2011-06-02: Proto Is Not A Chew Toy


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Summary: Robyn and Theo meet the new girl in school, Evelyn.

Date: June 2, 2011

Log Title: Proto Is Not A Chew Toy

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Library

Like most Libraries, this one has that respected quite hush about it. A desk to check out books sits next to the door, next to the desk sits a statue of an Orangutan with a sign saying Return your books or else. Row upon row of books goes up and down the room. In the middle of all the shelves are two computers for looking up titles and a group of tables for students to sit and study. Along the back wall are windows with padded window seating for students to read in quiet.

The average library visitor might have two puzzled reactions to the Xavier School library today. Firstly they'd wonder what on earth a robot is doing wandering around like an eager puppy and secondly they'd question just who let a feral cat of some kind in. The average library visitor wouldn't get chance for the third thought because suddenly Death From Above! From atop one of the bookshelves the long limbed cat hurls itself down at the little robot lands on it's back. Of course Proto, the robot in question, is all smooth curves and rather hard to get a grip on and the wannabe hunting cat slips and rolls off under a table with a startled mrawring.

The only time Robyn really comes to the library is to research a sculpting project he has in his head. He walks out from between two of the rows of books with a small stack of his own as he prepares to sit back down at the table that happens to have a small cat underneath it, and a Proto. He looks at the cat, then looks at Proto and puts his books down slowly. "I should probably get out of here before Theo blames this on me." He mutters as he looks at the door.

Proto isn't very acquiescing toward the attack, and the top arms flip forward after the cat rolls off the top, and faces the feline, as if it were a tarantula ready to pounce back at the cat. The snakelike camera retracts for protection, and analyzes the strange feline. "Feline. Margay. Native to South and Central America. Female. Out of natural habitat. Threat level: Minimal. Conclusion, zoo escape." There is suddenly a high pitched beeping that emits from the little robot, like the sound that comes from an old computer when you hold down a key too long.

Evelyn, in Margay form, picks herself up with feline dignity as if she entirely meant to end up under the table. She sits still for a few moments and then her body distorts, limbs growing and fur receding as she changes back into person form. The only part which seems to remain the same throughout is her tail. "Owch, I 'urt 'y 'outh," she mumbles rubbing at her jaw. "'ope I 'id't break 't."

Robyn is surprised but only for a second, after all he's been in a school for mutant for a little over two years. "Hello..uh…welcome to Xavier's?" He says guessing she's a new student since he hasn't seen a Margay runing around. "Thanks Proto for that science lesson." Robyn says as he offers a a hand to Evelyn. "I'm Robyn and…yeah..usually biting something metal isn't a good idea. And this Robot you tried to eat is Proto."

Proto continues to beep until Evelyn changes form. The little bot's camera follows its attacker, and arms remain in a defensive position. "Threat Level update: Low. It's a few more seconds before the sound of a hand gripping the doorjam can be heard, and Theo comes around the corner, his eyes darting around the room. "What happened?" he asks Robyn, slightly short of breath, completely ignoring the new student for the moment.

"I didn't mean to.. I'd just spent a little too long exploring as my other self and it moved like prey," Evelyn explains sheepishly with no real hint of an accent, crawling her way out from under the table. "And hi I'm Evelyn, pleased to meet you." She resists the urge to whistle when Theo asks Robyn what happened, instead settling on standing up and brushing herself down. An action which quickly reveals she's only wearing what might be a modest unstable molecule two piece swimsuit.

"I didn't do it." Robyn says automatically and defensively cause he's still not sure if Theo would be quick to blame him or not, just because. "Um..I mean, this is Evelyn, she's a new student here who can shift into a big cat..like a small leopard type big house cat, I guess..and she thought Proto was pounacble. He's not." Robyn says as he looks down at the robot. "He's okay…I think. I didn't hear anything break." He then looks to Evenly and shrugs. "This is Theo Evelyn, Proto is his companion and creation. So he's kind of, understandably, cautious about stuff happening to him. Uhh…you want something to cover up cause um…you're almost naked."

