2011-12-01: Quit Apologizing


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Summary: Warlock seems to be apologizing way to often for nothing.

Date: December 1, 2011

Log Title: Quit Apologizing

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Warlock is very happy to have his first day of classes over, if being the new kid to the class wasn't bad enough, he had to completely embarass himself by accedently calling his English teacher 'Nan', he was bright red for most of the day after that. Finding the living room to be empty Lock has sat himself down on one of the window seats and is watching something on his laptop with one earphone in.

Nicholas was looking for the library and hasn't been able to find it at all, instead he finds himself in the living room and decides to settle there. "I hope I'm not bothering you." Nick says as he settles down and starts to take some books out of his bag, but instead of cracking one to start homework he grabs the remote control and starts to channel surf.

Warlock had rather ingrossed in what he was watching so jumps a little when the other boy talks, "Oh, er no you're not bothering me", he says in a heavily American effected English accent, he does already have his earphone plugged into his laptop but to be sure it's not too loud he turns it down slightly.

Nicholas nods to Warlock and just starts flipping through channels. He's new himself so he's doesn't know that the other kid in the room is new as well. Eventually he settles on watching Swamp People on the television, a show about aligator hunting in the swamps of Lousiana. While watching he moves his hand and a pillow starts to raise off the couch, he starts idly moving it around the room a bit, his eyes glowing bright blue as he does so. Where ever he moves his hand, the pillow seems to follow it.

Warlock catches the sight of the floating pillow and watches it for a few seconds before noting that it's Nicholas that is doing it, without thinking he says, "Cool", before catching himself and quickly staring back at his laptop, while he does know mutants can do stuff like this, it's something else seeing it firsthand.

Nicholas just looks over at Warlock and his eyes stop glowing and the pillow just lands on the floor. "Whatever." He replies sounding some what bitter before glancing back at the television. He really isn't in the most talkative moods so he just leans over and starts to go through his books to start on homework from his first day of classes.

Warlock sighs at the tone used by there other boy, "Sorry", he pauses what he's watching and opens another tab on his browser to send an e-mail, shifting his legs slightly he accedently knocks his bag onto the floor with the contents spilling across the floor as few items roll over to where Nicholas is sitting, "Bugger", he moves his laptop and quickly moves to start picking things up.

Nicholas sighs and looks at the books with some irritation. He doesn't say anything but before Warlock can really start picking them up, he just moves his hand, and again his eyes start to glow blue, and the books all stack themselves up next to where Warlock is sitting but on the floor. As he moves every book he has to move his hand along with it, as if he's guiding it. Nick doesn't really say anything to the other teen as he does it though.

Warlock quickly starts scouping up his books into his bag, he smiles at Nicholas, "Thanks", very glad that he doesn't seem to have looked at the titles of any of his books, making sure the bag is secured shut he puts it back on the window seat and gets to his feet.

Nicholas shrugs a shoulder before speaking. "Whate-.. I mean no problem." He's at least trying to be less of a dick. He watches Warlock for a bit before looking back at the television and grabbing the remote to turn the channel. After some serching he finds the music channels letting it sit on some good country western type songs.

Warlock smiles when the music channel comes on, not his favorite type of music but it's good when you're in the right kind of mood, taking a deep breath he turns to face Nicholas, "Do you like this kind of music?", i said very quickly.

Nicholas give Warlock a bit of a look like he's got two heads. "Yeah, that's why I put it on." He says with a bit of an attitude in his tone. "If I didn't like it I wouldn't have put it on. Why do you have a problem with it?"

Warlock falters at Nicholas, "Yeah, of course, sorry", he goes back and sits down by the window again, "No i don't have i problem with it", he goes a little red feeling stupid.

Nicholas gives Warlock a look of exasperation as he shakes his head. "And why are you always apologizing? It's the second time you've apologized to me for pretty much no reason. And don't freakin' apologize for apolozing, it's annoying." He says shaking his head.

Warlock nods, "Ok sor…, ok", he stops himself and stares back at the screen. Great it's been two bloody days and he's already managed to piss another student off, so much for him trying to intergrate more quickly to make friends.

