2010-09-22: Quick Kick Gets Kicked

Players: David & Teddy

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Summary: Prodigy and Hulkling prevent the robbery of TD Bank by Quick Kick and Los Tiburones.

Date: September 22, 2010

Log Title: Quick Kick Gets Kicked!

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Greenwich Village

The lower West Side of Manhattan is known as the Bohemian Greenwich Village or just The Village. Unlike most of Manhattan, the streets here are not in the usual gird that the rest of the island is. Most the streets here are named rather than numbered as well. The buildings here aren't as tall as high rises of Manhattan as they are the 19th century row houses and occasional one-family walk up apartments.

It is a rainy stormy evening in New York City, David makes his way from the West 4th Street subway station and is running across the street to run into the TD Bank before he closes. He almost gets hit by a car as he absentmindedly runs, but he quickly dodges, moving like an experience football player and missing the car. He rises up and looks as the car speeds away and muffles a curse before turning towards the bank. Following him in are 1 large African-American male, followed by 4 individuals whose faces seem to be hidden by hats and trenchcoats.
David is wearing a long white trenchcoat and red goggles, black boats, jeans, and a black shirt.

Ted Altman, returning from a part-time job as a bouncer, where he most definitely does NOT look like this, is also heading for the TD Bank. He gets paid cash, which is skeevy, but he doesn't think the place is doing anything illegal since he does get a paystub, and he has to do his own taxes. He slips in behind TrenchCoated Person Number Four, hoping to get in line before it gets too late.

BOOM! A loud explosion rips the street as glasses explodes from the TD bank and smoke billows from the window. Customer run out screaming.
The large African-American removes his coat and throws it in David's direction. Standing in black and orange ninja garb, and unsheathing two swords, Quick Kick orders, "Time to make a large withdrawal!" The trenchoated four remove their coats and now are four small gang members toss their coats on the ground revealing shark symbols on denim vests. "Los Tiburones are here!"
David tosses the coat and dodges out of the way and makes a quick run towards the other end of the bank. His goggles flickering and his body synching with Quick Kick demonstrated by the fact that David takes an almost football like stance when he runs.

The sharks. When you're a shark you're a shark all the way? Teddy takes advantage of the confusion to toss off his own jacket, shifting up into the much more massive green, armored, hulk-like figure of, well, Hulkling. He moves toward Los Tiburones, hoping that his approach will be hidden by the smoke and noise and their looking the other way.

The four sharks split themselves up with two by the entrance and two about to go to the back, but when one turns, he is face to face with Hulking, "Madre de Dios!" He screams as he pulls out a gun and shakingly tries to take aim at Hulking. The others see something, but not sure.
Quick Kick leaps forward quickly and gracefully and in an impressive displays shatters the bulletproof glass and drop kicks two tellers away from himself.
Similarly to Teddy, David attempts to use the smoke as a cover and matching Quick Kick leaps over the counter to land gracefully behind the register, "A bank robbery in 2010? Really?"

"It's the economy," Hulkling calls back, and grabs for the closest Tiburon, using him as a projectile thrown at the next nearest. (While the gun may go off, and the bullet hit, not unlike his namesake, it just makes Hulkling angry.)
OK, that's SOME Kick, if it shattered bulletproof glass; Hulkling will be seriously impressed once these four are sufficiently subdued.

The Tiborun fires a round and the bullet hits Hulking, but he is suddenly tossed like a bullet at his friend, "Dios Mio!" He screams as he crashes into his friend. The smoke starts to clear as the other Tiborun see something green and start shooting at it.
Quick Kick looks over David and does a bow, "That was an impressive flip….but I have a sword." He unsheathes it and flips towards David attempting to slice at him.

DAMMIT that hurts! Hulkling flinches as one bullet SPANGs off his face, leaving a weal of green blood that quickly vanishes.
"RARH!" he yells, and claps his hands together hard with his full strength at the other two, * * THOOOOOM * * … at least it wasn't the floor-destroying "make the marble floor ripple like a snake" punch trick. The manager will probably be grateful for that when her hearing returns.

The two Tiborun's fall over at the sound shattering clap. They drop their guns and cover their ears, "What the f%%**%%k?" They clumsily rise up and attempt to move towards Hulking. As this occur David continues to dodge the sword attacks, as he instinctively knows where the sword will be. The clap causes both black fighters a momentary pause as they turn and once the smoke clears, the large physique of Hulking comes into view. David responds quick kick to Quick Kick knocking him over the counter and near Hulking.

Running. Towards. The Hulkling. If he were his namesake that would be a Darwin Award Winning moment. He steps towards them with equal speed, armored and clawed hands whipping forward to grab for their belts. Not unlike a much smaller, furry blue alien from a cartoon about a cute hawaiian girl, a second pair of arms pop out from under the first, one reaching into his back pocket where he carries some nylon zip ties.

Their belts grabbed. One screams, "Oh sh*t" when he sees the second set of arms pop out. The other is literally tearing his pants off trying to run away. His tighty whitie clad but sticks half way from his pants. Quick Kick catches the full glory of the alien. Even David pauses a second before he lands a quick karate jab to the side of Quick Kick's face. The goggles flicker as David searches for info on the alien and simultaneously delivers a low kick to knock the black ninja down.

