2010-06-13: Post-Park Pondering


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Summary: The Usual Suspects gather in the Med Bay. Predictable things happen.

Date: June 13, 2010

Log Title Post-Park Pondering

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

needs a visit! Jinx is her fuzzy self, all black and white and woodland creature-ish. She moves with her usual flowing grace, her plumed tail sweeping towards the ground. A bag is looped over her shoulder, and she glances around for any buzz-killing staff before she proceeds forwards to the big fuzzy kid's bed. "Hey James."

James is sitting in the rear of the room, muzzle firmly attached to his mouth. The glowering look he gives Jinx is enough to state the obvious—it's been a bad day. Sitting at a station some distance away is one such buzzkill staff—a staff member with a bandaged hand. It's Josh. Just another random kid in a very random school who happens to do a weekend intern with Doc. Josh frowns, holding out his hand, "He BIT me!" James arches his eyes in a very satisfied way, his arms crossing. From under the mask he retorts, "He 'touched' me."

Jinx glances to Josh, her blue-violet eyes shaded under heavy lashes. "Hey Josh. I'll watch him for a little bit. Why don't you go take a break?" She suggests. A claw drags against the would-be intern's shoulder, and suddenly the idea of letting a stranger watch the dangerous not-dog seems like a fabulous idea. Jinx smiles and sets her bag down on the foot of James' bed. "You know it's a bad idea to put Josh in your mouth," she chides as the kid leaves, feeling fine. "You don't know where it's been."

James' ear radars forward, eliciting a glance up at it. "He deserved it," the hyena finally says. He returns to that stillness, as if waiting to see what Jinx is gong to do next, giving her a slightly foreign look. Predatory. And belonging to someone who's body just recovered from a sphere in its chest. It's probably no secret that James was dead for a few minutes. But that's practically commonplace around here. And should Jinx choose to glance at his charts, they say he's normal—aside from some missing time and memory loss. Two items which will be closely watched over the next few days. "What are they saying about me outside this room?"

"They say that you're an asshole, that weird stuff always happens to you, that they like you but they don't know why," she answers. She invites herself to sit on the edge of the bed, smoothing her skirt over her thighs. The furry gal leans on one arm, and looks the kid in the face. "You got hit by a spear-thingy. And you said a bunch of weird shit. Do you remember any of that?"

Even behind the muzzle, James is finding a way to express himself. "I remember biting Josh. He tried to keep me from getting up." More self-satisfaction, the tone one of self-righteousness. But, it was a reaction that ended in his currant state of heavy sedation and being placed in a muzzle that he can't remove. "Before that, it's spotty. I remember the park, Ahab, blacking out and then…" He narrows his eyes, before that stillness sets in, "Nothing."

"Yeah well, in that nothing part, you said enough stuff that made the King of Spandex take a big step backwards and back off. I forget what exactly. So I think everyone's wondering just why you got speared and were saved and the other guys got all…bondaged out," she smirks. Looking up to his face, she leans in, raising her clawed hands to the muzzle. "I will take this off if you promise not to bite me, because I will totally hit you back if you do," her hands poised on the straps, she looks into the dark eyes for a glimmer of affirmation.

James' eyes take on a very evil look. Or he's smiling. Or both. It's hard to tell when his mouth is covered up by the device that's rigged to keep him from removing it. "Why, oh why would I harm the hands of my to-be savior?" He leans forward, offering Jinx easier access, eyes never leaving hers. Pandora's Box was never so applicable. "Maybe he suddenly realized I was no pet to be trifled with?" the overwhelmingly articulate James responds about Ahab, "That…or he screwed up. Probably the latter, right?"

Jinx looks at the hyena. Jinx is no fool, and the look in his eyes is certainly unlike the sorta clumsy guy with the fumbly paws that offered her mall burritos. Her fingers hesitate on the straps and she frowns. "Did they give you drugs? You're kinda acting like a jerk," she replies saucily, her tail flicking just at the tip. Her hands slowly lower and she reaches into the bag, moving with the slowness one uses when one is facing something bigger and stronger than herself. Foil wrapped, the look is unmistakable. A fat burrito is placed on his lap, still warm and scented of meat and spices.

