2010-01-17: Promise Of Hope


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Summary: Jono checks on Rashmi, and a pep talk is in the offing.

Date: January 17, 2010

Log Title Promise of Hope

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion — Library

Like most Libraries, this one has that respected quite hush about it. A desk to check out books sits next to the door, next to the desk sits a statue of an Orangutan with a sign saying Return your books or else. Row upon row of books goes up and down the room. In the middle of all the shelves are two computers for looking up titles and a group of tables for students to sit and study. Along the back wall are windows with padded window seating for students to read in quiet.

With the recent chaos that has befallen the Institute, the library is probably among the emptiest rooms in the Mansion, especially come the evening. This seems to suit Rashmi well, as it means she has a window-seat all to herself, and the ability to curl against the wall, the large window on her right seems a welcome change. Balanced on her knees, an old, well-thumbed copy of the Return of the King is held open, its contents quite clearly a restful escape for the young redhead.

His footsteps herald his arrival. While quiet, there is no effort to hide his approach, Jonothon's heavy boots sounding on the wooden floor. How'd he find you? Well, he found you in the Castle too, so it isn't a stretch to say he used the same method. Doesn't say anything right away though. Instead he comes over to look out that window, choosing the other side of the window to lean against so that he isn't looming over you. (Not that he's actually tall.) A shoulder to window frame, and hands in pockets. «Can't say he didn't deserve it, but that was a close miss.» Not so much chiding as teasing every so gently. Jono sounds so tired, and looks it too. Eyes are sunk into dark shadow, only accented by the fall of his hair.

"…I didn't want to hurt him," comes the quiet, weary voice behind the book. "Just… make him stop talking… I guess… they figured that would be enough."

Jonothon can't actually sigh, but he goes through the motions of it regardless. If there's room he turns himself around and sinks down to perch on the edge of the window seat. Leaning forward, he puts elbows on thighs and hands between his knees. «Can you tell me what happened?» Already knowing you didn't want to hurt anyone, Jono decides not to focus on that. «Don't stress it if it's too soon. You don't have to.» He would like to know however.

"What part…?" The book lowers, revealing a face streaked with tears, deeply puffy and hollow-looking eyes, hair left to hang almost like a stage curtain in front of her face. "Where we saw Lucas had destroyed the theater… burned people to death… Where everyone got captured? Where they took Robyn off to…" That sentence, she can't even seem to finish, and she simply shakes her head slowly. "Where Dallas heard me plan to 'sell us all out…'" And there, Rashmi displays her remarkable ability to vocalize finger quotes, "Or where Jordan freed us, all on his own, and is probably being hunted by those things, right now?"

Leaning to one side as you reveal your face, Jonothon roots about a pocket and offers you a wad of Kleenex. It is safe to assume that he has not used it. Yes, the man came prepared. «Yeah, that part.» Meaning? The whole thing. Jono doesn't really need to hear the details. His goal is to get you to talk. If you get some of this out you can begin to heal. «How you feeling about it?» Don't worry. He's pretty much angst proof by this time. «Beyond the obvious I mean.» The puffy eyes are a dead give away.

Rashmi takes the wad of tissue with a small nod of thanks. "I know it was a stupid idea, Jono… And it got everybody hurt…" Her head lowers, as she scrubs at her face with the Kleenex. "…But I had to. Not… just because of Lucas, but… for all of them. I knew… I *know*… that they could fight it, if they wanted. That we can get to them, past everything that made them so horrible. And… I was *right,* Jono… Jordan broke us out… And I *fought* Lucas. Fought him the only way he couldn't handle… And for just a couple minutes, I got through to him…" The book is set aside, her head falling down onto her knees. "We can *beat* them, Jono… We can get them back… so why do I feel like such a criminal?"

Jonothon nods to you as you speak, agreeing for the most part. Chiding you wouldn't help right now anyway. He doesn't say anything, for he wanted to hear this. Needed to know how you are feeling to get a grasp on things. «Because you care.» That's why you feel like a criminal. «Because you are a human being with a heart and mind. Mostly because, from what I've seen, you're a good person. Poor judgment, but that doesn't change the other aspect.» Teasing you just a little, sorry. «You felt you had to go, and your friends got hurt for it. Some of them badly. The friends now possessed are hurting too, and you can't save them. Of course you feel like a criminal. You feel guilt for all those things that happened, and all the things you couldn't do.»

