2009-04-24: Primetime Tension


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Summary: Some of the residents of the Xavier Mansion are up late.

Date: April 24, 2009

Log Title: Primetime Tensions

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Atrium

The Atrium is large room with four corridors leading off in diagonal directions to the classrooms and dorms. A large window looks over the front courtyard. The Atrium has also been turned into a social area for students and teachers, with chairs, tables and a television set. Since its a main area of passing, it is encouraged that people keep things to a respectful volume.

Evening at the mansion, and the most boastful telekinetic is sitting in the atrium, since the student dormitories are places outside the main complex now, the X-Force members get to stay in the professor's wing. Julian is sitting in a chair, looking at the TV, no remote in his hand, it's floating in front of him, pressing buttons telekinetically. He settles on the news, a broadcast of what happened during the alien invasion is playing, though it's not very accurate.

Having fallen asleep upstairs, Eddie's not made it back to his dorm yet. Dressed in shorts and an X-Force t-shirt (current line-up), he's even got his backpack with him. When he hears the sound of the television, Eddie jumps a bit. Once his eyes adjust, he smiles though. "Hey, Julian," he greets, making his way over to sit down.

Vladimir is doing one of his night wonders around the school he enjoys this time of night since most times he does not run into anyone. Tonihgt he wonders into the Atrium and stops hearing the TV and spot Julian a member of the X-Force and all around jerk but that goes with say vlad about the X-Force members. He spots Eddie but does not say anything just watches the two and sees if he notice.

Julian's cobalt blue eyes look at Eddie's T-shirt and he can't help but laugh. "Nice shirt, Eddie. Didn't even know what that Brian guy looked like until now." He mentions, they never really see each other, which may be a good thing. Wether Julian notices Vladimir, it's not known yet. He may be ignoring the technopath.

Eddie smiles. "Thanks. I made it awhile back," he says with a smile, flopping down next to the telekinetic. He doesn't seem to notice Vladimir yet either. "I only met Brian about twice. Seemed nice. Smart too."

Vladimir leans against the far wall watching the two thinking he could not do this in bright red and white and that makes him smile. He folds this arms and watches the TV listen to the news.

"Really? Well he may be of some use afterall." The telekinetic looks to his friend. "Hey Eddie, you see that guy close to the back of me?" He asks, it's hard to sneak up on Julian, years of training have made it hard for someone wearing all black in a room illuminated by a bright TV set to do that with him. Since black doesn't reflect light, it's easy to see a void in the general blue color on the walls in Julian's peripheral. "Give ya two guesses on who it is." Julian's head doesn't move, but his eyes, his eyes do point as close to Vlad as they can.

Eddie nods. "He's got some interesting powers from what he told me…" he trails off. He's not looked back yet so he's not sure anyone else is in the room. "Huh?" he asks, looking back. A frown crosses Eddie's face he sees Vladimir. "Hello…"

Stepping from one of the side corridors, steps Laura. Lifting her chin, her green eyes flicker across the room towards the inhabitants already. While she wasn't trying to hide, she was moving quietly. It didn't quite hurt that she was barefoot at the moment, either. Regardless, she starts to move towards the others, turning her eyes first to stare at Vladimir, then towards Eddie.

Vladimir smiles as both notice him he knows he was made but 1 out of 2 didn't see him not as great as he would like but still not bad, "so you spotted" he pushes off the wall and walks over to other two. He gives a friendly slap on the back, "Hey man." He turns to hellion and offers a hand, "nice to see you again. You gave me a lot to think about after the last meeting."

It's not hard to see the scorn in Julian's eyes towards Vladimir. The embarrassment to the Hellion's name in Julian's eyes. Looking towards the technopath, he doesn't accept the hand from the younger mutant. "Oh yeah? What did ya think about?" He asks, then his eyes see Laura. He remembers her from months before, almost a year now it seems. He offers a nod of the head to her as she makes towards the group.

Eddie winces as he's slapped, frowning. He keeps quiet as Vlad and Julian speak, glancing at the TV. Then he spots Laura. Things slow for him a bit as he remembers his initial encounter with her, one of the first and most frightening people he met at the mansion. Going pale, he lets out a squeak and falls off the couch. Recovering, he scrambles back a bit, just staring up at Laura.

The darkened room didn't seem to be giving Laura too much trouble. Weaving through the set chairs and everything, the small nod was caught out of the corner of her eye, and she pauses, turning her attention towards Hellion and inclining her head towards him, returning that small nod with a dip of her own. And then Eddie falls like that. Turning her eyes towards him, her eyes narrow in thought, a slight frown tugging down the corners of her lips. "…what is your problem?" she demands, her tone of voice low and a bit growly.

Vladimir sighs as Julian do not take the hand and thinks to him self. o 0 (yep jerk). This does not show on his face as he lowers his hand and smiles, "I thought about what you said about the colors and how I should take pride of the team I am on. I decides since this is something someone else would fight so hard for that it most be something very important so I going to put my oath aside and not worry about the colors while in my uniform. Hellions all the way. Right?"

