2011-08-08: Prep For The Prepatory

Players: Kai and Vance

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Summary: Vance and Kai meet up at IHOP before his big interview at Barnes.

Date: August 8, 2011

Log Title: Prep For The Prepatory

Rating: PG


International House of Pancakes with its signature white building and blue roof is among one of the more suburban areas of Queens. Open 24 hours for all pancake lovers, IHOP has plenty of tables and booths for its customers.

It’s early evening in New York City as Vance makes his way into IHOP. He looks to watch as he has arrived early. He is dressed semi-professionaly in a black polo shirt and khaki pants. He has some files under his arm and he asks the hostess to sit him in a private corner booth as he waits for Kai. Sitting down Vance orders a coffee but no food. He describes Kai to the waitress and tells her that he should be seated with him as soon as he arrives.

Kai found it a little odd that he's been called to a pancake house to talk about a secret superpower school but he's not the one making the rules here, he's dressed in a yellow t-shirt, dark blue jeans and red converse and has his school bag over his shoulder, entering the pancake house he's approached by the waitress and lead over to where Vance is sitting, "Hey Vance, do i sit?"

Smiling a bit when Kai is walked over by the waitress, “Have a seat and relax.” Vance looks to his watch to see the time, “We have some time before we head to the school. I thought we would take a breather before we go, if you have any questions or anything. Maybe discuss how’re you’re feeling.” The waitress returns with menus for both. Vance waves it off, “Just coffee for me.”

Kai nods and sits down, "Easier said than done", he shakes his head at the waitress when asked what he wants, "Nothing for me thanks, not feeling too good", he pulls off his bag and puts it on the chair next to him, "How i'm feeling?, worried, apprehensive, slightly exited, nauseous, my uncle has been freaked since i told him, yeah feeling… yeah".

Smiling at Kai’s nervousness, Vance says “Well, I think your uncle will be ok when he finds out some of the faculty at the school and you will be taken care of. It’s the perfect school for you. As for the meeting, you’ll be meeting with a friend of mine.” Pushing a glass of water towards Kai, “Take a sip and breathe and it will go well.”

Kai downs nearly the whole glass before puting it down and taking a few deep breaths 9which show up as they would on a cold day), "Sorry, i was just worried about making a good impression with whoever the person we're meeting with is", he tugs on his t-shirt to straighten it, "Have i got time to run home and change?"

“Well, you don’t really need to change, but if you want to, then yes, you should have some time to change and collect yourself and your thoughts.” Vance smiles as he remembers that youthful set of nerves that Kai is displaying. He remembers his first time auditioning and failing to make the Avengers. Though to be fair he never had to interview to go to a hero school. He had to learn on his own or with the New Warriors. “I’ll be honest. I’m not sure how the process goes. You’re the first student I have ever recommended for a school like this, but having met some of the students there. I think it is a good fit for you and it will help having friends your own age who are going through similar things.”

Kai runsa hand though his hair, "I don't?, but do you think i look alright for the meeting?, not too scruffy?", he genuinly has no idea how he should be dressed for this, getting into public school is easy but he's got no idea what this school's standerds are, "As long as they arn't chasing me after class, i'm happy".

“You look fine.” Vance then pauses, “You know what, if you feel you should change then go ahead. But the decision is not based on how you dress.” He mentally visualizes the various students at Barnes and nods, “Yeah, I wouldn’t worry.” Vance tries to envision how Jessica may be during the meeting, but to be honest, he has not spent as much time with his current teammates as he has with previous incarnations of the Avengers. But he offers confidently and repeats, “Yeah I wouldn’t worry.”

Kai exhales and decides to listen to Vance when he says he looks fine, "Ok, i'll stay like this, give the appeariance that i'm normal at least", he finishes the last of the water, "So who is it that we're supposed to be meeting?, do they have powers too?"

“You’ll be meeting with the current head of the school. She is very nice and she does have powers.”
Vance finishes his coffee and then gestures for the waitress to bring the check as he figures out what advice to give Kai about Jessica without stating directly who she is. “She is very experienced with powers and has been doing this for awhile. She’s a great judge of people and is tough when she needs to be. But she has proven herself in service to the school and to the world too.”

Kai nods and reaches to get his bag, "I have my report cards here, old medical stuff, phone numbers and adresses, i didn't know what to bring with me, is that enough or do i need other stuff?", he has pretty much anything a school could need to know with him but things my be different in this case.

“You have everything you need. You spoke to your parents. You have someone sponsoring you. It should be fine.” With that they continue the meal until it is time for the interview. Vance offers a few pointers and when his alarm goes off, it is time for them to head to Barnes.

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