2009-05-01: Practicing Powers


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Summary: It seems like a nice day for several students to practice their powers outside.

Date: May 1, 2009

Log Title "Practicing Powers

Rating: PG

Xaiver Mansion - Spuyten Dyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

It's another lovely day outside, the weather is putting it at a good mid seventies with a soft natural breeze. Not a cloud in the sky as the sun beats down on the sand. One of the newer students is standing on the beach; facing the lake as his hair is streaked white. A small little cooler sitting next to him with some snacks inside of it as the aerokinetic keeps his eyes set on the lake; a rush of wind blowing past him and causing small waves in the water. A few seconds go by then Kael just kicks the sand in what seems like frustration.

There's someone else in the area who seems to be practicing his powers too but he's not on the ground. Daisuke started on the roof and is approching the lake in his Hellions uniform, complete with red 'arm sails' that he uses to catch sound. There's a low thrum from about twenty feet in the air as he seems to fly into the area, backwards.

Fridays are good days to practice with powers, especially some place that usually has few people around like the cove, or the forested areas of the Xavier school grounds near it. That would be why Jared is out and about at least. Jared is currently wearing his Alpha Squadron uniform. As an accent Jared has added a simple red cross, identical to the symbol used by the organization of that name, to the white sleeves on his shoulders. He has lost the guantlet like gloves and replaced them with smaller blue gloves that barely go past his wrists, and in place of the boots he is wearing a pair of small blue almost sock like booties almost identical to the ones he wore in competitions as a gymnast. At the moment he actaully has a small rabbit in his arms as he steps out into the open on the beach, looking upwards at the flying Daisuke sure that his use of powers is far more impresive than what Jared has been doing so far.

Eddie isn't out to practice his powers right now but his is in his New Mutants uniform. Apparently he was jogging. Goggles over his eyes, he hasn't really changed the costume much, just the pattern on it. Slowing down as he spots Jared, Eddie jogs over to his half-brother. "Jared!" he calls. Doesn't seem to have noticed Kael or Daisuke yet.

Kael looks up into the air, tilting his head a bit at the person flying before he flops down onto his rump; taking a gatorade out of the small cooler next to him and taking a drink out of it. He looks to the side, spotting Jared quickly before the Corsair member waves towards him, and Eddie as well when the other mutant heads into view. Kael's currently wearing a white T-shirt and white shorts that end just below the knee. The only other color would be the Yellow X that's on the right pants leg. *

The thruming sound gets louder as Daisuke gets closer and then, it stops and falling from about ten feet in the sky is Daisuke with a yelp. It seems he couldn't keep it up. He lands about ten feet from Kael on his feet then on his rear, far from grace. "Owww, I really should practice in the danger room." He says reaching down to rub his ankle.

Jared looks over at Kael just in time to see the wave, and adjusts how he holds the small rabbit till it is cradled in his left arm and he can have his right hand free to wave back. Jared looks up to watch Daisuke a moment before walking over in Kael's direction. "Yo, how are you doing? Kael right?" Jared grins as he hears Eddie call out and waves to him as well jsut as Daisuke falls out of the sky. Making a sound almost like one of Eddie's meeps he takes off running for that ten feet to reach his boy friend, "Dai! you ok?" Sure he can sense just how injured the other teen is, but it is usually good to ask the obvious questions to see if the injured person can answer them. Still holding the cute little bunny, and not explaining why at all yet, Jared reaches out with his free hand to rub Daisuke's injured ankle and let his healing powers try and fix anything that is wrong with it

Eddie jumps, looking over at Kael when Jared points him out. Eddie starts to wave only to see Daisuke fall. Letting out a squeak of his own, he rushes after Jared. "Dai! Ohmanohman!" he squeaks again. Blinking, he sees the rabbit and looks at Jared. "Here, let me take the rabbit…you heal Dai," he offers, reaching out to take the rabbit.

Kael nods at Jared with a grin. "Yup! It's Kael." Then he hops on the sand when Dai lands near him and he blinks. "Oh, man, are you okay?" Repeated question, sure! He looks over at Jared and then at Eddie when he offers to take the rabbit; his hand has already dove into the cooler to grab at some ice, then he realizes that Jared can heal and he starts to wipe his hand off.

Daisuke winces and nods. "I'll be okay. I gotta work on my landing." He says chuckling as Jared would be able to tell he has a light sprain that's easy for the healer to mend. "Hey Eddie, hey Jared. Sorry, not a way for me to make an entrance though I flew all the way out here from the roof." He says as he spot Kael. "Hey, I'm Daisuke, or just Dai." He says as his ankle starts to feel better.

