2011-03-26: Prospect Park


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Summary: A lot of interesting people are in the park on Saturday.

Date: March 26, 2011

Log Title: Prospect Park

Rating: PG-13

NYC- Prospect Park

Located in the center of Brooklyn is Prospect Park. There are many paths circling the park for bike riders and walkers. You can rent a boat to take out on the lake, or stand on the shores to fish or feed the ducks. Many colors can be seen in the sky where the hill is in the center of the park from the many kite flyers. There can always be found a few peddlers in this area selling kites to those who wish to partake in the fun.

It is a warm Spring Day in New York City and deciding to stay out of Manhattan for now as he will be there later to meet director at a movie premiere. Jordan Mayfair decides to take in a quick workout before heading to his apartment in the city for a quick shower, change, and date. Dressed in designer sweats, the handsome young mutant attorney jogs around Prospect Park near a path around the lake. He has a Bluetooth in his ear and speaks into it as he jogs, "Crime…Bribe..Judge..Lawyer…etc etc." His limo and staff members are by the other end of the park ready to take him home when he is done.

Ahdi squats by the edge of the lake in his civilian garb, white T-shirt, blue Jeans, and moccasins. Despite the attempt to look normal, he can't quite pull it off. The tattoos on his face and right forearm, the wild look about him, and the fact his hair falls past his rear and is in danger of scraping the ground as he squats, all then to make the ATjadni Hunter stand out. Currently he has the straight blade that he usually wears strapped to his inner thigh in his right hand. There is a long rope tied around it, coiled between his feet with the end held in his left hand. After a short moment of scanning the water, the native boy lets out a puff of air and snaps his hand forward lightning fast. His knife whistles off into the water, vanishing from sight as it jerks rope along behind it.

"Anna!" The sharp call rings out over the park, the feminine voice carrying well. A large chocolate colored Great Dane bounds down to the water's edge, long tail waving happily until she hears the voice of her human. Suddenly, the large dog stops, sliding a little in the grass, and looks back over her shoulder in the direction the voice came from. Just a moment or two behind her, Anita jogs along, frowning at the large canine, "I know we haven't come here in a while, but that doesn't mean you have to go running off without me." The graceful hispanic woman jogs up to the female dog's side and kneels, slipping a leather leash off of her waist and clipping it onto her collar as the dog whines, "Dodger isn't running off, that's why."
Then the dancer looks in Mayfair's direction, one eyebrow raising at the terse commentary, "You know, might not be the best thing to be talking about bribes and crime in the middle of the part, honey." For the moment, Ahdi isn't noticed. She has other things to concern herself with at the moment, after all. Like dogs…

Saturday in the park with Stark! Sounds like a movie but in actuality it's just a typical Saturday afternoon where Tony's escaped the Towers to enjoy a break with a good friend. Tony's wearing a bright yellow t-shirt with a dragon design wrapping around the back hanging loosely over a pair of black knee length cargo-shorts, red n'gold sneakers and a pair of dark sunglasses. In one hand he has a large covered cup of coffee, a backpack is hanging on one shoulder, and in his right hand is the leash that is attached to the collar about the neck of his one year old German Shepard. Walking with him as they idly talk about various interesting things they've seen in the week is Pietro Maximoff who is also sporting coffee and a very expensive pair of sunglasses.

Saturday in the park with… Jones? Patches? is also is in progress. Or more accurately, Tabitha is walking around by herself. The rat girl walks with her leather jacket hanging open, and her hands thrust firmly down into her pockets. A new looking pair of riding goggles perch on her forehead, and she's wearing a new t-shirt underneath the jacket as well; a light green shirt that doesn't cover her belly, and has some very tiny words printed across the bust. She boots a stone out of her way and off the path, and her eyes remain generally fixed on the ground in front of her, and not so much at what's coming as she approaches Tony and Pietro from the opposite direction.

Mostly because they were 'loaned' to him by Tony. More like forced to wear because he wasn't allowed not to be cool today. So Pietro is wearing an insanely expensive pair of glasses that he's praying he doesn't break, but mostly just looks mildly annoyed. Always tends to look that. The speedster is wearing jeans, a blue jacket over a pale shirt, and has a black scarf wrapped around his neck. More for fashion than chill. No bag, but he of course has coffee. "Tony, why am I able to see through people's clothing with these?" Actually, he can't. He's just hazing his friend.