Nicholas then gives Warlock a very small smile and nods. "Good." He's not pissed off at the other teen he's just grumpy at everything lately. "I just like this kind of music is all." He says as he looks at his history book and starts to fill out his worksheet homework.

Warlock smiles again, "Theres no wrong kind of music, people connect with music so it's kinda like a extension of the soul", he looks quickly down, why are you talking like this?, don't start spouting stuff like that when you first meet someone, you might weird them out, and don't apologies for it you've been told that already

Nicholas looks up again and just raises and eyebrow at Warlock. "Okay, whatever dude." He says thinking he sounds quite corny right now. He goes back to his homework while he listens to the country music station on the television. "And there is a wrong kind of music, it's called rap. That stuff is just awful."

Wandering into the rec room, a slightly familiar face peeks in first in his human form… well, as human as it gets when you look like a Thundercat… and then steps into the rec room. There's a backpack over Ahmed's shoulder with the school logo on it, and he's dressed like he just came from the gym, "Umm… hey look, I thought I'd apologize again for the surprise this morning… I change in my sleep most time without realizing it. And it all evaporates, so… no harm no foul?"

Warlock groans mentally as he seems to have put Nicholas back into 'Whatever' mode again, "Not personally a fan of rap music myself but some stuff is okay, Professor Green is decent", maybe more music talk will help, he frowns for a sec ecognising the boy entering the room… oh! it's the cat guy from the rec room the other day.

Nicholas sighs and then slams his history book shut. So much for trying to get homework done. He then looks up at Ahmed as he comes in. "I know it's your power, and it's nothing you can control but it's really gross waking up to that." He leans his head back on the couch and closes his eyes. "Sorry just, nevermind." He says before looking over at Warlock again. "Never heard of them."

Ahmed nods once, the room seeming to get a little chiller by the minute, and so he fishes into his backpack, "So… to kinda make it up to you… I brought a peace offering." And out comes a paper bag filled with freshly baked cookies, "I didn't know what you liked so I took a shot in the dark… I made peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses on the top, some oatmeal raisin cookies… and then I made my favorites… raspberry cheesecake cookies." And he deposits the sweets bribe close by Nick's lap, "I'm also gonna ask the staff if we can put a curtain in the middle of the room. To keep your side un-gooed."

Warlock swings his legs back onto the window seat, "He's and English rapper thats kinda like Eminem in his early days", listening to what Ahmed is saying he's pretty much gathered that the guy turns into that cat thing in his sleep, thats gotta be tough, poor guy.

Nicholas is kind of surprised by the offer and it seems like his tense demenour looses up every so slightly. "Oh, uh, thanks. You didn't have to, I mean it does disappear after a bit." He says taking the cookies and looking in the bag. "I never was much of a cook. But thanks, really." He then shrugs over at Warlock. "Eminem sucks just as much as the rest, rap isn't music."

Ahmed gives a shrug, "You guys need a moderator or something? Seriously… this sounds like PRIME debate material. Seriously… if he doesn't like Rap, he doesn't like rap… not everyone likes everything… if we did, we'd all be the same, and where's the fun in that?" That being said, Ahmed flops on another couch close by and digs his school laptop out from it. Opening up, he waits for the power-up, and then adds, "But for the sake of argument, I kinda have to side with him." Thumbing towards Nicholas, "I barely know you, and we room together."

Warlock stares down at his knees and mutters, "I was just trying to say that every art has some merit, even if some dislike it, i don't really care for it either", he types a few things into his laptop before hitting enter and closing it and turning his attention to looking out the window to the grounds outside.

Nicholas just shakes his head and runs his hand through his hair. "Well there really isn't much to know. My name's Nicholas or Nick, I'm from North Dakota, I'm a telekinetic and I like horses. There, now you don't barely know me." It's about as much as he's comfortable with putting out there at the moment. "Okay than musicman, what is the merit of rap music?"

Ahmed replies with a monotone, "Hi Nick." Then he sits up, and says, "My name is Ahmed, I'm from Victoria British Columbia, I make goo, and I like to cook. Oh… and I'm Jewish. There… now you don't barely know me either." But with that said he slumps back and lets the other two talk as he starts writing up something.

