2012-12-01: Prime Sentinels In The Courtyard


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Summary: Prime Sentinels attack in the Courtyard and the residents of the mansion defend it!

Date: December 2, 2012

Log Title: Prime Sentinels In The Courtyard

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

This scene occurs at the same time as Prime Sentinels in the Quad

With the school being on lock down the atmosphere has been two things, quiet and tense. Most of the students have been holed up in the basement between the Danger Room and the Emergency Living Quarters. The teachers and the X-Men have been taking patrols of the area and advising the students to stay indoors. Not all of them are listening. It's cold outside and the predictions of possible snow have been reported. The time is now reaching eight o'clock at night and the sun has long since set. The artificial light brightly illuminating the area.

Being a part of the backup security team at Xavier's, Heather is not keeping herself indoors. She is wearing her full Timeslip garb and even has her combat umbrella strapped to her back for easy access and her goggles covering her eyes in case of snow. At present, she leans against the wall of the school, reading her cellphone screen with a calm expression.

Some ways off from the Xavier's front gate, a beat up old Pontiac GTO pulls up to a stop; an uncharacteristically quiet stop, given the driver's habits. Tabitha Jones spends a moment on her cellphone, texting a message to her girlfriend, before emerging from the vehicle. She wears a full length trenchcoat over a black suit of body armor, and the shape of a longarm can be seen hanging by her leg. The rat girl gazes at the distant gate to the secret school, and for the time being there she stands, looking around and waiting.

Christopher has been one of the teachers on patrol, having been the first teacher to hear about what's been going on. He's been alternating time between flying around the school and spending time in the danger room. Currently he's on watch. After flying a few circles around the grounds he lands in the courtyard and walks around. "It's 8 o'clock and all is well." He mutters to himself. It's getting closer and closer to the end of the day so maybe they're lucky and the attack isn't coming this evening.

Warlock has been trapped in doors all day like the rest of the students, but since his time with the Purifiers he's got issues with feeling trapped so has just slipped into the grounds to remind himself that he isn't. Dressed in his black and green DR uniform he has the lower ninja-style mask attached to the shirt that pulls over his nose and mouth pulled down (warned of danger might aswell be dressed for it) and is skateboarding down the path towards the courtyard.

Hildegarde is presently wandering the grounds, checking the perimeter of the school for anything odd. She turns the corner and comes to the edge of the courtyard, glancing around and spotting Timeslip not too far away. Hilde is dressed in her "Panzer" uniform, the black and camo outfit not standing out too well against the night. Satisfied that there is not anything too odd hapening quite yet, Panzer decides to head deeper into the courtyard. She stops near Timeslip and sets something against the wall with an audible clank. A glance will reveal that the woman was carrying a large black iron rod, the type typically used to crate holes for fence posts.

The door to the Mansion closes in a soft click as a prim Bostonian voice replies to Christopher, "It has always been my opinion that when people ask for luck, it often comes… as bad luck." Emma Frost, present and accounted for, dressed in her usual business attire save for the addition of a white leather gun belt that has hanging from it a disturbingly large pistol of some rather exotic make. That extra weight does nothing to take away from her saunter as she moves those heeled boots to stand front and center, close to the statue of Jean Grey, "Forge is in the base structure, ensuring all systems are nominal, and the rest of security is set for any intrusions along the outer perimeter we miss. Short of calling several X-men to support us… we are as reasdy as we can be."

Hosea is armored. He isn't as unsettled as he is undecided. He desires to be with Sophie, concerned for her safety, but he is also needed here. His Prophet suit is reinforced with the armor provided by the school, and he is ready. He sits at the edge of the school property, hidden in a tree high above the ground level. Night vision goggles are on his eyes, but his ears are his largest ally in this darkness, and in the wooded surrounding. He crouches on a branch, still as a statue, listening and waiting for the unknown.

