2011-03-04: Preparations Are Made


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Summary: Tony invited Corrin over to his apartment to discuss setting up a test for gauging Kaji's progress in combat situations. Of course, Kaji is there overhearing it all and wondering what he's about to be subjected to.

Date: March 4, 2011

Log Title: Preparations are Made

Rating: PG

Stark Towers Personal Residence

This residence encompasses the entirety of the 93rd floor. To gain access one must enter via the elevator having called up to be verified and place their hand upon the palm scanner. The walls, and carpeting of the apartment are done in Earth tones, with the expansive living room housing several pieces of black leather furniture, a long glass coffee table, and a trio of flat screen televisions. Near the large windows in the living space resides a black grand piano that occasionally dubs as a catch all for things. There is a spacious modern kitchen that houses a fully stocked bar, and a guest bedroom and bath down the right hallway. Down the left hall there is a set of double doors that lead into the master bedroom.

Rather late in the evening to be holding a meeting of any sort but that was just the price people had to deal with when trying to get a moment with a rather busy man who tended to vanish into thin air at the drop of a hat. Proof in point a meeting that should have happened ages ago with Corrin and a few others has been shuffled around so many times even Tony had lost track of the original purpose of the meeting. Having just gotten back from a brief trip to the West Coast Stark had called up Corirn to see if the man would want to stop by for a chat.
As it turned out time was available and the subject of the meeting just so happened to be around as well. With all the ducks in a row Tony brought himself out into the living room of the apartment waiting for Corrin to arrive wearing his typical casual attire of t-shirt and jeans with his hair mussed up. Kaji was of course taking up a seat playing a video game per usual at this time of the day and completely unawares of what he was in store for. Corrin would be able to go through the lobby of the Towers and to the elevator that would lead up to the apartment. A simple scan of a hand and a few other necessary checks that happen rather quickly and the doors would open allowing him entrance into the not so humble abode of billionaire and bodyguard.

Corrin checks in with the Tower security complement, then makes his way up to the Stark apartments. He's got an IPad with him loaded with some preliminary plans and schematics for the 'Test Kaji' operation, and he's wondering what the young man is like, that Tony Stark would go to all this trouble to help train him.

Reaching the living floor, he spends a long moment just taking the place in. Big. Expensive. And… what is a tie doing on the grand piano? Along with the shirt that it was probably tied around, not so long ago? Corrin figures 'lived in' also describes this room. "Mr. Stark? Good evening. I'm Agent Corrin Kelly of SHIELD. Do you remember me from Dingo's rampage…?"

Clothing tends to end up in the oddest of places in the 93rd floor apartment. Truth is that Tony actually lives more in his lab beneath the Towers main building than he makes use of this floor. With the elevator doors parting to reveal Corrin's arrival Tony gets up from where he's seated to approach the man offering his hand. "Of course! I'm glad you managed to take cover in all of that and have come out of the situation unscathed. Also, please call me Tony. Everyone does unless I've done something to piss them off." Beaming grin firmly in place he welcomes you into the home and passes the man seated in a chair. "Agent Kelly this is Mr. Kaji Aldewolf. Kaji, Corrin Kelly."

The game of the moment was God of War 3 on the PS3, and Kaji was just mindlessly blending his way through the minions of evil that came against him in the game. The opening of the elevator door made him pause the game as he turned to look over at it. He looks over at Tony for a moment before he just tosses the controller to the side of him before he turns to listen. And when he's introduced, he offers a hand in a wave. "'ello."

Corrin takes Tony's hand and shakes it, smiling. "Thank you for the invitation, Mr. Stark… Tony. I'm pleased to be here." He'll follow the man further into the room and he'll return Kaji's greeting with a smile and a nod. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mr. Aldewolf. I take it you are the star of the proceedings which we're planning for." He'll glance at Tony. "I've brought some suggestions. Did you want to get started?"

Tony glances between the two men and shrugs. "I hadn't actually got around to mentioning the plan to Kaji quite yet but since the cat is out of the bag he might as well sitck around to hear what doom shall befall him." That smile from a moment before has turned into a cheek splitting mischievous smirk. Poor Kaji having to find out about everything at the last minute but he ought to be used to this sort of thing by now.
As Kaji learns that he's about to be in store for a world of hurt Tony waves Corrin over to the available seating in the room and fires up the smartglass table between the pieces of furniture. "I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions. If you need to interface with my system I can facilitate that myself." Tony sinks onto the couch moving things around on the table and bringing up his own files on what was being planned for the Avenger in training.

