2011-07-11: Powers Talk


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Summary: Ashley and Sage talk a bit about powers and girls.

Date: July 11, 2011

Log Title: Powers Talk

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Attic

Every wall is made of glass up to the domed ceiling. Storm has really done her work up here over time and turned it into quite the indoor garden. The room is separated into different parts for the different plants that are in there. There are flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs, small trees and much more. There are plants that shouldn't even be able to be found in this northern climate but they thrive up here. Anyone wanting to come up here for fresh herbs, fruit or vegetables are welcome to steal from the indoor garden. Depending on the time of year, various different species of flowers and different fruits and vegetables grow. In one area there are a few small fountains and a bench with some fresh dirt on the the ground with trees and plants all around. It seems like a good spot for meditation.

Finally Sage has found a garden in the school that is worth hanging out in. He's missed gardening and now that he's up here he's picking various herbs to use in cooking later. He's also picked a tomato he found growing up here and has been eating like one eats an apple. He's currently barefoot dressed in a pair of jeans and a loose fitting tunic style shirt. His dreads are pulled back with one dread tied around them to hold his hair back. He hums a bit to himself as he leans down to sniff a plant and look at it closely as if he's trying to figure out something about it.

The presence of Sage is an obvious one, however what would have brought Ash up here to the attic slash garden? Greenery and firebugs generally don't go well together. But none the less, there he is, seated in the dirt and leaning against one of the small fountains. He must either be ready for a session later today, or he's just finished one, for he's currently clad in what looks like a black leather jumpsuit, the Alpha Squadron training uniform, with a black hoodie thrown on over it. The hood is back and Ash's eyes are closed for the moment, maybe lost in thought, maybe catching a catnap after training…

t's hard to say how long Sage has been up here so who knows how long it's been that he hasn't noticed Ash sitting there. So when Sage turns the corner to look at what other plants they have he jumps as he realizes he almost stepped on Ash. "I'm sorry mate, I didn't realize anyone else was up here." He says before looking at the fountain. "That's beautiful."

Maybe napping, then, as Ash didn't even acknowledge Sage until he spoke. Or just deep in thought. Once the Brit speaks, though, Ash's eyes slide open to follow the sound of the accented voice. "Oh, hey Sage…" the pyro replies, fists lifting up over his head as he stretches his arms towards the skylight. "S'alright, I was just relaxing after a session." he says, maybe as an explanation for his attire. "Eh?" he voices, looking over his shoulder towards the fountain. "…eh, I guess." Ash says, his eyes slipping away from the water with a quickness.

Sage watches the fountain for a bit before sitting down on the ground. "Sorry, I just like it up here. I didn't realize the school had this place until today. Though I miss having a real garden, outdoors." Sage admits. "And Session? LIke that Danger Room place session?" He asks with a look of dislike on his face.

"There's that Zen Garden thing… and the Hedge Maze…" Ash replies, folding his arms behind his head, a pillow between the back of his skull and the edge of the fountain. Obviously he doesn't pick up on what Sage defines as a 'garden'. "…and then the whole of the forest. Plenty of green out there." he says, lean shoulders bobbing slightly. Then his chin dips in a nod, "Yeah, training down in the Danger Room. It's certainly… different…than what I thought it would be."

"I haven't gone into the Hedge Maze yet though I should and the Zen Garden is nice and relaxing but it doesn't have anything you can grow to eat or anything. I just enjoy gardening." Sage says looking around the room. "I don't know if I'd like to go into the forest, I don't want to run into an armoured student out there again." He then shrugs. "I didn't like it down there. It seems the only goal is for you to fight something."

"Oh, like, growing-food-gardening." Ash says with a blossoming of comprehension across his mind. "I thought you meant, like, flowers and that kinda stuff. That's what my mom called it when she was out there, getting me to pull weeds and stuff. Gardening…" he says, features taking on a thoughtful look, "..although my dad called it 'building character,' so go figure." he adds with another shrug, before he nods, "…that's the point, I think. Combat training, teaching us how to use our powers." he says, unfolding his arms to lift a hand up. A fingerless glove has been pulled onto his hand, freeing his fingertips. Ash's attention focuses on his hand, as it is extended palm up, with the index finger bent slightly… then a tiny flame appears there, like the flame on a bic lighter. "…training so I can do this, without burning the attic down." he says, closing his hand. Attention gone, the tiny flame gutters out. "…speaking of powers, if you don't mind me asking, what's yours?"

