2012-06-29: Pool Side Summer


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: June 29, 2012

Log Title: Pool Side Summer

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

Something of a lazy saturday afternoon and Lock is out in the sun by the pool, dressed in dark green trunks Lock is sitting on one of the pool chairs with his laptop on his lap, a video camera on the chair next to him and a jar of something in his hand. Yawning he hits send on the e-mail telling his folks he's planning on staying at the school over the summer before looking up at the bright sky.

Suddenly emerging from the pool, dripping, having to have been down there quite a long time, is Quenton, wearing knee length black swimming trunks. He runs a hand through his hair, before diving down into the pool again, and then re-emerging near where Warlock is at the end of it. "What the hell are you doing?"

Quenton's sudden appearance makes Lock jump and leaves him hovering a couple of feet above the pool chair, he sighs, "Not again", trying to focus on getting down he looks at Quenton, "Answering an e-mail, there a problem?", pacifist or not, Lock is firmly fed up of some of the jerks at this school.

"Not again?" Quenton wonders, though the tone Warlock takes causes him to roll his tongue in his cheek, then curve his lips in macabre amusement. Pulling out of the water, he floats up, until he's face to face with Warlock. "There wasn't a problem," he claims. "Why? You wanna make one?"

Warlock drops the laptop and jar onto the chair behind him before crossing his legs, putting his chin in his hand and resting his elbow on his knee, "Now now Grumpy, anyone would think you were trying to start a fight", he makes clear eye contact with Quenton and gives a cheeky grin.

"I just asked what you were doing, champ," says Quenton, tongue drawing over his lips, a cruel smile on his face. "Besides, I don't start fights with people like you and Sage. You want a fight, though, wanna go throw away all the hippie crap you spew, go ahead. Hit me with your best shot." He taps his cheek. "If you got something to prove, prove it."

"Again Grumpy, i'm non-violent, also you didn't ask what i'm doing, you asked what the hell i'm doing, ask a question like a dick, you'll get an answer along the same wavelength", Lock yawns, "And not a hippie".

"S'way I talk. You don't like violence, I like using the fuck word. Way to be open-minded," Quenton murmurs, floating down again, so that his feet are on the ground. His foot goes to the end of the chair Warlock was on, then, and he shoves with it, launching it back.

As the chair with his stuff on it is launched backwards Lock tries to follow it to catch them as they fall, and to his utter suprise he just catches them, bad news? hard to think slowing or changing direction in a small space, with little to no real power control, while moving at sixty odd miles per hour, managing to stop his flight at the last second his momentum however has him crashing head first into the wall.

The crash to the head makes Quenton grimace, but he doesn't make any effort to help the other mutant yet, just trailing after him and watching him, making sure the tumble didn't hurt the other too badly.

Warlock drops the jar and puts his hand to the back of his head, checking he frowns not seeing any blood, putting his hand to his head again he looks at the wall behind him that is now sporting a big ol' crack, "What the fuck?!", he rubs his head, "I did just hit that right?"

Quenton glances up to where Warlock collided, then glances down over to the mutant, blinking at him, a hand lifting and running through his hair. "Huh. You did just hit that. I expected your head to be busted open." He rolls his shoulder, murmuring, approvingly, "Cool."

"Well my heads defiantly not busted open, still remember how much that hurt", Lock shakes any dust or wall fragments out of the back of his head, "Man this mutant thing is just full of suprises, da…, someone should've warned me", he gets to his feet grabbing his laptop and the jar.

"Nice catch," Quenton offers, still watching the crack in the wall, tilting his head as his arms cross over his chest, nose giving a brief little twitch.

"Thanks, didn't know i could move that fast or in a specific direction actually", Lock's argument with Quenton seems to be forgoten for the moment, "Reckon they'll make me pay for that?", honestly he doesn't really wanna tell them that happened, he's yet to mention to a teacher that he's started flying yet.

Abruptly, Quenton draws his foot into the crack, just making it larger, before muttering aside to Warlock, wetting his lips briefly and giving him that cruel smile of his, "They ask, just say I did it. I'm the troublemaker."

Warlock shakes his head, "Not really one to do that sorry, part of my 'hippie crap'", he rubs his head again still confused about his lack of injury, frowning for a sec he walk over to pool chair and moves it over to cover the crack, "Problem solved, just gotta convice everyone not to move it".

