2011-02-24: Raccoon In The City


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Summary: Rocket Raccoon meets Speedball, who turns out to be one of his new colleagues.

Log Title: Raccoon in the City

Rating: G

NYC - Upper East Side

The Upper East Side of New York City is New York's richest living area. The apartments here are off the most expensive in New York, and in the United States, and the businesses that make their home here are some of the wealthiest companies. Elegant rows of landmark townhouses line the side streets. There aren't as many shops here as there is housing and businesses.


The city is a little darker than it usually is this time of day. A few ominous looking clouds have moved in, but the news promises that it will not storm until tomorrow. The people in this part of town seem not to mind the weather however, busily scurrying around as they go about their lives. Many of them give odd glances to a particular individual walking down the street. With the Avenger's Mansion right here they are used to seeing colorful characters about, but a four foot tall Raccoon Man? That seems new.

Rocket has been wandering around the city for a few hours now, trying to become familiar with the city he has decided to spend the next indeterminate amount of time in. It is a bit louder than Halfworld, and the smells are amazing and sometimes horrifying. He appears to not really be watching where he is walking, but never seems to bump into anyone.

Bounding out of Avengers Mansion comes the bouncing, bubbly form of Speedball. His hair is wild and flowing in random directions, as always as he bounces off a wall to land on the ground in a shower of light and energy. "Whoo! Ok, Green Jeans!" He calls towards the mansion, "You didn't have to hit THAT hard! You know I'll get blamed for the repair bills!" He sighs, brushing imaginary dust off of his body before looking around and grinning sheepishly. "Sorry bout that folks! Just a training session!"

Rocket blinks a few times, looking up at the mysterious person that suddenly appeared in front of him. He glances over at the building that the man came out of and nods, "Ah. The Avenger's Mansion? You must know She-Hulk then?" He had met her once before on one of his adventures, but hasn't been able to get in contact with her since arriving on Earth. There are a few people looking at the two of them now. A hero that popped out of the Mansion and a talking animal. A few pedestrians look as though they are expecting a fight to break out.

"Ah, yeah." Robbie says, fairly unphazed. Considering some of the worlds and places he's seen in his life, a talking raccoon? Not too far fetched. "Though it's not every day someone sees a talking animal person. But yeah, I work with her. We're both Avengers. But then, I do a lot of things, considering my skill set." He chuckles, looking down at the raccoon with a grin. "I'm Speedball. New Warrior. Avenger. Teacher. Indestructible bundle of energy!"

Rocket glances from Speedball to the Mansion and back again. "Nice to meet you. I'm Rocket. Guardian, Starship Pilot, and now Teacher at the Barne's School. They offered me a job there whe-EN!" He jumps suddenly when a car a few feet away from him blares it's horn. The Raccoon's ears flatten and he shoots a nast glance at the vehicle. "It is so loud on this planet…Anyway, I know a couple people here and there and thought I'd stick around for a while. Take a break from jetting around the universe and all that."

"Barnes? Really? That's where I teach. Whatcha teaching?" Speedball asks, tilting his head as he instinctively looks towards the offending horn. He doesn't do anything, though, because it's New York. He's used to it. "Starship Pilot? That's gotta be interesting. I've just jaunted through time, dimensions and other things. Never done space yet."

Rocket laughs and scratches the back of his head. "Yeah it's one of those jobs that's exciting for a few hours and then boring for months at a time. Not much to do out in space." He juts a thumb in the direction of the school. "Yeah I'll be teaching Moral & Civic Duty, a Battle Tactics course and a Survival course. Start next month." He pauses for a second…"How long are your lunar cycles on this planet?" The Raccoon taps something on his arm and hits a few buttons. "Oh that's in a few days."

"Lunar Cycles? Oh, uhm… 28 days." Speedball says with a nod. "I teach Damage Control. Since my powers are PRETTY destructive when I want them to be. And so are lots of the kids'" He explains with a nod. "Barnes is ok. A little too military for my taste, but hey, a paycheck is a paycheck with a good cause." He pauses. "What brought you to earth?"

The Raccoon flashes a toothy grin. "Damage control? Might need to sit in on a class or two. My expertise is heavy weaponry." He glances around the city. "I think the locals would probably frown if I blew up one of their buildings chasing down a criminal." Rocket glances back at the other man. "Oh? I'm not quite sure exactly how it happened. My crew and I were hunting down somebody troublesome and they managed to transport me here. It's uh…A little inconvenient, but I got ahold of my crew and they seem ok. Thought I'd stick around a while."

"Ah, yeah, that can get really annoying sometimes. I was separated from my team a time or two by dimensional and time differences. But then, considering the lives of some of our team members, that should seem normal. Hell, Vance's powers were awakened when his future self came back in time to talk to him." Speedball laughs. "And he has no intentions of ever calling himself Major Victory or whatever that lame name was." He can't help but chuckle. "I AM heavy weaponry. I'm living kinetic energy. If it's kinetic, it can't hurt me at all. Energy, yeah. Kinetic, no."

Rocket nods, glancing around the area again as a crowd of people come out of a subway. "Yeah. Funny how things like that keep happening." He shrugs, "Guess it comes with the job. Tangle with enough super-powered psychopaths and you're likely to get tossed around between space and time." He glances at Speedball and ponders that ability for a moment. "Yeah there are a lot of powered people on this planet. I tend to just use weapons."

"We do, indeed. Mostly mutants, but mine is a science experiment gone wrong. It gave me AND my cat powers." Speedball says with a shrug. "But then, I got involved with good people, so I'm not too worried. There are a lot of psychopaths and such. That's why I hope nobody ever finds where the school is. I'd hate to have something happen to those kids. Some of them don't have anywhere else to go."

"Yes that is an amazing school," Rocket agrees. "I was kind of surprised when I saw it. I guess I was mostly surprised that I hadn't seen such a place before in my travels. A school to teach powered people to be true heroes." He smirks, "True heroes in the eyes of their own world. Unlike the people who seem to THINK they're heroes while rampaging around and killing people."

"Actually, there is another school like that, but it's all hush hush for the most part of it. I only know about it because of some friends who went there. It's only for mutants, though, not just anyone. Barnes is for anyone with powers and a sense of decency." Speedball grins. "But you're more than welcome to come to some of the classes. It can be fun. For the most, I just teach people to gauge the right thing to do at the right tie, instead of letting it ALL out."

Rocket nods, "Yeah my class is more "What's the right thing to do and WHY is it the right thing to do?" I want the kids to really think about their responsibility as someone with power. Hopefully keep them from turning into thieves and murderers down the road." He seems a little confused, "Why a school just for mutants? Why not a couple schools for everybody?" He shakes his head, "Oh well. I'll keep an ear up for them."

"It's been around for YEARS. At that time, they needed a safe hiding place. Right now, they're still not loved universally, but it's getting better, I think." Robbie explains before he glances about. "Anyway, I have to bounce. Gotta go check on my mom."

Rocket glances around as Speedball does, not quite being used to all the sounds here. "Oh yeah? I'm sure I'll run into a few of the students at some point." He nods to the Avenger and offers him a curt wave. "Alrighty buddy, take care and I'm sure I'll see ya around."

~ Fin ~

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