2011-04-24: Putting An End To MGH And Kick


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Summary: Vinny calls in reinforcements to help take down the MGH and Kick warehouse.

Date: April 24, 2011

Log Title: Putting An End of MGH and Kick

Rating: R

NYC - Abandoned Warehouse

The information given has lead to a warehouse along the water in Brooklyn. The building is long, stands at about twenty feet high and looks more like a storage facility then anything else. There's a small door on one side and a large door for a loading area. There are a few windows at the top of the building and the roof is quite flat. Right now there doesn't seem to be much activity but then it's hard to tell what's going on on the other side of the walls.

Vinny has been watching the place for the better part of an hour from an ajoining lot to keep from being spotted. He'd gone through his mutant rolladex trying to find some help to take this last location down and Rashmi and Connor were the only ones that picked up thier phones. The whole MGH NMO ordeal is begining to wear on the hybrid and it shows, he's just eager to end this and move on. In his calls to Rashmi and connor he's outlined the situation, an MGH warehouse/lab possibly holding captive mutants and he expects a fight. He gave them the address and asked that one of them bring a U-haul truck or similar large capacity vehicle and park it a short distance from the place.

One moment the rooftop where Vinny is observing the place is just populated by himself. The next, two forms drop a foot from the air to land in a thump of boots. Holding close to Rashmi is a form clad in a black armored bodysuit, recently having been updated with the X-logo on the shoulders. Walking forwards to the playtpus man, the red-eyed goggled form says in a muffled voice, "Sorry about the delay." Delay being relative when one can move instantaneously over long distances. Looking back at Rashmi, there's a nod as he touches a control on the side of the mask, zooming in on location in question, "I've got one of the school vans on loan, it's in a pay parking lot about four blocks from here."

Rashmi steps away from the teleporter, adjusting the scarlet-trimmed brown fabric covering her head and tugging at the waist of her black bodysuit. "I told you," she murmurs to Vinny, "I'd help if I could. Don't worry… Chase and I have done this… well. More often than I'd rather. It should be fine." Looking back at the X-clad man, she tilts her head. "…You brought a third communicator, right?"

Vinny jumps as the pair appear behind him and is reaching into his vest for his knife before seeing who it is. Breathing a sigh of relief he nods "Good ya could come. Nice duds by the way. So I'm guessin' by tha X that yer lookin' to be offical on this, so what do I call ya?" He nods to Rashmi "I appreciate it, now here's the situation. Last lab I hit had two sub-basements, one with a lab, the other with tha beancounters. Far as I know this is tha last place in tha city for MGH.. Avengers took down the lab in queens."

Slipping a hand into his pocket, Chase pulls out what looks like a bluetooth earpiece, passing it to Vinny as he replies, "They wouldn't replace the suit without me putting the logo on it. I can see the logic, but…" There's a shake of the head as he checks the two foot-long rods, and the pair of knives on his hips. Neither can see the frown, nor the squint of the eyes as the young man replies, "I'm Chase, and she's still Summoner. Don't expect the layouts the be the same, I'd assume." Kneeling down, he then looks around for a moment, "Have you seen any guards or security cameras? Anything that says anything's even here?"

"Also the X-Men have history with MGH," Rashmi supplies, securing her earpiece. "And when we're done, I'm going to call the police in. Shots fired, drugs… I'm betting the response time will be… well. Just enough for us to get out of the way and have the liason team ready." She looks to Chase, eyebrow rising. "…You *did* let people know where we were going, right?"

It's almost as if someone was waiting for the right time because with in five minutes of Connor and Rashmi joining Vinny a black unmarked van pulls up to the side door and a man wearing a nice suit gets out of the side door while two thugish looking men get out of the back. The driver stays behind the wheel of the van. The two brutish looking men each drag an unconscious male out of the van and the two unconscious men are wearing black pants, red shirts, and black jackets. The hint of a Magneto was right shirt can be seen on one of them.

Vinny puts in the earpiece as he looks down at the building. "Cameras are likely inside, two doors tha only way in. Guards carryin' sidearms and possibly havin' MGH pills. No activity since I got here, but my electrolocation can't see through walls so no idea what's inside. Don't sweat the cops I got Iron Man on speed dial.. he can clean up once we get the mutants out." He looks down to street level "well now that is certainly good timin'… think ya can portal us down there when they open the door?" He clenchs his fists, a single eight-inch long spur of bone extends from his wrists over the backs of his hands.