"You can't lie?" Quenton wonders, glancing over to Warlock. "Tell them it was my fault, then, that I kicked your chair and you went to grab it and super strength'd the wall because of me."

"It's not that i can't lie, just part of my belief system, all energy you put out into the world is returned threefold, kinda like karma, i get you in trouble by lying, then the universe makes me pay for it", Lock shrugs, "And i'm not really sure i did superstrength the wall".

"Well. Maybe you didn't. Maybe you did. Maybe you used your power to protect yourself. Don't know, don't give a fuck. Either way, it wasn't your fault. You think keeping it secret is gonna please your fucking karma thing?" wonders Quenton, while he shifts slightly, rolling his shoulder.

Running into the pool area from the yard beyond it is Sage. Dreadlocks flying behind the hippie dressed teen as he runs, looking in the air as if he's chasing something. He stops a several feet from the water's edge and looks around the sky. He shifts to one side, tilts his head and puts up a his fingers, shaped into an 'O' to his eye and looks around. Then he repeats the process with his other eye. Finally he looks at Quenton and Warlock and asks, in a thick British accent. "Have either of you seen a Tuk'kay fly by? I lost it."

Warlock shrugs, "Dude, i'm sixteen. i don't have all the answers", he watches as Sage comes running into the pool and do the weird thing with his eyes, "A turkey? nope don't think so. Wait? turkeys can't fly can they? like chickens, or kiwi, flightless birds".

"Sage!" Quenton murmurs, suddenly grinning, the negative energy seeming to leave him as he draws closer to the mutant. "I haven't seen your Tuk'kay, but how the hell are you?"

Sage stops and grins as he sees Quenton, he walks over and gives the other teen a hug. "I didn't know you had returned. I was away for a bit, I went back home to England to help with the planting on the farm." He explains before looking over at Warlock. "A Tuk'kay is not a bird, it's similar to a Will-o-wisp but it's quite different too. They're a blue or white ball of light that flies through the air and it carries the scents of nature on it's wings."

Warlock scratches his head, "So like a partly corporial fairy?, sorta picturing Navi from Zelda, anything like that?", he grabs his laptob and sits back down again, "Either way, sorry man i didn't spot it come by".

The hug catches the mutant off guard. Real off guard. He's staring down at the other boy with shock on his face. He doesn't hug him back, at the risk of breaking something, but he does awkwardly let his hand hover behind him, so that if he leans back he could feel that the embrace would have been returned before his hand recoils. "Good to see you, too, buddy."

"Whose Navi, what is Zelda?" Sage asks Warlock in confusion. "No, it's not partially corporeal, it is there but it is a type of fae. Oh, I'm Sage by the way. Sage Windsong Chipmunk Holbrook the fourth." He offers a hand to Warlock in greeting. "How are you doing Quenton? I hope you have been well?"

"Sorry, video game reference", Lock gets up to go shake the offered hand, "We've met before actually, you were a little distracted looking for fae that turn water into ice but it's nice to see you again", he watches Quenton's change in behavior for a moment.

"Zelda's this princess, Navi's this fairy that follows a guy like Lock here to save Zelda. Old school game. Played it before I had my powers," Quenton mutters, while he scratches at his nose.

"Oh." Sage realizes that he's in a world that isn't home again. "I've never played any video games, never had the want to play one. There are so many games you can play out side and so many wonderful things to see in nature that I never found them to be necessary." He then nods to Warlock. "Oh yes, I apologize, still trying to remember everyone. Going home for a bit hasn't helped."

Warlock raises an eyebrow, "Ok, in what way am i anything like Link?, other than that i happen to be wearing green at the moment", he shrugs at Sage, "It's cool, theres a lotta kids at this school and we only met pretty briefly".

"The fact you're taking it as an insult loses you serious nerd credit. Which… why I'm giving away nerd credit is beyond me," Quenton mutters, nose twitching, scowling.

As they continue to talk about things that he doesn't understand, Sage starts looking at the sky again, closing one eye to look through the finger circle. "Why is it in an insult to say you look like a video game person?" He asks as a look of concentration falls over his face. "As it gets darker it's usually better to see them. They like to play with fireflies."

