2009-12-02: Rabbit Food


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Summary: Jared has a craving for a salad….

Date: December 2, 2009

Log Title Rabbit Food

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Anyone who knows Daisuke knows that he doesn't cook more than four or five things, thus why he's in the kitchen, sitting at the table, eating some take out. Something about having a super powered metabolism is that you can eat anything without worry. He's eating a take out dish of Yakisoba with pork and has some tuna nigiri on the side. He's dressed in his usual Japanese Punkish attire and he has a catalog next to him that he's leafing through.

Jared on the other hand, is trying to learn more about cooking than his skills at converting premade store bought dinners taste far better than they should. Not that the health food freak is doing that at this time. No, instead he is is just hungery for something else. Stomach growling jsut a little he almost litterly bounces into the kitchen heading straight for the fridge to dig around inside of it. With the hood of his ever present 'hoodie' down the changes he has undergone of late are more than obvious. From the top of his head sprout a pair of large rabbit ears, his whole body is now covered with a light velvety white fur, and his front teeth have grown to what he calls a cartoonish long size. Head burried in the fridge he calls out, "Hi Dai!" and then mutters something about knowing for sure he had seen a bunch of lettuce in there the other day.

"Hmmm…" comes from Eddie as he makes his way into the kitchen. Dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved Fantastic Four shirt, the power-booster seems lost in thought. Chewing his lip gently, he doesn't know he's not alone in the room. He also doesn't know he's about to trip over a stool. &R&RCrash. THUD

"Ow," slight pause."Hey, Dai," he says, having seen Dai on the way down but having not noticed Jared yet.

Daisuke looks up as there is a someone almost hopping to the fridge. He looks for a second but it's hard not to tell it's his boyfriend since he's been noticing the white fur progression. "Hey Jared, still all rabbity?" Thank you captain obvious. He's about to say something and he jumps as he hears Eddie trip. "Eddie! You okay?" HE says rushing over to help his friend up.

Jared is a smart ass, he can stop it some times and others…well he just gives in. "Naw, I am jsut trying out a new hair cut." Of course that is when Eddie manages to make one of his more interesting noticable enterences. Not expecting it, Jared's reaction is less than surprising. *Thump* "Son of a …!" and then the appearance of the white bunny head as he moves to see what exactly just happened. "Eddie? You ok bro?" he asks with a slight hint of worry in his tone.

"I'm okay, Dai," Eddie says, accepting the help up. "Just another trip and fall," he says. He blinks a few times at Jared and then smiles. "I'm fine. Is your head okay?" he asks, having heard the thump.

Daisuke smiles at Eddie says he's okay and nods. "You're the most graceful person I know Eddie." He says giving his best friend a hug while chuckling. He looks at JAred and tilts his head. "I dunno, I think who ever you paid for a haircut from didn't do that good of a job. The missed a lotta spots, like your face." He says teasing his boyfriend back as he goes to wrap his arms around Jared. "I have some Yakisoba and Tuna Nigiri if either of you would like some."

Jared reaches up and rubs the back of his head. "Yeah, no bumps or bruises or anything. One of the good parts of my powers, nothing hurts for long…well the gun shot and getting hit by a buss hurt for days but nothing normal hurts for long. Jared does not say a thing in respnse to teh comment about being graceful, but does hug Daisuke as he comes up to him and puts his arms around him. "Mmm, that sounds good….especially the Tuna, but I have the hugest craving for salad all day and I know there lettuce and a bunch of carrots in the fridge here somewhere."

Eddie returns the hug and blushes. "I'm not graceful," he mutters. Stretching when he stands, Eddie blinks. "That does smell good," he remarks. Before he can say more, Eddie's stomache growls and he blushes again. "Think I'll get something to eat too," he chuckles. "Carrots are in the crisper hiding the peanut butter cups we're not supposed to know are in there," he says with a nod.

"Do you want some?" Daisuke asks Eddie offering him some of his noodles or sushi. "It's really good, I went to some Japanese place in Salem Center and got take out, all run by Chinese." He says chuckling as he looks at Jared and shakes his head, smiling. "Well like Eddie said, there should be some lettuce in carrots in the salad drawer. And your Dad would definately know where rabbit food…uh…salad stuffs is."

Jared nods and grins at Eddie, "Cups and Carrots I found. Its the lettuce that is managing to elude my keenly honed senses." To prove his point Jared holds up a king sized Reeses Peanutbutter Cups package, which he moves to replace behind the carrots as he pulls them out. "Rabbit food is good food….ah! Here we go!" Jared steps back and triumphantly holds a bag of lettuce up. "It was hiding under the cheese cake behind the soy milk."

Eddie smiles and nods. "Sure, thank you, Dai!" he says, moving to sit with Dai. He'll only take a little of the food but eats it happily. He looks over as Jared pulls out the lettuce and then nods. "So you're gonna make a carrot and lettuce salad?"