Taken aback by the feminine voice, Jordan stops jogging and turns making a sour face and frowning, but that quickly turns into a smile when he spies the young Hispanic dancer standing before him with her dogs. He stares and smiles a few lingering seconds before turning his Bluetooth off and removing it from his ear, "Oh. Heh. Sorry. It's for a story I'm thinking of writing." He brushes that off and then looks between Anita's Great Dane and asks, "Wow. Nice dog. Is she friendly?" If it is an affirmative response, then he'll kneel down by the dog as well.

Ahdi glances briefly over his shoulder at all the people suddenly ariving in what had been a mostly empty park, and reccognizes quite a few of them. Mayfair he gives a little frown, but then his eyes fall on the dog Anita has with her and he half smiles before his attention turns back to the lake in front of him. Pulling on the rope connected to his throwing knife, Ahdi coils it up between his feet and hauls the knife up out of the water, a fish speared on the end of it. Quickly he pulls the knife from the fish and starts to clean the fish out with his knife.

Tony cuts a glance over at Pietro. "For as much money as I paid for those they should be able to do a lot more than see through people." A sip of his coffee is taken when he recognizes a few people off in the distance. Strangely enough he remembers who they are! Coming to a halt in the middle of the sidewalk the puppy automatically sits between the billionaire and the speedster. "So the gentleman in the jogging shorts over there I met when Tiger Shark rampaged a gathering awhile back," points to Mayfair then to the attractive woman with the Great Danes. "Anita, I've met also when Athena here was just a baby AND…" nodding in the direction of the lake to where Ahdi is cleaning a fish he pulls a face, "And that strange one is actually not from Earth but rather likes pancakes. Oh, and Tabitha's over there, see? The park is busy today."

The rat girl continues to walk along, looking much like something is eating up her attention. Her tail lashes behind her, and her ears lie flat against her head as she looks over her shoulder furtively. A sharp "Woof!" from Athena brings her attention forwards once more however, and she draws up to an abrupt halt. She looks down at the dog with her eyes having suddenly gone wide as saucers; and then her gaze climbs up the leash, to… "Oh. uhm, like, hi." She brushes her fingers through her hair in a failing attempt to make it look like everything is happening the way she meant it to. "Err… Mr. Stark, and uhm… Quicksilver. Right?" She shuffles her feet, and thrusts her hands back down into her pockets. "So uhm… having… a good time in the park?"

As one stops, Pietro sighs into his coffee. Such is life being a friend of Stark. Things always get weird, and he seldom gets the jokes. Or at least pretends he doesn't. Still, Pietro listens and learns names, but says nothing of this gathering that grows. Bright blue eyes are turned on Tabitha, and he arches an eyebrow. Those eyebrows really arch well. "Tabitha." Said in way of greeting. "So far. The aliens haven't descended yet to demand our digital television, so I'd have to call it a decent day." Now if only aliens would land and want to share dinner or something, instead of invading.

Kneeling by Anita's Great Dane, "She is a beauty." Jordan smiles but refrains from actually petting the dog unless Anita gives the go-ahead. The usually observant telepath suddenly finds himself surprised when he catches sight of all those gathered in the park. A large frown appears when he sees the alien using a knife to gut a fish in the middle of New York City. He shakes his head as he Ahdi being gutted like a fish. The frown disappears though when he catches sight of Tony Stark. He had meant to contact him the run-in with Tiger Shark at the fancy shindig. Guessing that Tony's friend in matching sunglasses is Quicksilver I mean how many young white-haired men hang around Tony Stark. He also spots Tabitha, but knows not who she is. Perhaps, now would be a good time to traipse through some minds. He attempts a general telepathic scan of those in the park for surface thoughts. Knowing from previous experience he cannot scan Tony's mind, he refrains from attempting the billionaire's mind.

There is a strange noise and something the size of a child zips past overhead. The noise diminishes and then seems to grow louder again as the entity circles back suddenly. Rocket Raccoon stops in the air above Tabitha and arches a brow, pressing a few buttons on his wrist and reading some information on his eyepiece. The Raccoon seems a little puzzled as he turns down his rocket boots and descends to stand next to the group. "Huh. By the look of you I would have sworn you were a half-worlder. But…I guess you're not…" He continues to type a few things into a tiny computer on his wrist before putting his hands on his hips and looking up at the others. "Good day to you." And then he notices the dog, which causes him to flatten his ears and back up slightly.