"Didn't take it as an insult just don't see the connection", Lock yawns and heads over to pick up his stuff, "I gotta go make a phone call, see you guys later", with a wave he heads though the doors to the rec room.

"Don't know why he sees it as an insult," Quenton murmurs, shrugging his shoulders as he watches the other boy take off, apparently not believing his claim. "Anyway, how the hell have you been?" he wonders, red eyes turning back to Sage, the boy clad in only black swim trunks.

"I've been wonderful. I got to see my family and that was great. And Cinnamon was a bit mad about me being gone at first and would hang around Violet instead of me but that changed in a week. I wish I could bring her here but I don't think Xavier's would like a pig running around." Sage says with excitement. "How have you been? I have a blanket for you that my Mother and Grandmothers made for you. It's a patchwork quilt."

"You have a pet pig," Quenton says blankly. But that wears off. He isn't surprised, as his hands lift behind his head, fingers interlacing behind his head. "I've been alright. Preparing," he murmurs vaguely. "Was gonna swim laps around the pool, but I got distracted."

"She's a miniature pot belly pig. My Grandfather gave her to me as a birthday present years ago." Sage says proudly, he loves his pet piggy. "What have you been preparing for? And if you wish to go swimming, I don't mind, I could take off my shirt and join you." He doesn't mind his shorts getting wet.

"Was gonna swim laps. I don't have much fun in the water anymore," Quenton claims, reluctantly, letting out an exhale, glancing off towards the water. "Miniature pot belly pig," he echoes.

"You have to do things to make it fun in the water. I bet if you started looking for Undines, Gillypuffs, Aeyins and other water creatures you would have a good time." Sage offers, after all he loves looking for elusive fae creatures. "Most of the time I don't see anything but I'm sure even without a larger water source some of them live in the pool."

"Gillypuffs," Quenton echoes, just staring at Sage before he scratches at his forehead and then rubs the heel of his hand against his mouth. "Not sure what those are," he mutters. "Anyway, no time for fun. Need to focus."

"Gillypuffs, they help keep rivers and streams clear of too much muck. I'd imagine they are in the pool since it's so clean in there and free of green stuff!" Sage explains to Quenton before giving him a concerned look. "What is it that you have to focus on?"

Even lizards like to swim sometimes. Of course, Cale's been being Kaylee for a while, but today, he is just regular old Cale. Cross dressing at the swimming pool doesn't exactly work, so he's just wearing a pair of normal baggy swimtrunks, carrying a towel and wearing a pair of flip-flops. He pauses upon seeing a bit of a group around it, maybe somewhat hesitant.

"I have to focus on uh… something you don't need to worry about," Quenton murmurs to Sage, drawing his tongue over his teeth a moment, before his eyes steal over to Cale a moment and he squints. "That Cale? Should tell him girls don't go shirtless," he mutters, before his hand lifts and he reprimands himself with a fist to the side of his face.

Heather comes out into the pool wearing a one-piece bathing suit in tyrian purple and a towel over her shoulders. She wears what look like her usual goggles, but these ones are designed for swimming. Upon spotting others at the pool, she waves her hand rapidly.

Sage isn't dressed for the pool, instead he's dressed in loose fitting, knee length shorts and a very hippish top, his dreads moving around a bit in a wind that isn't there. Like usual he's barefoot. "Okay, if you need to talk I am happy to listen to a friend." He says to Quenton with a smile. "Is Cale a girl?" He says looking in the direction of the new comer. "Cale looks like a boy to me but I could be mistaken." The wave from Heather is returned to her by Sage.

Cale pads up to the pool, stretching lazily, and offering a wave to them. "Mm, something like that," he replies to Sage, overhearing the conversation as he gets closer, "I don't exactly look great in a swimsuit though," he smirks idly, eyeing Sage for a moment. "But," he tosses the towel into a nearby chair, inching his way towards the pool, "It's complicated. I'm just Cale at the moment, though."

"Could dress up like Heather, then," Quenton comments, glancing over to Heather, hand lifting to run his fingers through his hair. "Speaking of which." The tall mutant begins to head in her direction, rolling his shoulder. "Know you don't like seeing my voice, I get it's ugly, but we need to talk soon."