"Yes, I logged where I was going with the school, AND there's a timed email set to go to the Genoshan Embassy… and no, a portal is too big, too loud, and too obvious. Hands." Chase says as he reaches back to the pair, right to Rashmi, left to Vinny, adding with a grin under the suit, "Who wants the ugly ones?"

Rashmi sighs, taking Chase's hand, then placing her free hand on Vinny's arm. "Which one's the ugly one?" she says, a wry smirk touching her lips. "Um… by the way, Vinny… this is going to be a little weird. Just… try to remember that you're you."

Vinny retracts the spur on his hand when he takes Chase's, not wanting to risk an accident. He keeps the other extended as he looks to the men "I'll take tha goon on tha left.. we need the suit and my venom will put him out. Probably be guards too once tha door opens." He looks at Rashmi confused but nods, ready.

Connor watches the group for another moment, and then suddenly all three vanish from the rooftop, and for a moment Vinny is a member of the Fantastic Four, having taken the place of Ben Grimm as the Thing, fighting against a strangely dressed Rashmi… now the currently form of Circe the Sorceress. The absurdity is topped off by Dr. Blake, young Sorcerer Supreme. But the moment the memory comes, it vanishes and the three are now facing the group that's hauling the detainees into the building. Immediately he releases the hands in his, one going up to increase the gravity under the van to three times normal, beginning to crush it's own weight down on it's shocks and the pavement, while his other comes up, and a blue-green bolt of energy flies out to strike the captive of the man on the right, yanking him from the thug's grip.

Rashmi needs only a moment to shake off the memory, leaping to one side and sending a trio of her spheres arrowing toward the thug still carrying his burden; knees and lower back, specifically. While she may not be able to rescue the captives on her own, she can do a great deal to disable their potential attackers.

Vinny sways on his feet a moment as a serious WTF moment hits him like a truck. He'll have to ask about that later. For now he lunges for the other thug, stabbing at his torso with the extended bone spur.

Dropping the NMO captive, and letting him tumble a bit, Chase brings up his hand and throws up a shield to stop the gunfire from hitting any of the three. In the meantime, the gravity around the van is expanded, and ramped up, to the point that anyone present, should hopefully be slammed to the dirt and unable to move under the crushing weight.

The captive NMO member is pulled out of the mans grasp towards Connor as the three are taken off guard by the appearance of the heroes. The thug goes down as Vinny strikes him in the torso, the poison from the burn spur causing him fall over. The other thug is slammed into by a volley of spheres and before he has a chance to register what happened he falls over. The man in the suit pulls out his cellphone and starts to talk to someone in a panic as he runs to hide behind the other side of the van.

Vinny turns as the suit takes off, there's an audible pop from the water bottles across his chest as his eyes glow and two of them lose their corks and the contents fly out in a single mass to envelope the cellphone as the man dials, between that and the gravity whammy from chase hopefully they stopped the call.

Settling the captive he'd rescued to one side, Chase swipes the other one from the collapsing thug and adds him to the safe pile to one side. Watching the man in the suit flee to the other side of the vehicle, and knowing he cannot lift it, a secondary gravitic shift is done in the area around the van. The front half with the engine and the driver staying in three times normal gravity, the back half is completely negated… the end result hopefully to break the axel, or throw the vehicle off it's tires and deny the man cover. Looking to Summoner, Chase then adds on the commlink, "You wanna talk to this guy, Summoner… so we don't have to?" His voice now taking on an almost lupine cold edge.

Rashmi glances from Vinny to Chase, frowning slightly. "Fine," she murmurs. "Just… try not to hurt anyone *too* badly, okay?" Adjusting the cloth to cover the lower half of her face, she skitters around the suited man's side of the van. "Okay," she says, slightly louder. "You're done now. Stop fighting, and it'll go a *whole lot* easier."

In the middle of the phone call the water envelops the man's hand and stops the call short. He looks at the phone and tries to throw it away but the water prevents that. "Shit." He mutters. It gets worse when his cover his blown as the back half of the vehicle starts to lift up as the front half is weighted down. He puts up his hands and walks out. "You think I'm done now? Girlie, this is just the beginning. If you think this is going to stop us you're wrong."