A sound similar to a jet Engine, a lot of jet engines, fill the air and soon it's apparent why. A large number of humaniods fly into the area, all with blue bodies, a pink sort of mantel that runs up the side of the face. There has to be a few dozen of, for those who recognize them, Prime Sentinels. They aren't the large, twenty foot plus forms that are usual for a Sentinel, they're not much bigger than a human. A dozen of them break off and fly towards the courtyard, they don't touch down but just start spraying the area with a barrage of force blasts. Aiming for anyone and anything.
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Heather draws her umbrella, furrowing her brow slighty at the appearance of the Prime Sentinels. She glances about, wishing that she had a heavier, harder weapon to protect herself with, but that's only for a split second. Her edges begin to blur as she concentrates on bringing her speedshift to its highest multiplier, dodging away from one of the stray force blasts and looking around to get a grasp of her surroundings. No sense in rushing when she can use her best resource: tactical reasoning.

Tabitha is far enough away that she isn't in the direct line of fire of the force blasts… but certainly close enough that she can hear the roar of engines and see what's going on. The rat's jaw drops, before she curses up a storm, and jogs around to the trunk of her car. She wrenches it open, and reaches in to withdraw a rather large rifle — a barret light .50 that Rocket was kind enough to provide her with. She assembles the barrel and slams a magazine into place, and works the bolt with a loud *ca-click*. Then she's on the move, gauging the distance to the school — five hundred meters — while getting herself ready, in case the opportunity to safely fire at the aggressors presents itself.

As soon as the Sentinel's fly into the area, Christopher flies up into the air to start sending blasts enveloped in a glowing corona of light. He doesn't concern himself with attacking the Sentinel's right away but protecting those on the ground. He emits a solid barrier of light with his hands to form a ceiling above those on the ground to deflect the force bolts.

Warlock brings his skateboard to a stop as he spots the incoming Sentinels, "For f*** sake", he pulls up the mask and kicks the board to one side as the blasts start coming running he spots the barrier above giving him a second to think what he can do to help.

Panzer looks up as the sound grows, frowning when the Sentinels appear in the area. "Well…I guess this is what they were talking about…" The woman glances back toward Timeslip but she is already gone. Turning back toward the Sentinels she lifts up the iron bar like a lance, aiming it at the nearest enemy. She appears to be about to hurl the object when she sees two of the Sentinels aiming at her. Panzer ducks and prepares to be struck, but when she looks back up she sees that Christopher has managed to block the attack. The woman nods a thank to the other teacher and begins running toward the opening of the courtyard, hoping that maybe she can draw a few of them away from the mansion.

The big white gun is drawn from Emma's belt, and she calmly aims it up towards the back end of the Prime Sentinel formation sweeping over there, "These are Primes… they are people who have been partially converted with nanotechnology. Do not expect them to be nice or play fair… and do not expect any last moment reprieves for them." As the trigger is pulled on the weapon… nothing happens… instead several turrets come to life along the mansion's rooftops, following it's course. She depresses it, and that causes a quad of weapons to begin spitting hails of energy fire at one of the Primes doglegging the group, "Just inside the door are two crates of construction rebar, Miss Von Reigenlief, Mister Corvus. I suggest you make best use of them."

Hosea glances up, not having expected to find the fight in the air. "Contact in da air, 10 o'clock," he radios back to the others. He teleports straight to the rearmost sentinel, grabbing for the back of the altered human to change his flight course, hoping to send the rockets he is firing toward his allied sentinels rather than toward the the ground below. Hosea doesn't have any rockets of his own, so he might as well use theirs.

Six of the Sentinels stay in the air. Two of them turn on Christopher, one firing blasts at him while a second tries to come up behind him to punch him unexpectedly. The remaining four in the air continue to fire down on Heather, Tabitha, Emma, Warlock and Hosea. The other six land on the ground to being their attack, but are instantly met with a barrage of fire from the school defenses, it slows them a bit but doesn't stop them. Black scortch marks appearing on their armoured skin. One Sentinel runs at Tabitha head on firing force blasts towards the rat girl. Two Sentinels try to catch up with Heather, firing blast after blast at her. Destroying benches, bushes, trees and more behind her. The Sentinel Hosea grabs, turns with the throw and comes around to try to flying punch him.

Heather dodges and moves to avoid the blasts towards her, turning on her heel back towards them to use a classic trick, getting between the Sentinels and hoping one of them fires while the other is in the line of fire, dodging at the last moment. She draws her umbrella once past that point if she is successful in passing between them, glancing about to try and take note of who seems to be having the most difficulty to try and support them.

