Jeri says with a soft chuckle. "Come on out." He holds his arms out to let Eddie come to him. He does move back a little further as he does so, giving Eddie a little movement room.

Eddie offers a slight pout at the chuckle but says nothing. As Jeri moves back, Eddie nods. "Alright…" he trails off, looking at the water. He starts to walk slowly towards Jeri. "How…hoe deep does the pool get?"

"It gets a little taller than me back there. But we're not going back that far yet, son." Jeri says with a soft nod. He stays still at the 4 foot mark for now. That way, Eddie will always be able to stand.

By the time Eddie reaches Jeri, only a foot of the kid is still sticking out of the water. He may be seventeen but he's only a little over five foot one. "Taller…than you?" he asks, surprised and nervous.

"Yup. It goes to eight feet. Alright, son. Now that you're here… you're still taller than the water. You're not going to lose control, ok? I want you to first take a deep breath and then duck your head under water." Jeri demonstrates, taking a deep breath and sinking straight down under the water. He waits a few seconds and comes back up. "Don't open your eyes under there yet. Some people can and some can't. If you wanna see under water… wait." He remembers there's a pair of goggles around here somewhere.

Eddie glances past Jeri towards the far end of the pool. The 8-foot mark on the side gets a nervous glance before Eddie looks back up at Jeri. This is the deepest he's ever voluntarily gone into any body of water. "Under the water…okay…umm…" he takes a few deep breaths. Squeezing his eyes shut, the power-booster takes one big breath and dunks his head under the water. He stays under there until he feels the need to breath, popping back up quickly and shaking his head.

"Good job." Jeri says, reaching out to give his son a pat on the shoulder as he smiles. "Get the water out of your eyes and just let everything relax a little. See? It's really not so bad, is it?"

Eddie blushes at the shoulder pat, wiping the water out of his eyes and pushing his hair back. Relaxing some more, he shakes his head. "N-no…it's not."

"The next thing I'm going to ask will require some trust. Can you do that?" Jeri asks, softly, as he moves around behind Eddie. "I promise, I won't do anything to hurt you. It's just one of the easiest ways to learn some swimming."

Eddie cracks open one eye after pushing his hair back again. "Y-yeah, Dad," he says, managing a smile. The booster glances over his shoulder when Jeri goes behind him, squirming on the spot. "What do I have to do?"

"Alright. First of all, I want you to just relax and lay back in the water. Breathe normally. AS you start to lay back, I'll lift you up so that you won't even think you're sinking, ok?" Jeri asks, spreading his hands out across the water. "Just close your eyes, breathe like normal, relax, and lay back."

Eddie tenses, likely predictably. "Fall back?" he asks, shifting in the water and resisting the urge to turn. Eventually, the fact that Eddie trusts Jeri wins out over the fear of the water. Breathing normally, he closes his eyes and wobbles a few times before falling backwards.

As Eddie falls, he'll feel Jeri's hands lifting him up in the water. He won't lift him fully above the water, but near the top. "Fell how it feels like even the water wants to hold you up?" He asks, not moving or making any sudden noises. "That's the bouyancy of your body."

Eddie lets out a little squeak as he's caught, keeping his eyes closed but flailing a little bit. Relaxing a little, Eddie squirms. "Yeah…I …I kinda feel it."

"Alright. Don't freak out. I'm slowly going to move my hands away. Your body will sink a little, but your head will stay up, and the rest will slowly rise and fall as you breathe." No, Jeri's never taught anyone to swim. It's actually something he used to do in the summers, as a lifeguard. Good for Eddie.

Eddie opens one eye to give Jeri a slightly worried look when the larger mutant mentions moving away. "Okay, Dad…" he trails off, closing his eyes again. When Jeri does it, Eddie lets out a tiny little noise before the fact that he's not sinking…sinks in. "Woah…"

"See?" Jeri says softly. "And floating on your back is harder than floating on your stomach, you just get to keep breathing. Floating on your stomach… you won't even need me to hold you for that. I want you to practice this every day for a week. This and floating on your stomach. Then we'll move onto something else, ok?" Jeri asks with a bright grin.

Eddie opens his eyes and manages a smile. He rocks a little in the water and nods. "Practice…floating. Okay…ummm," he glances around. "What…would be next?"

"Probably dog paddling. Then actual basic strokes." Jeri says with a nod. He reaches out to brush a hand through his son's hair softly. Proud Papa? Of course. "Hey, Christopher and I are working on something for Wesley."

Eddie nods a little. "Okay," he says with a little blush. Still floating, he blinks at the news. "What is it?"

"Well, since this house will be yours if anything ever happens to myself or your Dad, we figured we should buy a second house… a duplex… to rent to folks until it's needed. That way, Jared gets something too. But, since it'll need renters, we're going to let Wesley rent it. At a very reduced rate. And Christopher knows someone who might give him a job." Jeri offers.

Eddie gives Jeri that same horrified look at the notion of something happening to Jeri and Chris he gave Jared the other night when he explained that some people cook and eat rabbits. "He's…still gonna live nearby, right? Not too far away?"

"Yeah, here in town. A few blocks from Christopher's shop." Jeri says with a nod, reaching out to pull Eddie up into a hug. "I wouldn't remove him from your life, son."

Eddie returns the hug, nodding a bit. "He's still my brother…even if I only met him recently…" he trails off. "Makes me wonder…if Dad's got any family he didn't know about…that's gonna show up."

"Well, who knows? Anyway, we're gonna help him out." Jeri says with a nod as he watches his son for a few moments. "You know, I think it'll be best for him. To have his own place. He IS eighteen after all."

Eddie nods. He goes quiet for a few moments and then lets out a tiny noise. "I'm…I'm gonna be eighteen in a year," he says quietly.

"Yep. And then we teach you to drive. And if you want, you can get an apartment of your own. But, if you don't want to, you can stay here." Jeri says with a nod as he begins to climb out of the pool. Yup. He be nekkid.

Eddie squeaks. "I'm gonna stay where Ricky is…" he trails off. He starts to say something else when he sees Jeri getting out of the water. Seeing the nudity, Eddie turns a new shade of red, lets out a squeak, and falls under the water.

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