2010-04-26: Prescription Of Tv And Newspaper


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Summary: Nazca is /way/ behind the times.

Date: April 26, 2010

Prescription Of Tv And Newspaper

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Sitting by one of the windows in the rec room Daisuke is curled up with a pad and pencil and is sketching away. His mind is miles away from where he is his as he's just so focused on what he's drawing that nothing shy of an explosion could take him out of his focus. Well, not literally. He's dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans that are faded on the front part of the legs and a button down blue shirt with a tie and a fedora style hat.

As if sent to challenge Daisuke's focus (or perhaps just his patience) Chloe practically bursts into the rec room. With a large book tucked under her hand and an industrial size bowl of popcorn in the other she pounces upon what is, in her opinion, the best couch in the rec room. "Superspeed, natures way of making sure you never get the sucky chairs," she proclaims, mostly to herself. "What'cha drawing? Something awesome happening outside or just like nature and stuff?"

Chloe shuffles closer and frowns. "Movie? Nope I just figured I'd read and get a light snack in at the same time," she explains. "I've decided to better myself for fun and profit." She pauses a moment, then adds "What's with the whispering? Sorry if it's a rude question, but it's a little odd. Oh! And look shiny new hand." She holds her cyborg hand up briefly and wiggles the fingers, before putting it to use grabbing popcorn.

Daisuke nods at the hand and smiles. "That's great Chloe." Daisuke whispers before shaking his head. "Sinister, when he altered me, he just made my powers extremely sensitive. A bit stronger but now if I speak I end up using them." He says shaking his head. "I'm not even close to power that Banshee was but I have to whisper." He says as he puts his paper down and movies to sit closer to Chloe so they can converse. "How's the new hand?"

Chloe holds out the popcorn bowl. "It's… weird. Like having a phantom hand and a real one too," she says with a shrug. "But far better than doing without. So you whisper because if you talked normally we'd need new windows and I'd have the worst headache ever huh? That's pretty harsh. I hope you figure out how to control things as they are now soon."

"More than the worst headache, there's a chance you might bleed out of your ears." Daisuke says honestly with a shrug. "But I'll manage, I've managed a hundred times before and no matter what, I've always come out stronger." Daisuke flexes his arm as if to show he's strong, obviously a joke. "But I'm gonna be moving out of here shortly anyway, I have a friend who wants me to move in with her."

"Actually I'm pretty tough compared to a normal person. So I'd probably be okay on the ear bleeding front," Chloe says confidently, shuffling the popcorn about so all the bad bits sink to the bottom. "A nice place in the city? Probably do you good to escape all of us kids huh?"

Daisuke smiles and shakes his head. "Hey, I'm only 19. I'm still one of you kids." He doesn't think of himself as anything else. It's just a lot of his friends have come and gone and with Sinister, he's kind of distanced himself. "I'm pretty tough emotionally for a normal person? I guess it comes with being a student here for almost three years. But I love this place, I always will. It's the first place that's 'home' to me."

Chloe grins. "I hate to even think it, but this time next year I'll be older than you…. at least in me terms. Scary huh? People better not expect me to become responsable or anything. Where's the fun in that?"

"Well you won't have the years of life experience I do. Just the feeling of time." Daisuke says as he is a bit of a nerd, he knows how those thigns work. "I doubt they will until you're the age you are on the birth certificate. I'm not even expected to be responsable yet, but I kind of have to be."

"I'd have all the mental development that you'd get," Chloe points out cheerfully, beginning to munch on popcorn between words. "Plus Nietzsche said 'All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.' and I walk much faster than normal. Thus I'd /totally/ have had more great thoughts. Although I must admit most of his work is laaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee."

"Mental development is different than real life experiences Chloe." Daisuke points out. "You feel time and age faster, but the rest of the world moves at the same speed so aren't you hindered in education and learning experiences by that?" Sure Daisuke, ruin Chloe's fun. "Oh I love school work. If you need a tutor let me know."

Nazca peeks her head in, then the rest of her shows. Glancing around she takes a verbal catalouge "Comfy couch..Telle..this must be the recreational room…"

Chloe sniffles at Daisuke. "I don't /age/ faster," she says as if offended by the very idea. "I can educate myself. Basically all that stuff you're saying about real life experiences means is that I get proportionally fewer diasters for my education. Should balance out by this place having more disasters than a search on the Netflix diaster movie section." The newcomer gets a lazy wave and a very rapid head turn to see who she's waving at.

Daisuke gives a silently, whispery chuckle at the Netflix comment from Chloe. "I guess it all varies then." Daisuke whispers just dropping the subject. Then he spots Nacza and assumes she's a new student. "Hello, and yeah, this is the rec room. Kind of a popular hang out spot." Daiuske whispers to her as his voice never goes above that volume at the moment. "I just don't know what it's like to move at super speed."

Nazca looks fairly curious. "Netflix? What is this Netflix you speak of? Is it some kind of diaster recovery program?". She returns the little wave, blushing a soft touch as she does so. "Actually it's kind of relaxing, when the wind catches your hair and your really moving. It can be fairly fun. When you aren't running from something in particular, that is."