Anita said her piece to Mayfair and now is just focused on the brown dog beside her. It's only when he asks about Anna that she looks back up at him, her expression judging. Seeming to weigh him and know exactly what he's worth, though it's unlikely that she really can. She lifts one shoulder slightly and her expression changes to a proud little smile, "She's fairly accepting." Beat, "Dodger isn't, but Anna tolerates most people." That's… encouraging? Speaking of Dodger, the fawn colored male bounds over from the direction that the female members of his little pack came from, though he stops when he sees a strange man kneeling beside the other dog and his human.
The woman looks over in the direction of Ahdi when Mayfair's attention turns in his direction and one eyebrow goes up slightly, "Is he fishing… with a knife?" Who's ever heard of something like that? It's weird even for New York. She glances over in the direction of Tony and Pietro and smiles when she sees the dog sitting between the two men, "Hi, girl. Long time, no see." Of course the dog is spoken to first. People come second when she's not on the prowl, herself, "And how've you been, Tony. I see that Athena is coming along well."

Tony almost waves hello with the coffee but catches himself at the last possible second which turns out to be a good thing due to Rocket's abrupt arrival. "Nope, no alien invasions on the forecast just yet but speaking of! Hello, Rocket!" Tony seems full of energy at the moment which is going to lead to all sorts of trouble for anyone that decides to spend any real time around him in the near future. "Meant to look you up but you know how it is." Would offer his hand to the raccoon but he's not got a hand to spare. To Tabitha, "Nice to see you out and about short stuff." Teasing her with a smile when Anita calls out to him as well. Draining his coffee he tosses the empty cup away in a nearby bin, "Excuse me a second? Here Pietro!" Hands the leash over to his friend whether Pietro wants it or not then walks over to hug Anita. "It's nice to see you again, and she's doing great by the way. So am I, now." Step back, "Hello again Mr. Mayfair. Sorry, things are a bit crazy at the moment."

Ahdi drops his cleaned fish to one side and picks up his improvised fishing knife on a rope. Though he is content to let the world go on around him, it seems, he tracks all the people talking and walking, and even flying, behind him with his sharpened hearing. He refrains from turning his ears all the way up however, that could be painful in a place like this. Squinting at the water in front of him, Ahdi watches silvery shapes dart around in front of him, breaths in, out, and his hand snaps forward again. The distinct whistle-buz follows his knife into the lake, where it vanishes with a 'Plunk' to imbed itself in the side of another fish. The knife's weight drags the fish to the lake bed, and Ahdi starts to pull it from the water by the rope.

Tabitha's eyebrows rise. "I'm not short," she protests, "I'm exactly the height I'm supposed to be." At least she is grinning when she says it. "I uhm… well, anyway, at least there aren't any mutatns invading, I'm not my ability would be able to do anything about them. Unless they happen to be mutant aliens maybe." She shrugs her shoulders, and tilts her head to look up at Rocket, as Tony goes to talk to someone else. "What do you mean… Half-worlder? I'm from this world, and like… that's it."

Pietro is kind of bored honestly, but here just the same. Otherwise he'd be sitting at home grading homework, and it's Saturday. Really doesn't want to be inside on Saturday. Nothing extra special going on here. Idly amusing himself with the glasses he's wearing. Checking stock prices on the internet, and monitoring Avenger comm channels. As Anita approaches and speaks to the dog, he arches an eyebrow at her. It's New York. People are often rude. Like Tony! "…" As he's a leash thrust at him. The leash gets immediately handed to Tabitha, if she's still in range. "Would you take care of the dog a moment?" Hey, at least he asked. Not that he gives the girl much choice as he trails after Tony. "Your dog is back there." he tells the inventor. "I'm not your lackey to pick up your things." A little miffed? Yeah.

Mayfair's jaw drops when the talking Raccoon appears and then he blinks at its thoughts. When he sees Tony greet the thing, he shrugs, "I guess it's just raining aliens." Jordan smiles and in response to Tony, "Not a problem, Mr. Stark. I've been busy myself with some cases, but expect a visit to Stark Towers from me this week." He then looks to Anita, "Anita, is it? I'm Jordan." He has a befuddled look at Anita when he senses she is talking to someone other than Tony and himself. He shrugs as there is too much clutter going on here mentally and then adjusts mentally before looking between the dogs, the Raccoon, and then Ahdi, he thinks to himself he might as well as be in a zoo.

