2020-07-15: Protective Friend


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Summary: July feels uncomfortable talking to Puppeteer, and wants to talk to Robin instead.

Date: July 15, 2020.

Log Title Protective Friend

Rating: G.

The Future - The Underground - Mutant Base

Hidden in the maze of tunnels is the open area that the mutants have turned into their have, their home. Not wanting to risk electricity being detected down here, there are battery powered and gas powered lights leaving the place dark and damp. At least three mutants are always on guard down here at the entrance to the mutant camp and secret passwords and codes are needed to get into this room. Theres a large door with a large piece of wood barricading it as those down here dont take any chances.

There isn't much happening for Robin in the tunnels at the moment. The laptop that she seems to cling to all the time lately is charging, and she seems to be just idly waiting for it. Her expression indicates that she's currently controlling her puppet, that undead looking gaze just staring out. Instead of her usual glasses, she is only wearing an eyepatch today, similar to her choice when she joined the battle against the Hunter invasion the other night. It is early afternoon, not that Robin is keenly aware of this fact. She sleeps when she sleeps and is awake when she's awake. With the lack of sunlight in her life, that's just the way it has to be.

Elastica doesn't use the tunnels like normal people to travel around. Instead, she travels through thin, barely an inch-wide tubes that used to shield cables, the tubes' network is fully mapped in her head, by now, and right now she arrives at where Robin is. From one small crack on one such tube on the ceiling a green gooey substance starts dripping, before taking in a more steady flow, pooling on the floor. After the tube stops licking, the puddle wobbles and then grows upward, into Elastica's form. "Hey, Robin." the girl says, smiling.

Robin's blank expression turns towards the pool of human goo that seems to seep through the tube. "I have seen so much. And that still doesn't fail to unnerve me." The expression to her voice is hollow, but that's possibly because her consciousness is elsewhere. Doing something cool, probably. Unlike Robin who is, apparently, doing nothing at all but staring at a slowly charging computer. "Hello, July."

Elastica chuckles, "Happy to unnerve you." she says with a big grin as the green girl approaches Robin and sits down next to her, "So what are you doing? Aside from making an almost perfect impression of a zombie statue?" she grins.

"Do I look so undead? When I keep Blank close, and I see myself through her eyes, I look fine." Though that's because Robin usually responds to seeing herself with facial motions that make her seem alive. "I'm waiting for my computer to recharge, and Blank is off, umm, moving inconvenient rocks, really."

Elastica chuckles and she picks up a polaroid camera and snaps a quick picture of your face. She then waits for the camera to spit out the picture, and she wiggles the recently revealed photo. "I got proof right here." she grins, "How long until you finish moving rocks?"

"Not long. There was just some fallen broken concrete further in than anticipated. I'm just moving it so that there is still a little more storage area…" says Robin, tilting her head slightly. She looks at the picture that Elastica produces and tilts her head, "Looks normal enough." Which it sort of does. The full effect of her mechanical motions can only be captured by her in motion. She looks unemotional in the picture, but not too unusual.

July chuckles softly and shakes her head, "You look like you got no soul, y'know? A badly powered robot." she smirks, but sits down again, crossing her arms behind her head and merging her forearms together into a nice pillow-like form for her head. "I'll wait until you're done, unless you need some help there?"

Robin shakes her head and says, "There's no reason to wait until I'm done." She looks towards July and tilts her head slightly, a deliberate unnaturual motion for the mechanistic Robin. "Or do you need my full attention for something? Is something on your mind, July?"

July chuckles gently, smiling, but she shakes her head, "No, nothing that bad." she smiles, "It's just.. when I talk to someone, I like to think I'm not talking to a statue." she reforms her arms and reaches a hand to pat your shoulder gently. "No offense."

Robin smiles emotionlessly and says, "There are some faces down here with no expression and no emotion. Sometimes, I'm one of them. If you're more comfortable speaking to me when I'm more emotive…" She closes her eye and summons Blank next to her. The puppet seems bewildered for a moment, but both Robin and Blank look towards July, "That's fine. But there are those who can't change it so willfully."

Elastica nods softly, "I know." she says after Blank returns, "It's just that I've known you for a long time, back at the school, and, well, I just feel more at ease speaking to you, y'know?" she smiles softly.

Nodding, Robin says, "I know. I'm sorry that I'm not more sensitive to that." She bites her lip lightly and raises her brow for a moment, noting, "I just feel like I should always be at two places at once these days. Every moment is precious."