A sentinel charging towards Tabitha changes things. The rat girl skids to a stop, having come most of the way to the school; she's still perhaps a hundred meters out by this time. She dives to one side, landing on the ground and rolling to avoid a force blast, then straightening and rolling the other way to avoid another. "Damnit," she hisses. She raises the barret light .50 and couches the weapon against her shoulder; she barely has time to aim, but she can at least be assured that her angle won't send the round into the school, so she fires, sending a powerful round down range at the sentinel with a defeaning report and a brilliant muzzle flash. Afterwards she pushes herself sideways, evading another incoming attack, before working the bolt to eject the spent shell and load the next round.

The shield is dropped as Christopher has to put one around himself but he's barely able to stop the blasts that hit him before the light shield dissipates. He starts to fly so that he's weaving in and out of the Sentinel's sending a few of his own light blasts back towards the Sentinels. He's trying to make him self a target, a hard to hit target, but a target none the less to distract them. "Careful they're not the only things in the air!" He shouts to Tabitha as the rocket barley missed him.

Warlock isn't too worried about himself as Christopher drops his shield as he's got his personal one but wanting to do his part to keep everyone else safe he does as instructed by Frost and heads though the doors to check out the rebar, taking a deep breath he swaps his shield for strength and picks up the piece that looks like it'll do the most damage.

Panzer changes her running direction upon hearing Emma mention the rebar in the mansion. She may be able to use that, but first they need to cut down on the enemy numbers outside. She holds up her iron bar and chucks it into the sky like a spear, flinging it with tremendous force toward one of the sentinels in the air. Given the fact that she is running and aiming at a distant moving target, she is unlikely to hit her mark.
Hilde begins moving toward the group of Sentinels on the ground that are not currently chasing Tabitha or Heather. The woman jumps into the air once she is close enough to the group, leaping up several stories and coming down in the middle of them. She lands in a crouched position with a loud "WHUMP", her body sinking into the ground a few feet before the earth around her shatters in a spiderweb pattern and collapses into a crater several yards in diameter.

Despite all the energy blasts flying around her, Emma remains in her singular pose, sideways and pointing forwards with the targetting pistol. She sights in on another Sentinel on the ground, and turns the toggle on the side of the weapon. This time, when she releases the trigger, instead of a paltry little quad of energy guns firing off, the heavier mansion plasma guns light up, and four of them aim in on a targets, as she says so politely, "I have been trapped for the past month in legal proceedings. You have attacked my integrity. You have attacked my company. You have attacked my character. Now… you attack my students and my home. With all considered politeness… I am now offended." And something in her eyes goes as frigid as her voice, "Very. Offended." And with that she lashes out with a precision barrage of mental bolts, neural chaff designed to mess with the organic minds mingling with technology.

Prophet loses traction as the sentinel spins, and reaches to catch the arm as it becomes a punch. What Hosea has no way of knowing, however, is that the punch is far more powerful than any normal human strength. The result is that while Prophet has managed to avoid being punched, the punch launches him away in the air, crashing into the small branches of the trees below them. Is he down? Hardly. Seconds later the teleporter reappears near the same sentinel, upward momentum carrying him directly toward it's face with a palm strike, leaves and twigs still shedding from his impact with the trees. "Dey are vedy strong!" he calls over the radio. "Be careful."

Dirt kicks up from the blasts that keep missing Heather. Their processors are trying to keep up with the Speedster but just seem a split second behind, creating some very close calls. The Sentinels are able to dodge out of the way of Tabitha's shots, firing their own blasts at her in return, especially while she's trying to reload the Barrett. A blast finally hits Christopher as a few Sentinels try to shoot him out of the sky. The rebar thrown by Panzer is thrown wildly and ends up in the grass many yards away, but when she jumps and lands, it causes a few of the Sentinels to fall back and become easier targets for a bit. The blow from Hosea hits the Sentinel and causes it to fly backwards a few feet but doesn't stop it.

Heather grimaces at the close calls, these things have better reflexes than she would have thought. The speedster tries to get near to one of them, taking a swing with her umbrella, trying to use her momentum to keep the thing off balance. She replies to Hosea on the radio, "They are also very fast. They are almost keeping up with me. Stay alert."

