2010-09-06: Prickly Antics


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Summary: A workout session is mixed with some confusing antics.

Date: September 6, 2010

Log Title: Prickly Antics

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

The school day has come to an end, and most of Xavier's student body is in their rooms or upstairs. Vincent, the alumni, has decided to come back to the school for a few hours, despite the drive, and is found in the basement, in the gym. He stands in the middle of the gym, wearing a crimson T-shirt and black pants and shoes, with his head looking down his arm to the point of the saber he holds. Vince slowly raises his head to look at the bullseye he set up a few steps away, before taking in a deep breath and waiting for his own mental timer to tick to 00:00.

Enjoying the last non-school night of the year, as classes start on Wednesday, is Max Jordan, also known as Quill. Once in a while he takes things seriously and right now exercise is one of them. Dressed in his black and yellow Corsairs squad uniform the porcupine kid struts into the gym. "Someone's jealous that they don't have their own quills to poke people with!" He says joking around to Vincent as he starts to go through some stretches.

July steps into the gymnasium to see how hte other students are doing, and she smiles as she notices two students there. "Hey." the former student says, smiling and waving ot the two other boys. "Aim training?"

Vincent looks down from his target, lowering the blade until it's just above the wooden floor, then over his shoulder toward Quill and raises an eyebrow before shrugging for his response. Apparently he has nothing to say, either he doesn't have a reply, or chooses to not to say it. He smirks through, finding the remark pretty funny actually. Vincent closes his eyes at July's response, apparently the one quiet place is now the popular place. "Hey." He says to the girl before nodding to answer her.

"No Aim training for me tonight, just working out these amazing biceps!" Quill says flexing his arms with a grin and a little bit of a tough guy 'grrr'. The quills on his head and arms are pressed down against his furry self at the moment as he continues to go on to stretches. "So! Since I have not a clue in the world who you two are, I'm Max. Also known as Quill the coolest Porcupine of the Corsairs."

July chuckles softly at the introductions. "Nice to meet you, Max. I'm July." she nods, smiling and bowing lightly. "I used to be part of the New Mutants team." The brunette explains, smiling softly as she approaches the two. "Always nice to see new faces."

"Another Max huh?" Vince notes before raising his saber back up and pauses for a moment. "Name's Vince." he says before stabbing the bullseye dead on, and retracting his thrust. "What's the Corsairs?" Vincent asks, having been gone from the school longer than he thought. "And I've at least heard of the new mutants." The self healer says with a smirk before turning to face the two fellow mutants.

"I'm the true Max." Quill says with a grin and a affirmative nod as once he's done with stretching he starts going into pushups. He is a bit serious about his training if not anything else. "Corsairs dude! It's Goofy Goggles training sqaud. It's me, Kael, Chloe, Jill, Theo and Mikhail, I haven't met Kael or Mikhail yet but I hope their cool." He then stops his pushups and looks over at Jill. "And that's where you're wrong, I am not a new face. I am just an old face that is returned. I'm like a fungus, you can never be fully rid of me!"

July smirks at Quill softly, "I've never seen you nor your needles, so, yeah, new face." she winks to that, and smiles, "So Jill is in your team, huh? Tell her I said 'hi' when you get a chance to meet her. Nice girl, that one." she nods softly, before shifting her shoulders a bit. She looks at Vincent, then to Quill, and smiles, "My usual next question would be 'what are your powers', but I guess it's all answered already, hm?" she giggles again.

Vincent raises a questioning eyebrow at Max, before glancing at July and then back to Max. "Yeah, I'm sure. Never heard of them still." He states with a shrug before he walks over towards the wall and slips the saber into the scabbard leaning on the wall, and slinging it across his back. "So what're you doing down here?" Vince asks over at July.

"Wow, where have you been then Vince? Seriously, I was a Corsair before I left the school." Quill says as he's not sure what the deal is with either student. "And needles? I do not have needles. I have Quills. There is a difference between the two." There's an over exaggerated sigh from Quill as he moves into a sitting position. "Jill is cool, but you assume you know my powers…so Ms. July, what are they?"