There's a long, long moment of silence as these words are taken in, chewed on. "…It's stupid," she begins, lifting up the book at her side for a moment, before letting it fall back to the window, "but… these are my favorite books. Not because they're fantasy, or classics… but… there's a message in them… That no matter how bad it gets, how much you go through… As long as you can keep hope, it's going to be okay." She lets out a deep sigh, leaning against the wall. "I *really* believe that, you know. I really, honestly believe that everyone could be good, good people… If they just want to be."

«Why is that stupid?» Hope isn't stupid. As bad as things get, that's one thing Jonothon has always had. He simply wouldn't exist if he didn't. After all, he holds himself together through sheer force of will. That requires hope. «Gel.. it will be okay.» Assuring you quietly. «It won't be perfect, and I doubt it will end pretty, but it will be okay in the end. I know it's hard to see it from where we are, but people are trying to stop this wrongness. People are out there right now trying to free those who are controlled. Help those who are trapped. I know it's hard, but keep your hope. It's the best thing you can give those friends who got hurt. They need you, even as you need them. No one blames you, but you.»

"…And Dallas," Rashmi corrects, her voice heavy. "He was one of my first real friends here, you know…? But it's like… Every time I say anything that isn't part of that… that black or white…" She shakes her head, dabbing at her eyes. "He just *immediately* acts like I'm the worst thing in the world…"

If Jonothon could smile, he would be. That sounds so very familiar. «That's because he's got issues, Gel, not because there's something wrong with you.» Tired enough that it leeks through his words, his mental voice none the less sounds of humor. Sardonic humor, but hey. «I've only just met the bloke, but there's some big issues going on inside that head. He's putting on a show to hide what he really feels.» A pause and he looks at you again, still hunched forward. «A sad part of life is that some friends don't stay that way, and no matter they may claim otherwise, it's no fault of yours. I still say that no one blames you, but you.»

"And he thinks he's being so clever about it, too," she murmurs, voice wry. "He's as bad as Lucas sometimes…" Letting out a shaky breath, she looks up, managing a small, if genuine smile. "…Thanks, Jono… I mean that."

«They always do.» People like Dallas thinking they are smart. You thank him, and Jonothon shrugs. «I know it's hard, but don't take Dallas' words to heart. Lucas, and the others, will be freed. It's a matter of time. Always is.» Making it sound far easier than it is. He's no real issues to how messy this will get though. «Think you could go down and see Robyn later? Alone time is good, but right now he really needs not to be alone. He needs to know that his friends aren't going to abandon him because of what happened.»

Rashmi nods slowly. "I'll… try. And I will go see Robyn, soon. Just… I want to spend a little time by the pool, first. Just… you know… in case the skies open up, and God just sort of drops Lucas in my lap, all cured." With a shrug, she sets the book aside, standing up. "It's silly, I know… but… I can always hope, right?"

Eyes show the smile he wears, even if he lacks the lower face to show it better. «Sounds like a plan.» Jonothon approves of such hope. «I'm not asking you to ignore your own wants and needs, gel. Just don't hide forever.» With that he rises to his feet, leather jacket creaking. «You take care. I'll be around if you feel the need to rail on at someone.» The offer is easily made, and it's pretty much the same offer he's made everyone else.

Rashmi turns, pulling the curtain of red hair over her shoulder, bunching it in the middle as is clearly a habit, when her hands are idle. "I don't hide, if I can help it. But… just, sometimes I have to let people decide when they're okay to come to me, you know? And, I will… You get some sleep, Jono… I think we'll be okay, now that we're back and safe."

Jonothon nods his understanding. He's someone who hides, so assumes others do too. «I figured you needed time to cool off.» Came after seeing that the boys were okay. «I will when I can. Gel, just keep in mind something important. Things will be okay again, but they won't be the same. They can't be any more. The thing that won't be easy to see at the start is that this doesn't mean that's bad. Things could turn out to be better for what's occurred. Keep your hope strong. We all need it.» A nod of farewell and he adds a «Cheers.» before taking his leave of you.

Rashmi smiles, nodding as Jono passes by. "Cheers," she replies, and turns to the window, looking through it and beyond, to the ominous glow of the night sky.

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