The Raccoon seems slightly surprised at the mention of his name. His optical lense can be seens flashing different colors in rapid succession as it scans through databases for information on Tony. "Ah! Mr. Stark, didn't realise it was you." And at the mention of Pietro's name the lense flashes a few more times until he pulls up the other man's information. "Yes I've been meaning to escape from Barne's once in a while but it gets hard with so much going on…" He eyes all the dogs with a bit of unease, especially the Great Dane nearest him. "I don't understand you people's obsession with those animals. One of them tried chewing me up the other day and his owner was MAD when I shot it in the face. I mean REALLY. I had my laser set to stun." He glances at Tabitha, "Halfworld. It's where I'm from. Everyone there looks like us…Except the humans…And the robots."

Ahdi hauls his seccond fish out of the lake, cleans it with a quick couple motions of the spearing knife, and drops this fish beside the first. Tracking names and voices behind him he mouths them so that he can try and remember who is who, methodicly readying his spear, and dropping yet another fish with apparent ease.

Surprise flashes across Anita's face for a moment when Tony hugs her, but she's certainly not one to complain about a little something like that, "Well, I'm glad you're doing good, Tony." She offers a sly little smile, "You know, you should come visit me at work sometime." And there's the wink. Of course she can't resist trying to lure in the richest man in the world, even if she does have her 'babies' with her. Then she looks over at the raccoon and frowns, "You shot a dog…" Blank stare, "And just what makes you think that you couldn't have just asked him to leave you alone?" Not that it likely would have worked, but still.
Then she looks at the others and vague confusion enters her expression, "Wait… He's really talking?" She's, apparently, so used to hearing animals that she doesn't think anything about talking back to them. Even when they're dressed up and flying around in the sky.

"Not recognize me? I must be blinding people with my shirt to detract any suspicion that I'm actually HERE." For every time he's ever come to the park he's been attacked by something is replied to Rocket as he hugs Anita. Whispering to her, "One day I may actually show up. Keep asking." Stepping back from the owner of the Dane's he acknowledges Jordan again, "Keeping busy? Excellent! Contact Pepper and make sure to get a time! We'll do lunch if I'm capable," he replies a bit smoothly.
Then Pietro appears at his side clearly displeased with being left in the dust a moment ago. "Oh?" The fact that Tabitha has the leash doesn't seem to phase him as he sets a friendly hand against Pietro's shoulder. "A-ni-ta…" he enunciates slowly, "This is my friend, Pietro. Pietro, this is Anita." There's a pat to Pietro's shoulder. "Yes, Rocket is really talking. No, you're not my lackey. I'll apparently be back!" Spinning about Tony goes over to reclaim his rather confused dog while calling out, "Good afternoon, Ahdi.”

Tabitha is left standing there with a leash in hand, as everyone more or less wanders off. The rat girl looks down at the dog. The dog looks up at Tabitha. The staring contest is on! At least until… "Woof!" Athena jumps up, and pants happily as she starts jumping up at Tabitha. "Hey!" declares the rat girl, as she starts dancing around backwards to try and avoid getting german shephard paws on her shirt. "No! Sit! Roll over! Play the piano! Stop jumping!" She's still dancing about when Tony returns, and the leash is thrust unceremoniously back into his hands. "Here! You take this. You know what to… I dunno, like, do with it."

Pietro's white head lifts as Rocket flies around. Paying the raccoon attention for the first time. Doesn't know the other, but is at least familiar with who he is. If in a vague manner. "Charmed." At being introduced. Sounds distracted really. The glasses are showing him read outs on things and he's curious. Huh! Didn't know that. Nor does he shrug off that hand, for all he would have with nearly everyone else. "You get used to it." Said to Anita about that Rocket is talking. "He's an alien." Or so the speedster assumes. Standing somewhat to the side, he drinks his coffee and tucks a hand into a pocket of his jeans. You know, because this really is an every day experience. He's seen stranger. To Rocket, he asks, "What brings you to Earth?" Well, if Rocket is close enough for that anyway. "This time." Should clarify.

"Well, I guess I attribute this to being a New Yorker. Avengers. Aliens. Mutants. Beautiful People." Jordan shrugs, "A day in the life of a New Yorker" and nods to Tony, "I'll contact Ms. Potts first thing Monday morning." Nodding to Pietro and Rocket, "Name's Jordan Mayfair. Nice to meet you" He says to the two and then turns to Anita's pair and plays with them, "Frisky, huh." He laughs as he pets the dogs.

Ahdi hauls his third fish from the water and cleans it, glancing briefly over his shoulder to call back to Tony with a grin, "Good day, Tony! Is much crowded sudden, am try keep low profile." Ahdi laughs quietly, then glances down at his three fish, judging the food they can provide.

