Portrayed By Kevin Angel
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 15, 1994
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases ??
Place of Birth San Jose, California
Current Location Xavier's School
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Jorge and Maria Marrero (mother and father), various siblings
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Psuedo-particle body
First Appearance ???

Rafael might have been one of the most powerful mutant psychics of his generation had it not been for his untimely death. Of course, he got better….


Born of an almost stereotypically large Mexican-American family with a history of holy men and women, witches and fortune tellers on both sides (some of whom were almost certainly low-powered psionics), Rafa is the youngest of six children. His father is a fairly successful middle manager for a grocery chain and his mother is a stay at home mom. Together they run a tight ship when it comes to the family but they are also unwaveringly loving and supportive of their children.

Which was why when Rafa started manifesting mutant abilities at twelve, they sought help rather than abandoning him. His controlled telepathy and telekinesis were seriously threatening Rafa and his family's safety and with the help of a telepathic councilor (OOC note: I'm thinking Xavier or Emma Frost), his abilities were rendered dormant until he was hold enough to attend Xavier's and his parents thought he was ready to do so.

Fate had something else in mind, though. Rafa was hit by a truck and killed. Or at least his body was. The trauma of the accident released his suppressed abilities and all of that potential power was focused on living. His own body was hopelessly wrecked but the template was something for Rafa's prodigious abilities to work with. He formed a new one, focusing his telepathic abilities in creating a permanent, enduring astral body and pouring all that telekinetic force into surrounding his astral form with psionic pseudo-particles responsive to his pure will. The two were fused together and Rafael was reborn.

The entire process was nearly instant and completely instinctive but it worked. Rafa lived. More or less. But his abilities are now entirely internally focused on keeping him alive and incarnate. His parents kept him with them another six months in sheer protectiveness after his accident but as his shape changing became more pronounced and he started changing at will or via subconscious, they called Xavier's and asked to them to accept Rafa for training.


Rafael is not strictly human any longer. His 'body' is a cloud of particles that are made, on a subatomic level, of pure telekinetic force that is wrapped around a permanently disembodied astral form. This makes his shape almost infinitely malleable, limited largely by his imagination and subconscious barriers. He can add and subtract height, weight, density and mass by adding to and subtracting from the number and properties of the pseudo-particles that make up his body.

However, the amount of focus and power it takes to keep him incarnate and the complexity of the simulation is so vast that his psychic powers are permanently functioning as a sort of autonomic system and life support. The mechanism of control for his abilities and that life-support function on a subconscious and autonomic level, entirely out of his control. And indeed, tinkering with that could very cause him to cease to exist, like the old story about the man who focused too much on the mechanism of breathing and thus forgot how to do so.


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