Attempted escape, thus, the extra arms for grabbing onto hand holding. He'll turn them into octopus tentacles if they seem like they're getting away. Hulkling tightens the belts, turning them AROUND, zip ties in his mouth. "HLD SZTLL," he growls around the zip-ties, "R I TY YU FC TO FZ!"
Assuming he can get the belts tightened, he zip-ties the two back-to-back, using the belt as the first anchor, and thumb-to-thumb over their heads as the next anchor. He's done this before, it's practiced. Something a riot cop might do, perhaps.
"SIT," he says again, and by now if Quick Kick is going to come after him, it's probably the safest time.

The thugs are tied and left in place. They struggle, but are going nowhere.
Meanwhile the Quick Kick regains his composure after the jab to the face, "You are the quite the fighter, but let's see you how you fight when I do this." He removes a star and tosses it at an old security guard. Right in the throat, David curses a moment and leaves to attend to the guard, "just like a villain he mumbles ot himself." Quick Kick uses this moment to try to escape, but finds the hulking alien blocking his way, He leaps up and attempts to kick Hulking in the head, "Outta my way!"

Not quite braced for that - still a bit green, Hulkling? Or still too used to relying on your teammates, like the SHIELD trainers have been saying? Well, the kick lands, and the Hulkling's face deforms under the strike. Quick Kick is a lucky man, really; if Hulkling were braced, with strength in the "shoulder-presses a cement mixer for reps" range, the kick would have done more damage to his foot … but the disgusting "SNAP" that comes as Hulkling steps more INTO his way comes while the green armored Young Avenger twists his head BACK around, and straightens his neck, then his face goes back to its correct shape.
"That was a bad idea," Hulkling says, and lunges towards Quick Kick, ready to give him a Big Hulk Hug.

Quick Kick's kick connects and He laughs and is ready to make his escape when, he watches Hulking's face deform. He seems transfixed and genuinely frightened. As the Hulking makes his statement and lunges towards him. Quick Kick is frozen in fear and find himself in a bear…er Hulk hug.
David is already working on removing the star and bandaging up the security guard. He moves wiht the expertise of a surgeon…perhaps one is nearby. He moves quickly and pays no attention to the ninja in the Hulking's grasp. David shouts to people nearby, "Call 911. I have him as good as he is going to be…but he needs a real doctor."

"Gotcha," Hulkling says, keeping the Ninja uncomfortably close. Not really giving him room to breathe fully. He pulls a communicator device from his left pocket, and says, "Hulkling, route nine one one to this location, TD bank number five, explosion, bank guard injured needs ambulance, five perps in custody," and after a three second pause, a feminine voice answers, "Message forwarded." Gotta love SHIELD tech, it's so… smexy.
He walks over to where the other two were thrown, giving Quick Kick a glare and a snarl full of excessively sharp teeth when the man struggles and thrashes for a moment.
"On their way, let me get these last two lemon sharks into their cages. Is he going to be ok? Any other casualties?"

David looks up as he is spoken to by Hulkling. He rises after doing all he can for the man, "Yes, he will be fine." He looks over the alien and towards the remnants of the bank, "It seems you have everything under control with the idiots." He looks over the room and notes most of the customers have fled and those who remained behind appears to be fine, just frazzled. "So, Hulkling is it?" Te cybershades flicker. David closes up his trenchcoat, "You do good, amazing work."

Hulkling shrugs as best he can with four arms and two of them occupied with a ninja who was NOT ready for the job. Another thumb-to-thumb zip-tie, then a zip-tied hobble around the ankles, and a temporary under the knees. The man may hate his life for a moment.
"Thanks. Practice, I guess. Can you check Sasuke here for concealed weapons? I need to get the last two."
Sirens are, by now, approaching, and the 9-1-1 message relay from "outside source" providing the code for "Super On Site Assisting". SO glad that the Young Avengers have that very slight "legitimate" tag now. It was worse two years ago.

"No problem. I should at least help out a bit." David grins as he approaches Quick Kick and with a jab to the side of his neck, he knock out the ninja. He smiles, "I just learned about that." He frisks the unconscious ninja and the other thugs, finding various martialk arts weapons and dropping them on the floor. As he sirens ring out, David is grateful he is not a student at the school nor is he wearing any Xavier identifiable clothing. "He strikes pressure points on the remaining thugs who are awake, "Make them easier to transport."

It doesn't take long to check the remaining two for injuries, then leave them unconscious. Hulkling offers a handshake to the man who did the hard part, "Thanks, man. Hey, give a call or send an email if you want to meet up, maybe?" He reaches into a pocket and pulls out a flat metal box of suspiciously Japanese-design, yes, a business-card-box of stainless steel. He offers a card with a design: Big green scaly H, a generic email, and a phone number. It has a third number on it as well, apparently a pass code of some sort. Six steps away, an abandoned letterman's jacket, he picks that up and bundles it into a ball, making sure his cash is still inside.

David shakes Hulkling's hand and smiles, "While I can't share this with many people…you can call me Prodigy." He takes the card and smiles, "Impressive." He reads it over as his goggles flicker a bit, "Ok, an email has already been sent." He watches him pick up his letterman's jacket. "Well, I need to go before the sirens arrive…I prefer some anonimity." With that, he slips through the broken window caused by the earlier explosion.

And Hulkling is left to wait for the police to arrive about a minute later, to make sure they've got everything, before leaving himself.

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