Kaji lifts his head up, paying a bit more attention to the talkings as he listened to Corrin. "Wait what?" A hand moves over to the game controller and shuts the system down so he can pay fully attention. "Come again?" He pushes himself up onto his knees and leans on the back of the couch. He looks over at Corrin with a look that says 'This is going to suck' Or something like that. Then he just looks back at Tony with his trademarked 'Oh great' look.

Corrin shoots Kaji an amused look, then seats himself where Tony indicates and pulls out the IPad. "Your initial suggestion stated a challenging terrain, but relatively close to New York. I've done some searching and I believe South Jersey has what you're looking for." He fires up the IPad, and taps the smartglass, transferring what's on the screen of the IPad to the table, which enlarges it so that all three men can see it. "The South Jersey shore, to be precise. This is the Rawdon mile." He indicates a stretch of sea coast, built over with warehouses and dockyards. "It was military during WWII, but since, it was taken over by Stane Industries. With the eclipse of that firm, it has gone into receivership, and is mostly empty to this day."

"What good is planning for a trial by fire if you're aware of said trial by fire in advance so that you can prepare for every possible outcome?" Tony asks Kaji even as Corrin connects IPad to table to begin the data transfer. As images come up with various bits and pieces of information Tony reaches out with a hand to move certain images about then scrolls through the textual data on the area. "Of course with you here you're not going to learn everything that is in store for you but it'll give you something to think about when you're training this week." Turning his head towards Corrin after closing a window or three on the table, "What Stane lost I'm more than happy to gobble up and I believe the length of property you've scoped out is perfect for what we need. Each section could house its own set of specific tasks that would then carry forward into the next series of obstacles. Fairly certain between the two of us alone we could lock the place down to keep things contained and maximize safety not only for the fuzzball but anyone outside of said structures."

Forehead? Meet couch. Thud. Kaji lets out a soft groan for a second before he lifts his head up to settle his gaze on the two gentlemen. "I should've known when Tony was being rather quiet." He doesn't move from the couch though as he rests his head on top of a idle hand. "You know, Tony. You better give me at least some better armor than what you've already given me. I'm sure the others have some sort of resistance to damage. I kinda don't." A bit put out by that? Maybe, but it's true.

Corrin waits while Tony goes through the files. "I have another map here for you. Here's what's for sale," he calls up a land plat for the Mile, various portions — most of it, actually — in yellow. "There are pieces which are under contention in the courts," some of the non-yellow areas go pink. "And there are pieces which are independently owned." Several green blocks, widely scattered, appear on the plat.
"The remaining bits and pieces are still owned by the US military. Storehouses, mostly." He taps on the glass and a list comes up. "The court items are empty right now, as is most of the For Sale portion. The independents… that's this list here." Tap. "I'm sure you could convince them to take a snow day, if necessary."

Shrugging as if to say it's what I do Tony sits back a bit into the couch as he doesn't need to peer down at the table to know what is being displayed. Mainly Stark likes to manipulate things due to being an inventor, likes working with his hands, and to keep most from learning that he has abilities to access and manipulate tech from a distance. Right now it was more the former case than the latter. "Me, quiet? I've not ended up on Youtube for over a week so I'm about due some sort of troublesome adventure."
The question of armor does present an interesting situation as most Supers come already with their own chosen gear and it gets supplemented by others. In this case Kaji could use an upgrade to the standard body armor that most all wear these days for typical hostile situations. The Avengers certainly didn't deal with typical on a daily basis. The next map holds Tony's interest as he looks over the properties listed and their various states of ownership. "Hmm, I'll look into buying up the available property, and push through those properties held up by the courts. I'd rather not lease out someone's property and have to retain it for a bit to repair the structural damage." Leaning forward a finger pulls the map about spinning it to reveal the particular section in question. "I can always find something to do with the property after this field test. Have you had time to consider what you would like to implement? I've been working on simulated environments as well as various bits of high tech implements. Not quite sure of the rotating laser barrage just yet as that was mainly in place to annoy an Avenger that isn't around at the moment."

