Subject #5ARMS alias 'Quintessa'
Portrayed By Ledabunny
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 11, 2080
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Tes, Tessa, #5ARMS
Place of Birth A Government Lab in the Future
Current Location New York
Occupation ???
Known Relatives #1ARMS (adam), #2ARMS (Najji), #4ARMS (Shiro)
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities Enhanced Physical Attributes, Enhanced Senses, Mechanical Intuition (firearms), Regeneration
First Appearance ???

What would you like me to shoot today?


#5ARMS was born, and bred, as part of the, Advanced Recon and Military Specialists, ARMS, program. A program started 25 years ago during the cold war by AIM, Advanced Ideas and Mechanics. Mutants were on the rise and they had powers, why not harness that power into a weapon of their own? A mix of volunteers, kidnappees and others were used to in the process of making their idea of a mutant weapon. When the first test, #1ARM, aka Adam, was a success they moved onto others. Where the first started off fully human the later ARMS were created differently.

AIM was able to create life, but there was no mind, no soul, in side the body. Just a hollow shell of flesh, blood, organs and bones. One the body got to the desired age of 16, and was full matured, they stopped the aging process. AIM did tests to make sure the body got the correct mutations they desired. In the case of #5ARMS aka Quintessa, it was an innate ability with fire arms combined with regeneration. All ARMS became ageless because of this artificial creation and they all had enhanced senses and physical abilities. They were designed to perform at peak human abilities, if not more.

Once the body was ‘grown’ and to AIM’s standards they were able to give them life. Telepaths working for AIM gave them fake memories of a life, able to instill the proper emotional traits they wanted. They gave them the knowledge they would need to perform the tasks that AIM were to send them on. Pretty much every thing about the ARMS were artificial.

The life ARM#5 was given, and what she believes is real is as follows:

Since #5ARMS was a female, this didn’t mean that things went easier on her, in fact, it more meant that, to Tess, there really wasn’t any difference in how you should raise a boy or a girl. Since girls tend to be stereotyped as more emotional, they tried to get her as emotionally hardened as possible. She wasn’t read books or got to listen to music, instead it was intensive combat training. From a young age her life was education, tests and training. Since she had enhanced strength, agility and senses, like the rest of the ARMSs, and was taught how to use it. She was kept away from the other ARMSs and for years she thought she was the only one.

#5ARMS grew up in a small room with no windows, white walls, lights on all the time. The only furniture was a bed, toilet, table and two chairs. This is where all her education and lessons were taught. #5ARMS didn’t feel trapped at all, she didn’t know any other life and to her, it was all accepted. The tests were just another part of the day, the training was something that was necessary. Over time the Scientists grew to call her Quintessa or Tes, but she would also answer to Number Five.

In her memory it was fourteen years of growing up like a lab rat and because of what they put in her mind, this was acceptable to her, and normal. She didn’t resent her ‘life’, it was just what Quintessa had learned to expect.

She had #5ARMS tattooed on her wrist so that their test subject was marked. She didn’t like or hate the experiments, but they were part of her existence. They made her stronger, faster, better and ran tests to see how much they enhanced her. With the enhanced senses, Tes was always on a diet of bland gruel that gave her the nutrients she needed.

There was a fear they installed in her, the dark. When Tes didn’t perform to government standards (Good enough for the Government was not true in her case) they would lock her in a small dark room. Thus the reason for raising her with the light always on in her room. The ‘dark room’ for was when she was bad. Even when she wasn’t bad, they would use it as a conditioning for her to do better. That was really the only time an emotional response was triggered from her. The ‘dark room’, or the dark in general after that, would always reduce her to a crying mess.

The instilled an obedience in #5ARMS, using the dark as a way to get her to do anything asked. Since she was the fifth, they wanted her to be the ultimate follower, take any command without question. If they told her to jump, she shouldn’t even have time to say ‘how high’ before doing what she was told. If she hesitated or didn’t react quick enough, she’d be in the ‘dark room’. The fear of the dark was implanted in her memories as well as training they used when she was ‘alive’.

Almost immediately after she ‘awoke’ into life, they were training Quintessa. She had a thing with weapons, mainly firearms, any firearm she picked up she could work it in seconds. Figure how to hold it for the least amount of kick back, squeeze the trigger /just/ right and she could clean and take part/put together any firearm in seconds. When holding a gun in her hands, #5ARMS felt her purpose became clear. She was trained in accuracy and marksmanship along with sniping. How to hide herself just right to get the best shot. She never knew much about the man who trained her, just that he went by The Reaper.

Her other mutation was regeneration and they tested it as best as they could. She how much punishment her body could take and how much it could regenerate. Sometimes they played games like, if she made any sounds, she would end up going into the ‘dark room’. It was to build up her pain tolerance so she could continue to fight and keep on going.

After a while she was finally introduced to the other ARMSs and there was a slight tingling of happiness that stirred when she realized she wasn’t the only one. Eventually they started to train together as a team, work as a team, think like a team. As the fifth ARMS, Tes was a follower, any order given, she’d follow. They need a distraction, she’d easily run out and get shot. She was raised to follow orders and anything asked of her, she did.