Julian looks back to the technopath. Taking in what he says before speaking. "Exactly. Your team has a reputation to uphold." Vlad's gained some points in Julian's eyes now, but it still has yet to be seen. "Eddie, you alright?" He asks, wondering why Eddie's acting so weird.

Eddie just squeaks again in reply to Laura, scrambling back again. Swalloqing, a little something clicks in him and his scars flare up bright blue. Applying his boosting powers to Julian, Eddie's clothing suddenly morphs into a blue and white version of Hellion's uniform as he mimics the X-force member's power. The green aura manifests and Eddie forms a telekinetic shield around himself. Seems he's scared of something.

Laura's face was expressionless as she continues her stare down at Eddie. Eyes flickering over his form as he clicks his power on, she works her jaw, and turns away from him. Moving to the back of the sofa in front of the TV, she vaults over the back, and lands in a squatting sort of crouch on the cushions, away from any others who may be sitting on, her attention flickering to the television.

Vladimir had not notice The girl in the room or Eddie's reaction to her. He now blinks and looks back seeing Eddie, "dude you okay." He then spots Laura and smiles had not seen her before but never one to turn away from a pretty face. He waves to her, "Hey there. Are you a student?" He always felt dumb asking that question but she could be X-Force then again he does not see her on Eddie's shirt.

Julian looks to Eddie. "Really, Eddie. Get a grip. What the hell is wrong?!" He barks out, getting stern, not knowing why he;s so freaked out at Laura. Well, Julian knows what she's got working for her. But doesn't know why he's so freaked. "Haven't seen ya around lately." He says, looking to Laura, crouching on the couch, he moves the remote to her with telekinesis, if she wants to change the channel.

Eddie cringes, going through the usual breathing exercises he'd used to help get over the panic reaction. He glances up at Julian through the green glow for a few moments before lowering the shield. He keeps the mimicing though. "S-sorry," he murmurs. "Just umm…sorry. Got scared…" he trails off quietly. Climbing back onto the couch, he sighs a little.

"I've been away from the mansion." Laura begins, turning her head to glance over her shoulder towards Vladimir. While her stare fixes upon him, her words were intended to answer Julian's. She pauses, "I had to take care of something." she adds, her eyes narrowing slightly upon Vladimir. "I am a student. You are too?" she asks, her tone of voice still a bit low and growly. Picking up the remote, she clicks a pair of buttons, and the station changes to the music video station. A pause, and a wince from her, and she clicks the volume down a few levels, before extending her arm to offer the remote back to Julian. "Watch whatever you want. Or…" her gaze goes to Eddie, levelling upon him again. "…let's watch what he wants."

Vladimir Stills she what the big deal is sure he can see Laura got a attitude but what's the big deal he met tons of girls like her well not a mutant but almost the same thing. He nods and smiles at her, "I am a student. I'm Vladimir but most just call me Vlad and you are?" He looks at Eddie and smirks some, "Dude I standing next to the guy I going to get into a all out bawl with and your scared?"

Julian has felt the power in him increase with Eddie's power. He lifts up two fingers, the index and the middle. They grab the remote from Laura's hand, and the remote travels over to Eddie. "There ya go, man." He offers, trying to get Eddie's mind off of Laura. "Betcha took care of it alright." The telekinetic offers, he's intrigued by her amazing power, well, her mutation and the claws, yes. But just they way she holds herself, it's primal, and it's something Julian likes.

Eddie blinks a few times as it's suggested they watch what he wants, caught off guard. He reaches up to take the remote and peers at it a few times. He starts to flip through channels, not sure what's on at all. "Back…well…back when I first came to the school…I wasn't very…confident at all. Could barely talk w-without stuttering nearly every word. Since I'd just come off the street and I got dropped right into the middle of a crowd of people and I sorta freaked out," he explains to Vlad. Settling on old news footage of the X-men, Eddie looks towards Laura. "S-sorry. Sorry I reacted like that…wasn't expecting…and…sorry."

The psychic yank of the control out of her hand was unexpected, and that can be seen by the way Laura's green eyes widen as the remote lifts out of it to go to Eddie. "It's done with." she says to Julian, turning her eyes back towards the television, and folding her arms over her knees, evidently comfortable in the squatting crouch. Resting her chin atop her arms, her shoulders heave in a sigh. "Laura Kinney. You are Vladimir." Laura pauses, though, pressing her lips together, her brows knitting. "… I mean, what is your name, and how are you doing?" Laura says, without turning her eyes towards the others. Eddie's apology she brings up a hand and waves it away with a sharp gesture. "It's not a problem." she says.

Vladimir looks at Eddie as He explains and smiles, "It hard to believe you stutter but not the worst thing in the world." He looks at Laura and nods, "Yah Vlad Zinoviev. You have a pretty nice Laura." He not going hit on her like July but being over nice is not a bad thing, "So where are you from?" He moves closer and sits next to her and looks at the TV.

"Good." He says simply to Laura, he's never one to beat around the bush, very assertive. His cobalt blue eyes watch Vlad closely as he sits next to Laura. He's wanting to see her reaction towards this guy. Julian takes his seat back, in the middle of the two couches.