"You make it sound like I'm lonely and don't have any friends, Robyn," Theo comments. "But Proto is my creation, yes. I'm just glad he didn't attack anyone. Emma would probably gripe me out." He des a slight doubletake at Evelyn's attire, and quirks an eyebrow. "Uh, yeah, why are you wearing a swimsuit in the library? She's not almost naked, she's just wearing a swimsuit, Robyn. Doesn't affect you anyway." Theo says. He glances back to Evelyn and gives one of those 'yes, it's like that' glances to her. Proto's arms goe back down, and it walks to its owner. "But yeah, I'd appreciate if you don't jump on my robot." There is a certain tenseness with his request.

Evelyn glances down at herself. "I'm wearing about as much as the last few times I've been exploring," she points out casually, her accent seeming a little more generic American news broadcast this time. "And it's less revealing than most things you'd see at the beach. Besides if I wear anything else it just gets ruined when I change. Claws and fabric don't mix." She nods and her lowers her tail. "I'm really sorry about that. When I'm an animal too long the instincts start getting a little strong. Hopefully that side of me will remember almost breaking my teeth next time and it'll associate Proto with stuff that isn't edible."

Robyn looks at Theo and frowns for a second before shaking his head. "Well if that's what it sounds like maybe it's true." He teases. "Actually I was trying to say that Proto is kinda of a pet but not really and then it's like my art projects where I know I'd get upset if something happened to him, but Proto is more then a pet and an art project he's…he's you're companion." He says with a shrug. "I guess I'm lucky where I never had an issue with powers and clothing really. I just said somthing cause I don't want some students making ludid comments."

"It's not all that revealing," Theo agrees. "So you just turn into a cat, or do you turn into other things too?" he asks the new student. "Oh, and it's good to meet you," he offers, realizing he hadn't offered that yet. "Getting here just before the end of classes? You gonna be here through the summer, then?" he asks.

Evelyn nods and sighs. "Normally I'd be spending my summer breaks with my dad out in whichever country he's working in, but right now he's trying to get into a country where being a girl would be awkward let alone a physical mutant. Plus there is the risk I'd shapeshift and get lost. So I'm officially banned from coming along," she informs glancing down at herself. "Just a Margay and really I don't mind the occasional comment providing it's flattering."

"What country is that?" Robyn asks curiously before looking at Theo. "What are you going to be doing this summer? Working at Stark Enterprises more?" He sits down at the table and starts opening the books he grabbed, flipping through the wordy pages to stop on the pictures. "How long have you been able to shapeshift into a Margay?"

"Well, I don't think you'll have to worry about whether they are flattering," Theo suggests with a facial expression that is hard to recognize. "Yeah, I'm gonna work with Tony more. I don't want to go back to my sister's," he says. "It'd just be too risky."

"Whatever could you mean?" Evelyn asks with mock innocence, her tail swishing lazily. "Iran. He's trying to photograph the Asiatic Cheetah but they're really endangered so he wants to go now while finding one is still maybe possible." She frowns. "I've been able to shapeshift for less than a month. But it's… woah you work /with/ Tony Stark? I bet you're like the smartest kid in school. Is it true what they write in the magazines about Tony Stark having a harem of supermodels on speed dial?"

Robyn lets Theo answer the questions thrown at him about Tony Stark. "Asiatic Cheetah, is that different than a regular cheetah? And you're Dad's a photographer? That's pretty awesome." Robyn says. "And Evelyn, watch out. You're going to give him an even bigger head then he already has."

"Yeah he does," Theo says. "And I'm not sure if I'm the very smartest, but I think so. If somebody turns up smarter I may have to kill them to keep the title." He gives a playful grin to follow it, though some people in the school might believe that to be a serious statement. "But it's not about being smart, it's about working hard if you want to succeed. Iran is a crazy place, I don't think you could pay me enough to go there."