Vinny looks to the building "Well if they didn't know we were here before, they sure as hell do now. I guess tha subtle approach has gone out the window.. so let's get blunt." The water around the phone drops to the ground as Vinny turns his glowing eyes towards the building. He's got an unlimited supply of water about 20 yards from where he's standing, and his power has a range of 50 yards. A sound like waves lapping on the beach is heard as 1500 gallons of water surges up onto the pavement from the waterfront and begins flowing towards the Hybrid.

Connor grumbles under his breath, "Blunt… right…" And the black-clad form looks to Rashmi a moment before he vanishes and reappears behind the suit, leaving Vinny to his moment of power. The van is normalized, and a look is spared to the driver before he adds to what Rashmi says, "Let me guess… we don't know who you are, you have powerful friends, and we can't touch you." All said in the most blase of tones, as if discussing something boring and mundane, "Can we please skip the canned ego before the angry platypus decides that this part of the city needs to be UNDER the water-line?"

Rashmi shoves the suited man towards the vehicle. "Get in get in *get in,*" Rashmi says, looking over her shoulder as the water surges toward the warehouse. "Chase… Disable the car, keep him from getting out if you can. Then… go be blunt. Just no casualties, okay? I'll be right behind you."

The suit rolls his eyes at Connor. "Not in the least." He says knowing that he is quite touchable and replaceable. He looks down at his watch and then looks over at the wave. "REally, you're going to cause a mini tsunami in Brooklyn just to take us down, I feel a bit honoured." He follows Rashmi's instructions and sits in the car smiling at the group. The loading dock to the warehouse opens up and three hulking looking individuals step out and look around before staring right at the group and making their way over.

Vinny retracts his bone spurs as the water flows to form a wall between himself and the large garage door entrance. "I've always tried to be a nice guy.. but to be perfectly honest I'm startin' to see what Magneto has against humans." He grins as the door opens "Ah good, saves me tha energy of breaking it down." He thrusts both hands towards the three approaching figures, the wall of water surging towards them with over a ton of force behind it. "Surf's up mates!"

There's a slight tilt of the head and a single-shoulder shrug from Chase as he reaches out and deftly crushes all the doors inwards, crimping them so that getting out via that move will be tough. Then, in a moment of inspiration, he passes the doorway and with a flick of the hand, the pair inside see both the window levers snap free of their mountings and compact into small balls the side of marbles. Once past the van and approaching the group in conflict, saying in a low voice to Vinny, "Don't. Magneto's got my respect, but his argument validates the reasons why these people even operate. Threats meet threats, and is just escalates. Trust me, I've been there. But we're just as human as they are, even if we have extra shiny parts to go with it."

Rashmi taps her earpiece, placing a call to the Barnes switchboard. "Summoner and two third parties at the location of the last MGH warehouse, one suspect detained in a damaged black van" she says quietly. "Advise, there will be a significant power display. Coordination with X-Men advised, request local authorities alerted. I'm keeping this line open as long as I can." Squaring her shoulders, she steps up to the sides of her two partners, spheres out and whirling at top speed around the three of them. "We need to make this quick, Vinny. There are people inside who might not live to be rescued."

The wave splashes against the three powered individuals and all of them get knocked off their feet and swept back, slamming against the sides of the warehouse before struggling to get up. Inside the warehouse a few gun shots can be heard being fired and a few moments later a man and woman can be seen on the roof of the warehouse.

Vinny regathers the water underneath the three powered thugs and using the wave throws them away from the building as he goes to make his way inside. "Chase check the two on the roof, I'll see if anyone's coming out to play inside." His tone is cold, almost feral as he heads to enter the building the water again gathering and following him.

Connor looks to Rashmi a moment, and then says to her, "I'll be back." And vanishes from view, appearing above the roof by several feet, and landing in a crouch. Reaching to one of the hip pouches, he pulls out one of the collapsible staves borrowed from the Mansion, and with a spinning flick, he extends it to it's full five foot length. His other hand comes forwards to establish a gravshield before announcing himself by saying, "Let me guess… getaway chopper, super-plane, or do we just skip to the bribing to guarantee your escape?"

Rashmi hurries forward behind Vinny, a deep frown on her face at the platypus' behavior. "*No casualties,* Vinny," she calls. "Prisoners are the first priority."

