Pryce and Vincent "Alloy" Von Gregory
Pryce and Vincent Von Gregory
Portrayed By Luke and Harry Treadaway
Gender Male
Date of Birth 06/6/1993
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Gemeni
Aliases Alloy
Place of Birth Latveria
Current Location New York, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Mother and Father
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Techopathy, Technokinesis, Power Armor, Skilled Programmer, One mind with Two Bodies
First Appearance Battle at the Bridge

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The story of a singly person does not end at their death, nor does it begin at their birth. Instead it stretches from the birth of the oldest person whose life had any effect on them to the death of the last person whom they will effect in any way. For instance the true story of a man can start hundreds of years before when his family earned their name by hiding from invaders in a Gregorian monetary or when the eldest son of the family earned the title Dux by leading men to repel a military force trying to invade Latveria. Of course whatever the past of a man's family his story is often mostly about him.

Being born in a manger, is definitely not in the modis operandi for members of the family Von Gregory. Instead, they tend to be born in a palatial estate, or often in fortress across the western mountain pass of Laveria from a very old Gregorian monetary. The family Von Gregory for a number of generations was one of the rare noble families that in truth cared for the people on their lands and who cared for more than their own aggrandizement. The family, in fact, was even one of the few to welcome the raise to power of Victor Von Doom seeing him as a man that could make Latveria great once more.

Stephon and Aria Von Gregory stood in support of Doom as much as they have spent their lives serving Latveria. Holding the all but defunct title of Duke, Stephon sold those of his family lands not already lost or sold by his ancestors to finance a technologies firm at the age of 18, after the death of his father. At the age of 23 he met Aria Anderburg, a woman who he fell for head over heals. The fact that she was an heiress and that he family had a number of political contacts worked quiet well for Stephon who used that and his own money to gain himself a position as an ambassador first to other European nations, then to the European Union, and most recently to the United States.

The pregnancy of Aria Von Gregory was met with great joy by the couple and their friends. The fact that Aria gave birth to twins was met with twice the joy. From the very start the twins were odd, old wives tales said that twins had a special bond, but Pryce and Vincent seemed more than just close. They were always hungry, or tired, or even cranky at the same times. When one fell and injured himself the other would cry out in pain as well. On top of this, the boys also seemed to develop faster in some areas and slower in others as children. To began with they took much longer to crawl, and walk, while they were speaking much earlier than most.

It was the boy's nursemaid and first nanny that first realized just how different the boys were. Working for such worldly people as the Von Gregorys she knew more than the average Latverian peasant did about mutants and such things. As the boys grew and started to understand the people around them their nurse made taught them how to pretend to be two normal boys, thinking they were simply reading each other's minds and not wanting them to be feared as mind readers.

At the age of 6 Pryce's nanny was replaced with a series of tutors hired to teach them as well as take care for them while their parents were working or at important functions. each tutor was chosen for their skills with children in the same age range as Pryce, and because each spoke a different native language. Knowing the importance of communication amongst European nations the Von Gregorys wished their sons to speak as many languages as possible.

At age 12 Pryce had already begun to have an interest in skateboarding, something he saw as a fundamental part of American youth culture which was the height of cool, and electronics. His parents, or more his tutors, ensured he was given the best in electronics sets for children which the boys played with at all hours learning great deals of information about such things. Proud that his sons showed such love and natural gift for technology Stephon purchased home computers for his boys and hired them a tutor that would focus on teaching them electronics and computers for their 13th birthday. It was with these first computers that Pryce learned he could control and communicate with technology, and it is also with them he caught his first computer virus which he managed to pass off as a cold to his parents. Pryce quickly learned everything his tutor could teach him, and soon surpassed him.

With the recent appointment of Stephon as an ambassador to the UN, a post that has placed him in New York, Pryce's family started the process of finding someone appropriate to teach their sons. The biggest surprise of the job in America for Stephon and Aria was when their sons came to them and asked to be put into a real school. Instead of just being tutored by over paid glorified babysitters they wanted to meet other teenagers, especially ones that were not the same annoying children of ambassadors.

Still acting as twins, instead of as the single person they truely were, the boys innundated thier parents with psychological research on child development and the posative effects of socail interaction.


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