"Take more Eddie, I know I eat a lot but take what you want, you're my best friend, I don't mind sharing with you." Daisuke says picking up a piece of Tuna and dips it on some soy sauce before popping it in his mouth. "Wait, there's cheesecake in there? If it's from Junior's, I'm so taking some."

Jared shrugs a little, "Well I was gonna toss in some croutons and a little vinigerett, but more or less. Why? Think I shoudl add something else in?" Jared drags his lettuce, the carrots, and a bottle of dessing over to a counter so he can get out a knife and cutting board to cut up his carrots. "No idea, its just once slice in a styrafoam container. Really kinda surprised it was not under the lettuce…even if that would do nothign to hide it from the people around here. You want some salad too Eddie?"

Eddie blushes and takes a little more food. "I know…I just didn't wanna leave you hungry or anything," he says. He chuckles quietly at Dai's mention of cheesecake and then nods to Jared. "I don't know what but it sort of feels like it could use something extra," he remarks. "Umm…just a little, please."

Daisuke nods as Jared says it's one slice in a stryofoam container. "Well, I won't be stealing that Cheesecake then." HE says with a chuckle. "Don't worry about me Eddie, if I'm hungry later, I'll find something else. Like an instant ramen." He says nodding. "Something extra? Like some cheese?" Daisuke says as he doesn't eat a lot of salads. "Or onion?"

Jared hmmms, "Cheese sounds good, not onion though. Or maybe some slized hard boiled eggs in there. Although those would require a change to a different type of dressing. Hmm, if we had green raisens and pine nuts those would be a good addition but, out of both." Jared shrugs a little, and slices up 4 carrots into little disks before splitting them up into a couple of bowls of lettuce. "Like Dai said, eat more if he gets hungery latter there is always more here."

Eddie leans against Dai a moment before sitting back up and nodding. "Cheese sounds good," he agrees. "Green Raisins? Raisins come in different colors?"

"I don't know about flavours that mix, just that I eat what is prepaired for me. I can cook some fish, noodles and Japanese Hamburger but my sauce was never as good as Shuya's." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "And I just know about purple and yellow raisins, I don't know what green are, or even what pine nuts are."

Jared grins at Eddie, "Yeah Raisens come in different colors. The normal purple ones, green ones, and yellow. Pine nuts are nuts from pine trees. They taste prety good when used right. Hmm, Eddie grab some vroutons from the pantry and I will grab some chredded cheese to add in."

Eddie makes a little face. "I thought all grapes just changed purply when ya made 'em into raisins," he says. "Pine nuts are pretty good. I had some in something Dad made and they were great," he tells Dai as he stands. "Croutons, right," he chimes, heading for the pantry. "Got 'em!" he says, grinning.

Daisuke nods as Jared explains and continues to eat his yakisoba with chopsticks. "I'm not much of a food conisour, I just know I like it, I eat it." He says chuckling. "It's hard to believe that Shuya and I used to do most of the cooking in the house with my lack of cooking skills."

Jared shrugs and laughs a little as he goes back intot hte fridge to get some cheese. "Given that I only know how to make things from scratch not thanks to Dad, not that surprising. Mom and I just generally lived on store bought frozen things I fixed up to taste like real food, or stuff from resteraunts." Jared shrugs as he adds some cheese to his salad, and leaves it so Eddie can choose how much or little cheese he wants before putting in a light amount of dressing. Sitting in next to Dai he grabs a fork and digs into his food at last. "MMM, jsut what I have been craving."

Eddie doesn't add too much cheese, just a little to go with his salad. "I'm trying to learn some stuff from Dad but I'm not all that good with cooking unless you give me like…a book to follow directions from," he says. "Otherwise well uh…I can cook stuff scavenged from a dumpster over a trashcan fire," he says with a shrug.

"You're both better than I am at cooking." Daisuke says chuckling. "I dunno, I just don't have the talent for it. I know how to make rock hard cookies." He finishes up the last of his yakisoba and moves onto the last pieces of sushi he has. "Do either of you want some tuna before I eat it all? It's prety good tuna?" He says raising his eyebrows. "And the two of you are lucky you have a Dad willing to teach you how to cook."

Jared shifty eyes, and then reaches out and grabs a tuna and slurps it down. "I am lucky to have two great Dads, an awsome brother, and the best boyfriend in the world. Even if it means I get stuck time traveling and turned into fictional characters, and what ever else there is still to come."

Eddie just blushes as he eats his salad. "We're lucky to have you," he adds to Jared's statment. "And I'm less learning how to cook and more learning how to not burn the kitchen down or create some kind of horrible food monster I have to fight…" he paused, looking up thoughtfully. Yep, lost in a little fantasy of saving people from food monsters for a few moments.

Daisuke can't help but chuckle at Eddie's statement. "I'm just happy to have two of the best friends in the world and an amazing boyfriend." Daisuke says grining. Just as he's pops the last piece of fish in his mouth, his phone starts to ring. "Crap, if my grandma." He says before swallowing his dinner. "I gotta take this, I see you two later!" He says giving Eddie a hug and Jared a quick kiss, despite the teeth, before heading out.

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