2009-06-08: Pseudo Parental Reassurance


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Summary: Jericho does the fatherly thing and goes to check on Wesley.

Date: June 8, 2009

Pseudo-Parental Reassurance

Rating: PG

Westchester - Small Duplex - Wesley's Apartment

The main living area of this side of the duplex is sparsely furnished. There's a small TV with a DVD player in the corner as well as a pair of well-used, but comfy looking chairs. There's a small loveseat, also worn. The kitchen has an assortment of cooking utensils as well as other necessities, but little of it seems to match. There's a door in the rear leading to a bedroom and one to a bathroom.

With everything that's been going on in their lives lately, Jeri hasn't really had that much time to visit with those that he needs to. He promised he would keep tabs on Wesley, to make sure he was safe and happy, but… there's been so much going on. He doesn't even know if Wes knows that Eddie's missing in time. But, regardless, he knows that Wesley lost his powers when he did, and he's sure that the kid has something else now. Taking the time, he comes to the apartment door and knocks lightly.

After a short wait, the former electrokinetic opens up the door. His expression turning as he sees Jericho. "H-hi!" He says, motioning for his brothers father to come in. Wesley is grateful for all that Jericho and family have done for him. Though he is a bit weirded out by his new powers, they can talk about that in a second. Wesley's demeanor changed pretty quickly, just from the company that had arrived on his doorstep.

"How you doin', son?" Jeri asks, stepping in as long as he's allowed to. He won't if Wesley shows any resistance, of course. "I'm sorry. I haven't come by as often as I should. But… there's been a lot going on. As I'm sure you've realizes." He says with a half grin.

Wesley's eyes tell most of his emotions, being used to not saying much. "It's okay." He says, taking a seat on a chair. "I-I've been working a lot." He offers to his surrogate father. Though he's unsure about his powers at the moment. "Did-did you get new powers too?" He asks, considering he doesn't see too many of those affected in this area. He doesn't really hang around the mansion that much. His facial expression is unsure, a bit confused, and a touch of fear.

"I was gonna ask you the same thing." Jeri says with a chuckle, moving to sit on the odd couch that he put in here. He extends a hand to the door. A strange, tough fabric begins to flow from his hand to wrap around the door handle and twist it open before shutting it again, "I haven't figured out who these belong to, but…" He shrugs. "What'd you end up with?"

Wesley watches the demonstration, though he thinks it is one of the weirder powers he's seen. "Umm, I can see things…like an X-ray. A-and then, my boss asked me to find these new candles, b-b-but I didn't know where they were at f-first. And then, I knew where they were. It was weird. That's n-never happened to me before." He explains, now that his new powers are a bit on the weird side too. He's not quite sure what to make of it.

"Oh… wow. Well, at least it's nothing bad. And, we're trying to find a way to get our powers back to the right people, too. Uhm… by any chance, you haven't heard anything out of Eddie have you? He asks, just… trying. After all…

Wesley shakes his head. "I w-wanted to ask you about that." He offers to Jeri. He's of course not up to speed on Eddie's situation, especially since if he did know all, he'd be storming somewhere to find his brother. Ol' Wesley looks to Jericho, concerned look on his face.

Jeri sighs softly. He shakes his head a bit. "He, Jared, and two other students… got sent into time somewhere. We… don't know the details, but we're doing what we can to search for them. Getting anyone with temporal knowledge… but it's so rare." He says, shaking his head. "We can only wait and hope right now."

"In time? Like Back to the Future?" He asks, the relevant DVD sitting next to the DVD player. Seems like he's been getting a crash course in movies from a co-worker. "That can happen?" He asks again, he's mostly oblivious to most things down here, he's still getting used to it all. He had started to get up, and get going to help Eddie, but he can't do much himself. The teen sulks a little bit, though he's sure they'll be fine.

"They've got one of the members of the senior team. One of the adults with them. I trust Julian to take care of them properly." Jeri says with a nod, though actually Jared is probably the most stable of the bunch. "They'll be fine. And similar. I don't know if they went future or past, though. That's the thing." He pats the seat next to him, just in case Wesley wants to sit over there. He knows how it can feel to be alone. For several years he didn't get close to anyone.

It's a bit hard to have been separated from his family for that long, to have found out one of your half-brothers/family isn't a complete and total asshole. Get close, then have that taken away from you in a flash. Wesley looks at the patting to the chair, and moves over to sit next to Jericho. "I didn't think that could happen…" He says, still trying to grasp the concept of actual time travel.

"With powers like your electrical ability or my body and powersharing? Anything is possible, son." Jeri says with a nod, placing an arm over Wesley with a nod. "They'll make it back soon. Other than that… how are YOU doing?" Let's just focus on one. At least, he'll try that.

"I'm…okay." He says, some new furnishings have been added, mainly a light next to the comfy chair so Wesley can read. He's not reading large tomes or anything, mainly comic books and stuff that he can read. Working towards a GED is gonna be tough since he only has a 6th grade education.

"Good. I hoped you would be. You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders and just need some real life experience." Jeri says with a grin. "Anything else you need?" He asks, patting a hand on Wes's arm.

"O-other than being a slave, yeah." Wesley admits, looking to Jericho. "I don't n-ned a lot of things." He says, which is true, his apartment is still pretty bare, but not for lack of funds, he's got enough money for what he needs.

"Good." Jeri nods firmly. "Well, I'm here for you for anything. I know you don't have a family other than Eddie anymore, so just remember… Christopher and I are here. We don't mind acting like REAL parents." He says with a grin.

Wesley's eyes shift from side to side. Looking to Jericho at the end. The teenage mutant leans in to give Jericho a hug. That's how simple his needs are, a hug from someone he cares about, and who cares about him. At least he's talking more now, even if he still is extremely quiet outside of these walls.

Jeri nods softly, understanding that need. He does return the hug. And now, he can put his strength into it and not risk hirting the kid. That makes him even happier with it.

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