"He's a wildlife photographer. If you've read a lot of nature magazines chances are you'll have seen some of his work at some point," Evelyn says proudly. "I'm not even sure if he's being paid this time. He does some work free of charge if it's conservation stuff. They're… a subspecies I think? Practically extinct in the wild. Kind of sad really." Her tail swishing slows. "I'm a bit of a photographer myself. Although I'm no-where near as good as my dad yet, but some day I want to do it professionally. But taking pictures of people rather than animals."

"The only time I've really looked at a nature magazine is for an art reference but not all that often." Robyns says. "Well my hard work seems to have paid off Theo. I got into Parsons and got a decent scholarship to go." He says with a big grin. "So you won't have to deal with me next year." He says before turning to Evelyn. "That's really cool about your Dad though. Not cool about that they're endangered but it must be neat getting to work that close with animals."

"Yeah," Theo agrees. "Well, I gotta be heading out. I need to get to work. Have fun studying for your finals, Robyn. Evelyn, it's really great to meet you. Proto, don't break anything." He turns on his heels, and heads out the door, off to the next chapter of his day.

"Cya around," Evelyn offers with a farewell wave. "It's been pretty cool I have to admit. I've been able to visit so many awesome places because of his work. I just wish I'd had clothing made out of this stuff back when I was last in a rainforest." She grins. "So you're graduating to head to an art school? That must be exciting! Is Parsons far away or will you be in New York for… college isn't it?"

"Yeah, Parsons is in New York City still. I don't think my parents want me going to school that far away, they live in Brooklyn." Robyn explains. "And yesh it's college. I've always wanted to go to art school so I'm really excited and kinda nervous. But that must have ben awesome getting to see so many cool places." He says. "That Unstable Molecule stuff is like super rare or secrative or something. Something with Mr. Fantastic and the Fantastic Four who they have to get it through."

Robyn waves goodbye to Theo before turning to Evelyn. "Yeah, Parsons is in New York City still. I don't think my parents want me going to school that far away, they live in Brooklyn." Robyn explains. "And yesh it's college. I've always wanted to go to art school so I'm really excited and kinda nervous. But that must have ben awesome getting to see so many cool places." He says. "That Unstable Molecule stuff is like super rare or secrative or something. Something with Mr. Fantastic and the Fantastic Four who they have to get it through."

Evelyn nods, tail swishing set to maximum. "I wonder if that means I can claim a superhero has handled my lingere…" she wonders. "And yeah I've been all over the world. You probably couldn't even guess I'm from England originally, right?" She smiles. "So this whole squad thing, what's the deal with that? Do they put similar people together and have a personal trainer like in a gym?"

Robyn shakes his head. "No, you're accent sounds pretty normal. Though I'm just happy I don't have that horrible Brooklyn accent." He says as he looks at the picture in the book of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. "Oh the squad thing, that's your team for the year. I'm with Alpha Squadron, we learn how to fight together, how to use our powers in various situations, learn control and all that stuff. It's not that they put similar people together cause there's only one other mentalist on the team besides me and her powers are very different."

"Oh! I'm in that group too," Evelyn chimes in at the mention of Alpha Squadron. "Although I don't know what kind of fighting they think I'll do. Unless the bad guys are smaller than Theo's robot and not made of metal. I always thought a mentalist was a name for someone who is.. yah know… well… mental. But I guess that it means something else as well?"

"Well it's not all fighting. Star, her only power is emotion control and empathy. She's not really a fighter but your smaller form would probably be helpful in a lot of senarios." Robyn says. "As for a mentalist, that means our powers are all mind based. I can barely hurt a fly with a punch but I can posses people, go into astral form, create psychic weapons and I'm also a psychic vampire." Robyn says trying to give a bit of a spooky grin.

Evelyn oooooos. "Does that mean psychich garlic repels you? Or maybe thinking really hard about crosses?" she teases. "So the other people on the squad are you, Star and who else? Anyone I should watch out for or who has a deathly fear of cats?"

