2010-01-17: Pure, Cleansing Light


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Summary: Leo is pissed off. He takes it out on his demonic boyfriend.

Date: January 17, 2009

Pure, Cleansing Light

Rating: R

Westchester - Titicus Reservoir

Surrounded by trees and plenty of green, Titicus Reservoir is a peaceful spot. There is a fence surround the water to keep people out of the watershed. Sorry but there is no swimming in the drinking water. Before the fence is a small park with picnic tables, grills, and a large grassy area for recreational activity. The park is well maintained by the state of New York so it seems clean almost all the time.

The reservoir is silent. But, the glow is there. The glow that can only be one thing. And that one thing… is pissed. Nate will be able to feel that from the periphery of his senses. But then, even before the change, he was always able to feel Leo.

While he can't control the emotions of other mutant students anymore, he can still feel them just fine, and Leo is always easier than most. Being able to fly makes everything requiring travel easier and he soars through the clouds with honest pleasure, closing his eyes and ducking through the cold. When he lands, he does it like a comet, twisting around until he plants his feet firmly with a thud, knees bent for the impact. He doesn't land right next to Leo, but a good distance away, just within conversational talking distance. His tail whips around behind him, wary, but he just grins his snakelike grin at Leo and waves, "Hey there, lightbulb. What's shakin?"

There are things that Nate doesn't know about Leo yet. Things that Leo only just discovered in his rage and anger. With a crack as loud as a gunshot, Leo is suddenly standing directly in front of Nathaniel, skidding to a stop. "How. Dare. You?" He asks. "He was waiting for Jordan to be ready." He's glowing more brightly than he has … ever. "You know I don't care if you sleep with someone. But they have to be WILLING." He growls.

The sudden burst of speed causes Nathan to jump backwards, his wings snapping out on reflex and catching a draft that lifts him a few feet into the air. He blinks down at Leo, then starts laughing, "Oh, fuck's sake, Leo. Everyone's saving it for SOMEONE, and everyone loses it to someone else. Don't be such a fucking child." He floats higher, enjoying the feeling, and giggles maniacally, "It's never totally willing, anyway - and he was into it until that girly redhead got in the way."

A burst of energy comes from Leo's hand as he tries to shove it at Nathaniel. "It's not willing when you take away their will." He says, clearly. "What could have happened… what could have possessed you… to make you like that?" He asks, kicking off the ground and flipping backwards to keep a clear view on the demonic boyfriend. "What could have ruined your mind like that?"

Another bout of laughter, hard enough that Nathan starts coughing, but even that doesn't stop him. He really does seem a little crazy, "Leo! I'm a fucking /demon/…" Flying makes it easier for him to dodge the energy, though he manages it just barely, tucking in his wing before it gets clipped and dropping back to the ground, "I'm a demonic empath surrounded by other demons." He pauses, as if he needs to think, and adds, "Were you looking for something else? Something deeper? Want to know all the sick, sad little secrets I haven't told you? I'm fine with it now. I really don't care any more. Everything's so much BETTER now." He holds his arms out at this last, jumping into the air again, though he doesn't appear to have any intent to attack. He just likes flying.

"Better? Not having a conscience? Taking what you want with no regard for others? That's BETTER?" Leo says, glow intensifying even further. He's brighter than ever, currently at about 100 watts worth of brightness. "Come. I'll show you what's better." He says with a growl, taking a running leap to angle himself at Nathaniel. He's not trying to come from behind, nor to truly attack, just to latch himself on… or be caught if Nate chooses to. "I'll show you what's right."

"Why the fuck not? Everyone else does! But no, not Nate, Nate has to keep control of his brain because he makes people crazy, has to work two or three jobs to buy fucking jeans, has to worry about everything going to shit. Why not just be like this?" Nathan says as he rolls over backwards, only to blink when Leo runs at him like that. His first instinct is to grab him, but the light bothers him, and he knows how much stronger than him Leo is. Some part of Nathan's brain isn't demonic, however, and no matter how far it's retreated to escape himself or the other demons' minds, it still loves Leo. The boy doesn't get out of the way in time, his arms snapping down to try and grab Leo by the shoulders rather than let him fall, "Hey! What're you doing?"

"I'm giving myself to you. EVERYTHING about me." Leo says. As he's caught, he reaches out and grabs as well. "I'm giving you everything that's mine to give that didn't come from my parents." He says, glow focusing as his hands press against Nate's body. "I'm giving you light and life." He says, channeling everything, pure, unadulterated life. "I'm giving you everything." He reiterates as he stops trying and just focusses, pouring everything he can into this. Every iota he's got. "You're mine. I won't have your soul tarnished by this. I won't have you live in the darkness… not when I can shine a light."

The pain is excrutiating. Nathaniel yells, his hands pulling at Leo, trying to get him off, even as his wings buckle and he falls to the ground. He writhes against Leo, spitting out any number of curse words until it becomes a wordless litany. There's a tearing sound as the wings seem too willing to get off of his body, tattering and disappearing in the brightness of the light his boyfriend is exuding. He crumples against Leo after a while, his voice hoarse, but even as he loses the last vestiges of his demonic essence and Leo's light dims, the screams only become a thick, broken sobbing and Nathan tries, weakly, to push Leo away from him.

Despite him pushing everything he has into Nate, Leo's not weakened yet. Sure, his light is fading, but he's not letting go. He holds tightly to Nate as he pours, every last lumen of brightness channeling through his body into the other teenager, keeping himself from falling… until there's nothing left. All of his natural sparkle has faded away, leaving him looking like any other person. His hair, however, is still white. His white eyes, though, have gone blue. Not that it can be seen in the darkness. He's singing softly as he stands there.

Nathaniel isn't handling the transformation well. The pouring of light soothes some part of him immensely, but the rest of him? The rest of him remembers at the same time it suffers coming back to himself from that strange, if evil freedom. He pushes away from Leo if the other boy will let him, all so that he can drop to the ground on his hands and knees, then lean his head forward, pressing it to the ground and covering his head with his hands. He keens softly, rocking back and forth, trying to let it all fix itself inside his head while unable to escape everything that got in there over the past couple days. He can't bring himself to even try to ask Leo for help with this now, only digging his nails into his scalp and tightening his body as much as he can. If Addison is still in Cerebra - or really, anywhere within even remote range for either of them - he'll feel the sudden blossom of self-hatred like a nuclear blast before it folds in on itself, Nathan sucking in his power until he's closed off entirely from theworld.

One thing Nate will find, however. that consistent mental pain that he's dealt with for years… is gone. And it will not return. Leo may not have his enhanced strength, but he's still strong for a boy his age. He's a gymnast. He has to be. He lets Nathan curl up, but moves in to pick him up and physically carry him. "Come on. We'll get you home. That's where you need to be. Until all of this is over." He whispers, singing softly, so that Nathan can hear it. The song? "Bother" by Cory Taylor. He's walking, but he'll get them home. And then… then he'll collapse on the bed next to Nathan's in the medbay.

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Singing, softly, Leo carries Nathaniel into the room and places him on a bed. It's Nathaniel. Not the demon looking one. Himself as he always did. However… there is no sparkle, no glow, and no light from Leo. His eyes have even faded from white to blue.

After he places Nathaniel down, Leo lays on the bed next to him, and collapses.

Nathaniel is distinctly different than he was last time anyone saw him. He leans heavily, if not totally, on Leo, not looking at anything or anyone in particular. When he's set down on one of the infirmary beds, he pulls the blanket slowly over himself, turning his back to the room and curling into as tight a ball as he can possibly manage without cracking or breaking bones.

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