James looks back into those eyes and just for a moment it might feel like a showdown of sorts. But, for whatever reason, the hyena is the one who blinks first. "Yes," James says, sounding truthful. "It was after the biting. so I'm not feeling my normal self. Forgive me?" He holds is hands out in a shrug sorta way, It's been a bad few days. Spear, sedation, and all, you know?" He looks at the food as it's placed in front of him, "Why Thank you!" He sits there looking hopeful, muzzle still attached and all that. "So…did you get out okay?"

Jinx looks at him some more. She is suspicious, and she uses her senses to smell if there's any lies there. Lies that might end her up in the Med Bay being looked after by Josh. "Yeah…" she says, drawling slowly. "Connor beamed us out. That kid has a serious thing for you," she casts him a casual glance, to see if he remembers. "He about flipped a gasket when you got hurt."

James leans back again and recrosses his arms. Obviously, this 'one' will not be the one to free him. "See, is it any wonder why I like to stay locked up on school grounds? Every time I go out, something happens." The response about Connor is rather ambiguous, "Well, I am quite the catch. Right?" His eyeridges thin out a little, "Don't you think?" He tints his head, probably grinning under that mask. No lies. But then again, no direct statements either,

Jinx frowns now, her whiskers twitching. She may not smell anything, but she certainly feels something and it's not comfortable. "You're something, alright." Rising from the bed, she smoothes down her outfit but leaves the burrito behind. "You enjoy that, when you get someone to take the muzzle off," she winces, the idea of a muzzle sorta too…oogy anyways. "I'll see you around, James."

James' glance bores holes into the girls back all the way out the door, his voice calling out a rather sugary sweet, "Well…alright then! Bye!" He waves a paw and hmphs to himself. Too much, too soon, too fast. The next one he will have to be more careful with. At last…until Josh returns with the key. He smiles darkly behind the mask. Maybe by then he'll have enough mobility to take it by force. After all, hasn't James done worse and gotten away with it? Until then…maybe it's time to sleep….

Hours Later…

It's been an interesting few days for the guy in the back wearing the fur coat. James has been speared, dead, bed ridden, and bitey. The latter to the point he was sedated and muzzled after leaving holes in an intern's hand. Arms crossed, he lays in a bed in the back of the room, idly counting down the minutes until he's freed or starts tearing up the place to find the key to his new fashion accessory. Watching the door intently, there's very little movement, his body fully clothed and ready to leave at a moment's notice.

Opening and then closing the door slowly… Connor comes in the room, unable to look up towards anything as he lets it click behind him softly, the sound enough to make his shoulders tense. Gulping once, he pushes his hands into his pockets and looks up and around until the large form of his friend is spotted. Eyes down and away once more… but he approaches James and moves to a bed across the way and sits down on the edge of it, letting his feet dangle as he mumbles, "Hi."

Behind Connor, Rashmi edges into the infirmirary, eyes wide and concerned. "James…?" She calls, creeping down the hall, freezing at seeing the hyena muzzled and furious. "Oh my God, you *are* here…" Looking from James to Connor and back, confusion writ large on her face. "…What *happened* to him, Connor? What's the *muzzle* for?!"

Lucas walks into the infirmary holding his right arm. There is a two inch slash on it and some blood. He takes a step into the room, and then pauses, glancing at James. He locks eyes with the hyena, and a subtle, precisely devious grin slips across his mouth, before he continues over to the nurse on the other side of the room. He speaks with her, and she begins looking at his arm. He continues to make small talk with her as she cleans the wound. She steps away with a nod, leaving the boy alone for a moment. He immediately opens a drawer, looking around in it. He doesn't find what he wants, and rummages through another before pulling out a wrapped syringe. He tears it open, shoving the wrapper back in the drawer, and then opens the medicine case above the sink. He pulls a little vial, fills the syringe, and sits back down just as the nurse walks back over to him with some gauze and bandages. He smiles at her…

James gives Connor a questioning glance, eye ridge raised, "Hi?" But before he can say more, Rashimi enters, raising questions and showing concern that only the hyena's teammate can. But, for what ever reason it seems lost on him, the teen answering back a flat, "I bit the intern." He waves a paw, "He touched me." He looks back at Connor when his name is mentioned, "Ahh…Connor." James gives his friend an unreadable look, his mouth covered, "I've got you to thank for this." He tilts his head then darts it back to Rashmi, "I'm not exactly sure. I remember Ahab, getting speared…then waking up here." No mention of a royal freak out that destroyed part of the med bay. Then Lucas comes through and the two's eyes meet. But, there's no reaction from James. It's as if the other teen was any other person passing through. Though he does watch him and the antics that begin.

