Gale "Pudge/Monsoon" Weathers
Gale Weathers
Portrayed By Greg Grunberg
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 12, 1977
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Pieces
Aliases Pudge, Monsoon
Place of Birth Sun City, Kansas
Current Location New York City
Occupation Channel 4 Weather Man
Known Relatives Valerie and Violet Delamare (Aunts)
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Weather Control
First Appearance ???

It looks like Snow today!
"But, it's 60 degrees out?"
Trust me, it's gonna snow.


Pudge was born Gale Weathers, Gale after his grandfather. Since he was overweight most of his life, with a nickname like Pudge, you welcome it. He was born in the small town of Sun City, Kansas where everyone seemed to know everyone. Growing up, Pudge didn’t have the best home life. His parents constantly argued. While they didn’t include Pudge in the arguments and they didn’t take out their anger on him, he could hear their constant bickering. His parents did love him though and when they weren’t fighting they were very kind and affectionate to their son.

School was kind of an escape for Pudge since he got away from his tense homelife. He got along with most the other kids in his class, turning a bit into the class clown. When you’re overweight and picked on, it’s best to laugh at yourself too and get people laughing with you. Thus helped in him not getting made fun of because of his weight. Through out school he did get decent grades, excelling in earth sciences.

One thing Pudge always loved growing up was superheroes and always thought they were awesome. There was something that just seemed so mesmerizing about SuperHeroes to the young Pudge. It was something for him to concentrate on as well while his parents were fighting. He would often read up on the latest Superheroes and reading comic books while trying to block out the screams of his mother and father.

One day life took a turn for the worse for Pudge, when he was twelve the local sheriff came and pulled Pudge out of class with bad news, his mother and father were found dead. Pudge was spared the details and just told that someone broke in their house and his parents were killed in the robbery. Sometimes lying to a child is better for them since the truth wasn’t as ‘kind’. What had really happened was Pudge’s Mother was cheating on his Father, when his father found out he killed his mother and then himself.

Pudge was devastated at first, losing one parent is hard but both, at the same time is very difficult for a child to go through. A friend of the family took him in for a few months while they looked for a relative willing to take him in. Since his parents were both only childs and his grandparents were both deceased, it wasn’t easy. Eventually they found two aunts, Valerie and Violet Delamare. It turned out they were the distant aunts from his mother’s side of the family.

Shortly after turning thirteen, Pudge packed his things and moved from the small town of Sun City, Kansas, to Salem, Mass. Needless to say it was a drastic change for Pudge. His school had more than 20 kids per class in it, his town had more than 100 people, there were no local forms and his Aunts were just weird to them. Their house was filled with a bunch of strange books and items, seemed dark, smelled of incense and was kind of creepy.

It took a bit for Pudge to adjust but the friendliness and affection of his aunts really helped. With in six months the new place did feel like home to him and wasn’t as creepy. With in a year his aunts told him their secret. They were witches and practiced in magics of many varieties. Protection spells, defensive spells (The house had several defensive spells that Pudge eventually learned about), some offensive spells and many more. They were good witches though and didn’t dabble in any ‘dark’ magics.

School continued to go well for Pudge. He made several friends and still maintained that sort of jokester attitude which made him likable. He actually found that he liked being in a more populated school, and town. He still excelled in Earth Sciences above anything else. He just had a knack for that sort of thing especially anything weather related. Despite the tragedy in his past, he was happy. He liked his new school, he loved his aunts and liked Salem, Mass.

On Pudge’s sixteenth birthday Valerie and Violet decided it was time to start teaching Pudge magics. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to have much luck with the simple spells such as Mystic Shields or Mystic Bolts but there was a reason for that. After about a year of trying to teach him they tried a minor wind spell and Pudge executed it on the first try with ease, the first time for that to happen. It turned out he was a specific type of magic user, a weather witch.

For the next few years Pudge studied magics along with his normal school work. He graduated High School with no special honours and went to college near by so he could still live with his aunts. He went to college to study meterology. It helped with his knowledge of weather patterns and with his magics as well. He graduated college with honours and a Major in Meterology.

While in college though, Pudge found out something interesting. He was twenty and doing some research when he decided to look through old news paper articles about where he was from and about his parents death, mainly because he missed them and was just curious. That was when he found out the truth behind what happened, his father killed his mother. It took a while for him to accept that fact and it took a few years for the anger he felt towards his deceased father to die.

After graduating he found a job working for the local television station on the ‘weather team’. He was the best at the job, his predictions were never wrong, even the ones that didn’t make sense to anyone. They assumed he was just a natural. While working there he continued school so that he could get his masters in Meteorology as well. One day, it came to be that the local weatherman kept showing up to work drunk or not showing up at all. They needed a new weather man, and with Pudge’s charisma and knowledge he was chosen.

Pudge found he loved being the local weather man. He liked being on camera and he liked being able to use his knowledge and talents at the same time. After a few years he was recruited to a larger network in the area and was seen delivering prime time weather across half the state. Weather was his thing.

Occasionally though, when the need arised, Pudge would use his magics for good and fight crime were necessary. After all New York has it’s established heroes, Boston does not. His aunts would always know it was him though when they reported a local hero doing good around the area.

About three years ago Pudge was offered a job in New York City to report the weather for Channel 4, NBC. He took the job under one condition, his aunts would move with him to New York. Pudge was able to convince his aunts to move with him and they were able to get a nice apartment in the city for the three of them. He’s been working for NBC, New York News, weather team and as the weatherman now. He’s even had his picture up on Billboards with the rest of the Primetime News Team.

All the while Pudge has been working as a weather man, he’s also been taking care of his aunts as they’ve been getting older and keeping up on his magics. He’s become quite powerful with his weather magics between being a natural weather witch and having over ten years of practice. He even still holds a love for Superheroes, real and fictional, like he did when he was a kid, which might explain the reason he’ll run off and play hero when he gets the chance.

Theme Song

Gene Kelly - Singing In The Rain


Weather Magics - Pudge can control the weather via weather magics. He has a natural talent with any sort of weather magics, other magics prove a bit more difficult. At the moment it’s the only type of magics he really knows. Through simple spells he can control the weather in a 15 mile radius (a little bit larger than all of Manhattan).


January 5, 2010 Stephen and Pudge meet an interesting young man. Too Friendly
January 15, 2010 The Inferno breaks out in central park. Inferno Ignited


  • "I said it!"


  • Pudge has a masters in Meterology.
  • Pudge's face can be seen on billboards around New York as the Channel 4 News Team!
  • Even though he's in his early 30's, Pudge still has a love for superheroes.
  • Pudge finds his nickname much better than his birth name.


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