2009-04-13: Popular Vs Weird


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Summary: Jordan and Robyn chat for a bit about

Date: April 13, 2009

Log Title Popular vs Weird

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

After a weird night last night, Robyn's been trying to avoid people. After class he would rush to his next class and when not in class he was hiding in his room. Right now he's grabbed a quick dinner, mostly oatmeal raisin cookies, and snuck up to the Observation Deck. He stands infront of the window looking out over the grounds while munching on a cookie. The bottle of juice and sandwhich sit there untouched. He seems to be spaced out in his own little world as he just watches the sunset.

Jordan himself is just tired. With everything going on, he's ready to get some time to himself. It's one of those rare things, though, when you live in this mansion. Running a hand through his wavy hair he sighs, stepping into the deck area with a blink. He doesn't say anything to Robyn yet, though, preferring to just sit on the chair quietly.

Robyn stays where he is for a good five minutes, pretty much watching the sunset till he realizes he's eatten all his cookies. He looks at his sandwich and it sounds like a sigh that escapes him, before grabbing the plate and turning around to sit down. He jumps as all of a sudden Jordan's there and then smiles, looking almost relieved. "Thank goodness your not Vlad." Whoops did he say that outloud? He walks over and plops down on one of the chairs. "Do you come up here often? The last time I came up here to get away, you were here.

"It's usually quiet. AWay from everyone. Sometimes, I just need that." Jordan says with a half nod. "Vlad? What'd he do?" He says, scrunching his eyebrows slightly. Vlad IS his roommate after all, and he does know how Vlad can be sometimes, but he's not used to people being as shy about topics as Robyn is.

"We were just talking, things were cool and then he just hits on me, I don't know, I mean we're talking about family and music and…" Robyn just shakes his head, grabbing his upper arm with his opposite hand. "You don't just hit on someone the second time you meet them, do you? Or offer them if they ever want to…no..it's just weird."

There's a laugh from Jordan as he shakes his head. "Dude tried to kiss me the first night he met me. After he checked out my junk while I was taking a piss." He snorts, leaning back against the chair and shrugging. "I dunno. Maybe it comes from the way he was raised. I couldn't tell ya."

"I don't know much about how he was raised but he seems to hate his mother a lot, and I shouldn't gossip about him behind his back." Robyn says knowing he shouldn't talk about other people's business. "It's just he seemed like a cool guy but now I don't even know what to do when I see him, it's really awkward. I've never even been in a relationship before."

"Ah, so it's not that he's a guy, then." Jordan says, nodding as he thinks about things. "He's very… demanding and dominant. He tries to get things going even if you don't want to. Trust me. Be glad you don't room with him." There's another laugh. "It's like I can't get any privacy without him staring at me.

Robyn looks at Jordan a bit wide-eyed as he says that and bites his lip, not saying anything in regards to Vlad being a guy. "Oh great, sounds like he'll be fun to run into again." He doesn't really want Vlad brushing his cheek like that again, he's just more trying to find ways to make friends right now. "I don't think I'd be able to sleep with someone staring at me all the time."

"Just tell him that you aren't interested in him in that way. I think he'll understand." Jordan says with a quick nod. "Friends are good, but closer friends are better. I haven't really gotten to know anyone here yet. Kinda… been avoiding it. I don't know who I should and who I shouldn't. There are so many rumors about everyone."

"I've never really had any close friends, or that many friends in general. Kids always thought I was weird back at my old school." Robyn shurgs and he knows that the kid who finds macabre things facinating might be strange. "I haven't heard many rumours about people, I'm trying to get to know people and I think Owen's the person I can call closest to a friend." And he barely knows Owen.

"I was the popular kid. Guys and girls hung on my arms. And I revelled in it. I was big man on campus. But… that was before I really could become Big Man on Campus." Jordan says with a bit of a sigh. "I've… not really made anyone close enough to call a friend."

"Yeah, I thought I was on my way to making a friend and he hits on me." Robyn says as he was hoping he would find a friend and that went weird. "I'm trying to be more social here than I was at my last school cause can you really tease someone for being weird when you can increase your size, look like a wolfman or turn into giant bat?" Robyn says hoping that it makes sense. "Well since we're both lacking in the friend department, how about we go hang out sometime, if the popular kid doesn't mind hanging with the weird kid." Robyn says with a grin.