To his credit, Connor doesn't tear up, but his hands wring together in a pressured fashion, and one might see his knuckles if most of them weren't taped at the moment, or the wrap around his right hand, "Thank me? James… if it wasn't for me… you might not even be here… I should've just… I don't know… it's… it's…" He then stops and holds up the bandaged hand, "The bathrooms and the locker room are spotless by the way. Accidentally got some cleaning solvents on my hand. Just a minor burn… it'll heal in a bit. I… couldn't find your goggles. They give them back?"

Rashmi looks back and forth between the two, pure incomprehension the order of the day. "…Why would you bite an int—" Trailing off, she looks to Lucas, eyes growing wide. "*Lucas,*" she whispers, "*What* are you *doing?!*"

The nurse laughs softly at something Lucas says, and he smiles back at her. He seems to be smooth talking her a little. When Rashmi whispers at him, Lucas looks at her, and so does the nurse. And then he turns back to the nurse, and jabs the needle into her arm. Before she has a chance to shout, her eyes roll back, and Lucas gently lowers her to the floor. She's out cold, and Lucas tosses the needle into the bio waste container. Then he rushes over to James. "Thanks for the help, Rash," he says as he begins assessing any machines James is connected to. "Connor, help me get that muzzle of Jimmy, will ya?" he asks.

James directs his eyes back to the boy on the bed, "Sarcasm, perhaps, Connor?" He inhales sharply. tapping his fingers on his arm as he looks between everyone. When Lucas' name is called, James snaps his head over at his roommate, eyes narrowing. Then it all happens and James claps his hands together, "I do love a man of action." He tilts his head in the direction of Connor, "Well, if you feel that bad, then help me out of this."Anything Lucas finds is pretty normal. He recovered well, has a little missing time and memory loss. But, given what happened the staff felt this was normal. Otherwise, he was given a clean bill of health and a time-out until he could go without putting his teeth in people.

It's a nervous moment before Connor pushes off the bed, and then moves over to one side of the muzzle locked on James' head. Looking to the unconscious nurse, he stop himself and looks back at the lock. Frowning a moment he then gives up before trying anything dangerously powers-related. Walking to the nurse, he just shakes his head once, "That was a real dick-move. We're on camera here you know… give it another minute or so before someone from security comes down here." But in for the long haul apparently, he fishes the keys from the nurse's pockets and comes back to assist with the heavy leather muzzle, "Rashmi… some guy… he… god it was awful. He was in central park, and the stuff he did. He threw a spear… hit James in the chest. We got him back here as fast as we could, but I was scared." James is finally given a 'Why do I listen to you.' look though as finally he gets the lock off and starts on the buckles.

Rashmi's expression almost seems to oscillate between ashen, nauseated, and outright furious, as the intern slumps to the floor, her jaw working soundlessly. Her boyfriend's antics have accomplished something not thought possible by a large segment of the student body; the redhead is struck dumb by the 'rescue mission' perpetrated to free her friend and teammate.

Lucas nods at James, "Good to see you, too, Jimmy." He looks at Connor, "She'll only be out about five minutes. It's harmless." He begins disconnecting James form all the monitors, as if he understands exactly how and what they mean. "And we have about four minutes. There's some kind of problem with the transmitter in the hall." He drops a very melted piece of electronics to the floor and looks at Rash. "Relax, princess. What are they gonna do? Throw us out?" he asks the other grad.

With Connor's help, James flings off the Hannibal Lector mask and finds himself free of the awful contraction. He doesn't wait for an assist, immediately going to pick the nurse up off the floor before setting her on a bed, "Unless someone prefers the laundry chute?" Hand on her arm, he looks at the group as he opens and closes his jaw a few times, "I'm not saying it was a good idea, but I'm under sedation. So I'll be blameless." The grin that crosses his lips is one of fact. Or so he thinks. He nods to Lucas, "Lead the way?"