"Uhm…" Chloe says, giving Nazca an odd look. "I /despise/ computers and even I know netflix, you must be from somewhere odd?" Her head flicks around to face Daisuke again and she grins. "It's not the moving it's the thinking at speed which makes stuff weird. I'm just glad it's not time control I've got. Spend years training yourself, unlocking your full potential. Then can you imagine just how messed up that'd be if you slept with someone and gave birth the next morning? Majorly awkward."

Daisuke visibly shudders at that thought that Chloe puts in his head. "I don't even want to have kids, ever. I'd be a horrible father." Daisuke says in a whisper. He just has such bad memories of his father, that he doesn't think he'd do a good job. "I'm okay with computers, Netflix is a movie, DVD, rental site. And the disaster recovery program here is called the X-Men."

Nazca shakes her head "I don't think it's odd..I'm from Africa.". She looks to Daisuke, tilting her head a little "Hmm, I don't think that ships out to Africa. However, I've not heard of these X-men..it sounds like they are related to the school somehow though.". She settles onto one of the couches, bouncing on it just a touch, wiggling her rear until she's quite sure she's comfortable. "Ah, that'll do nicely." she states with a smile.

Chloe hmmms, then shrugs. "Popcorn anyone? Get some quick before it's all gone," she offers, waving the already quite close to empty bowl around. "So onto topics which are way less icky. For I suspect instant babies will be giving us all nightmares for weeks. Anyone recommend anything to read once I've finished this stupid Nietzsche?"

"Well what kind of books are you into Chloe?" Daisuke whispers. "I don't read a ton but I do like the Vampire Hunder D books if you like vampire stuff." He whispers, most of what Daisuke reads is from Japan though. "X-Men, well, they're mostly the adults around here. The supergroup that runs the place. Not all the teachers are X-Men but a lot of them are."

Nazca reaches out to take a handfull of popcorn. "Actually, I wouldn't mind being able to have a child like that. I've always wanted to have children, however it just hasn't ever seemed like the right time. It's like I've had a whole villiage adopt me, but it's just not the same as having one yourself. Letting your belly swell, talking to the baby while it's inside you, bonding with it..that all sounds like a wonderful dream. A little person, that you create..well, that does sound wonderous. Some of us though, just weren't meant to have children I suppose.". She hmmns. "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles was always popular at the school, though I imagine if your reading philosphy your quite a bit beyond Richard Scary. Perhaps that book, The art of war might interest you? I've heard it's a good read..but I've not taken the time with it honestly.".

"It's not about what I'd enjoy reading," Chloe explains, resuming her ultra-rapid popcorn eating. "It's all about becoming a better me. Hence philosophy, a dash of science and I was thinking a significant amount of martial arts. So perhaps the art of war might fit in nicely. Heather probably has a copy lurking around, seems like her sort of thing."

"Oh, speaking about martial arts, maybe read some of the books on Samurai, they are kind of neat. The Japanese have a lot of codes and honour that I always found facinating. But then maybe I'm crazy about my heritiage." Daisuke then stands up and stretches. "I have to be going though." The baby talk making him a bit uncomfortable but he does have to go.. "Nice meetin you and I'll see you later Chloe, I'm glad the hand is working out well." He whispers as he goes to leave the room.

Nazca eats the kernels of popcorn, one by one while Daisuke talks. She gives a little wave as he leaves, then looks to Chloe "So my name is Nazca, what might be yours? Are you studying hard here at school? It seems like you might get bored here easily."

Chloe snaps her fingers. "I'll look into Kendo. Then I can get some cool wooden swords," she proclaims. "Nice speaking with yah Daisuke, good luck with the volume control thing." Her attention flicks back to Nazca, diverted only slightly by flicking through a few pages of her book. "Chloe, nice to meet yah. Studying hard? Uhm…. Not really? At least not in terms of lessons and don't worry the frequent disasters tend to stop people getting too bored."

Nazca looks a bit concerned "Frequent disasters? What do you mean? What kind of disasters? I don't think a earthquake or anything has hit new york..your not expecting one, are you?"

Chloe beams. "Sure you want to know? It'll put you right off being here," she says solemnly. "Demons, kidnappings and not so long ago brainwashed students tried attack the school. Then you have Magneto floating around at night, he's not as evil as the media makes out, but damn does it give a girl a shock."

Nazca whimpers just a little. A soft unhappy sound. "Magneto? Who's that? Sounds like he has something to do with magnets.".

"I'm prescribing you a strict regime of television and reading newspapers," Chloe orders, waving her finger at what she assumes is the new girl. "He's like one of the worlds most famous mutants. Mostly for being evil. As for his power? Maybe, I don't really pay attention to the fine details. Short attention span and all."

Nazca rests her hands in her lap, shaking her head. "Well, I don't watch much on the telle. We've always been readers really, books and such. Not really into the current events going on around md too much."

Chloe flutter-blinks. "Okaaaaaay. You probably wanna change that now you're here," she assures. "Worst case you spend fifteen minutes a day bored. Best case? You know the undead are rampaging and have plenty of time to board up your windows and prepare for doom… Speaking of which I should read the zombie survival guide." A superspeed hunt for a pen ensues, one eventually being found in her back pocket, with which she makes notes on the back of her hand.

Nazca shakes her head "Well, I guess I'm just a glass is half full kind of girl. I mean, if it is a lovely day outside, why not enjoy it? We should have some nice days ahead, dont you think? Your not going to be happy if you dread what comes in the future all the time."

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