July chuckles softly at that, and shakes her head softly, "Just came here to check the library, and now I was just walking around after finding what I needed." she says to Vincent, before glancing at Quill and smiling again. "I never said I know about your powers. I merely said that the questions were answered." she shrugs, "but if you do want me to guess, I'm saying it's more than just looking like a human porcupine. My guess would be that you can also throw those quills of yours. Am I right?"

Vincent props his hand against the wall and pushes off back to the middle of the gym, slipping the sheath into his belt loop on his left side. "Aren't you students supposed to go to the dorms for curfew or something like that?" Vince asks, with a hint of sarcasm and mockery. When he gets to the middle he puts his hand back on the hilt of the saber and stares at the bullseye once more. "I've been away since before you showed up probably." He says to Quill, and raises both eyebrows, hoping to see if he can throw these quills of his.

Annalisa jogs into the Gymnasium, wearing what is essentially her Excelscior uniform, except cropped at the shoulders and legs to be more akin to a workout outfit. Her blonde hair is tied into a sporty-ponytail, and she looks sweaty, like shes been running. She takes a few breathes as she stops inside, and glances about, spotting a few people she didn't recognize and a few she did. "July!" She exclaims!

"August!" Quill yells in response to Annalisa yelling July's name. He then looks at Vincent for a while before standing up. He flings a wrist forward and three quills go sailing into the target, two out of three hitting the bullseye. "See, ya hit the target to hit it. Unless you have some awesome power that allows you to stare at a target in order to get a bullseye. Hey, why do they call it a bullseye? Do you think they once practiced with real bulls and hitting the eye was like 25 points or something?"

July turns to look at Annalisa and smiles, "Hey there, Anna." July says, waving to her friend, ignoring Quill quipping the oldest joke about her name she ever heard, but then she arches one eyebrow at the comment about using real bulls. "I don't think that's the real origin of that." she then shrugs, "Sounds… not feasible, really. Wouldn't the bull just trample them all?" she rubs the back of her head.

Vincent doesn't flinch when Max flings quills past him. Vince looks over his shoulder, slides his foot towards the target and lowers his hand to the hilt. Still looking at Quill, Vince draws the sword and with three quick flicks of his wrist and a large flourish to slide the blade back home in its sheath, a triangle of paper falls to the floor. "What wise words." Vincent says before picking up the triangle, and holding it up, three points of the triangle, just inside the three quills points.

Annalisa hurries over to July's side, and holds her arm snuggly. "Who are these two? Is something going on? I'm confused…I couldn't follow his talking…" She says, using her spare hand to twiddle with her bangs idly.

"But how would he see who to trample when he's stabbed in the eye?" Hrm….hrm?! Quill grins at July before Vincent does his display of blade skills. "Oooo you're the triangel killer! I get it. Leaving your calling card with your prideful triangle of justice!" He then looks at Annalisa and bows. "These two are Canadian Royality of the Mutant Embassy come down here to test Xavier's to see if they're worthy of being a part of the Ultimate Mutant Club, complete with our own ice skating rink and bowling team. That's right, bowling. team."

July uh's softly as she looks at Quill and Vincent, as she wraps an arm around Annalisa, "I… don't know? I'm wondering if I'm somehow wandered into the psychiatric area of the medbay?" she says, arching one eyebrow, not understanding Quill AT ALL.

Vincent has trouble not following Quill but finding words to respond with. He looks over to Annalisa and July, giving a bow to the two women, holding one hand out, and holding the sword behind his back. "This, definitely isn't the med bay…" He finally speaks to and acknowledges the two females in the room. "With the other eye." Vince says as he raises from his bow and smirks over towards Quill. "Now are you just gonna throw pins and do push ups all day or what?"

Annalisa stares rather blankly at the pair, and leans up to whisper to July. "Are they new?" She asks curiously, and then returns to her position, watching the scene more then participating.