Jared seems almost reluctant as he hands the small white bunny with an almost rectangular black spot on his back to Eddie, "Becareful, he is a fighter and his right hind leg is still sore from being broken and healed." Once the rabbit is in Eddie's hands, not seeming to care that much about being handed over, Jared uses both hands to hold Daisuke's ankle and heal him. "Its a light sptrain, nothing hugely bad. I know Dai, I felt you as you flew over head…part of the reason I headed this way after I convinced Bunicula there I was not gonna eat him after I got him out of the trap I found him in."

Eddie holds the rabbit carefully as he looks down at Dai in concern. "YOu sure you're okay, Dai?" he asks, worried about his best friend. "You flew? Awesome!" he says. KAel gets a smile from the scarred mutant before he looks down at the rabbit. "Bunicula?"

Kael looks over at Jared and Eddie, smiling softly as he looks over at Dai. "I saw ya flyin'. And, I thought it was kinda cool!" He grins wide as he stands up off of the sand; brushing his hands against his pants. He looks back out at the lake and cracks his knuckles a bit. He looks back out at the lake, and a gust of wind rushes past him; a blast of wind hidden within it and the aerokinetic blinks a bit. The lake water rippling before a small wave rolls up. Did he just do that?

"Addison's been teaching me, and these arm things may look dumb they really help me with flying." Daisuke says lifting up his arm before looking at Jared and smiling. "Thanks Jared, you know you spoil me too much." He says reaching over to touch Jared's cheek. "Thanks, it's fun but like with anything else, you have to work hard to be good at it, and bunicula?" He asks echoing the question.

Jared grins at Daisuke and says, "You deserve to be spoiled, so sue me if I want to be the one to do it." Jared shrugs a little as he reaches around Daisuke when he holds arm up so he can help him to his feet. "Yes, Bunicula…your gonna tell me I am the only one here that read those books arn't you? I saw that spot on his back and all I could think of is the vampire bunny. ITs not like he will have to live with the name, as soon as he is good and healed I am gonna let him go. Not like they would let me keep him as a pet or anything."

Eddie just blinks as Jared explains things. "Umm…lived in a box, remember?" he counters the surprise at his not reading the books. He stands with his friend and half-brother and then looks towards Kael. "Practicing your powers?" he asks, giving the rabbit and little hug without realizing it really.

Kael looks back at Eddie, nodding a bit. "Yeah… Trying to see if I can get blasts of wind down… I… think I got it." He looks back out at the lake, his hair streaking white once more as another slightly bigger blast of wind starts up; blowing the sand away from him before it backfires. Knocking the aerokinetic backwards a good 4 feet where he lands on his rump. "That was fun… ugh…" He lets his head flop back against the sand as he breaths a bit hard. Nothin' hurt, just his ego.

July happens to be just a couple feet away from Kael after he makes his none-too-gentle landing, and she chuckles softly, "What are you guys doing?" She asks, looking down to Kael with a smile, before looking to the other group. "I thought I heard a commotion around here. Heh. Seems like I found something."

Daisuke grabs Jared's hand and stands up. "Sorry Jared, I didn't exactly have a normal upbringing either. My father didn't really like anything 'Americanized' in the house unless it was school. And who would put a trap for an animal out here and I don't think the school would have a problem with pets, I know your roomae wouldn." Daisuke says with a grin. "Hey, that's not to bad Kael. So you can control the wind?" He asks giving a wave to July. "HEy, I think we're all kind of practicing powers."

Jared sighs and nods at Eddie, "Ok, you and Dai get a pass on not getting the refference for your childhoods, but that only lasts till I can get my copies of the first three books here so I can make you read them." Jared looks at Dai a moment and grins, "Ok, so I have to make sure you get to read the Dr Suesse books too right?" Jared gives July a small wave and nods as Dai says they are out practicing powers. "I am not sure, looked like a really old onw though, it was half rusted and probably would have given anyone else tetnis. I took it apart and threw the parts in different directions away from where people normally walk just in case."

Eddie frowns a little, holding onto the rabbit still. "Traps…" he mutters, looking towards the woods. "We should tell the teachers so they can have someone track down any that might be out there still," he suggests. "Hey, July," he greets his teammate with a smile. "I was just out on a run…and umm…I like my uniform so I wore it instead of workout clothes," he admits with a blush.