Rocket shakes his head and flicks his tail in annoyance. "Ask them? They cannot respond. They don't really have brains, just teeth." This is said about the dogs. "If she didn't want me to shoot her dog in the face she shouldn't have pointed at me, screamed, and yelled "Kill it! Kill it!" repeatedly. That is not a friendly way to greet someone." One of his paws creeps toward one of the pistols on his belt as Tabitha is viciously attacked by Tony's dog, but he fails to draw his weapon when the other man takes control of the situation. He keeps himself readied as he eyes the dogs suspiciously. "And yes I can talk, just like this girl here can talk. Is it really so surprising?" To Pietro, "Got into a fight on Witch-World. Ended up here. Thought I'd stick around a while."

Ahdi concludes he has enough fish and stands. Coiling his rope around his shoulder he gathers up the three fish, and turns to start jogging for the cover of the trees, quiet as a ghost and moving at a steady 30 MPH.

"Good to know." Anita smirks at the whispered promise, "Oh, I'm going to keep asking, honey, don't worry about that." Her own voice is a husky whisper before she steps back a little, Anna laying down in the grass with her head on her paws looking, for all the world, like she's sulking. For her part, the dancer just seems to ignore the pouty dog, "It's a pleasure, Pietro." She manages to sound like she really means it, too. When Mayfair starts petting the Danes, Anna lifts her head and gives her tail a couple of friendly thumps. Dodger isn't quite as polite about being touched, though. The male gives a mighty huff and moves over to lean against his person.
Anita eyes Rocket for a moment, "They do have brains. How else can they be trained?" She should know, after all, "They're a lot more inteligent than some people I know." Especially the customers that go for the cheaper dancers. She shrugs one shoulder, "Oh, I'd expect to understand you." She doesn't elaborate on that, but it's as good as admitting that she's a mutant.

Tony has retrieved the leash from Tabitha and corrects Athena for jumping up on the poor girl. "Sorry, there's far too much excitement going on. She normally doesn't do this." Nor is she normally passed around either but he had to have an excuse to get Pietro over to meet Anita without being too obvious! "I'll take her over to the others to keep that from happening again. Maybe I can make it up to you later." There's a grin for Tabitha before he passes a twitchy looking Rocket who was about to shoot the puppy for being overly friendly. "The dogs aren't the dangerous ones around here, Rocket." Stops by the Dane's to say hello to them for he hasn't seen them in awhile and his girl is bouncing around trying to play with them while still attached to Tony via the lead. "So! I'm back," Tony exclaims as the caffeine races through his system. "Honestly thought I was dragging Pietro out for a quiet walk through the park. Should have known that wouldn't happen but best laid plans an' all that." A sheepish shrug of his shoulders.

Tabitha breathes out a sigh of relief as the leash is taken away from her. She brushes her fingertips over her brow, and shakes her head. "Thanks," she replies to Tony. "I'm really not very good with dogs. I mean I like them, I just don't know how to make them not treat me like something to sit on." She grins, and pushes her thumbs through her belt. "Make it up to me, hunh? That'll be something good to look forward to." She rocks back and forth on her feet. "That reminds me, I uhm… I've got like, something I need to give you. I'll have to pick it up from the apartment I was living in, in the Bronx, though." She tilts her head up to look at the raccoon, and coughs softly. "Yeah uhm… I wouldn't like… recommend that. I mean Athena was just being friendly and I was being a dorkus about it, that's all."

Pietro pulls the glasses down to peer up at Rocket. He's unphased by Kill it Kill it! Words are only words after all. "Perhaps you should apologize and you could go back." Maybe he shouldn't smile while he says that. The speedster isn't unmindful of others, and pushes the distracting glasses up onto his head, spiking his hair out in a few directions. This done he offers Jordan a hand. "I'm Pietro Maximoff." Said for both Jordan and Anita. (And look, he really totally fell for Tony's ploy.) Leaves off the other name. Doubts anyone much cares here. Honestly he doesn't mind when Tony steals the show. Pietro just hates feeling like a lackey. "Tony, the only time you manage quiet is when you have locked yourself in the lab." Teasing his friend. Kind of why he hangs around. It's never quiet with Tony on hand. And speaking of not quiet, the speedster eyes Tabitha in a speculative manner. What's that all about.

Still playing with Anna, Jordan grins like a little kid and when he turns to Dodger, he gets the hint from the dog not to pet it, so he continues to play with the Great Dane as he watches Ahdi scamper off, "Good riddance" he mumbles to himself and watches the rest of the gathering, "So there is a planet where raccoons are the dominant species? How interesting?" He feigns interest, but it is quite the opposite as he has developed a great distaste for aliens as of late, but then he asks Anita, "So what is it that you do, exactly?" as he rises to return Pietro's handshake. "Nice to make your acquaintance and nice sunglasses. I'll have to buy myself a pair of them."