Kaji just blinks at Tony at that last bit. "Rotating… laser barrage." He hides his head in his hands before he says, "Why not just throw me into a pit of spikes as the walls start to close in so you can watch me try and climb out." A short pause before he says in a rather flat tone, "You better not try that." There's still the question of armor, and Tony still hasn't answered it! Much to Kaji's slight annoyance as he quirks a brow over at the Avenger.

Corrin hehs. "Rotating laser barrage? Would that be aimed at Quicksilver? I might want a front row seat at that, and a box of popcorn." He's grinning as he says it. "But… okay. Some teams to either take out or avoid, or singles, same. Locked areas, fenced areas, poisoned areas, light and shadow. Booby traps of several kinds. Air support to cover it all and help coordinate." He'll tape a round tower near the center of the Mile. "Near here, an item which needs finding. Mr. Aldewolf will have to determine not only where it is, but what it is." His eyes crinkle as he looks toward the young man. "Then an escape through some variety of the same. I'm thinking, north to south. Take advantage of the length of the property."

"Pietro gotten onto your bad side?" Tony teases. The speedster was actually a good friend of his despite all of the bickering that went on between the two of them on a constant basis. "Hmm, sandwich of spikes. I'll have to keep that in mind if I run of out ideas. I like the old school idea though Kaji. Keep the ideas coming!" Seeing as his part of the conversation is actually showing various tests he's come up with, not wanting to give away too much to the anthro sitting nearby, he brings up some of the weaponry that may be used as well as locking mechanisms, and environmental situations. "The Avenger training room had 18 settings at one point and I took great pleasure in trying to find things that could either blast a room to bits or get close enough to knocking Pietro on his ass. Good times."
With Corrin jumping in with his list of ideas they seem to be flowing along the lines of what Tony wanted to throw at Kaji. Lots of different situations with different outcomes. "I knew there was a reason I wanted to look you up. Definitely the right man to go to for things like this." Tony nods for the proposed idea and adds, "North to South is perfect. Some buildings will be better for multilevel challenges that others but that is easily worked out."

Kaji shoots a glare over at Corrin at he lays out all that he has planned out before he just grumbles, "Oh you're just loving this, aren't you." He looks back at Tony with a 'What?!' expression on his face before he just covers that with a hand. "I should really stop talking…" He looks over at Tony before he says, "You know. If I survive this. I'm going to do something to you. I don't know what. But I /will/ do something." Probably bite his wrist again. That worked the last time. Not really.

"Wall of air," says Corrin absently, commenting on 'knocking Pietro on his ass'. "He's too fast — he'll avoid just about everything else. But you can't see wind coming." He sorts through the images of weapons. "Most of the challenges will be standard level, just varying in density of coverage and/or personnel. But a few surprises, some unusual things sprinkled randomly…" He lifts his head to eye Kaji. "Wolf. You have good hearing, don't you? And a good sense of smell." He'll glance at Tony, then back to Kaji. "How are you with heights?"

Tony can't hide the amused grin when Kaji comments on the information going back in forth. The inventor licks across his lip while checking out something that's come up on the table. "I'm truly afraid of whatever it is you'll do to me in retaliation. Then again you could find something that would drive me up a wall so I'll have to remember not to go too off the wall with this." Just enough to give Kaji a chance to learn a broad range of things but not anything that would seriously singe the mans fur off.
To Corrin he chuckles, "But how entertaining is air? Effective but boring you know?" As the others chat about sense of smell, hearing and if the wolf had a phobia of heights Tony works on a list of things that might work with the property that Corrin's found. Was a really nice find out in Jersey and could be contained quite well. Perhaps he could get some input from the other available Avengers and drag Theo into things as well. "What do you have in mind Corrin? A drop from death defying heights to the location as a start?”

Kaji looks over at Corrin and laughs slightly, "Why am I slightly afraid of answering that. And no. I'm not. Tony's seen me leap off cliffs." Granted, they're both daredevils. Then he switches his gaze over to Tony where he just lets out a scoff. "You? Not too off the wall? That wouldn't be the Tony we all know. And they might think you're going soft on me. Bring it full throttle. Just like you always do." He might thank him in the long run. But in the short run, there might be some lash back.

