2009-05-20: Power Loss Cuddling


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Summary: Cid goes to visit Kaji because he's scared.

Date: May 20, 2009

Power Loss Cuddling

Rating: PG

It seems that the shifter residing in the apartment is up a bit early, and from the sounds of things; he just recently woke up. A sudden blaring of music sounds through the room, and then the music seems to sail across the room before becoming muffled in something. Seems his cellphone went off. Soft thumps of the shifter's feet, and slight clicks give tell of what form he's in. And as always, the door is unlocked to those who know where the spare key is outside. Kaji's just standing in his kitchette at the moment. Wondering what to make.

There's a knock on the door as Cid stands outside. He hasn't called Kaji since it happened. He's been keeping it quiet. But now, there's not much he can do. As he stands there, waiting for the door to open, he looks like he did the first time Kaji met him. Fully human. No pointed ears. No purple hair. Nothing of the sort. It's going to be mildly strange, considering that once someone saw his natural form, they would always see it. Now… THIS is his natural form. Patiently, he waits.

Kaji's ears flick at the sound and he heads for the door. A small whiff of the air tells him who's out there, and he opens the door. Looking down at him, and he blinks a bit. He stands there for a few seconds before he sighs softly; his voice very soft as he backs up just a bit to let Cid come into the apartment. "C'mere, hon." His furred arms open for a hug when Cid steps into the room.

Cid goes, quite willingly, leaning in with a bit of a sniffle. He shakes his head. "They're gone…" He says softly, not knowing how else to describe it. "All of them." He reaches up to touch and outline his ears with his fingers.

Kaji wraps his arms around the ex-mutant lovingly after he nudges the door closed with a foot. "I can see that." There isn't much else that he can say before he gives him a small squeeze. "I'm sure there's a way to get them back." Being Optimistic has it's strong points.

"I don't have any clue. But at least… I look like the rest of them now." He's never been comfortable with his powers, but he's rather… off by not having them. "If you see a green being… with several sets of powers, run away. He took at least seven or eight people the other night. I had to help a blind man and an invisible man who lost theirs." HE says, nuzzling in.

Kaji blinks. "A green being? Why do I think of Nickelodeon when I hear that." He shakes his head for a moment before he hoists Cid up into his arms; threading the shorter boy's legs through his arms as he holds him up. "But, I'll do my best to keep away from anything of the sort."

Cid leans in, burying his fingers in his boyfriend's fur. "Please do. I'd love you either way, but this is who you are." He says, scritching softly beneath it. "I don't want you to lose part of yourself. I wasn't… all that well adjusted to mine, so it's no loss."

Kaji lets out a soft rumble, rolling through his body slightly as he says, "Even if I lost my powers, I'd still be mostly myself." But he would still feel empty and powerless in a different sense. He rubs the side of his muzzle against Cid's cheek, giving it a soft lick afterwards. "And I love you, no matter how you look."

Cid looks up happily at Kaji. "Good." He says with a nod as he trails his hand down to Kaji's belly for a soft scritching. "I just… feel so strange, not having my ears. And…" He coughs slightly. "Other changes about my body. Like my hair."

Kaji takes a few steps backwards; falling back easily onto the couch to let Cid go to town on his stomach with the scritching. "Honestly, you look different. But, you look the same from when I first saw you. So, it's not that odd to me."

Cid nods softly. "I still have you, so I don't feel as bad now." He was actually somewhat worried that his normal self would be different enough. His hands spread and both join in on the scritching. "And you're warm." He adds in with a chuckle.

Kaji stretches his arms up above his head, his eyes closed as the corners of his muzzle curl up in a goofy smile. "It's the fur… I'm always warm…" He lets out a soft chuckle as well before he says, "Why would you ever feel bad?"

"I just got used to it. And… I liked my ears." Cid says, with a bit of a blush. "I know you liked them, too." He says, leaning in while Kaji's arms are up to nuzzle his cheek into the side of the wolf.

Kaji chuckles softly as he wraps his arms around Cid lightly, "Really now?" He lets out a soft laugh and pulls his love up to nuzzle at the top of his head. "And I'm glad you got used to it. That's a good way to start practicing with them. And we'll work on stuff."

"Well, I can't practice right now." Cid says with a half-sigh, shrugging softly. "But…" He shrugs. He's usually rather optimistic himself. He bites his lip before removing his shirt. He just really enjoys feeling his boyfriend against him. He'd remove more, but he doesn't want to seem like he's trying for something.

Kaji is only in shorts at the moment, mainly because it's the most comfortable thing to wear like this. "Aye, you can't practice now." He slides the pads on his fingers up Cid's sides slowly; letting his blunt claws trail up his skin.

As the nails trail, Cid shudders softly. "Sweetheart…" He whispers, biting his lip and looking up at the wolfish muzzle with a grin. "You need to be careful with that." He blushes.

Kaji lets out a deep chuckle as he 'rakes' his claws down Cid's chest very softly. "And why do I have to be careful?" His voice trails a bit as he lets a few claws trail around Cid's navel before he smiles.

There's a deeper blush from Cid as he bites his lip again. Kaji should be feeling exactly why he needs to be careful, as Cid's pressed against him. "Uhm… well…"

Kaji grins slightly, he can smell why as well. Cid could feel something press up against him as well before the wolf sits up; giving the younger man a lick to the forehead. "Let's relieve some post final stress, shall we?"

Grinning, Cid looks up. "I… didn't want to look too eager." He says, bashfully. Sure, he's not married. But of course, he IS eager. He's young and in love.

Kaji lets out a soft laugh, nuzzling into Cid's neck before giving a small nip with his grooming teeth. "Eager nothin'." He hoists Cid up into his arms once more, heading towards his room with a soft laugh.

Cid blushes furiously, not hiding himself. Why should he with Kaji. "Anything you want, love." He says, with a bright grin, burying his nose in the nearby fur. Even if most people can't smell the difference in people, they know their partners natural scent… up close.

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