Perhaps in a surprise move, Connor moves next to Rashmi and stands with her, "I didn't come in here to break you out. I came in here to see if you were allright. The other two harpoons did things to people. They don't know what it might have done to you, do they. But I guess that doesn't matter… does it. You'll just what you want. I'm your friend, so I'm going to say this for both our sakes… just don't do anything stupid." Turning to Rashmi, he puts hands on her shoulder, "You go too… if someone should get the rap for this, let it be me."

And finally, Rashmi is broken out of her infuriated stupor. "Connor, this isn't a normal hospital breakout! I mean those aren't much of a good idea either, but you're going to take the heat FOR PUTTING CHEMICALS INTO AN ADULT." Her hands fly up over her head, dropping down to slap against her sides. "I can't believe I'm even doing this," she mutters, turning and shaking her head. "*If* they decide to go after you, Lucas… YOU COULD GET ARRESTED AGAIN, damn it! I just…. RRRGH. James. I think I'd appreciate it if I had more of an idea what happened if I'm going to go along with all this."

Lucas pauses, looking a little confused. "What?" He looks at Rashmi. Then at Connor. Then at James. Then back to Rashmi. "Ah'm missin' somethin', ain't Ah?"

Connor wrings his hands together and looks at Lucas, "You're the most loyal, craziest, stupidest, most loving friend… is this a southern thing, or is it just your own native crazy… you DRUGGED A NURSE. None of us are walking clean from this. You made us all accomplices by your act…" Exhaling once before he goes over and walks over to James. To the big Hyena, he then says, "I should have checked my shot. You could have died because of me… or worse. That I have to take responsibility for. I'll pay that debt one day. I promise."

James looks over at Connor and smiles by raising his lips up just enough to expose his front teeth. It's a look that usually means trouble. But, like he's already done once today, he blinks first. "No, you're all right. This is stupid. I'm not thinking straight. Probably the meds they put me on." Hand still on the nurse he shrugs, "When she comes to she passed out. Okay?" In the confusion, we took the muzzle off so I could help get her on the bed." He looks over at Connor, "People pass out every day." His eyes fall on Rashmi, "Anyone have an issue with this? No reason to get someone thrown in Jail over…" His eyes fall on Lucas, "…Something that we can address elsewhere."

Rashmi looks from the group, to the nurse, throwing Lucas an unbelieving stare. Sighing heavily, she shakes her head, trudging after the boys. "I cannot believe this is going to be my last day here and my boyfriend…. nnnnng… Oh forget it… in for a penny, and all that. Let's just go."

Lucas smiles at Connor, clearly only getting the compliment parts. He looks at Rashmi, "It wasn't a chemical. It was anesthetic." He looks at James. "Wait… you're staying?" He sighs, "Ah'm so confused."

James closes his eyes for a moment, and appears to be listening to the conversations going on around him. Opening his eyes, he removes his hand from the nurse, he crosses his arms, "It will never have happened as long as you three don't bring it up. So I suggest you don't." How he knows? Who knows. He rubs his eyes with a paw and says in a tired voice, "I'm walking out of this room, and going back to mine. Lucas is coming with me. The rest of you can argue over the details until you're blue in the face. But, I suggest you leave this room before then." He waves a paw in a flourish, and heads towards the exit, calling after the roommate, "Lucas. With me."

"Well… nice line in the sand, James. I hope you and your pal Friday there are comfortable on your half of the fucking island…" Spews almost bitterly from Connor's mouth before he turns and holds a hand out to Rashmi, "C'mon… if the cameras are out… we can just leave. Preferably before I bust either of them in the jaw."

Rashmi clamps down on the first thing that comes to mind, visibly holding back the fire-alarm shriek of an annoyed redhead. "…I have answers to get, and packing to do. I'm going to need help moving it, and I'll buy the pizza afterwards to say thanks. But *only* if all involved can be civil about it, okay?" Each boy in the room, stabbed with a momentary glare, before she sweeps past Lucas and James through the Medbay door.

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