Eventually she started having some one on one sessions with ARMS#1, to her it was like a battle field in the mind. What she didn’t know was they were having #1ARMS plant a code in her mind. The one on one sessions lasted maybe two weeks, but by the end, #1ARMS just had to say a word, Glow Worm, and Tes would go into a rage, become a killing machine. It didn’t matter what was in front of her, she would shot it until it stopped moving. The only thing she wouldn’t shot at were her fellow ARMSs and the few scientists in charge. In fact, the conditioning was to the point where even if she wanted to kill one of them, she wouldn’t be able to.

Tes was given a uniform for the battle field that was designed to hold the maximum amount of firearms they could give her. She was made special firearms that separated into two pieces so she could easily put together if needed. Whatever gun she was holding became an extension of #5ARMS. The other thing she was given was a small LED light, the size of laser pointer, that she could always carry around with her, incase it got too dark. Even in total darkness, if she had the light, she was fine.

Once AIM felt the ARMS were ready for action, they started hiring them out to highest bidder. #1ARMS through #5ARMS were trained together and a unit. Quintessa preformed exactly how AIM trained her and she killed numerous people on these missions without feeling a thing. She didn’t have the emotion spectrum to feel remorse or guilt, nor did she really understand ‘human life’. After all a conscience wasn’t in the programming.

One night things went wrong, the AIM base in Siberia, where the ARMS project was created and maintained, was attacked. It wasn’t long before some superhero group found out about AIM’s creations and plans and decided to raid the facility and put a stop to it. Quintessa awoke to alarms going off and a scientist leading her off to safely. Sure they could have sent the ARMS after the superhero group but AIM just wanted to protect their creation. Equipment is easier to replace than 25-years of research and creation.

They were able reach the escape deck and they were teleporting out to safety in groups of 3. ARMS #1 and #3 were separate from the device they shoved ARMS #2, #4 and #5 in. As one of the guard went to press the button to activate the device that was to teleport them to a back up base, their was an explosion above and the roof started to collapse. A chunk of rubble hit the guard and smashed a part of the machine, activating it but not properly .

ARMS #2, #4 and #5 were sent through space and the desired location was not reached, instead it was New York City. During this trip not just the location went wrong, something effected the minds of those teleported. Tes’s memories became unclear and she lost a lot of who she was. She has no memory of the ARMS project or of AIM or of her life. She doesn’t remember that she’s created. She now has access to a larger emotional spectrum that AIM thought they removed from her. It wasn’t removed, only suppressed. Without her memories, Quintessa believes she’s looking for her brother who was lost.


Quintessa doesn’t have many of her memories, but even without them there are some personality traits that transfer through. She’s fearless and has no regard for her own personal safety. For the other ARMS’s, yes, for other people, maybe not. She might be a bit reckless at times, as she might do something she thinks is necessary not realizing those with her will be effected. She has an emotional attachment to the other four ARMS’s that she doesn’t fully understand. She does feel affection for them, but she doesn’t understand it. She doesn’t really understand books, music or even movies as it’s not a skill that you need. Prying into someone’s fictional life doesn’t seem fun for her, but maybe after a bit of socializing, she’d be watching every episode of a TV with childlike interest. She finds guns to be AWESOME and loves firearms. She’s not sure why as she doesn’t remember anything about being a ARM. Right now she’s very much of a blank slate, only feeling attached to the other four ARMSs. She can come off as childlike or very cold and uncaring, it all depends on her mood. Quintessa is just afraid of the dark, terrified of it, and loves to carry around her mini flashlight with her. She also feels the most comfortable with a firearm in her hand.

Quintessa doesn’t know what being ‘ladylike’ is about or what it means to be a girl. She’s doesn’t know that boys shouldn’t look at her naked body and vice versa, she doesn’t understand why bathrooms are split into girls and boys. It’s all one to her. She also doesn’t understand humour or jokes, taking things very literally. Something like a Will Farrell movie, she wouldn’t get and find very stupid.


Enhanced Senses - All five senses have been enhanced on Quintessa. She can smell things better, even track things via scent. She can smell things like people view colours, in layers. Like if someone was cooking in a kitchen an hour ago, she can smell the layers of the ingredients that went into the food and different scent of the person who left it. Her sense of smell is about as good as a dogs. She can smell things from about a 30 yards away, more if there is wind in her favour. Bad smells might maker her feel sick easier. Tes’s sense of sight is about 20/10 giving her beyond perfect vision. This being said, she’s more susceptible to bright lights and they can temporarily blind her easier. Her sense of hearing is greater than that of a normal person, being able to hear things clearly from about 50 yards away. This being said loud noises bother her hearing along with sonic powers, which do more damage than usual. Her sense of taste is more keen as well, being able to taste food as most people don’t. She can pick out the many different ingredients, sorting the flavours easily. Things with strong flavours she doesn’t like, as a person who puts one packet of sugar in the coffee, it would taste like four to her. Spicy food becomes barely tolerable and bitter foods, like a lemon, would probably cause her to have trouble talking from the ‘extreme sour face’. Lastly her sense of touch is magnified. Fuzzy blankets would be the softest thing in the world where sandpaper would feel like running a finger over broken glass.


February 13, 2010 Jennifer comes to visit the ARMS. She offers them… something new. Of Brothers And Barnes


  • "I said it!"


  • Quintessa doesn't remember much before coming to this time.
  • Quintessa is a skilled marksmen and hand to hand combatant.
  • ARMS stands for Advanced Recon and Military Specialists.
  • Quintessa is fluent in many languages: Chinese, Mandarin, English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German and French.


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