While Warlock doesn't look up he answers Nicholas' question, "Music can be an outlet for people's frustrtions and if people's prefured method for that is rap music i think thats more than enough to give it merit, if it makes people happy then it's a good thing… well thats what i think anyway", he looks up and waits to see how Nicholas responds.

"Well Mazel tov to you then I guess." Nick says as he picks up the remote and starts fliping through the channels again. He brings his knees upto his chest and just focuses on the television to have something to do. "So, how long have you two been here?" He finally asks just to give something to talk about.

Ahmed pauses in typing up his history homework to reply, "Just before the American Thanksgiving holiday… so I'd say… two weeks now. It's nice to be someplace where I don't have to put on fifteen pounds of makeup before being allowed to go out and enjoy the sun."

Warlock starts fiddling with the straps on his boots, "I got here on tuesday so i've only been here a couple of days", Ahmed is new too?, "A girl i spoke to said that theres been quite a few new students lately, odd time of year for it though".

"I got here a week ago." Nick says frowning. "It feels like it's been shorter and longer at the same time. So I guess all of us are the new kids here." He says with not much enthusasim in his voice. "Fifteen pounds of makeup?" He asks looking at Ahmed with almost that 'are you gay' expression.

Ahmed shoots Nick a rather flat look, and then motions to his face, and the spotted hair, the paler flesh, the eyes, "Look… I don't know what you've been through, but my parents freaked out hardcore when this happened. I went from being their son to The Thing In the Basement. But I was still supposed to be seen around. So… Dad would sit me down and make me up enough to look like close to normal. And then he'd tell everyone I had some skin condition I was covering up. I got to wave, smile, try not to lose my contacts, and then get shoved back in the minivan so they could enjoy themselves without me." The bitterness is there in his tone, but only in the background, as if just leaving it as a bad memory.

Warlock isn't sure what to say about how Ahmed's family treated him, things like 'that sucks' and 'that must've been hard' just sound lame considering the situation, "Well now you're here you don't have to worry anymore and i'm sure they'll come round sooner or later, and you'll come out better for it".

"Sorry." Is all Nicholas offers to Ahmed as he leans forward and grabs his history book and starts to put it away. He doesn't really say much more but he does give Warlock a glance before shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

Ahmed blinks at Warlock a few times with those semi-feline eyes, "That is the biggest load of trite bull I've ever heard. You don't know my family. I come from a very tight-knit family from a part of the world where ANYTHING different is looked on badly. Seriously? I love it here. I don't feel like I'm Quasimodo in the tower anymore." But then, he turns his head to look at Nick, "Seriously… you didn't know. There's no reason you could know. So nothing to apologize for. It won't make my parents magically love me… but I wouldn't mind hearing your story sometime. When you wanna tell it."

Warlock goes back to staring out the window, "Sorry", he pulls his phone out of his bag and starts texting a friend back home in Salem, it might be best for him to stay out of this conversation, he'll probably just say the wrong thing again.

"And there he goes apologizing again, he must have a lot of guilt over something." Nicholas comments in regards to Warlock. He grabs his backpack and slings it over his shoulder. "I'm heading outside. Later." He says as he leaves the room needing some time to himself.

Ahmed waves one hand idly, "Allright… see ya back at the room." His eyes flick towards Warlock, and then back to his computer, before saying with a shake of his head, "Dude there's no reason to turn into the Incredible Sulk over it… no harm no foul… just gotta grow thicker skin, or roll with the punches better."

Warlock watches Nicholas leave the room, "Bye", he looks away from the window when Ahmed starts talking to him again and shakes his head, "I'm not sulking, i just don't wanna say anything to piss you off again, i seem to keep doing that, sorry".

Ahmed rolls his eyes and sighs once more as he closes up shop, and stuffs his pack, turning to head out as well, "You can't piss me off… but seriously… lay off on the sorries. I'm jewish, and even I don't lay down that much guilt. Later." And with that he strides out as well.

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