Tabitha jams the bolt of her weapon back into position, and just in time to, as she has to leap to evade a barrage of force blasts. THe rat girl breaks into a run for the mansion, seeking the cover of the outer wall. On the way she aims the barret again, skidding to a halt and dropping to a kneel just long enough to look down the barrel; this time she leads her target, aiming just in front of hte sentinel she's got picked out before firing. She doesn't wait to see if the shot hits; instead she's in full motion once more, charging towardsthe wall. She carries the barret in one hand, while her other snatches the longarm from underneath her trenchcoat; a G36, which she aims at the Sentinel most focused on her and fires, sending a spray of bullets, while keeping careful not to hit any friendlies of course.

Christopher screams as he's hit and falls out of the sky and lands on the ground. He groans, pushing himself up to his feet, shaking off the injury for now. He doesn't care if he's bruised or bleeding. "You're not going anywhere." He says to one of the Sentinels. Using his light powers, he grabs a hold of the one that Tabitha aimed at, making sure he can't move away from Tabitha's fire.

Warlock grabs a couple of rebars and takes a deep breath before running outside back into the fight, doing his best to dodge out of the way of the blasts he gets as close as he can to any low flying Sentinels, he uses his strength to leap up and try to stab the bars though the back of the sentinel with all the force he can muster.

Panzer stands upright, shaking dirt off of herself and looking up at the Sentinels she knocked back at the top of her crater. She chooses a target and rushes toward it, stopping suddenly as she is struck by a force blast from one of the others. The woman cries out and stumbles sideways slightly, shaking off the blow quickly and switching targets to the one that attacked her. Panzer charges toward the Sentinel and aims a twenty-ton punch at its chest.

Holstering the pistol, Emma just casually and smoothly walks through the cacophony of battle, and when the first waves of the dampener hits her, she just smiles. Looking around, she gives credence to the amount of respect her dangerous reputation gives her. Christopher's pain is gone, not feeling his wounds more than aches as she pushes him into a fresh and potent rush of endorphins. For Warlock, she adds some precision to his blow, helping him coordinate into a more lethal strike. Tabitha finds her awareness of all the individual targets sharpened, her senses muted some and the world slowing slightly as the White Queen jacks up her reaction time as far as the human physiology under the rodentine will go. Heather's mind moves too fast for her to catch to, but Panzer and Prophet are both given the impression of where to hit now, mustering up some teamwork out of some strange instinct.

And in the middle of it all, Emma Frost shines like a white beacon, putting a hand on the pedestal of Jean Grey, and saying with a bit of a smirk, "I know, I know… you would have cheerlead Scott and his boys up here like no one's business and settled things… no need to rub it in you self-righteous bitch."

Hosea's forward momentum is eliminated by the impact with the Sentinel, and he begins to fall again. He glances up at the sentinel, still up and running, and decides to take another approach. As his speed begins to pick up, he teleports again, this time behind the sentinel, his momentum carrying him downward, grabbing for the head so that he can wrench the neck of the prime. He isn't totally certain whether breaking the neck of this opponent will work or not, but he expects it to be his best opportunity to end the fight.

The umbrella connects sending the Sentinel off it's course and into another one of the sentinels. Tabitha's shot connects since the sentinel doesn't have a chance at dodging from being held in place by Christopher's powers. Shortly after it's shot, there's a beeping noise and the Sentinel explodes. Warlock's rebar stabs through the Sentinel with a spray of blood before it starts to beep and explode as well. The Sentinel is punched by Hilde and it's chest is dented, but under the chest armour the creature is quite squishy. It then charges Hilde to return the punch. Hosea grabs onto the Sentinel's head and pulls back until it breaks. It would be at this point Hosea would realize that these Sentinels were once human.
From all the remaining sentinels a low thrum starts to emit as the mutants will feel their powers being dampened. They're not being suppressed fully but their powers aren't at their full potential.

Heather's edges stop blurring, and she returns to being locked at her base speed at the thrum, and she glances around. If the sentinels were keeping up with her before, this is not working much better. She zips over towards Christopher to check on him, and to support him against any incoming sentinels, dashing out and smacking any that come too near with her umbrella.

The pain subsides and Christopher finds it a lot easier to focus. He nods to Heather. "I'm fine, just because I'm a culinary teacher doesn't mean I'm weak." Even with his powers being dampened he's still no slouch. "Get behind me." He says as he puts out his hands to wrap one Sentinel in light and starts crushing the creature.