July chuckles softly, smiling, "We have a lot to fight for, and little time to fight in." she nods, and then she looks back at Robin, "But nothing we attain is worth it if we lose ourselves. You don't need to be such an autonomous two-person girl, Robin. Live, too. Please."

"When this war is over, I'll build something up for myself again. I don't really have much for now. But maybe that's okay. Honestly, it seems so painful to always be worrying and fussing about others," says Robin, frowning slightly. "My sister is dead, Skyler left with that psycho Mystique, Robyn recently passed away… I'm not losing myself. Just everyone else."

July sighs and hugs Robin in a soft, warm embrace, "You say you're not losing yourself, but I can see you are." she says softly, "Like you said, Robin, we're losing our friends in this war, so, please, we don't need self-destructive behaviors, here." she says, and looks into Robin's eyes, "Robin, I have no idea if anytime Blank is destroyed really affects you or not, but more and more you seem… withdrawn. Away from us. Please, don't be a stranger. More than our teammate combatant, you're our friend."

Robin smiles and nods, "Thank you for your concern. Blank is… Blank is a part of myself, and it's unfortunate when she dies. It feels like death every time. But honestly, she is disposable compared to the rest of us. In a choice between her and you, I'd prefer your survival every time." She shrugs and leans back against the wall of the tunnel, adjusting the strap on her eyepatch. "When this war is over, I'm going to get a nice house, get a nice job as a teacher, and you can come visit whenever you want."
Elastica sighs gently, and then she places a hand on Robin's shoulders, "Robin. You're part of our team. You're our friend. You're important to us. Blank is a part of us, therefore important to us, too. You don't need to send Blank into every death situation that shows up. I can survive quite a lot of punishment they throw at me, as long as it's not acid or fire." she says, nodding, "Not to mention people here have powers that either protect them or help them avoid situation Blank wouldn't. I don't want you in danger any more than the absolutely necessary. Please."

"I know that you all care about me, but really, I'm not so much in need of protection. Blank can take care of herself alright, and sure, sometimes the odds are not in my favour… But everything I do is meditated and important," says Robin, biting her bottom lip lightly. "This is a war, and I have to be a warrior while it's happening. That's not me, though. I don't enjoy all this fighting, but to end it, to make sure that the children here have a future brighter than mine, I will do absolutely anything."

Elastica nods softly, "Yes, this is a war." she says softly, but then she frowns, "That is why, Robin, we need everyone as close as their one-hundred percent as we can. Please, don't do anything dangerous that isn't really important. Please. If it's not a teammate in danger, it's not worth it."

Robin raises her eyebrows slightly and says, "Do not worry. I have had a couple interventions about the way I use Blank. I am very careful, and the only way I will put my puppet in mortal danger now is if it prevents someone else from being in that same danger."

Elastica chuckles softly, and nods, the green girl reaching to hug the other girl gently, "Alright. Just remember: bullets only put holes on me, nothing more." she nods softly.

"I know… And don't think I don't appreciate this, July. I really do," says Robin, smiling at her friend from Xavier's.

Elastica smiles as she pulls back, "Good. I'd have to beat you down to submission using my tickle techniques!" she grins, and then she sprouts four more arms, two on each sides, all her thirty fingers wiggling mock-threatingly at Robin, "You know I'm unbeatable in a tickle fight." she grins widely.

Robin chuckles softly at July's threa, scooching away from July. She sticks her tongue out and says, "It's nice to know that some things never change." She smiles and shrugs, picking up her laptop once it's fully charged.

July grins, "I change a lot. All the time." she says, her extra arms retreating back into her body, "But never where it counts." she smiles, and sits back down as Robin reaches for her laptop.

Robin chuckles and taps the top of the laptop lightly, "Well, I appreciate that a lot about you. Me… I'm sorry if I've changed too much. But maybe I've always been a bit like I am?"

Elastica chuckles gently and gently rests a hand on Robin's shoulder, "Why do I not believe that at all?" she giggles a bit, and leans in to kiss Robin's cheek.

Robin smiles slightly at Elastica at the kiss, but doesn't comment for a few moments. "Maybe because it's not true. But you know, sooner or later, everything is going to be back to normal again. We've got to keep hope alive."

July smiles, "Unfortunately, things can't quite go back the way they used to be." she says as she stands, shaking her head softly, "Well, but we can still fight for a future for the children." she winks, and then she lifts her arms up in the air and smiles mischievously at you. "Time for some more unnerving." she winks, before melting away again, and shooting dozens of tiny goopy tentacles up in the air, hitting the small tube crack in the ceiling, and pushing herself through it, before starting ot pull the rest of her liquid self up into the tub and flowing away.

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