"Nope. I'm thinking of pushing him off a boat or a dock and making him swim in. He'll have to come ashore somewhere here," he taps the map at the north end of the Mile, "because there's industrial effluviant coming out into the water here." A spot slightly further south. "I doubt your wolf will want to touch that. There will be guard posts about here, here, here…" He taps various spots on the map. "You'll have to avoid them, Mr. Aldewolf, rather than engage them. They're there as much to keep innocents out of the range as to keep you in — but if one spots you, you'll lose points, and they'll warn the groups further in." He looks up at Tony. "I figure a point system, along with the physical challenge. You can lose with the former, even if you ace the latter. Keeps you honest."

"Hmm what's the possibility of rigging something in sewer access here," pointing out an area available about where Kaji could come ashore. "A gauntlet of sorts could be run to a point here," bringing up the first building on the mile then opening up the image further. "Gain access to this building and begin the trials. Despite all of the avoidance, getting object from point A to B there should also be a save the citizen sort of experience in a rather nasty situation in one of the locations." Reverting the image before him back to its original state he makes notes on an area to the right of the maps by typing one handed on a small keyboard that popped up for his use. "I agree with the point system. He could do very well in some aspects and not in others and if he fails something of more value we would need to address that in conference."

Kaji looks over at Corrin, and rolls his head back with an exasperated sigh. "Really? Pushed off of a boat?" It's not that he wasn't afraid of water or anything of the sort. It's just that the water's cold, and he isn't a fan of being cold and wet. Then he looks over at Tony for a moment, quirking a brow in a slightly annoyed manner. "This is beginning to sound like a game that I've played." Assassin's Creed anyone?

Corrin is considering Tony's suggestion of 'Save the Citizen'. "Could do, could do. I have a list of cops and military types who are willing to help play games, and I'm sure we could second a couple to the roles of victims. The others will be bad guys." He'll look up and grin at Kaji. "And don't think they'll go easy on you. They'll get bonuses for simply spotting you, and bigger ones for slowing you down or stopping you." Still grinning, he'll address the map of the building Tony's looking at. "That one has a sub-sub-basement level with access to the sewer mains. Was part of a bunker complex from the war. There's a chokepoint for an entry here." Tap. "Exit over here. No other accesses."

"Brilliant," for pointing out the structure of a particular building that will work well to start the proceedings off right. "Of course the officers will be armed with non lethal means but should they strike it will be quite obvious. Depending on the point of impact is how you would be incumbered in a battle so it's best not to find yourself coming to harm." As the officers will no doubt be assisting in ways where they will come to no harm whereas there will be Avengers in play that will come at Kaji no holds barred. "I think we've got a good start on this. I'm enlisting various mutant friends, Avengers and my company will be setting up everything needed. We just need to outline the event, game, what have you. From there a piece of cake! Of course depending on how things are going we may need to throw a few curveballs but best not to discuss that in front of the puppy." Which he means the nearly one year old German Shepherd that has wandered into the room because of all the talking. Seems Tony's a distracted now as he's taken to petting the dog instead of plotting Kaji's doom.

Kaji smirks. "Trust me. After having trained with Taskmaster, I'm pretty sure that no one is going to go easy on me. It's kind of a game right now for myself. 'Who'll be a friend, and who wants to kick my ass later.'" A sarcastic smile before he looks down at the dog, before he looks back at Tony, "This sounds like a total blast. Maybe we should contact G4 and record it for my audition for Ninja Warrior."

"I'm thinking paint ball guns for the officers, or something similar. In really obnoxious colors, like pastel pink and snot yellow." Corrin will look from Tony to Kaji and back, all mild-mannered, but his eyes are glinting with amusement. "We could color-code the problem areas that way. See where he's doing best by which color he's wearing least."

He'll look at the German Shepherd — dog! Then return his attention to the files. His hands sweep across the smartglass, bringing up images of different buildings. "Here's some other ideas…" Factories with booby traps. Warehouses with guards. "Maybe tokens dropped in various locations? Just to prove he was actually there… and to weigh him down, the further through the course he gets."

