2009-06-24: Power Swap Again


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Summary: Finesse gets a few together to resolve the problem of the power swap.

Date: June 24, 2009

Log Title Power Swap Again

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

You page, "Kas would know from the notes that all six hook together and hold the power to reverse the…powers. They have to hook the six up and reverse the flow then…pray." to Kas.

The time and place for the assigned meeting is here. The place? Right near the Sweet Cafe. In costume. After all, why would someone have a piece and not be costumed. The caller has not shown himself at all yet, preferring to wait to see who he's up against, in case they all try to cause trouble.

Bring Kael along, Sam is in costume as Cannonball, of course. He's let Kael hold his hand as he iceslid to the two of them Central Park. Landing he looks to Kael. "Just follow mah lead okay? Y'all wanted tah be a hero so Ah'm lettin' ya tag along." He says giving him a smile, after all he was ambitious teen some time ago.

Kael nods a little bit as he slides off of Sam's back, and he follows close to the older mutant. He lets out a soft laugh at the hero part and he gnaws on his bottom lip slightly. "Just wanted to help," mutters the younger mutant before he shifts the small backpack on his person.

Not long after Cannonball and Gale arrive, some lightning seems to be streaking through the sky. It heads down for a landing and solidifies into the costumed form of the Living Lightning. The Avenger looks around and frowns when he sees the mutants. "I don't suppose one of you placed that ad."

Ah. all human enough for emotions to affect. With that, Finesse walks out of the area behind the cafe, holding his piece. "Alright. We all want ourselves back to normal. I have the instructions memorized and my part. So, let's see what everyone has so we can get this sorted out and go back to ourselves." He says, just letting it out, in an ordered fashion. After all, he doesn't give a crap what they think. Either they do it, or they're all stuck like this.

Sam smiles at Miguel and shakes his head. "Sorry Ah didn' place is, Ah'm here tah an…" And before he can finish his statement he looks to Kael. "Gale here has what we collected, thanks for the help." He says not realizing Kas's motivations and what he's really like. He gives Kael a nod to start taking out the devices the X-Men and the X-Kids got.

Kael looks up to Sam and nods in return as he slips the backpack off of his shoulder, and unzips it. Showing the four devices as he looks back up at Kas. "I'm guessing it's like a jigsaw puzzle of some sort?" Just voicing his curiosity after what MODOK told him and the others that were there.

Miguel glances at Kael quickly and then up to Sam when the man speaks. Then there's Finesse apepearing and speaking. The Avenger's got the devices he, Green Man, Freedom Force, and those stragglers recovered in the bag at his side but he's not taking them out yet. "I've got the instructions and tech too," he says, glancing to Kael. He's waiing to see what Finesse takes out before unzipping te bag and showing off what he brought.

As he sees the pieces all laid out, Finesse pulls out his own. "Ok, according to what I read in the datapad I got from them… we just need to assemble them together properly, and reverse the flow. Then we should all be put to rights." He says, looking from person to person. It's fairly obvious to him which ones go where, but then, he's also got a knack for connections and subtle manipulations. Moving down to the pile, he begins taking pieces and putting them together.

Watching Finesse start to assemble the pieces, Sam nods. "Y'all think it's just as easy as this?" He knows sometimes it is but he just watches curiously, after all eletronics of this sort aren't exactly his forte.

Kael crouches down low to watch Kas form the machine with the pieces. He's a curious teenager after all as he tilts his head a bit. Obviously confused, but he's not getting in the way of the man.

Miguel moves in to watch as well. He's even offering assistance, putting some of that education he worked to get to use. "It's what all the instructions pointed to. And we won't know until we do it anyway."

It really doesn't take long at all to get all the pieces assembled and back in order. "Then, to reverse the flow…" Kas says, as he begins looking around the device for a way to do so. The instructions weren't as clear on that one.

Now it's Cannonball's turn to actually peak in. "There an switches on this thing?" He says looking and feeling around a bit. "Figures it ain't as easy at it sounds." Sam says looking at it. "What if we tried…ah really don't know."

Kael hms a bit, falling back to sit on his rump as he looks at the device. Sam's suggestion makes the teen start looking over the thing without touching it, he's just shifting spots to look over it.

Miguel frowns as he looks it over as well. Eventually, he sighs. "Alright. I may have an idea. I can jump-start the device and then is just a matter of reversing the flow."

"Do that. Jumpstart it. Then, I'll force it to change it's flow." Kas says, simply, looking at the thing. He sets it on the ground gently, to let Miguel do his thing for the moment.