Rocket waves a paw dismissively at the others. "Whatever. If something comes after me it gets blasted. No exceptions." He quirks a brow at Pietro and chuckles. "Ah not that kind of fight. Hunting down some baddies, one of them sent me here with his powers. Contacted the crew a while back and they all seem fine so…Might as well take a vacation, eh?" To Jordan, "Not just Raccoons. All kinds of animals. My girlfriend's an Otter." He brushes the back of his paw across his nose and looks around again. "So…Why are you all so protective of dogs anyway? Don't you eat them? I see street vendors selling Hot Dogs all the time."

A sly looks is shot over at Mayfair and Anita gives an inviting little smirking half-smile, "I'm a dancer, honey-" The beeping of an alarm interupts whatever she's going to say and the woman pulls her cell phone out of her pocket to silence it, "And I'd love to stay and chat, but there's my cue to go to work." She runs one hand through her hair, fluffing the black waves a little and giving the three (non-furred) men a sultry look, "Hope to see you at Sapphire's tonight…" She offers a little wave over her shoulder and jogs off with her dogs close behind her.

Tony watches Anita jog off with her dogs beside her. It's not quite a leer, just a tilt of the head until she's out of sight. "That's really too bad that she had to leave. I rather like her." Sigh, at least that's less things for Rocket to consider shooting at. The backpack resting on Tony's arm starts to slide precariously so he pulls it up then the other arm of the pack gets pulled over the other arm. "Forgive me but I've lost all track of what people are talking about. Are we now talking about inter-species dating on alien worlds or are we talking about hot dogs being dogs? Some thing that the hot dogs are actually rats and wait till you hear the jokes about Chinese food being made of kittens."

"What?!" Tabitha's attention snaps back to Tony at that statement about hot dogs. "They better not be! And if anyone tries to make hot dogs out of me I'm gonna… well…" She crosses her arms and pouts, being reminded once more that her guns are not in her possession. "I'm gonna kick 'em in the nuts," she finishes. "Unless they happen to be dressed up like King Arthur. Then I'm gonna run away, screaming like a little girl." She looks up at the raccoon, and then sideways at Pietro. "Hot Dogs are not dog or rat or anything, anyway. They're piggy-wiggy."

The glasses? Pietro's eyes look up even though he can't see them. "Good luck with that one." No way he could buy these. All he can do is borrow them from his billionaire friend. "They cost several million I believe." Pulls them off to peer at them. There's a curious look to Tony to see if he will tell their worth. Rocket explains and the speedster totally understands. "Ah. My condolences." For being sent here against Rocket's will. Anita takes her leave and the man gives a small bow to the woman. Not that he knows what Sapphire's is, but he has ideas. Nor does he approve. Pietro is an old stick in the mud. To Tony he snorts. "Please." Sarcasm there. Heavy sarcasm. Back to Rocket. "The name Hot Dog is more of a long standing joke." He explains since Tabitha might not be clear. "They are not in fact made of dogs." For Tabitha he adds, "Can you spare us the violence today?"

"Wow, what a bitch." Jordan says as Anita jogs off with Anna. "She was rather playful though." He refers to Anna. Smiling at Tony, "I agree with you about Anita. I'll definitely be going to Sapphire's." He then look at the rest of those gathered and ponders, "This really is an odd assemblage of people here." He shrugs, "A bit too powerful for little old me." He puts his Bluetooth back on and then waves to everyone present, "Alright. Tony. I'll contact Pepper on Monday. Good seeing you all." He then jogs off.

The Raccoon tips his head slightly and rubs his chin. "Not made of real dogs eh? While they are delicious I have to admit I'll get less satisfaction out of eating them now." It is difficult to tell if he is being serious. He waves to the two who suddenly wander off and glances interestedly at the glasses in Pietro's hand. "Optical readout lenses? Probably similar to mine. Didn't know you had that technology on this planet, but it's good to know in case I need mine repaired."