On the roof the man looks at Connor and points a gun at him. "Let me guess, another punk ass mutant kid whose out wearing his Mommys kitchen gloves to play super hero." He says even though Connor's costume is far from kitchen pieces. "Chem." The woman says. "Let me handle him." Her eyes glow with an orange tint as she sends an blast of energy at Connor hoping to knock him down. On the ground the three big ones are tossed away from the building and when Vinny makes his way inside it seems like the building has been ransacked. There is still plenty of equipment lying around but there are a five bodies that have been recently shot, all of them from the guys who were in the NMO. Three are still hooked up to various testing devices, one is stills strapped to table and another lies on the ground. There are cases of MGH and Kick still lying around and more.

Vinny pauses… he see the bodies and he tenses. His fists clench as he visibly shakes for a moment then speaks into the comlink in a trembling tone "They're dead.. mutants are dead." His eyes flash and he throws his head back and gives a primal.. animalistic scream as the water shoots straight up to blast a hole in the roof. "RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!"

Neither the slight frown, or the eyeroll can be seen under the mask as the energy blasts are caught on the field, ripples of blue-green energy in the air where the shield was put into place. Standing up to his full height, the staff is shifted into his group as Chase says to the pair, "Yeah, and this coming from someone borrowing mutant powers like a kid stealing dad's Ferrari… compensating much?" Suddenly, he's gone from the spot he was at and suddenly he is standing next to the blaster, swinging the staff at the back of her shoulders, attempting to knock her forward and senseless.

Rashmi stumbles to a halt, hand flying up to cover her mouth. "Oh, my god," she whispers, eyes darting back and forth across the devastation. "Oh, G—" her stomach heaves. "…Casualties," she struggles to say into the headset. "Five bodies, shot… three are still in testing equipment… Oh, God… Somebody… please, get out here… Vinny… *Vinny!* Enough!!"

Once of the guys whose been shot is recognizable as Kyle, the leader of the NMO. This might explain why they haven't had much activity as of late. There's glass on the floor as computer monitors have been smashed and on one table a silver briefcase is shut tight. Up on the roof the woman is trying to fight back but doesn't notice the swing from behind as she's knocked out. The man raises an eyebrow at Connor. "You assume much boy, she was a mutant, just like you. Just like me." He says as he puts up his hands. "So what's it going to be boy?"

Vinny turns his gaze back towards the ocean with a snarl, he can sense the water without needing to see it. A new plume of water raising and launching itself over the building. With the hole in the roof his location sense is picking up the impulses from those on top of the building. He can feel the distortion that Connor gives off and the shape of the other shows that the woman is laying on the ground, that leaves the man. The water lands on the roof with a shuddering *thud* and forms into a single long tendril that seeks to wrap around the man's form and drag him back through the hole into the building.

"Oh me? I'm just the distraction.", Chase replies as he reaches down to take the girl's arm, "I'd think right about now about you asking me to save your life… because there's one REALLY pissed off platypus down there, and right now, he's probably got some very angry, very permanent, and very painful things in mind." The pair are gone off the roof as he reappears inside the van, and then is gone once more, leaving the latest unconscious prisoner in their van/cage. Next to Rashmi again after a moment, he's watching Vinny as he reaches around to offer her at least some comfort, seeing the bodies, seeing the death, and trying to turn her away, muttering softly, "It's allright… Rash, don't let it take you there again. This isn't Africa… don't let it turn into that again… I'm here for you. Always be ready to catch you when you need it."

Rashmi clings to Chase for a moment, shivering in silence, throat locked around any sounds she might make. It's a good long while before she can say anything at any volume, but finally; "There's a briefcase," she says, in a low whisper. "Get what you can… Don't open it. I'll be right here. Please… We have to do *something.*"

The woman is just another locked inside the van as Connor ports away. As for Chemicalo he's dragged out by Vinny and starts squirming to get away. He tries to use his powers but he finds his ability of chemical secretion to be non-effective with the water around him. "Oh so you heroes now are gonna save the day from the evil drugs? Is that what it is, well think again! You aren't going to get any information from us!" In the distance a helicopter can be heard but it's not one of theirs, it's a SHIELD one coming in for a landing quite a bit away.

Vinny says nothing for the moment as the water holds Chemicalo tight. He takes up a bottle of MGH and removes the cap, dumping the pills on the floor. He takes another bottle and does the same, then another, and another. "Shut it wanker, you're about ta join that bloke that does the comercials for the hair club. ya know.. not only a member but also a client." He motions with one hand and a small tendril of water breaks off the bigger one and flows across the floor picking up all the pills. "Say AHHHH…" He begins to move the tendrils back towards chemicalo, raising it so the mass of pills is at his head level.