Sam looks at Kas, then to Miguel and then to Kael. He puts his arm on Kael's shoulder and smiles. "Soon we'll all be back tah normal, okay Gale?" He says. "Ya need any help with this?"

Kael looks back at Sam with a wry grin, then he sighs softly. He'd love to have a bit more time being normal, yet powerless. But, this is as good as anything. He nods a bit before he gets up and backs away from the machine for Miguel to do his work.

Miguel nods, crouching down. "Alright," he pauses to look back at Sam. "I'd just get behind something safe. I don't think anything bad will happen but it's still a possibility," he remarks. Touching the device with both hands, Living Lightning starts concentrating. His hands and eyes light up and crackle with electricity as he starts jumpstaring the device and waiting for Finesse to change the flow.

As soon as Miguel removes his hands from the device, Kas places his own on them. After all, once it's running, it keeps going. A look of strain comes over his face as he shoves his will into the machine. "Reverse." He says simply, putting everything he's got into it. It looks like it's taking a lot, too… It's obviously a battle of wills.

Sam watches Kas for a bit and then it dawns on him what Finesse is doing. "Boy howdy…" He says surprised and a bit impressed as all it is is a battle of wills. "Ya can reverse it." Sam says trying to encourage Kas.

Kael stays silent, looking down at his hands for a moment before he clenches them and nods. "Aye, you can do it."

Miguel pulls his hands back but doesn't get up. He's staying close just in case something needs to be done be it recharge or shielding against explosions. The Avenger stays quiet though.

He's pushing. Everything he's got is going into the device. Finesse's eyes open and begin to glow beneath the costume. "You… Will… REVERSE." As he says the final word, a wave of energy emits from the device, slamming all four and throwing them back a few feet. The shockwave continues in a wide circle, not stopping until all the energy within it has dissipated.

Sam is thrown back and slams against the ground with a grunt and at the same time, his ice form fades. He looks at his hands and can't help but smile. "Ah think…Ah think it worked." He says getting up, starting to charge up a bit of a blast just to test the theroy.

Kael lets out a grunt as he's knocked back a few feet, the winds rushing behind him; slowing him down as he lands on the ground and he blinks a bit at the familiar feeling. He kid lets out a bright laugh as his hair immediately streaks white and a swirl of air wraps around him. His physique also returns back to normal.

Miguel goes tumbling, cursing softly in Spanish. Shaking his head as he gets up, the Living Lightning looks around. He smiles when he sees Sam and Kael so happy and then moves to check on Kas.

After the throw, Kas is a little out of it, himself, but he reaches out mentally and smiles. "Finally, I can feel my brother again." He says rising into the air on a wave of telekinetic energy, moving to take the device again, only to find it a burned out husk.

Sam goes over to Gale and smiles at him. "Ya okay?" Then he turns to look at the other two. "Ya both okay? And thanks again for doing everything." Sam says holding out a hand to Finesse. "If ya ever need help with anything like this again, Ah'll be willin' tah help."

Kael smiles brightly, nodding a bit rapidly before he looks over at Kas; then down at the husk of the machine. "Guess that's that then… hm?" He lets out a content sigh as the winds around him settle down to a light breeze around him and he looks over at the other once more.

Miguel frowns at the husk of a machine, trying to pick it up and examine it. "The Avengers will be willing to help as well. Hopefully AIM won't act up like this again for a good, long while."

Kas laughs softly. "I highly doubt any of you will hold to that. After all, the Brotherhood is not exactly a friend to either of your groups." He says, shaking his head as he lets his telekinesis lift him away and carry him home. There's no more need to stay.

Sam is completely taken off guard by that. Brotherhood? "Ah rekoned they disbanned since Ah haven't heard from them since Magneto disappeared." He sighs and shakes his head and figures he'll have a nice report for Scott. "Let's git goin' back Gale, and thanks to you and the Avengers for helpin' out."

Kael looks up at Sam, and nods as he moves to climb back up onto the older mutant's back for the ride home. "I wish I could fly myself," mutters the aerokinetic before he sighs a bit. Ah well, back to shootin' for that now.

Miguel frowns as Kas reveals the Brotherhood's involvement and shakes his head. He then turns to Kael and Sam, offering a hand to both. "You're welcome. And congradulations on having your proper powers back," he says. The burned out husk is stuffed into his bag for later storage in an Avengers vault before he goes to his energy form and arcs off into the air.

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