Robyn laughs and shakes his head. "No nothing like that, though a stake through the heart would kill me. And let's see, there's Moniqa she can manipulate plastics, Cloud is..well…Star got all the brains between the two twins. Cloud isn't bad he's just very rash. Rush is a good code name for him cause he Rushes in without thinking. And then there's Mason who…well, he's Mason. He'll probably hit on you with in the first week cause he thinks he's special."

"Is he at least cute?" Evelyn wonders idly. "And I hope he's prepared to be disappointed. I don't usually tend to fall for people who make the first move. Could be my disposition towards feline behavior but I much rather chase than be chased, if that makes sense?" She blushes slightly. "But anyway… What do Cloud and Mason do?"

Robyn thinks about the first question for a bit. "I guess he's not bad looking, I mean, yeah, he's cute but not really my type." Robyn concludes before shrugging at the second question. "I haven't really had a lot of experience with dating and such, I've been with the same person for two years now since we met here. And as for Mason he is a geomancer, he controls the Earth and such and Cloud, he can absorb the material strength of what he touches."

"I figured you were probably gay or in a long term relationship," Evelyn ventures, before coughing. "Oh god I didn't mean to say… Eugh… I just meant that you didn't act like every other guy has done after seeing my costume." She glances from side to side. "Not that it's a bad thing if you are. Gay guys are so much better to go shopping with."

Robyn shrugs. "I don't try to hide that I am and yeah…I don't have much of a reason to gawk at a girl in a bathing suit." He says laughing. "So don't worry about it though I'll probably disappoint you with my shopping skills. If you want to go shopping at Hot Topic or something similar I'm your guy, anything else you're out of luck. Unless you like shopping for art supplies, that's where I excel at shopping."
Evelyn frowns. "Do the art stores here sell a lot of stuff like film? Or solutions for restocking a dark room?" she wonders. "Only I haven't found out yet if the school has the things I'll need to develop pictures. It's been a while since I was at a boarding school that did. Most places these days just do digital stuff." She shakes her head with dismay. "But it's just not the same as proper film. There's no magic in a digital camera."

"Not usually but if you can't find a good camera store in New York City I'll eat a pound of clay." Robyn says. "I think there might be a small dark room in the art room, I can't remember. If not I'm sure they can figure something out. There's a few rarely used room in the basement they might be able to accomidate with. And my Mom feels the same way with illustrating, she hates using computers to draw and illustrate stuff. She prefers water colours."

"I have all the things I need already, for small scale anyway, just need somewhere to set it all up and I don't want to risk using up the space in my room because if another student transfers in…" Evelyn says, her tail idly twirling seemingly of it's own accord. "So is there anyone else who I should know about? School bullies or generally sleazy guys?"

Robyn thinks about the question for a bit. "Actually everyone here is pretty nice. Quill is a really big prankster and thinks he's hilarious but mostly he's harmless. Mason is a huge flirt like I said and I'm trying to think who else. Heather is strange at first but she's a really great person. I really can't think of anyone you overly have to worry about."

Evelyn hmmms. "Quill? Does he turn into a Hedgehog or something? And what's strange about Heather? Oh I totally forgot my most important question! Does this school have any clubs? Like a photography club or a school newspaper? I /love/ working for school newspapers you get all the gossip and license to roam around taking pictures of everyone. Instead of having to ask permission every time you see something interesting happening."

"He doesn't turn into anything, he's just like a human porcupine." Robyn explains. "No, we don't have clubs here. I don't think there's enough of us here for a significant club. And there's no newpaper, gossip flies around here faster then any newspaper could print it." He then glances over at the clock and mutters a curse. "I gotta run Evelyn, it was great meeting you. I got to get to my next class….five minutes ago."

"If anyone asks lie and say you were helping a new girl who had gotten herself lost," Evelyn offers with a grin. "And it's been cool getting to hear about what's what! I am totally looking forward to finding out all the gossip that's flying around." She rolls her shoulders and glances at the clock herself. "I might sneak off to the kitchen and find a quiet place to grab a snack. Hopefully I'll get to chat with you again sometime!"

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