2009-06-30: Pre-Shopping Jitters


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Summary: Drew and Kaden need school stuffs. Xane needs cooking supplies. THEY FIGHT CRIME! No… they just go shopping.

Date: June 30, 2009

Pre-Shopping Jitters

Rating: PG

NYC - Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is a residential and shopping area of Manhattan. The neighborhood is upscale and home to the richer residents of New York City. Row houses line the streets in-between the more commercial buildings of the city. Upscale restaurants, clothing and jewelry stores can be found on the Upper West Side.

It's a night for shopping. Between the boys needing class stuff… clothing, supplies, etcetera, and others needing their own things, they've made a trip to the Upper West Side. Drew has almost no fashion sense, and doesn't want to look… well… like Keith does a lot of the time, asked Xane to come along. "Any suggestions? I mean… I don't even know what's fashionable or in style right now." He says, biting his lip a little as he looks between the others with him.

The chef, while not a large fashionista, does know his way around clothes that look pretty good, and feel comfy. "Well, in the summer, I always liked the shorts and good sandals thing. Unless you want to go for a more preppy look." He says, Xane's just one of those guys who sees high fashion, not one to pay real close attention to it. He himself is wearing a pair of worn jeans with some leather flip-flops, and a t-shirt, not too tight fitting.

Kaden is just dressed in a tshirt and jeans and looks down at himself at Drew asks. "Drew, I don't have a clue about fashion either, I need about as much help as you do." He says with a chuckle. "I've never been school shopping before either, they just kind of gave us stuff there so this is all new to me." Kaden says as he shoves his hands in his pockets. He's been a little bit reserved since metting with the former spirit of fire.

"I've just… I grew up in what was close enough to a commune that my normal dress style is hippie." Drew chuckles. "And I… need to not look like that. I need to quit hiding a few things." He admits, looking between them. "Sorry… just wishing I got to know Ehuang a little better."

Xane gives a smile. "Don't worry guys, as long as you're comfy, who gives a shit? Though I like the hippy look." He offers, before the mention of Ehuang happens. "Yeah… Same here, well for my predecessor." Xane really would like to get a handle on himself, but maybe he is destined to figure it out on his own.

Kaden puts his arm around Drew and nods. "I know, I wish I could have talked to Esteban a bit longer..it was like…meeting a family memeber I never knew." Kaden admits as he's just been thinking about his life ever since meeting her. "Why do you need to not look like yourself?"

"No, I just need to stop looking like I don't know anything. Need to own up to my brain." Drew says with a chuckle as he moves along, "And I've never really been clothes shopping on my own. So, that's another reason I need help. Oh,yeah. I remember you wanting to go to a cooking supply store. Did you need a new whisk, Xane?"

Xane shakes his head. "No, I have plenty of whisks, What I need is a new cast iron, enamel coated pot. Makes the best roasts." Xane offers, right before he looks to the two. "So, you're smart, don't want to look like a flower power kid string out on LSD. And you need stuff for school." He offers, before turning around on the sidewalk and looking for a nice store to step into for some clothes. "So, what style do you want to go for? Preppy, laid back, buisness?"

Kaden just listens to the two and shrugs. "Dont' ask me for opinon on clothes or what I need for school, I just know I need stuff for GED classes too." Kaden says walking along. He's fairly quiet at the moment, just a lot going through his mind. He's not used to thinking so much but there's just too much lately. "I always thought Drew looked good in blue."

Drew raises some of his blue rooted hair to Kaden with a tongue stuck out. "Ya think?" He ponders for a moment. "Nah, nothing fancy. Just… normal. Like most guys my age would wear. I just, haven't got a clue, in all honesty. But I'm sure we'll figure it out." He grins, looking up at Xane. "Thanks for coming out with us. We don't spend enough time together."

The chef gives a nod, looking at Drew and thinking he'd look good in a polo and jeans. "Let's try some classic stuff." He says, looking down for a moment, he wishes he could make sense of what he was told about being the glue that bound the others together. "Yeah…the restaurant's been sucking up my time." And a bit of drinking after shift-close.

"Drew's right, we don't spend enought time together and…I need you guys, I really do." Kaden admits as they're the only people he knows. "I need to learn to trust people more and love more since…I dunno, I never thought of myself as important until now and you guys are the only ones who are going through the same thing. I just, wish you'd spend more times with us sometimes Xane. I know you're busy but…" Kaden just shrugs, he's not good with emotions all the time.

A stray thought from Drew causes him to chuckle. Of course, that thought may filter as well. ~~At least we do have time tonight. And at least he's not suggesting popped collars.~~ That's one of those things that Drew despises that he's seen people wearing. ~~Or pants hanging down under the butt cheeks.~~ "Yeah, but at least you've got a good job and people love your food. It says a lot."

Emotions are all what Xane's about, feeling the energy around someone, but lately, he's been a bit overloaded with it all. The trip to the island was a very good departure from the normal. "Yeah. I've got respect, in the food community, and I live with four other men of varying ages in a penthouse overlooking Central Park. Man, I hope no one does an in-depth interview on me. How could I explain that. Maybe if I wore a sequined glove and a tight military jacket." Obviously kidding there.

Kaden doesn't get the refernence at all. "Huh? Just tell them we're your family." Kaden says since it's true in his eyes. Then the thought comes in his head and there's a sort of response to the others. ~What was that…Drew…why did he talk like that?~ He's really not sure what that's about.

"Yeah, we ARE a family. Just not in the traditional mama/daddy sense." Drew grins brightly. "And, it's not that bad. AT least we're almost adults here, so it doesn't seem as bad as it would if we were preteens. ew." Drew says with a grin. "Sorry, what Kaden? Did I miss something?"

The chef blinks a couple times, before turning around. "Michael Jackson, K. That's what I was meaning, anyways it was a joke." Not realizing he's talking out loud to something said in his head. Xane was in front of the three, not seeing any lips moving, so assumption got the best of him it seems.

Kaden looks at Drew. "I dunno you said something about popped collars and your pants and butt." He says not really understanding the thought thing and he looks confused. Xane can feel it too. "Drew….didn't you hear that, him talking but not?"

"I didn't say that…" Drew says, shaking his head slightly. "I thought about it, but I didn't say it. Uhm… ok, that's just weird." He says, shivering. "Lets get this shopping done. Maybe talk about this at home later."

Xane knows what it is now that it happened again. "Yeah…" He says, looking back, not remembering what Drew had thought. "Agreed, the sooner we get it over, the better. Then we can find out what's going down."

Kaden just shrugs and nods. "Sounds good to me." He says really not sure what happened but he'll go with it for now until they can talk about it later. For now he just follows along quitely, curious to see Drew's change in style.

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