2010-07-29 Power struggle


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Summary: A brief struggle for dominance within the dual creature.

Date: 07/29/2010.

Log Title: Power Struggle

Rating: PG

Not much has been heard of Venom since the escape. Seems like what therapy he did have with Jericho had some effect of Eddie. The two organisms, the human host and symbiote, have been fighting for supremacy over their dual existence.

An abandoned warehouse currently makes up Venom’s lair. It’s a bit dank inside, not the place someone with sense would enter. But for Venom, it’s someplace where they can rest.

The monstrous bluish black Venom paces around the main area. “We saved you, took you away from prison, and this is how you repay us? We could have Parker in our own hands!” The dual voice dominated by an other-worldly sound, bearing teeth, a claw reaches up and devours some chocolate nearby.

“No, we don’t need to destroy Parker. When we broke out of Ravencroft, he never even tried to catch us. Now is our time to do what we want with the whole city. No one could stop us.” Eddie’s voice taking over the majority. Even going as far as showing his face by opening the maw of the beast. “We need a plan before we do anything. None of the old stuff, we need to change how we do things.”

A radio report starts to echo in the warehouse. “Months since the escape of convicted supercriminal Eddie Brock still has investigators baffled. Staff at Ravencroft have refused to comment on the situation, and in regards to security.” The report is followed by a man commenting further on Ravencroft security. “There will be a full investigation, other than that I cannot comment further.” He offers to the reporter.

“See? We have them shaking in their boots on what we are doing next. We need to strike NOW.” An eerie laugh fills the room. “We had them good, they’re STILL talking about us!” The alien says. Getting fed up, Eddie’s face is covered yet again and a loud roar echoes through the warehouse. “We’re off!’ The dual creature says before rushing to the door. “We’re going to have our fun. Screw Parker.” They scream, bashing out the door. A black hand reaches out and out whips a tendril, pulling the hulking Venom high into the air.

Eddie couldn’t hold himself dominant any longer, not this time. And now the two have merged into one again. Their goal for tonight? Who knows, perhaps getting a new digs. Venom is on the prowl again, they'll have to stop the presses tonight.

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