Warlock knows that feeling, "No no, no you f***ing don't!", he pulls the rebars out and throws one like a spear at another nearby Sentinel before jumping at another as his explodes hoping he's powers are still strong enough to get him away from the explosion and far enough to jam the bar he's still holding into another sentinel.

Panzer grabs hold of the Sentinel's fist as it tries to return her punch, stopping the attack dead. The woman frowns as she looks down and sees that the Sentinel is actually pushing her back. It appears she is becoming lighter as the dampeners go into effect. She turns suddenly, the Sentinel's fist still in her hands and heaves forward, trying to fling this slightly damaged Sentinel into one of the others on the far side of her crater.

"Christopher." Emma says calmly, "We need to end this quickly." And she links her mind to the teacher, and acts as an amplifier and targetting system for him, giving him the necessary mental presence and focus to be able to target and deliver lethal strikes to them from points discerned as vulnerable. Pointing towards the Panzer and Prophet, she adds, "You two, pull back and focus your efforts… do not relent." And though Heather and Warlock are not looked at, her voice seems to carry to them specifically, "Work together to take the ones on the edge, keep them corralled here. You have speed on your side, both of you."

As Prophet releases the Sentinel, he tries to teleport. It doesn't come so easily as it normally does, and he tries again, just narrowly escaping another collision with the trees below, something that can't be said for the dead sentinel which crashes through the foilage after he is gone. He lands sprawling across the ground in the fight with the rest of the defenders, and finishes the sprawl with a roll to a crouching position. He shakes his head, glances at his hands, and then realizes what is occuring. No more airborne battles for him right now. "Dey are doing something to my powahs," he comments. He looks for a sentinel focused on someone else. At Emma's prompting, he makes a mad dash for one of the sentinels near Panzer, and makes a concentrated teleport behind it. Breaking the neck worked once, so he decides to go for the same kill shot. He was never one for theatrics and flashy moves. If the enemy is dropped to the ground, that is all that really matters.

Before Christopher is able to fully crush the Sentinel, it starts to beep and then explodes. The explosion catches Warlock but even though he's hit it doesn't stop the rebar from stabbing into another Sentinel. The Sentinel in turn pulls out the rebar and hucks it back at Warlock. Panzer and the Sentinel exchange a few punches before Hilde is finally able to toss it away. Hosea on the other hand isn't exactly lucky. Having used this trick before, as soon as he teleports behind the Sentinel, he finds that the Sentinel turns and fires a few force bolts at the teen.

"I was more concerned by your being hit and the distance of the fall, than thinking you weak," says Heather, following Christopher's instructions and watching his back for a few moments before hearing Emma. She nods and zips towards the outer edge of the fray to try and keep the sentinels herded inwards, swinging her umbrella hard at any who get in her way.

Tabitha becomes a blur of motion under the influence of Emma's powers, as her powers of agility are jacked up beyond what she's normally capable of. She manouvers herself almost lazily, avoiding force blasts and putting up a barrage of fire from the barret light .50; report after report split the air, until the barrel is glowing hot and the last shell lies spent on the ground beside the rodent girl. She reaches for her slung G36, and is just raising it when she needs to move out of the way again; which she does, but all of a sudden… just not as quickly as she was before, as the Sentinel's damping kicks in. The blast catches her right in teh abdomen, and though her armor takes the edge off, she still ends up with a rather painful looking… crater. Her lips peel back as she shrieks, and she goes down on one knee for a moment, clutching at her side. She remains at that position, before raising her weapon once more to fire, emptying it as well at the nearest Sentinel. Hearing Emma's overall instru

Hearing Emma's overall instructions, she gets up, and with a ragged breath forces herself to run, making her way to where Hosea is fighting. On the way she rips a magazien that was duct-taped to her chest off her armor and jams it into place; once she's close to Hosea, she… abruptly vanishes, appearing again a little ways behind another Sentinel, and open firing on it from behind!

Christopher looks at Heather and smiles. "I feel great." Emma blocking his pain makes him feel fine and he doesn't realize how bad he might be. "I think it's time for me to Shine." He flies back up right into a mass of a few of the Sentinels and it seems like the area around him gets dimmer for a few seconds before a blast of lights bursts from Christopher, lighting up the sky, as he attempts to hit several Sentinel's at once.

