Quenton Michaels
Quenton "Rage" Michaels
Portrayed By Morgan Benoit
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 16th, 1994
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Rage, Formerly Avenger Boy
Place of Birth New York City
Current Location Xavier's Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Father, Brother, Mother, Sister
Significant Other Shane Morgenstern
Identity Unknown
Known Abilities Super Strength, Resilience, Flight, Berserker Rage
First Appearance Avenger Boy#1, X-Men Revolution#211

"You say it's wrong to kill. I say bad things happen to bad people."

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I was born on January 16th, to a Derren and Olivia Michaels. My mom and dad. Dad was a street cop in the NYPD, mom was a nurse at the time. I'm not an only child. My older brother, Robert, was six years old when I was born. When I was four my mother gave birth to Zoey, my younger sister. Life was perfect. I didnt always get what I want, but there usually was enough money where I didn't have to be found wanting. The schools I went to were suburban, my dad didn't want me going to a school in the 'hood. Wasn't so bad. Having a cop for a dad means instant popularity when you're young. I had a lot of friends who carried on to middle school, despite me being kind of a nerd. Reading comic books and following the mutant phenomenon on TV. All in all, mutants weren't common in suburban New York, so they were hard to find. It was my freshman year of High School that it happened.

With puberty came superpowers. Yeah. I was fifteen, and ecstatic. I was a superhero, like the gods I seen on TV. And even my powers made me think I was a god. The ability to fly. Super strength. Punches didn't hurt much anymore. But freshman year I didn't have all the friends I made back then, and was widely unpopular. My only friend at the time was Jake. And so, naturally, he was the only one I shared my gifts to. Well, turns out Jake was like me, to my surprise. He had the ability to control and generate fire, and can surround his body with magma like armor. So what stupid thing did we do? We put on costumes. We became super heroes. Freshman year, it was a dream come true. We got good at it. We stopped teenagers from getting jumped, house break ins, petty crimes. No supervillains or mobsters like on TV, but who needed that? The kids who made fun of us at school didn't have time to bully us, they were too busy going on about the Avenger Boy (me) and the Flame Kid (Jake). We were legends, at least in suburbia.

We were not prepared what came next. The bank was robbed by a group of terrorists who came to steal ten million dollars to support their organization. Heavily armed, ex-KGB, take a gander who was there to try to stop them? The Dynamic Duo ourselves. I smashed through the banks wall for a dramatic entrance, but there was no shock value. They opened fire immediately. I took three bullets to the stomach but managed to keep standing, staggering back through the hole and looking to Jake for help, because I never felt so much pain. And I watched him die, the assault rifles tearing into my best friend and partner. They were going to kill me? No. They had to pay. I didn't know what came over me. I still don't know what the Hell's wrong with me. I got angry. Too angry. I flew in, tackled the leader, and crushed his skull with a punch. Took bullets to the back that made me scream, but I turned around, and… I killed people. When the last one was dead, the rage subsided, and the pain hit me like an avalanche.

The police had arrived, my dad was now a police sergeant, and when I looked up to see them, I saw fear in the eyes of most the officers there. Not in my father’s. I saw sympathy, and sadness. He knew that was Jake dead. So he knew it was me. I was taken to the hospital, and when I recovered a week later, I was going to be arrested. That’s when Scott Summers came. He spoke to my parents for a good while, I didn’t know he was there until they took him up to see me. He was broad shouldered, in perfect shape, I knew right away I was looking at another mutant. Most looked upon him with distrust, fear. My parents looked pleading. The three sat down and talked with me. I can go to a school where I can continue my education and learn to control my power. I would live away from my parents, but they could come and visit on weekends and any time after classes, and they promised they would. My sister said she’d come to, but my brother, well, he walked out the room and said nothing.

He gave me time to think about it, time I spent at home, trapped indoors as the press waited to take a look at who Avenger Boy really was. It only took a week for me to make my choice. I decided to go. I needed to. My family did still love me, but I could tell it would never be the same. Scott Summers came with another mutant and took me to Xavier’s in their car. The beginning of a new life.


  • "Simmer down. Simmer down or I'll put you down."


  • Quenton can play piano, really well.
  • Quenton used to be a nerd, and has an avid grasp on pop culture regarding superheroes.
  • Quenton's favorite food is corn flakes, without sugar.
  • Quenton is ambidextrous.


Quenton, for his age, is immensely strong, and can lift up to seven and a half metric tons with little to no effort. If he pushes himself to his limit, he is capable of lifting up to ten metric tons. And the poor boy is only getting stronger. This strength allows him to pick up luxury and efficiency cars with ease, and throw them. He can also pick up larger vehicles, like a truck or a van, but can only flip them over, not toss them. He can bend and dent most metals, and is even able to punch through a wall of steel, though he needs to put a lot of effort into it, unless he gives himself some distance to do so. His powers reflect the Iron Age of comic book science, and because of this, he is also able to put ten tons behind every punch, making him a rather devastating force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, he is unable to pull these punches, and must be incredibly gentle with the world around him, even with his clothes. Because of this, he often is given clothes of synthetic material. With his super strength, he can jump rather high, about two stories or twenty feet in any direction. When prone, he can also smash his fists into the ground with such force it’d drive him upwards and onto his feet. He is unable to make shockwaves, however.

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