"Exactly." Sage says with a smile as folds his hands in his lap. "We did a lot of gardening for food since we grew what we ate back home. It tastes better when you grow it than buy it." At least that's what Sage things. "I found out I can't eat a lot of store bought foods anyway." He says before nodding slowly about the Danger Room. "I just wish there was a way to train powers without the combat part. And my powers, I know this is going to sound bloody weird but I have prehensile hair. They told me my hair is like another arm."

Ash shrugs slightly in response to Sage's dislike for combat, not much to say there. However at the other youth's explanation for his powers, Ash's eyes flick to the tangle of dreads tied back on Sage's noggin. "…trippy. I think I saw that in a cartoon once." he says with a bit of a grin. "So, like, one big arm, or like really long fingers and stuff?"

"I guess you could say really long fingers, but stronger?" Sage says. "I don't know much about controlling it just that my hair seems to react with certain emotions." Which is typical for people who just got their powers. "Like this is one thing I can do." His hair unwraps from around the dreads so they're all hanging loose, then he concentrates on having one stretch out to grab onto a flower on a near by plant. He tries to carefully pick the one flower and proceeds to knock the entire pot over, spilling dirt and broken ceramic on the floor. "Bollocks, I'm not that good yet. I'll clean that up." He says standing up. "So your power is fire I am assuming from your earlier display?"

Ash watches with interest; as long as he's been here, he's not seen many displays of abilities that aren't ripping off his own in some fashion. "Trip out. Yeah, definately seen that in some cartoons before." Well, anime. Well… we won't go there. But then he motions a bit to the planter, "Well, that's the point of the Danger Room sessions. Teach us to get better. Why not ask your squad leader, or a teacher, for something that's not combat?" he says with a motion to the broken pottery. "…like, just workin' on picking stuff up and the like." he says, before nodding to Sage's question, "Pyrokinetics, yeah. Or kinesis, I keep forgetting. I can think stuff on fire, and control it, too. Although I'm working on the control part. There's another pyro here…" he says, with a bit of a _grin_ on his face. "…she does this like, plasma ice skate trick… and she can fly." he says, with a touch of jealousy in his tone.

"Maybe, it just seems like the other students I've talked to all think that knowing how to fight is important and necessary but I don't think it is at all. My Mum and Dad didn't even like us raising our voices." Sage says with a grin. "Pyrokinetics must be great if you want to have a barbeque outside. A nice cook out. I wonder if any Salamanders are attracted to you because of your powers. I'm not sure if I've met the other pyrokinetics girl though why do you seem like you're jealous?"

"We're kids, we're supposed to fight." Ash replies with a grin at Sage, as he shrugs again, "..although I'm sure the teachers would help you, if combat's not your thing. I think at some point, though, they'llw ant you to know something…" Ash says, lifting a hand to scratch the back of his neck, "..you might not like to fight, but that won't stop someone else from trying, I mean, lookit what those supervillains are doin, Upgrade and Mindfreak or whatever…" he explains. And then his eyes go a little wide at the question of jealous, "…well…" he says, glancing this way and that conspiratorily. "..cuz I am. I mean, flying! How cool is that?"

Sage stands up to start cleaning up the mess he made. "I don't know, I figure after school I might just go back home to the farm and live there. We don't have super villains or this craziness back home." He stays quite for a bit while he cleans and about half way through he looks up with a smile. "Flying would be brilliant. Even flying in the Blackbird when I came here was amazing. Isn't there that Ameican super hero with the fire who can fly? You can probably learn how to, can't you?"

Ash nods, "The Human Torch, yeah, although I don't think he's a mutant like us." he answers. "Between that guy doing it, and Jem doing it, I'm pretty sure that I can figure it out, once I get stronger." he says, eyes trailing upwards briefly. "Or get Jem to show me." he says, quietly to himself.

Sage looks at Ash for a bit before grinning. "Do you fancy her?" He can't help but ask with a bit of a smile. "I still don't understand that term mutant but I believe we've had the dicussion before. I might be wrong as it seems people here haven't heard of the things that I've learned." It doesn't strike him as strange though, just that American's are different.

Ash shrugs a bit. He doesn't blush, to his credit, but he does answer the second question first. "It's a science thing. Mutation. Like we're freaks." the pyro says, not in a bad sense; Ash is slowly coming to terms with his freak status, and it's not bothering him in the least. Of course, have Jem stalking him probably doesn't hurt either. Then he seems to circle around to the first question, giving a bit of a grin back and a shrug. "Sorta. I'm still figurin' that one out. But man, she is smoking, though…"

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