Kael looks up at July as the kid pushes himself up. "Harhar…" He grins a bit, hoping up onto his feet as he walks backwards a bit before he says, "Training, practicing. I just wanna try and get something down before I go to Storm for actual help." He looks back over at Daisuke and nods. "Yup, I can control wind. And right now it's being a pain." He brushes as much of the sand as he can off of his back as he looks back out at the lake.

July smiles, "I could see that." She says in replies to the announcements of power training. "But what is this I hear about traps? And— Oh, a bunny! How cute!" She giggles softly, and moves toward Eddie who's still holding the pet.

"Well you just got here right?" Daisuke asks Kael since he hasn't seen the teen before. "All of us here are still learning and have power pain problems." He says with a smile before looking at Jared. "Dr. Suesse…I think I read some in Elementry school?" He says trying to remember as the name does ring a bell. "So you not only healed me but also healed Bunicula?"

Jared nods at July, "Yeah, I found Bunicula there cuaght in an old trap. Poor thing had a shattared leg, and started screaming as soon as it noticed me. I would be careful though, he looks like he likes Eddie, but he is a biter…and he has some huge teeth for a little animal." Jared shrugs at Dai not really sure what to say, "Well he would have died if I did nothing, and I can't stand to see anyone in pain."

Eddie squeaks, giving the rabbit a nervous look at the news of it being a biter. "Please don't bite me, little bunny…" he trails off. He looks up and nods. "Yeah, Dai's right. We're all still learning. And Ms. Munroe is awesome. She'll definitely be able to help you," he says to Kael.

Kael looks back at the group with a small laugh. "Yeah, I know." He looks over at Daisuke and says, "Yeah, I've only been here for half a week or so. But, I want to try and get a better grasp of my powers now that I can actually work with them and not have my father glaring at me." He rubs at the back of his head and looks over at Eddie, "Yeah, Storm is really nice. And a really good cook!" He looks over at Jared after July's bunny comment and he blinks a bit, "You can heal animals too?"

July looks to Jared as he asks her if she can heal animals too, and she blinks, "What? No." She says, smiling, "But I love them. They're so cute and fluffy!" She giggles, looking back at the bunny and attempts to reach to pet it.

Daisuke slips an arm around something and smiles at Jared. If there weren't people around, he'd probably kiss him. He looks down as Kael mentions father glaring but doesn't say anything. "I know you don't Jared. And I don't think he's going to bite you Eddie, he's all snuggling you." Daisuke says with a smile.

The cute little bunny only looks up at Eddie, and twitches its nose in his general direction. His reaction could be the bunny agreeing not to bite Eddie, or possibly could be the bunny equivalent of mad laughter and hand wringing while plotting world destruction, you never really know with rabbits. Jared on the other hand gives a little laugh and shakes his head, "Like I said Eddie, he seems to like you. Probably can tell your a kindread spirit." Jared nods about the comments about Storm being nice, she was really nice the one time he has had a chance to speak with her. "Yes I can heal animals, and probably plants and bugs too. I was actaully out practicing with the whole sensing life thing, trying to zone in on things other than just humans." Jared slides an arm around Daisuke and smiles warmly at him. The bunny all the while looks very wary of July, and is not sure if he trusts her as much as the human whose arms he is safely nestled in, or the nice one that freed him and made the pain go awa

Eddie nods. "Yeah. Rabbit's adorable," he agrees. The Rabbit's nose-twitching gets a curious stare before Eddie smiles and shrugs it off. "I've only seen Ms. Munroe in the halls between classes but I can't imagine she'd be anything but really nice," he says with that smile of his. "Kindread Spirit?" he asks, confused.

Kael looks over at Daisuke for a moment before he bites his lower lip and looks over at Jared. "That's neat." He smiles a bit before he looks over at July and says, "I was talking to Jared." He laughs softly, rubbing the back of his head, "Sorry bout that." He looks back over at Eddie and grins, "I met Ororo when I was in the kitchen one night, getting some juice. Then Mr. Summers came in and I learned a good deal about the squads and the Danger Room."

July oh's when she notices the question was directed at Jared, not at her, but then she shakes her head softly. She stops in front of the rabbit, smiling to it, "Hi there." She says with a soft voice, "Feeling better now, little fella?"

Daisuke doesn't risk his luck with the bunny right now, also the fact that a third person in the pot would probably scare the little thing. "I only met Storm briefly, very breifly, with Jared and Vlad." He turns to look at Jared. "Any luck with filtering out life force?"