Ninja Warrior, right. Man is exposed to a buncha ninja's one time then thinks he can be the next star of Ninja Gaiden. Sigh. "I like the color idea but I'd rather not make him look like an Easter Egg." Meaning, Kaji is going to get hit with a lot of pastels. "Not a bad idea overall though. Perhaps I can figure a way to simulate an injury through that zone alone then when he makes it to another he has a clean slate." Definitely would need to color coordinate by zone to make that effective.
Athena has sniffed the strange man and avoided Kaji as Tony is sitting on the couch which is her favorite person and her favorite place to rest. She climbs up onto the couch to lay down placing her head in Tony's lap so that she can get ear rubs. The various additions to the other buildings are all very interesting and do-able. "Weighing him down would be a nice addition. I think the one set up where you've managed to disturb all of his heightened senses will go over like gangbusters."

Kaji looks over at Corrin, and rolls his eyes before he looks over at Tony. The disturbing of his senses gets his attention and he growls under his breath at that before he just flops down on the couch. The mutant is done giving them ideas on how to test him more.

Corrin hmms, and looks at the map. "We could put showers at various points, to wash off the paints in each zone. Or at least chemically render them transparent." He pulls the IPad over to himself and he makes some notes. "I have some other ideas regarding his senses, but I'd like to discuss those withoout having Mr. Aldewolf in the room. Surprise factor and all." He'll shoot a smile at Kaji and his flopping. "We'll do some high and low things. Make him come in low, go out high, and vice versa. Mazes. At some point, we'll warn the 'guards' and have them hunt him. How about spotlights?"
Huh? Hmm? Bad player. No biscuit.

"Honestly? I think we're trying to throw everything including an industrial sized kitchen sink into the mix, which believe me I'm all for, but we are going to have to trim things out to at least make it fair." Absently petting the dog Tony looks over all of the information Corrin brought with him on that IPad then sinks back into the couch looking pensive. "I think we've done enough for now, and I can set up another meeting with you where we can discuss specifics in my office. I will also need to set up a final meeting with everyone who will take part in the trials. Pepper will handle organizing information, and we'll go over each part of the course to make sure that everyone is prepared for their part. The goal to keep everyone safe, minimize structural damage, and to teach Benji a thing or two about the various things he'll have to deal with once on the roster."

The only answer from the mutant on the couch is a single middle finger lifted up and aimed at Tony. Kaji's still not fond of the nickname Benji, but he takes it with a waning smile.

Corrin nods to Tony. "I'm thinking two zones of outer guards, one as he comes in, one as he goes out. The bunker building, then some outdoor obstacles, including roving guards, another building, his search and find mission, yet another building. So that would be…" he ticks things off on his fingers. "Six zones? If you count each outer guard line as a separate zone, and the obstacle work as not a zone in itself."

Tony chuckles as he's told effectively where to go by his roomie here at chateau Stark. Athena is quite happily distracted by fingers running through the fur atop her head as Tony turns his attention towards Corrin. "I believe so. The general structure of events will work well as long as the 'save the citizen' is put after the thinking mans test. In some ways those will be the hardest obstacles to face as Kaji's already quite adept at handling physical confrontations." Towards his friend he waves an idle hand outward, "Not that I'm insulting you at all. Merely pointing out where you might have trouble in comparison to where you will probably make record time with very minimal point loss-age."

Kaji pushes himself up off of the couch, and starts to head over towards his room before he looks back at Tony. "I'm looking forward to this. Even if I'm being a jerk at the moment." As Tony makes that remark, the mutant flashes a smile before he closes the door behind him with a slight slam.

Corrin watches Kaji leave, then looks to Tony, eyebrows raised. "I'll send you some notes on surprises," he says, and he collects his IPad. "In the meantime, I bid you good luck with your acquisitions… and your victim." He'll grin and stand up. "This sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Thank you for including me in it!"

Tony watches Kaji vanish into his room and hears the tell tale slamming of the door. Then Corrin is going to be off putting an end to the meeting. "A lot has been ironed out already and I appreciate the work you've already put into it." Clearly disgruntled the puffy huffs when Tony moves her head to be able to rise from the couch to see Corrin to the elevator. "I'm sure everyone will have fun, even the wolf who's a bit fet up with me at the moment. It won't last long," Tony chuckles calling the elevator. "Thank you for your help, and I'll be in touch Corrin."

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