2011-05-24: Proto-Type 2


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Summary: Theo works on upgrading Proto.

Date: May 24, 2011

Log Title: Proto-Type 2

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Garage

Home to various cars of teachers and X-men, the garage can house at least twenty vehicles. There is also an area that has a auto body shop set up so students and teachers and work on their cars. Almost any tool a mechanic needs can be found in this garage.

The laptop of Theodore Fegenbush III, constantly gaining new information. Over the last couple of months, Theo has been scarce when he's not in practice or in class. Why? Because he has been working on his own personal project. It has involved taking a different priority in the Danger Room. Winning with his team is secondary, first priority is to examine every electronic defense that is used against them. He's been taking the information he's gathered, and put it on his laptop, building schematics off of his observations. Why? Because he's trying to turn Proto into something much more effective than just a pet that follows him around.
He has a welding torch on hand, mask over his face as sparks fly from the welding counter. On the workbench, Proto is currently in several pieces, opened up to be much larger than he normally is. Some of the pieces don't seem necessary.

Walking into the garage Daisuke heads straight to the work bench and stares at it for a while with a kind of dumbfounded expression on his face. He picks up screwdriver after screwdriver before turning around and looking at Theo. His project gets a curious glance but then Dai isn't one to usually pry into peoples business. "Um…excuse me. I feel like such an idiot asking this but…which one is a philips head?"

Theo doesn't seem to notice at first, the crackling sounds of the welding seem to be at the front of his attention. Once he is done, he holds up the joint he welded with a pair of tongs, metal glowing a hot red. He turns around, flipping up the mask and dunking the metal into the water basin nearby, letting out a hiss as steam pours up from the water. "What?" he asks, realizing that he had been asked a question, but not sure what that question was. He pulls the joint back out and puts it on the welding counter.

Daisuke watches what Theo's doing with a bit of an interest and walks over. "Sorry, I was helping Mr. Guthrie replace some lights around the mansion and he asked me to get a Philips Head screwdriver, I wasn't sure which was which. The flat one or the star pointed one." He says blushing slightly. "I've never been much of a tools person." His eyes can't help but look over Proto with a sort of scientific facination at all the parts.

Theo arches a brow, and pulls the welding mask the rest of the way off of his head. His hair is matted with sweat from the heat of welding, and he tosses the mask on the workbench next to Proto. "Um, seriously?" he asks. He walks over to the tools, "It's the ones that're X shaped. Thought you were into music and all that. They don't use screwdrivers on guitars? What size did you need?"

"Just drums." Daisuke says timdily. "I don't really do much with building and tools. I watch a lot of Discovery Channel and have seen them made on How It's Made but I don't remember which one." He says. "Thanks." He says putting the other one back. "I dont' mean to be nosey but what are you working on? It looks neat."

"This is Proto, he usually has a more composed look. He's that robot that you see wandering around the mansion sometimes." Theo returns to the counter and grabs the joint that he created, and picks up a measuring tape. He returns to the workbench, and sheds the welding gloves he was wearing, and unzips the cover alls he had been protecting himself from the welding sparks with, and lets it flop down to his waist. "I'm upgrading him, so I had to disassemble him so that I can add some of the attachments. Think I'm gonna need to rebuild the frame again, though, I'm going to see if I can avoid that. I don't want to make him too big, otherwise Scott and Emma might decide he's too big. I dunno yet."

'Oh I figure that robot was always one of Forge's things." Daisuke says taking a close look. "So you built him that's really impressive. I never really did much with electronics outside of my High School science classes and that was a few years back. So what are you upgrading him to do?" It seems that Daisuke is completely facinated by Proto.

"Um…" Theo seems to measure how he is going to respond to that question. "Until now, he's just been sort of a pet. He doesn't do anything. I'm just going to try to give him some practical tools so that he can help me with projects and stuff." He takes a sharpie, and measures a spot on either end of the joint. After putting the cap back on, Theo grabs a battery powered drill, and begins to make a hole in each of his marked locations.

"That's really cool." Daisuke says as he watches Theo work for a bit. "So does he have complete A.I. and everything? Like a real robot?" He's Japanese he can't help but find techonogly like robots facinating. "Sorry if I'm hovering a bit I've just never really seen anyone build anything like this."

Theo shifts one eye up to look at Daisuke when he comments on hovering. "Uh, yeah," he says. "He is a real robot. He can learn and do all sorts of stuff. Altered an A.I. programming from Stark industries that my boss let me use." He pulls a snakelike claw over, and connects it into a socket, before grabbing a jewelers screwdriver and a few exceptionally small screws. He puts them into place, and then grabs a couple of larger screws to solidify the integrity of the connection.

"You mean like Tony Stark? That's really…you're really lucky." Daisuke says pushing his hair out of his face. "Sometimes I wish I took more of an interest in stuff like this back in High School cause it's really neat. I love knowing how things work. And the fact that you made him…I'm really impressed."

Theo shrugs. "Yeah, well," he says, "Luck is for the ill-prepared. I didn't get a job working for Tony by accident. But hey, if you want to learn this stuff, nobody's stopping you. Just takes some initiative on your part. I didn't know much about electronics a year ago, but I decided I was going to learn, and surrounded myself with people who know this stuff." The claw comes up and articulates, closing and opening, testing its function. "I don't know anything about drums, but if I wanted I'm sure I could learn it. It's all about what you decide you're gonna spend your time doing. Most of the students around here spend their time being stupid, so that's what they are. They want to watch movies or play video games, so that's what they know things about. I just decided I wanted to be a little more practical."

"I have very different views on luck but then I'm superstiious." Daisuke says with shrug of his shoulder. "I like playing the drums and doing art and I help the teachers when needed with being a teachers aide along with doing some tutoring. I don't have much time for video games or movies outside of that." Besides he prefers to watch more educational television programing like The History Channel and such. "Well I should get back to helping Mr. Guthrie before he thinks I ran off and decided to ditch him. I can't wait to see Proto when he's done."

Theo nods, "Okay, well, have a good time," he comments to Daisuke, continuing to monitor Proto's new appendage. "I'll be here if you need to know the definition of any other tools."

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