Jared nods at Eddie, "Yes kindread spirit. Your both small, cute, and a little skitish but have a lot more fight in you than people would expect. Although you have those goblin weapons and your powers intead of teeth and claws." The healer grins a little at Diasuke, "Yes some, oddly Bunicula there helped a lot. Having just him to focus on I think I figured out how to just look for rabbits…or at least small rodents with my powers. Heh, the danger room is an…interesting experiance. I have no idea how it is able to make a hologram feel like a person…or at least so close. There is something that feels just a little…off about the way they feel."

Eddie blushes as he's called 'cute', looking down at the rabbit and giving a little snuggle to it. "What did you find out, Kael?" he's curious to know if any mysterious secrets were revealed. "The Danger Room uses advanced Shi'ar technology," he chimes in to explain it to Jared. "Just like the Med Bay."

Kael looks over at Eddie and shakes his head, "I only learned what it was really. I've only been in there all of once. And even then I was a bit lost at to what happened." He rubs the back of his head before he looks over at Jared. "Maybe… because you can't sense if they're actually alive or something? I mean… holograms aren't real people…"

July pulls her hand back and then stands up, looking at the others, "You guys are done trying your powers, or are you all going at it again? I mean, I could watch for a bit." Shegiggles softly

Daisuke shakes his head. "No no, I'm done for the night. I think Jared would let me suffer if I sprained my ankel again." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "And that's really neat JAred, that you can detect like that. And the danger room is neat, I just think I have an easier time with the Danger Room cause my mind knows it's not real." Daisuke looks at Eddie and smiles. "Jared's right." He says with a giggle.

Jared shrugs, "Done trying to pin point things other than people…or feeling every living thing around me. I…I really can't describe what its like in the danger room. The alien tech makes it feel like living people but. I know, you know how when you breath air from an air tank it tends to have that tinny metalic flavor to the air? Its kinda like that, but inside my head…if that makes any sense at all."

Eddie just blushes deeper at Dai agreeing with Jared. "It makes sense, Jared," he flashes a smile to the healer. Looking down the rabbit again, Eddie smiles a bit. "I guess I'm done. I was just running anyway…can't really practice my powers when I'm by myself so I try to make sure I stay in shape so I can run and dodge stuff…" he trails off with a shrug.

Kael looks back at July with a grin, "I'd practice a bit more. But I've been going at it off and on for the past hour or so it feels like. I need an actual meal." He puts an arm around his stomach before he looks over at Jared and nods. "I… think I can understand."

July chuckles softly, and then she shrugs softly, "Alright, then. Shall we all head back inside?" She asks, smiling, before looking at the rabbit, and she rubs the back of her head, "What are we going to do with the bunny? I mean, I don't think they allow pets in the school…"

"I think it makes sense. It's like it feels real but artificial. Like sugar and spenda. They're both sweet but one has that off taste." Daisuke says trying to figure it out. "I don't know July, it's nice out and the fresh air is nice. Unless it's to get food." Jared and Eddie would know that Dai does have a bit of an appitite.

Jared shrugs, "Well I was planning on just letting him go once I was sure he was all better, cute though the bunny is it would probably live happier being free than in a cage somewhere. As for food…" Jared's stomach of course takes that instant to rmble loud enough to be heard by at least Daisuke. "I could probably eat."

Eddie looks up at Jared and flashes the puppy-eyes for just a moment. "But what if he wants to stay with us or gets caught in another trap?" he asks, squirming a bit. When everyone mentions food, Eddie's stomach growls as well. "Umm…" he turns red.

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "Food does sound rather good right now. I'd be up for leading an adventure to the kitchen if others are heading there. I'm not wantin' to head to the cafeteria at the moment." Making his own meal? Yes, please. He picks up his cooler next to him and hms softly. "All my ice melted. Dang."

"Well if he wants to stay I'm sure you could also ask your Dads?" Daisuke offers as he finally chances a slow pet to the top of the rabbits head. "Okay I think we're all in agreement to head to the cafe to get food. I'm not cooking anything unless you want your tastebuds to suffer."

Eddie smiles, lifting the rabbit up for Dai to pet it. "Umm…if Jared'll watch the rabbit I can try cooking for everyone. I'm not my Dad but he taught me a couple things…" he offers. "And I think I will ask Dads if we can keep the rabbit if he wants to stay," he says, smiking once more.

Kael blinks softly as he looks over at Eddie. "Dads? As in you have more than one?" He tilts his head to the side a bit as he blinks once more, "How can you have more than one dad?"