Tony offers a goodbye to Jordan who has jogged off. As for Anita he'll call to catch up with her if he remembers to do so. Poor Tabitha took him far too literally and Rocket seems to have done something similar. "I truly hope they are made from Wilbur's cousins." Last time he ate a hot dog was standing next to Deadpool which has put him off hot dogs entirely. The glasses in question draw quite a bit of attention and for that Tony stands up a bit taller, "They're ex-pen-sive and there are only two in existence at the moment. Pietro's are indeed a variation on the optical readout lenses. I won't go into everything they're capable of but should you need your gear looked at feel free to drop it by and I'll take a look at it as soon as I can." Kneeling down next to Pietro the dog comes up to Tony and the man rubs at her neck starting to play wrestle with her.

Tabitha sighs heavily, and droops her shoulders. "Yeah well, I was joking for one, and for another I sorta figured self-defense would be generally okay," she mutters. "I'm not a violent person, Quicksilver. I know we met under bad circumstances which was my fault, but I'm sorry." She scuffs the ground with her feet, and boots another small rock off the path. "Not really sure what to do to convince you of that though, I don't blame you if you don't believe me." The rat girl thrusts her hands down into her pockets, and finally looks back up, shifting her gaze back and forth between raccoon, armor man, and fast man. "You three all have a lot of gadgets," she observes. "I've got a bike. It's uhm… fast. Really."

People leave and Pietro puts the glasses on again. Nods about them being optical readout. "Certain sectors have had the technology for years." Just not this easy to wear. Of course he doesn't mention who made them as Tony does that for himself. "There are only two?" Taken by surprise he blinks at the inventor. Which means he takes them off, folds them, and offers them to Tony. "I shouldn't be wearing these then." Tabitha claims she isn't violent, and there's an arching of eyebrow as he holds the glasses to Tony. "Then you shouldn't constantly be speaking of violent things then." Kids. She is cute though. That Tab is a rodent in appearance doesn't phase the man at all. "Actually I don't. I don't even own a car." Then again why would he need one. "My communicator for the team is the most advanced thing I carry. Next to that my cellphone." Which is not ultra tech either. Pietro doesn't need a lot of gadgets. "Aren't you a little young to have a motorcycle?" He's a father, of course she's too young. Even if she isn't.”

Rocket nods and taps a few buttons on his arm computer again. "I'll keep that in mind, Mr. Stark. It was one of the things I worried about here. Actually one of my laser cannons is firing a little sloppy, I'll probably bring it by sometime." Then to Tabitha, "Yes well. I come from someplace pretty far from here. And in my line of work it's good to have gadgets." His eye piece makes a sound and lights up suddenly. "Oh! I'm missing Law & Order. Hate to cut this short, but I figure I should familiarize myself with Earth Law." He offers a quick salute to the people present and clicks his heals together, causing his boots to fire up again. "I'll see y'all later, have a good night." And after another quick wave the Raccoon zips off toward the city.

The trio has a lot of gadgets? If only Tabitha knew the truth about Tony. Poor girl would probably freak out on the spot. "Of course there are only two…" as if Pietro should know this even though there's no way the speedster could. Since Pietro's attention is on Tabitha and not on him Tony reaches up to grab an end of Pietro's scarf and tugs on it so the man tips over to the side a bit. "Stop being a git. If I didn't want you having them I wouldn't have let you borrow them." Let's go of the scarf while climbing back to his feet while Rocket zips off via his rocket boots. "Does he honestly believe that a television crime drama equates to the actual judicial system? Earth's doomed." Still, he'll catch up with the raccoon soon!

Tabitha scowls mightily. "I am perfectly old enough for a motorcycle," she replies. "And I've never had an accident or anything." She pauses, and bites her bottom lip. "Well… okay, I did lock up once in a turn and wound up bailing while I was doing eighty-five or so. But I was okay, and so was the bike, luckily enough, so it was fine. Learned my lesson too." She looks up, and waves to the Raccoon as he takes off. "See you later! Just… uhm…" She's too late; he's already gone. "At least he's not watching X-Files or something," she replies to Tony with a shrug of her shoulders.

Wait, the world is tilting! Oh, that's just Tony pulling on his scarf. Giving the inventor a look for calling him a git, the speedster none the less knows what this means. Pietro isn't too thrilled with it either. He now has sunglasses that cost a few million dollars. Straightening that scarf once Tony lets it go, the speedster puts his sunglasses on again. Ah well, he will simply have to look amazing then. The horror. "It's adorable." About Rocket watching Law and Order. Tabitha doing eighty something on a bike is not however. Pietro grimaces at her. "Foolish child." That's all the chide he gives though. Believing she wouldn't listen.

