2009-04-21: Punishment


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Summary: Antonio comes to visit the injured Pallaton, and a disturbing punishment comes to light…

Date: 21st April, 2009.

2009-04-21: Punishment

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Pallaton's still in the MedBay, which is strange considering the wounds. Sure, they were bad, but the MedBay does have a lot of advanced tech to use to patch people up. But it seems Pallaton has other ideas than being healed. He's lying in a medical bed, bandages covering his back entirely, but also random spots on his legs, arms and chest. There are, however, a few fresh-looking cuts that don't seem to be like the others, looking although a wild animal had caused them. Wasn't he only up against Boomerang? He does still look like he's in pain…

Antonio heard about the fight, and that Pallaton was being held down here. So, gathering his books and school work, Tony comes down fresh from his last class of the day with a backpack full of homework for Pal. Homework makes everyone feel better, right? Tony pauses and looks you over as he appears at the door. "Hi…You got hurt." He says plainly. "I bring your lessons."

Pallaton looks over with a start, not expecting anyone to be down here at this time. Noticeably, he's quickly hiding his hands from view. Wonder why that is… "O-oh… right… thanks… Um, just put it there…" He nods to the bedside table beside him, but he sounds really depressed. It also seems like he's forcing himself to forget the pain around Antonio for some reason…

Antonio keeps his headband on as is usual. He sets them down where indicated and then moves to sit down in a chair. "I hear you were fighting with the bad-guys?" He says with a small grin on his face. "You kick him in the ass, si?" He offers with a smile, obviously seeming both proud and jealous of you. "Is good thing, teachers are leased?"

Antonio raises a brow at that. "You are a wolf. I do not believe you did not help." He says flatly, looking at you as if he could see through the bullshit. Things are typically black and white with him and this is not an exception to the rules. "You both live to tell, and the Boom…boo." He snaps his fingers. "Bad guy. He is stopped. You do this. This is what it is to be a Hero, si? You did something and not just stand and let it happen."

Pallaton shakes his head. "No. I got badly injured and I injured Eddie too…" He sniffs there, as if holding back tears. "All I did was get him injured, get injured myself and be a liability…" He raises a clawed hand to wipe at his eyes, and that's when something becomes clear. His claws seem to be stained with a red liquid… blood? And those claw-wounds on his body…

Antonio is a quick study. He frowns a little and gestures, flying into a contagion of quick and rapid italian. None of it sounds pleasant. He narrows his eyes and stands. "This is not the wolf…this is weakness." he says pointing to the marks and your claws. "You act. This is enough. This separates the wolf from the sheep. Sheep stand and watch bad things happen. Wolves stand up and do something. This…" he indicates the claws. "This is the bullshit. You are better than this." He crosses his arms over his chest. "You do not do perfectly? You hurt someone? This is how we learn. Nothing is perfect. That is the beauty of life. There is always something that could be better, and you must pursue that something….not sit and feel bad for yourself like…" He points at you. "Big vagina!"

Pallaton shakes his head, looking at his own claws. "This is my punishment for hurting Eddie, for hurting someone I care about… Eddie stopped Boomerang, not me. And if it wasn't for me, he wouldn't have been injured as badly as he was. It's my fault he got hurt, and I have to face the punishment for that."

Antonio rolls his eyes. "Tu e sempre molte triste…." he offers putting his hands over his face. "You want punish yourself, do it by pushing yourself harder and further in training to be better. You hurt yourself, you make yourself in bad shape and then what? Next time there is trouble, you are hurt and still do not know how to fight. No….You stop this." He offers moving to lay a hand over your claws. "And you make yourself stronger not weaker. Having…" He searches for the word. "spirito." He makes a small pat on his chest around his heart. "This is hard. Hurting yourself this is easy way….and selfish. You make yourself bigger problem for those you love…you fight, working harder. This is punishment too…much harder than hurting."

Pallaton shakes his head, batting Antonio's hands away from him, looking a bit angry. "No. This is how it is always to be. I hurt Eddie, so it's only right that I hurt in return. Only when the Great Mother lets me know the punishment is complete will I stop. Then, and only then, is it enough." It's… rather disturbing to hear this come from his mouth, but it seems a lot of things have added up to cause this. Hurting Eddie accidentally, finding out he may not be who he thinks he is… maybe it's just the stress of it all talking?

Antonio gives. "Good, is justo!" he says in an angry voice. "Next time you fight. You are too hurt and then more people get hurt because you want to sit and cry all day about what a bad dog you are." He moves to pick up his backpack and starts towards the door. "My friends are not cowards." his voice is no nonsense. "Let me know when Pallaton returns." he offers before heading to open the med bay door.

Pallaton's head droops as Antonio goes for the door. "I don't know if I ever was Pallaton, even before this…" he mumbles quietly to himself, slumping in the bed.

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