In a page-pose to you, Vinny isn't actually doing it yet, just the impending threat. Will be another round or so before it gets to that point just FYI. ;) Gotta give the other two time to react.

Moving into the warehouse, the mask and goggles hide the sick look and the pale eyes that blaze so hotly that if he was anyone else it might have melted the glass. As he reaches the suitcase, he doesn't touch it, instead he surrounds it in a field so that it floats out and towards Rashmi, landing close by where the two saved individuals are laying. On his way back out, he pauses, looking at the victims… and then just continues on. Stopping next to Rashmi once more, all Chase can do is stare as Vinny stares into that black pit, before saying into the commlink, "Helicoptors on the way… no design I know of, so it's probably SHIELD responding to Summoner's call." There's obviously more that sits there in the pregnant pause, but then he stands with his friend, watching and waiting…

Where Connor might hesitate to act, Rashmi does not. A hand clenches as her spheres dart out, smashing into and through the mass of drug-filled water in rapid succession. "Don't you do it, Vinny," she whispers, voice shaking. "Don't you *dare* do it."

As Connor looks briefly at the bodies he'd notice there's the slightest bit of movement with one of them as it looks like they might still be breathing. The look on Chemicalo's face is sheer terror as Vinny starts to shove those pills towards his face. Once they're smashed away he starts to blabber. "You don't understand, those aren't ready for market, it's still experimental, all of it. We have to make sure that they work with mutants as well as humans and with Kick. If someone were to take one of those now…there's no telling what would happen!"

Vinny turns a looks towards Rashmi, with that flat blue glow obscuring his eyes it's hard to tell what he's thinking but he looks back to Chemicalo. "Looks like ya got lucky mate, the good guys are makin' sure I don't get the chance ta use you as a lab rat which is better'n you deserve. Would take too long ta get another batch'a pills together with SHIELD knockin' on the door. So I'll have ta settle for tha thought that yer gonna get vanished by the feds for a good long time. However.. don't mean I don't get a few licks in." He motions with one hand and the tendril slams Chemicalo against the wall, then again, and again, be hurling him across the room into one of the testing tubes. Vinny turns and heads for the door closest to the water. "SHIELD better get this right.. cause if I gotta come find ya again I'll pump ya with this crap till yer eyes melt."

Connor's mask once again hides the look of guilt on his face, but then the movement brings his attention back. Going over to the body, he takes his fingers and starts to check for a pulse, looking around at the equipment and trying to gauge the person's state. Without looking up, he says, "Summoner… we've got someone maybe alive here… let SHIELD know we're going to need paramedics on touchdown, or someone needs to call an ambulance." Muttering to himself, almost under his breath as he continues to check for vitals, sweat causing the full bodysuit to cling in a few places, "C'mon… let there be one good thing to come out of this… be alive, be alive…"

Rashmi cringes as Vinny slams Chemicalo against the wall, again and again, and hurls him across the room, sick horror on her face. As Vinny turns to walk away, she starts to move to help Connor, finally spurred into action, but pauses, turning. "Vinny…" She seems about to say more, than shakes her head and turns back. "…We'll talk later." Shoving the cloth away from her face, she starts casting about for clean cloth to tear into bandages.

Chemicalo is rendered unconscious after about the third slam to the wall and hangs in Vinny's water like a limp doll. The man that Connor is checking on does in fact have a pulse, if faint, as he hasn't died yet. Within moments SHIELD rushes into the scene and those that need medical attention get it and those that need to be arrested are. Two out of five of the guys inside the warehouse turn out to be alive. Statements are gotten from those are willing as SHIELD searches the facility and grabs up what evidence they can.

Vinny reachs the edge of the warehouse property as SHIELD arrives and dives off the edge into the water below. The water holding Chemicalo splashs to the floor no longer under his control as sinks into the bay before suddenly shooting through the water away from the scene. His hydrokenesis and natural aquatic nature allowing him to move with unnatural speed in the water as he puts as much distance between himself and the place as he can.

"…and he took the commlink with him. I'm gonna catch hell for it back at the Mansion.", Connor grumbles before looking to Rashmi and pulling the goggle up so she can see his eyes, and just holds that there for a moment. Then they go back down as he helps the SHIELD agents load the survivors safely into the the chopper, staying to help instead of fleeing like he normally would, "So… ummm… got a couch I can flop on? I'm guessing they're going to have a lot of questions for someone sporting the X."

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