"I'm not the popular kid here. I'm nobody." Jordan says with a bit of a depressed sigh. After all, that's how he truly feels. He's not anything big or important here. Though, he'll get over it eventually. "I don't mind." He turns sideways in the chair to stretch his legs over the arm.

Robyn frowns at Jordan and shakes his head. "You're not nobody Jordan. Sure you might not have as many friends as you used to but you've only been here a short period of time. I've done nothing since I've gotten here, and you said you're from Florida right? How about I take you on a tour of New York City?"

"That could be fun. Though, it's a little late for that tonight." Jordan says, offering a smile to Robyn for that. After all, not many people would do that. "I could use a trip out for some more clothes and stuff."

"I didn't mean tonight." Robyn says with a smile as he shifts in his chair to try to get more comfortable. "I can show you a few places for clothing shopping, well depending on what kind of clothes you like. Just let me know if there is anything in the city you want to do."

"I can't really think of anything off the top of my head. I've never been there, I don't know what to look for." Jordan laughs. "I know Florida well, in a few different places. Just… this is somewhere else altogether.

"Well being from Brooklyn I know the area." Robyn says with a smile and shrug. "What are you interested, what do you like?" Robyn says as he's not usually this open in the regards of asking people questions but he thinks that Jordan and him could be friends and wants to get to know him.

"I like sports more than anything. I love playing and watching, but I've never been much of a New York Fan for any of their teams." Jordan laughs, stretching out… in more ways than one.

"Well even if you're not a New York Fan maybe if I drag you to the Bodies exhibit you can drag me to a baseball game." Robyn says with a chuckle as he's never been into sports and he doesn't know how much people tend to hate New York teams. "Me and sports never meshed. I was always last picked but that didn't bother me. I know I suck at sports."

"Oh, there are a lot of things I suck at."Jordan says, with a lewd laugh before shaking his head and shrugging. "Maybe. It could be fun." He says with a nod, reaching a hand out, growing, and ruffling Robyn's hair.

Robyn grins as he's ruffled, it's the first time someone other than his father's done that to him and the first time since it's been done since he was about seven. "Everyone has things they're good at and bad at, what's important are the things you care about and have fun doing." A part of him can't help but think that Jordan seems like he'd be fun to cuddle with with his enhanced size.

"Not quite what I meant. But then, I was having a Vladimir moment." Jordan grins impishly as he sneezes and grows, ripping the seams of his shirt as he pops in at ten feet. "Aww, dangit." Of course, he remains covered and decent, but this shirt and these pants are toast.

Robyn blushes and bites his lip. "Oh…yeah, stuff like that goes over my head." He says looking a bit embarassed. He looks down at the floor and goes to say something when Jordan snnezes. "Bless yo…oh man you're huge!"

"Crap. I loved this shirt." Jordan says with a sigh, not bothering to shrink back down, since it's already stretched. After all, it would probably all fall right off if he shrank back down to his normal size again. But then, who knows exactly WHAT his normal size is?

"We can get you a new shirt?" Though Robyn knows he'd be upset if he ripped his favourite shirt he's be upset and bummed about it. "Wow I feel small…" He says as Jordan is almost twice his size. "Hey Jordan…can I ask you something? And can it stay between us?"

"uhm… yeah. I just liked this one." Jordan says with a sigh as he blinks. "Oh, sure. What's up?" He'd not spread anything around that someone wants kept a secret. He has his own secrets after all.

"Is it that obvious?" Robyn asks burshing his bangs to the side, and he can't look Jordan in the face. "That I'm…I mean you made that comment and than Vlad yesterday, I can't deny it cause then I'd be lying and I an joke and tease but I can't really lie to myself that easy. I don't know, sorry, I just don't have anyone to talk about it."

"It's not such a bad thing. And it's not THAT obvious." Jordan says with a shrug. He does chuckle softly and shrug. "And who cares, anyway? I mean, we're mutants, so we're different anyway. Who cares if we like guys or girls or both? It doesn't matter. You are what you are."

"I know it's just a lot going through my head lately. Thanks Jordan." Robyn says as he stands up and streches. "I'm just trying to deal with everything. Okay well I'm going to go to my room for a bit. Have some homework to get done. Just let me know when you want to hang out okay?"

"No problem. Anyway, we'll get together and hang out later." Jordan says with a nod. "Just us. Going out and hanging out in the city sounds like fun."

Robyn grins. "Yup, and we'll get you a replacement shirt." Robyn says with a grin before heading into the elevator to make his way to his dorm. He'll have to grab some more cookies before heading in to study.

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