Having heightened hearing, Quill can hear Annalisa whisper. "Hey, you! Blondie! Ya know if you do have any questions about who or what we are it is polite to ask. I know I'm all intimidating with the Quills but my Mother did teach about manners, on occasion I do listen to her but..anyway, no I'm not new here. I had to leave for a bit but now I'm back, so I'm a new, old face to answer your question about me but not directed at me." He then looks over to Vincent and grins. "Ooooo, wouldn't you loooove to know what else I might do today. There's just so many options."

July leans toward Annalisa a bit to hear the whisper, but when Quill apparently hears the whisper, she finds out that the guy also has good hearing, "Um… believe me, your looks are *not* doing any of the 'intimidation' here." she says, shaking her head softly at that.

Vincent snickers softly, "You're not that intimidating." Towards Quill and catching the whispered question based on Quill's response, "I graduated a while ago, I'm just using the facilities because they're quiet and I can work on my talents without worrying about freaking out the humans." Ironic as he looks like a normal human even to those with trained eyes.

Annalisa scratches her head a bit, and nods. "Unless you do something to freak out humans here too. Thats totally possible if you do something bad." She turns to July, and suddenly looks a bit nervous. "I've been having these really weird dreams."

"You are such a liar." Quill says to Vincent. "Anything with Xavier's and quite is complete and utter bull." He says joking around before rocking back on his heels. "Weeeelp! I think the weight room is gonna be a much better place to practice so I'm gonna take my leave now." Quill says as he gives a wave to the three. "See ya later Triange Killer, Fourth of July and Anti-Social Blondie!" And with that, he goes to leave the gym.

July arches one eyebrow at Quill as she watches the guy leave. "I barely met him, and I already think I don't really like him." she says, watching the departing porcupine man, not minding if he hears it or not, before looking at Annalisa and smiling a bit, "So how are you doing, Anna?"

Vincent raises an eyebrow and an arm towards Quill as he leaves, and then looks over to July and Anna "Yeah, it's hard to find a place to just train and practice." As he leans against the wall and rolls his neck before slumping to his butt. "So what do you two have planned?"

Annalisa leans up against July, and sighs. "I'm okay, but I'm a little weirded out by these dreams I've been having. I'll have to tell you soon."

July blinks to Annalisa, "Dreams?" she asks, but then she's calmed by the girl saying she'll talk about them later. So July turns to face Vincent and smiles, "I don't know. I just came here to check the library, and I was thinking about hitting the Danger Room to train my powers a bit, perhaps." she shrugs softly.

Vincent nods, eavesdropping on the two, but just because they decided to talk near enough to hear. Then July turns to him. "Danger Room. Sometimes those holograms are too unrealistic and it's best to use your own imagination." He notes having to go for a long time without the room.

Annalisa shakes her head slightly, and seems nervous as she speaks. "Sometimes they're a little -too- real. And you end up feeling bad for vaporizing them."

July smiles and reaches to stroke Annalisa's hair as she nods, "Yes, but, for my powers to work correctly, I need to train my reflexes. So I need real, touchable things so I can be sure i'm dodging or avoiding them." she grins softly.

Vincent looks up at Annalisa and blinks at her innocence, but he refuses to say anything out of politeness sake. "You can always ask a fellow mutant to help you out." Vincent says leaving a little hint for July.

Annalisa shrugs a bit, and nods. "I do the whole, classes thing, but I'm kind of afraid of melting July in there." She pokes July in the side playfully, and smiles.

July giggles softly at the poke, "It's… complicated." she tells Vincent about Annalisa. She smiles though, and shrugs, "I need to have stuff coming at me so I can actually train my reflexes and doge, y'know? The rest… it's pretty much as good as it can be." she says.

Vincent grabs the hilt of the sword still sheathed and swings it from where he's sitting to try and hit July's shoulder. "I was trying to plant the idea that you could ask me." Vincent says before motioning to the bullseye still hanging in the room. "And melting July, is that what you do?" he raises an eyebrow at Anna.