As Lock is caught by the explosion he's sent flying towards the earth, just managing to tap into his flight a few feet off the ground, "Speed?, wrong Corv…", he cut short by the thrown rebar going though his stomach and knocking him to the ground.

Panzer turns in time to see Hosea being shot at by a nearby Sentinel. She moves toward it to attack but stops short as Tabitha pops right in front of her. "Who is…?" But her thoughts are cut short when she realizes the Sentinel she tossed is back up and rather unhappy. She bends down and picks up a large piece of fractured earth, hurling it at her opponent. Her abilities may be severely weakened, but the woman is still capable of lifting several tons it seems.

When Warlock is struck, Emma winces as the pain echoes down the channel she's established with all the people here. But she forces that to the side to help Christopher as much as she can. Much like she did once with one Bobby Drake, she goes in and she pushes, dragging out every last erg of power from the new bright star in the sky as she growls out under her teeth, "My only regret is none of you will live to suffer enough to recompense me for this slight. Now kindly fry… all of you."

Hosea phases to avoid the blast, but unfortunately, his reduced powers do not aid him in this matter. The force knocks him clear back, and he goes flying through the air. He finds himself slammed against the wall of the mansion, and falls to the ground. "Dat…was not expected," he grunts, struggling back to his feet after the blow. He pops his neck to one side. That impact hurt quite a bit. Even someone of Hosea's size and constitution is a little unsteady after such a strike, readies himself again, but takes a moment of respite to catch his breath before jumping back into the fray. He reaches down, and picks up his choice of weapon. A rather odd on perhaps. It's a fistful of dirt. He phases, concentrating, and then teleports back to the sentinel he just took his licks from. This time, he is directly in front of it, and his fist forward, attempting to place the phased hand into the chest of the sentinel, and then release that dirt. If it works, the sentinel will suddenly find its heart clogged with dirt as it unphases from Hosea's hand. Not exactly the most pleasant way to die.

Tabitha will find she has the same problem as Hosea, as soon as she teleports behind the Sentinel, it's prepared for it. Before she can do anything, the Sentinel starts to fire it's blasts at her. Any bullets that do hit, just ricochet off of the armoured skin. Christopher has more luck on the other hand. With Emma boosting his power, the light grows brighter and brighter and the explosion of light leaves only four of the Sentinels still standing. Hilde throwing the earth at another causes it to fall to earth and then self destructs in an explosion. Hosea manages to take out another Sentinel with the dirt. It doesn't die instantly from the dirt becoming one with it but it causes it's self destruction to go off in another explosion. Leaving just two Prime Sentinel's still standing.

Heather focuses for a few moments, furrowing her eyebrows as she attempts to stop time, hoping that less Sentinels will mean less impairments of her powers. However, she just manages to slow it a lot, granting her a few seconds of extreme speed where she dashes at one of the Sentinels, attempting to use the power of the momentum to smash its face with her umbrella before time returns to its normal state. She seems rather weakened by the invokation of her most draining power, though, and is breathing heavily once its complete, though she backs off in case this sentinel decides to explode.

Tabitha certainly finds teleporting to be much more difficult than the last time she tried it. She's already pulling the trigger as she dematerializes, of course, and the first few rounds she fires ping off the sentinel in a rather impressive but ultimately futile display; apparently lacking the punch of the .50 cal sniper rifle, the G36 just isn't adequate. Instead of assassinating the sentinel, Tabitha finds herself being fired upon; she vanishes again, only to reappear close to where Warlock is laying on the ground. "Hey, I—" she gasps loudly, and drops to one knee, dropping the gun as she clutches at her chest where there are two ragged holes, straight through front and back. "Shit," she gasps. She grits her teeth, fighting back the darkness; her hand reaches out to grab Warlock's wrist, and she growls with the strain as she forces her borrowed powers, suppressed as they are, to go off one last time. Warlock and the Rat vanish, reappearing just inside the mansion lobby, beneath a window; and there, Tabitha keels over backwards and collapses, eyes rolling up in her skull as she passes out.