Eddie sets the remote aside as what appesrs to be a documentary about the X-men continues to play. "I um…okay…" he trails off, still a little wary of Laura but relaxing. He even stops boosting and mimicking Julian, clothing shifting back to normal.

The way Laura was sitting, in spite of her being, to put it blunty, a bit of a midget, gave her a height advantage over the others sitting like proper civilized folk. She turns her head to the side, her long dark hair dangling in her face as she levels her stare down on Vlad. "I have a pretty nice Laura? What does that mean?" she asks. She ignores his second question.

Vladimir pause some and laughs. His hand moves up and rubs the back oh his head, "oh sorry it late i guess I more tired then I thought. I what I mean to say is you have a pretty nice name. Laura is not a name I come across offend so it the type of name what will stick with me." He places his arms on the top of the back of the couch and spreads them out this allows him to stretch them out with out entering anyone's personal. He smiles at Larna, "So what can you do?"

The telekinetic continues to watch Vladimir, from what he's seen before, he views the technopath as a lesser specimen. He moves his head to watch the TV, but he still will move his eyes to look at the two on the couch. He's weary of this one, especially when he's next to Laura. Though not the other way around. Vlad just doesn't know what he's dealing with.

Eddie is pretty oblivious to what's going on not too far from where he is. He seems pretty engrossed in the show, especially when footage of Iceman comes on. As a commercial comes up, Eddie glances at the other mutants and blinks curiously. He doesn't speak up though, not sure what to say if anything at all.

Laura maintains her stare on Vladimir a few moments longer, her shoulders heaving with a bit of a sigh. Unfolding her arms from her knees, she reaches behind herself to take ahold of the back of the couch. Springing up from her crouch, she uses her hand on the sofa as a base as she literally flips back over the sofa, landing in a crouch both on her feet and on the floor behind the bit of furniture. Rising back up to

Laura maintains her stare on Vladimir a few moments longer, her shoulders heaving with a bit of a sigh. Unfolding her arms from her knees, she reaches behind herself to take ahold of the back of the couch. Springing up from her crouch, she uses her hand on the sofa as a base as she literally flips back over the sofa, landing in a crouch both on her feet and on the floor behind the bit of furniture. Rising back up to a stand, she brushes her hair over her shoulders. "Goodnight." she says, to all those gathered on the couch.

Vladimir whistles and claps slowly, "very nice moves. Good nice Laura have sweat dream." He waits until she leaves and looks at the TV seeing Scott on it and smiles some. He yawns some. What he was saying about being tired was not a lie. He stands and stretches some, "okay I going crash nice to see your two again" he turns and walks off.

Julian watches Laura perform her acrobatics over the couch. The elekinetic responds to her goodnight. "Later, Laura." Before paying attention back to the TV and the show on the X-Men. The telekinetic is tired himself, but his room is right down the hallway, not too far to walk.

Eddie actually smiles after Laura's acrobatcis. "Wow…that was cool. Goodnight," he says. "You too, Vladimir…" the scarred teen trails off. Settling back on the couch, he doesn't seem tired. But then again, with him ya never know.

Laura lifts her hand in a little wave towards the others. "Thanks." she says. Turning around, she starts back towards her room, but pauses at the window, lifting her chin as she stares outside towards the moon. Pursing her lips, she gives her head a shake, and carries on towards her room with a renewed vigor, moving a fair bit quicker now.

Continuing to watch Laura as she leaves, the telekinetic's mouth gives a smirk. Julian looks to Eddie after Laura leaves. "She freaked you out or something?" Hoping that his friend will tell him now that it's one-on-one.

Eddie remains quiet for a few moments before nodding. "Yeah," he admits. "Like I said…when I first came to the school…Dad brought me into the middle of this big crowd of people…Bobby, Ms. Dane, Ben, Art, Laura, some blond girl…I was nervous as it was, about to pop out of my skin. Then something happened…that startled me and I turned around and there she was giving me this look and I panicked…" he sighs. "And when I saw her just show up here after so long…I guess it all came rushing back and hit me a bit hard. Can't believe I'm still that pathetic," he murmurs.

Julian's words to Eddie don't sound as caring as some others would say in this situation. "Dude, you gotta quit that shit. You ever hear me talk me down like that? Hell no, and look where I'm at, because of it. You keep saying shit like that, and it'll really be true." Hidden behind the cursing and little harsh tone, is some words of wisdom…maybe. If it's one thing other than being into himself that Julian can be, it's being a leader. And it's true, he never dumbed himself down, or called himself pathetic, quite the opposite really. "I'm gonna crash, you take it easy Eddie." Tone switching to a more caring one.

Eddie cringes reflexively but stares at Julian. Scars flicker white for just an instant but Eddie doesn't seem to notice. When the older mutant finishes speaking, Eddie looks down. Taking a deep breath, he seems to decide something and looks up with a smile. "Okay, Julian. Have a good night," he says. "I'm gonna catch the end of this then head back to my room."

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