Annalisa giggles a bit, and shakes her head. "Just sometimes a side effect, really. I make fire. Mostly."

July doesn't dodge. She lets the sword hit her in the shoulder as she smiles. "If you do, I'll have to ask you to remove the scabbard." she winks, giggling a bit before leaning toward Annalisa and kissing her cheek. "Annalisa here can control fire."

Vincent blinks, not sure if he should be watching this and averts his eyes momentarily. "I'd have it no other way." He smirks, then blinks at Anna. "No way. I used to joke and scare people that I could do that." He says blinking at Anna. "I'll even let you two spar and practice with or at me in you need."

Annalisa shakes her head slightly at the idea of joking about it. "Its a lot scarier when you actually set someone on fire…" She states, leaning up against July, and smiling as her cheek gets pecked.

July chuckles gently, "I'd love to spar with you sometime, Vincent." she nods gently, and then she smiles to Annalisa and holds the girl against her for a moment, "Anna here went through some rough times with her power."

Vincent nods towards July and Anna, "Yeah, I think we both did." Vincent says looking away from them and down to his boots. "But yeah, I'll spar right now even. And Anna, I'll spar with you if you would do me one favor." He says, looking back up and whipping the remorse from his face.

Annalisa perks her eyebrow curiously. "What do you mean by spar?" She asks, looking for elaboration.

July chuckles softly, "What favor, Vin?" s he asks, smiling, before looking at Annalisa, blinking a bit. "Spar, Anna. Y'know, a friendly combat?"

"Practice combat." Vincent says softly, "And I would want her to not hold back." He says looking up to Anna. "If you hold back, you'll regret it. And in all of my experiences, sparring all out with someone you know is the only way to not only prepare your body, but your mind for what you might have to do." The self healer lowers his head as he talks, the look of remorse crawling back onto his face slowly.

Annalisa shakes her head from side to side wildly. "Noooo, no way. No way. I'd kill you. Or at least burn you beyond recognition…" She clings to July a little tighter.

July chuckles softly, and hugs Annalisa gently, "Hon, don't worry." she says softly, and looks at Vincent gently, "She doesn't have a full grasp of her powers due to her trauma of almost killing some people with an accident caused by her powers."

Vincent raises an eyebrow at Anna and then to July. "I wouldn't offer if I couldn't handle it." Vincent says putting on a genuine smile. But he then lowers his gaze, understanding her feelings and tragedies.

Annalisa shakes her head again. "Its not just that…You don't know what my powers can do…what I can do…" She looks up at July. "I saw…in my dreams…"

July arches one eyebrow as she hears those enigmatic 'dreams' being mentioned again. "Oh? What happens in those dreams, Anna?" she asks, curious beyond normal now.

Vincent stands up and slides the scabbard over his head and under one arm before he bows once more. "Ladies." He mentions before he straightens up and walks away to the door. "I'll see you around."

Annalisa waves at Vincent and turns to July. "We're older…you're…naked, but your skin is different…Stuff is really dirty…I saw myself…on fire, flying…making whirlwinds of flame as tall as sky scrapers…Its just little pictures…"

July arches one eyebrow at that. "Naked?" she asks, curious about that. "And you're on fire." she hmms, "What happens in those dreams that got you so frightened?"

Annalisa giggles a bit, and her cheeks flush slightly. "Yes, naked. And I don't know…I just saw…what I'm capable of…"

July waves to Vincent, "Alright. See ya, Vin. We can spar, maybe this weekend? what do you say?" she offers, smiling to him, before looking back at Annalisa. "I see. I fail to see what got you so frightened, Anna."

Annalisa shakes her head at July. "Its not that I'm frightened, but its not something you can really use in a friendly spar…I would hurt someone. You know?" Her eyes drift over July for a moment, and she turns to hide her blush. "There were other parts of the dream I should probably mention in a more private place."

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