Once he's done with his blast, Christopher floats down to the ground next to Emma. "I don't know how much more I have left in me." He admits. "To hell with it, there's only two left." He uses the last bit of effort he has to send a large light blast at one of the last two Sentinels. As soon as he sends the blast out he falls over unconscious on the spot from a mix of his injuries from the hit he took and the fall and that he was pushing his powers to their utmost limits.

Hosea's eyes go wide as the sentinel starts to beep, and he reaches up with his large foot and gives it a solid kick to drive it away from him, and him away from it. As it explodes, he catches the impact, sending him back and landing flatly on the ground. Unconscious? No, Hosea is awake. That doesn't mean he's still in action though. He takes a deep breath, wincing from the pain, and mutters something in Igbo. He lifts his head to view the surrounding, and lowers it again, trying to gain his strength. There is still a fight, however small, and he would like to join it to assist the others. His body, however, is denying him that option.

Warlock starts coughing as the windis knocked out of him when he hits the ground, trying to get into a sitting position he finds the source of the sudden pain he recieved before he hit the floor but he doesn't have long to dwell on it as he's suddenly teleported into the school, still unable to get up he tries weakly to remove the bar.

Panzer winces and cries out as something hits her in the back and leg. She had heard gunshot and thinks for a moment that the rat-girl had shot her, but a quick glance in that direction confirms that she was also hit by the ricochet. It looks like Christopher and Hosea have managed to take out most of the remaining Sentinels, but there is one left. She spots her iron rod not too far off and limps over to pick it up before hobbling as quickly as she can toward the remaining sentinel, intending to ram the metal rod through its head once she is close enough.

Emma puts a hand on Christopher's shoulder, a bead of sweat on her brow, despite her being unharmed. She's damping the pain of everyone within reason, keeping in touch with everything going on, and says, "Christopher…" Before she draws the targetting pistol once more, and sights in on one of the last two Sentinels, "Lady's choice, yes? Besides… I need you in tip-top form… I've been without a proper manicure and touch-up for a few weeks now. I'm simply beside myself with a lack of proper care." The trigger is released, and eight of the still-functioning house weapons focus fire on that Sentinel, sending an firework's display of laser fire, plasma bolts, and even a fireball at it!

"Bastion. Mission is a failure, my team is down. The target has retreated." The Prime Sentinel says shortly before a metal bar collides with it's head. When Emma hits the button the final Sentinels are blasted to bits by the schools defenses. As soon as the last Sentinel is down the dampening field is lifted. Even though the battle is won, they're still not without their casualties. It seems that some of the Sentinels from other ares of the school are retreating. Things are a mess, parts of the mansion and dorms are destroyed and the front courtyard doesn't look like much more than rubble. Surprisingly, the Jean Grey Stature is relatively unharmed.

Heather kneels down once the last sentinel goes down, breathing hard. The strain of the timeshift without full use of her powers was probably not a good idea, but she stands and gasps out, "Does anyone require assistance to the medbay?"

Panzer releases the bar she has jammed into the head of the Sentinel nearest her and looks at it puzzled. "Bastion?" The woman tries to back up as the robot prepares to self destruct, but with a bullet in her leg she can't move quite as fast. She holds up her hands to shield herself from the blast, getting a few burns on her arms from the explosion. Hilde pulls down her arms and lifts a hand to her shoulder, feeling pain there. She feels something odd and looks down to find her iron rod had been blasted out of the robot and into her shoulder. She gives out a cry of surprise, but finds that the injury does not hurt as much as she imagined it would. To Heather, "I…Think I can make it on my own. Hosea I believe needs help."

Cutting off the two, Emma says, "Nicholas Gerhardt, Shania Morgenstern, Ahmed Nasir, and young Mister Taylor are all in the Quad and need medical attention. Northstar and Surge have the other half of the perimeter locked down, and Cable routed a group that was attempting to set up a reinforcement base just outside the property. Forge says we have lost seventy percent of the defensive weapons, and most of our sensor capacity." Helping Christopher's form up, she hefts him rather deftly and begins walking him towards the mansion, "Go help the wounded, hot coffee is already on in the kitchen, and there are pizzas in the oven for anyone who needs food." Pausing with Christopher's limp form by the door, she then snorts once more, "And no welcome home for me. Typical."

Warlock raises a hand and waves in the direction of the door, "Howdy" and passes out.

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