Heather tilts her head slightly at Quenton and says, "Everyone's voice looks ugly. Except for Chloe. And me. If you would like to talk, I am available whenever you would like." The young woman shrugs lightly and then looks towards Cale. "Do you shift shapes?"

"Thought you said Connor's voice wasn't ugly, but I don't give a damn about that right now," Quenton mutters, while he just lifts a hand to dig his fingers with his cheek, eyes trailing over Sage a moment. "It's about the Ferellis and my family."

"It's a pleasure to meet you both, I am Sage Windsong Chipmunk Holbrook the Fourth." Sage introduces himself to Cale and Heather. "Why worry about looking great or not, it's more about being comfortable and happy, correct?" He's not sure what is being talked about. "Why are you Cale at the moment? Are you not Cale sometimes? Are you a shapeshifting fae creature?" There's almost an excitement to his voice as he asks. "How is a voice ugly? I love voices, especially whey they are singing. There's a life and energy to song that's wonderful."

"Not exactly a shapeshifter…" Cale rubs the back of his neck, "More of… well, I just like to try and be a girl sometimes," he shrugs a little, dipping his feet into the water.

"Thought you said Connor's voice wasn't ugly, but I don't give a damn about that right now," Quenton mutters, while he just lifts a hand to dig his fingers with his cheek, eyes trailing over Sage a moment. "It's about the Ferellis and my family."

Heather speaks to Sage through her recorder, "I see sound, and voices that are drifting through my perception without being the same speed, are a gross sickly green. It is unfortunate… Anyhow, I am Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip." To Cale, with some confusion in the pre-recorded voice. "Oh. I guess that is a thing to try for." She then looks to Quenton. "Connor's voice wasn't ugly when we were in the same moment together, moving through time at the same speed. For just a moment. His voice was beautiful, but it was a moment, and then my shift returned," says Heather, shaking her head towards Quenton, "And the Ferellis and your family? I am all ears."

"As long as your happy." Sage says to Cale genuinely as that's what he's happy with, other's being happy. "I just saw it!" He says sounding excited. "I'm sorry Quenton, I must be going, I have to chase the Tuk'kay!" He says apologetically. "I will see you in a bit Quenton, it was nice meeting you both!" He says with a wave before he puts his fingers around his eye in a circle and runs off in case of the creature he believes is there.

"It's…" Cale shrugs a little, not really being able to explain it all that well as he slides into the pool, shivering slightly as he starts dog paddling near the edge." "Thanks," he smiles a faintly.

"Got contacted a couple days ago by Ben Ferelli, our boy Romeo's father. Told me to meet him in a week. Don't know what that was all about, but he wanted to meet him near a warehouse. He put my dad on the phone," Quenton mutters, digging his fingers in his cheek as he watches after Sage, pressing his lips tightly. "Sounds like some bad movie. Has to be a trap. Don't know what he thinks will happen, he should know about my powers to be able to have my number, and should know you're helping me."

"Ben Ferelli? Yes, that sounds like it could be a trap. I think that they believe me to be a teleporter with superspeed. It would seem consistent with appearances, even though it is not quite the case," says Heather, tilting her head lightly. "I wonder what they would have in store? In any case, I will come with you. I want to see your father safe." She peers towards Cale and says, "How do I know when you are a girl and when you are not?"

Cale just kinda blinks… "Ben Ferelli? Romeo?" Cale looks confused as he peers at Quenton, and then over at Heather, "Well, you know the difference between boys clothes and girl clothes right?" he asks a bit awkwardly. "If I'm Kaylee, I'll look like a girl. If not, I'll look like…" he trails off, "Well, like I do now."

"They wanted me to come alone, but I'm pretty sure they know I'm going to bring someone along anyway," Quenton mutters, glancing aside at Cale and rubbing at his nape. "Whatever, though. I need someone there with me either way, in case I let the rage take over. Need someone to get my parents out safe."

Heather nods once at Cale and says, "I think I understand some of the general guidelines that go into boy and girl clothes…" The young woman then looks towards Quenton, nodding once, "I will do what I can in order to make sure your parents escape safely."

Cale peers over at Quenton and Heather, "I guess I missed out on something… I wanna help too," he nods emphatically. Not knowing what he is helping with! Whatever it is sounds like, who knows… exciting maybe?