Now that the gathering has dwindled to two Avengers, a troubled teen and a dog Tony can keep track of what is going on a bit better than he had been. "Hmm…" looking thoughtful for a moment. "I know Tabitha needs to show me something later, which is fine, and I'll make sure to be around but for now I need to finish burning the energy out of my dog before taking this one," pointing across his chest to the man standing beside him. "To a dinner I promised him weeks ago." Athena is standing beside Tony taking a look about with her tongue lol'ing about..

Tabitha scowls at Pietro, and crosses her arms as she glowers. "Gee thanks," she replies. "Next time I'm running scared for my life 'cause someone I know someone is planning to put a really big bullet in my face, I'll be sure to observe the speed limit, *Dad*." She shakes her head, and takes a step backwards. "I guess that's my queue to let the two of you be, hunh? Well… anyway." She shrugs her shoulders. "What I got to show you is kinda important. I don't really want to talk about it out here though, I'll just… like… show you. Quickie can see too."

Pietro looks surprised. He remembered? Brows lift, and he looks amused. That look disappears when Tabitha has her bit of fit. "Remind me again why we've been endeavoring to aid you?" The tone is calm, but a bit cold. Doesn't like being talked back to in that manner. "So far I've seen a lot of backtalk, and not a whole lot of respect. Think, girl. Think before you speak." There's a sidelong glance to Tony. "Utterly amazing." Sarcasm there. "Quicksilver." He corrects. Sorry, not one for pet names.

Tony shakes his head as things degenerate yet again. "He was voicing his concern for your safety." Then she goes and digs herself in deeper so Tony wisely decides to remain silent as Pietro can handle himself. "Quickie?" Oh dear, Lord. Tony looks to his friend to see his reaction and it is about as he would expect it to be. Barnes Academy may not have an incoming student at this rate. A staying hand lifts to rest high against the speedsters back as he levels Tabitha with a disapproving look. "Think on that a bit as I'm inclined to agree with him on all counts. It might be best if you speak with me later, alone."

Tabitha sighs heavily, and thrusts her hands back down in her pockets. "I'm sorry," she mutters. "I suppose I just wish people might ask me sometimes, why I do things or why I've done stuff in the past, rather than just assuming I was being irresponsible. I wasn't going that fast because I wanted a rush, I was going that fast because I wanted to live." She shakes her head slowly. "And I'm still scared, okay?"

"Fear is a part of life." Pietro notes as Tony comes to stand at his side. "It doesn't excuse rudeness." (Ignoring completely how rude he can be!) There's a shrug about all this as though he were shedding it all like an unwanted cloak. "She is all yours." A shake of the head and while he doesn't mean to be rude he moves on past the two of you. A short ways off he waits, drinking his cooling coffee.

This is certainly going swimmingly as usual. With a heavy sigh that seems to accompany the sinking of Tony's shoulders as if a weight has settled down upon them he grasps an arm of the back pack. "Sometimes you need to see things from various angles before assuming the worst." Tony turns a bit as he takes a step to stand beside Tabitha for a moment. "Find me later," for now he is stuck between Emo and Grumpy which is not how he wants this weekend to continue for anyone involved. "Oh, and in case you are curious I am the irresponsible type seeking a rush. Have been since I was 15. Food for thought!" Calling out to Pietro the eccentric inventor catches up with a light jog and a bounding puppy at his side.

Tabitha sighs heavily. "I'll find you," she replies. "Stark Towers, I guess?" She looks over her shoulder at Pietro, and then back up at Tony as he takes off. "Enjoy your dinner," she calls after the two of them, before she heads off to make her way in the opposite direction. Come to think of it, she's actually pretty hungry, too. Tony and Pietro are probably going somewhere expensive; Tabitha wonders if there's a McDonald's in Mutant Town.

Pietro lifts a hand for her farewell. He has nothing to say, but he can at least see her off without being too terribly rude. "You know. This once you have permission to smack me." Said with a little smile. "I used to be that bad, wasn't I?" And with that they head off to get that dinner. One never knows with Tony. It could be this cheap sub shop down the street. What matters is if the food is good. Pietro has gone hungry too many times to complain about the price, or even quality.

"The Towers," Tony offers up in a tone that is fairly neutral. If he were angry everyone would know of it rather easily. "And thank you!" For dinner will the focus shortly. Finally having caught up to the speedster there's a snort of laughter, "I'll save the offer for later when I really do want to hit you." As they start walking he can't help but toss out a further comment, "Used to?" With laughter the pair depart for the parking lot where Tony's car is waiting and to dinner which ends with several restaurant workers completely amazed at the sheer amount of food two men can manage to pack away and still be able to walk out of the place instead of waddle out.

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