Daisuke continues to pet the bunny slowly and lightly and looks to Eddie to let him explain. "Thanks for offering to cook and speaking of Dad, the cooking Dad, maybe there's some of his left overs in the kitchen." Thouch Christopher's cooking does go fast among the students.

Eddie smiles. "Well…I'm adopted. By Mr. Christopher Parker-Mayfair and Dr. Jericho Parker-Mayfair…they're both teachers here. And Jared's my half-brother," he says, hoping that explains it. "You don't have to thank me, Dai…" he trails off, blushing once more.

Kael ohs. "Now I see. By chance is the cooking Dad the Glowy Chef that Owen talked about? Or is there another cooking person in this place." He's just trying to connect things to other things.

Daisuke can't help but laugh. "Yup, that's Mr. Parker-Mayfair, one of Eddie's Dad's but his husband is Jared's biological father." He adds hoping it's not too confusing. "And Mr. Parker-Mayfair is the culinary teacher here."

Eddie nods. "Yep, even if I dunno who Owen is," he chuckles. "Dad's an awesome cook. I love what he makes."

Kael rubs the back of his head and then puts a hand back onto his stomach. "I think I should go eat before my stomach starts to eat itself." He looks over at Daisuke and smiles, "It was awesome meetin' ya." He starts to head back to the mansion, and then turns around midrun. "See ya'll around!" A wave to everyone there before the teen is headin' off back to the school.

"It was nice meeting you too Kael! Enjoy dinner!" Daisuke says with a wave and smile as he turns to look at the bunny again. "He's just really cute."

Eddie waves as well. "Bye, Kael!" he calls. He then flashes a smile to Dai. "Yeah!"

Jared just shakes his head waiting to see if Kael's head goes boom from talking about him and Eddie having two Daddies. "Ok, we can always ask the Dads about keeping Bunicula as a pet. At least only preaditors I have ever felt near thier house is a couple of owls that are too small to eat a rabbit. Well most rabbits, we will just keep this guy in a cage till he is a lot larger right Eddie? Ok, I will hold him and you can cook. Might want to look for some left over fresh veggies when we get to the cafeteria too."

"Jared's not bad at cooking either." Daisuke says as he's looking forward to get something to eat when his cellphone starts ringing. Looking at the screen he sighs. "It's my grandma, I gotta take this, I'll meet you in the kitchen!" Daisuke says givig Jared a quick kiss before wandering off to answer his phone.

Eddie grins and nods. "Yeah! I hope the Dads don't mind," he says. He blushes at seeing the kiss but keeps smiling. "C'mo-" he pauses when the cell phone rings. "Alright, Dai. We'll meet you up there," he says before starting to head for the mansion and the kitchen within.

Jared shrugs and looks down at the bunny, and almost offers to take it from him but instead thinks he looks like he likes hugging the thing too much. Jared does kiss Dai before he leaves and nods at Eddie, "They probably won't mind, and at least it is only one bunny, they can't make more if there is not at least a second one of them."

Eddie turns a new shade of red after Jared said what he does. Glancing down at the rabbit, Eddie smiles and laughs. "I'll start looking up rabbit care tonight," he says. "You wanna stay with us, right?" he asks the rabbit.

The bunny looks into Eddie's eyes, and krinckles his nose at the teenager. In the language of rabbits it could be trying to say that it would love to go home with him instead of living in the woods hunted by foxes and random ferral mutants, that or it could be contemplating how it will use living in the house of several mutants in its plan to take over the world and start the empire of the Rabbit. "Shouldn't be too hard, feed it lettice and carrots, keep its living area clean, and make sure that no one makes Hosenffefer. Might have to make sure we can build a hutch for it where Nova can't get to him though."

Eddie just keeps smiling down at the bunny, unaware of any potential evil plans. He just hugs the bunny. "I have no idea what that is but it sounds bad," he says, giving Jared a little pout. "I'm sure Nova won't try anything. He's a good puppy."

Jared nods at Eddie and shrugs a little. "Its a dish made of cooked rabbit. I know Nova is a good puppy, butr he is still a dog. Although if we introduce them right you never know how he will react till he does right?" Likewise unaware of any possible evil plots the bunny might be hatching Jared reaches out to scritch the bunny a little. "Come on, lets go get something to eat and see if we can catch one of the dads before they head home?"

Eddie looks a little horrified at the notion of eating rabbit, holding the bunny a bit closer to himself. He eventually just nods. "Yeah! Let's go," he says, speading up.

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