"There's gonna be guns and bullets and bad people who've hurt my family," Quenton comments over to Cale, glancing over to the mutant and scratching the bridge of his nose. "And the kicker is I'm probably gonna get really mad. Not a good idea to be around when I'm really mad. Sure you wanna come?"

Cale frowns a little, chewing on his lip. "I know I may look kinda weak," he murmurs, "But I've been through quite a lot." He dives down underwater momentarily, popping up and hanging off the edge of the pool. "Besides, Shane helped me get my sister back. This isn't any different." He shrugs a little, "And, if I can prevent what happened to my parents from happening to someone else's, well, that's a small victory I suppose."

"I understand that you would want to come, but I would recommend against it," says Heather to Cale, shrugging a couple of times quickly, "It does not matter whether you are weak or strong, but you are inexperienced, and indeed, these people are very dangerous. I am considered security staff here, and it is in this role that I am acting. I cannot involve you, as you are a student… Also, as Quenton said, he may get angry, which could present problems. I do not want to worry about protecting you from him as well."

"Won't stop you from coming," Quenton mutters. "But Heather might. All I need is for my parents to be grabbed and brought out. The rest? Well. Hopefully I don't get angry. For their sake, my parents better be alive," the red eyed mutant grunts. "Either way, thanks for the offer."

Cale just kinda glances up at Heather. He's not one to break rules /that/ blatantly. That's Quenton's job. "Well…" he trails off, sighing. "I guess, I dunno," he glances to the side, pulling himself up out of the pool and sitting on it, looking a little odd. "Too cold," he murmurs. "I don't… know… I mean… I guess I'll just stay home then… but! It's not like I haven't been in a fight before… I just… want to stop being useless."

Heather headshakes and then says, "It is not being useless to not fight every battle. I am not useless if I am of little emotional use when a student is sad. There are situations in which I am less suited. You are suited for situations different than myself. Also, I do not want to be blamed for you being hurt. Quenton is a legal adult. And I have tried to dissuade him as well."

"I've been backing off and letting you do everything," Quenton grunts over to Heather. "I backed down from that guy you saved. But he wants me there. If I don't come, don't know what will happen. Got faith you could probably stop him, but you know." He just exhales, scratching behind his ear and just lifting his eyes to the sky.

"I know that you have," says Heather, nodding quickly at that, "And yes. He is indeed asking for you there. To what ends, I am uncertain, but I hope that I shall be able to stop him. I have to make sure my umbrella is tipped with silver. Is it silver? Maybe I ought to tip it in garlic. This is not my particular expertise, but what I have been doing seems to function decently."

"Bleh…" Cale trails off, shaking his head at Heather a little. "I guess so." He wraps his arms around himself, rubbing at them a little, before finally flopping out on the hot concrete. This seems to do the trick.

Quenton leans down, picking up a rock, and then tossing it sideways at the pool. It causes a massive splash but skips off, while his hand drops to the side, wetting his lips briefly. "If those kind of assholes don't count on your no killing policy, then yeah. Bring silver. I'm bringing my mitts."

"Well… my umbrella is hardly a deadly weapon," notes Heather, tilting her head lightly, "But I would like to have a recourse should it come down to it. The last time I fought a vampire, he had the advantage of rapid regeneration. I did not want to kill him, but he was rather relentless."

"Vampires… again?" Cale blinks, looking rather taken aback. "I don't know…" he trails off. "You should talk to my sister. She could just like, suck all the blood out of them. A vampire can't live without blood, right?"

"Romeo, the vampire I think she's talking about, he was around before the whole Romanian thing happened," Quenton mutters to Cale. "Which was why I wanted to come. I thought maybe what was happening had something to do with what happened in Romania." He then shrugs, admitting, "I got no idea what your sister's powers were."

"Nor do I. I do not often peruse student files, because I am fairly certain that I am not allowed," says Heather, tilting her head lightly, "Anyhow, yes, vampires. It is always vampires, it seems. I wanted to help in Romania, help Connor, but I was busy attending things here."

Heather glances between Cale and Quenton and says, "I suppose I will not swim for now… Quenton, give me dates and times, and I shall arrive to help you for what you need, whether openly or in secret."
With that, she dashes off.

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