2012-02-02: Rage versus Rakshasa


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Summary: Ahmed gets sick of Quenton.

Date: February 2, 2012

Log Title: Rage versus Rakshasa

Rating: R (Language, Fantasy Violence)

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself. .

Classes are out for the day so most of the kids are deciding how to sepnd their free time, if it's with homework, practicing their powers or just hanging out. Sitting on the couch with what looks like a partially burnt, half eaten, frozen pizza in front of him on the coffee table is Nicholas. He's curled into the corner of the couch and an X-Box controller in his hand as he goes through a desert looking waste land shooting things. The Borderlands case sits half open on the top of the television stand.

There are very few things that truly offend a gentle soul. But bad cooking is one of them in Ahmed's case. The smell of the burned, dead, dessicated pizza draws him in like a shot, the feline-faced young man not even bothering to ask, and just picks up a piece… looking at it with a face that makes you think it was something worse, "Nick… dude… you do this again, I will string you by your toes and smack you like a pinata. Next time you're looking for food CALL… yuck…" Plucking a piece of pepperoni off he sniffs at it, "I think they carved this off an engine block…"

Having just got out of a phone call that shoved Warlock out of his earlier good mood into a rather bad one Lock heads to the Rec Room to find something to distract him for a while. Dressed in dark blue jeans, a purple long sleeved shirt (with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows), red/brown belt, red/brown sort of Jedi-like boots, steam-punk style goggles on his forehead and his schoolbag over one shoulder he walks in just as Ahmed is telling Nicholas off for his poor food choice, scowl quickly turning into a chuckle he waves, "Hey Nick, Ahmed".

There's a few things that can just ruin anyone's day. One thing at Xavier's with large groups that will ruin anyone's day is when Quenton comes in. And here he comes in, yawning loudly, hands in his jacket pockets, Hero of Rage hoodie under his jacket. He bursts in unannounced, moving past Warlock and towards the armchair, dropping familiarly in it, saying, unsurprisingly, as his red eyes find the television screen, "What's this crap?" He then sends a look around, but doesn't barrage anyone with his insults, instead murmuring to Nick, "Find your horse?"

"I like engine block pepperoni." Nick mutters to Ahmed. "And I'm not going to ask you to cook me a frozen pizza every time I want one but…thanks." It just would feel awkward having to ask your roommate to cook you something anytime you want something to eat, at least that's what Nick feels. "I'm just not a good cook." He says seeming kind of afraid of Ahmed's earlier statement. Then as Warlock comes in the greeting is returned. "Hey, uh Warlock, what's with the boots and googles?" He asks bluntly and is about to say more when Quenton comes in. He tenses and fixes his gaze on his game before responding, in quite the cold tone to Quenton. "Yes."

The slice is dropped, and the crunchy piece of pork product is flicked into the bin as Ahmed flashes a look over at Quenton, "Didn't smell any crap 'till you walked in the room." And then he nods once to Warlock in greeting, looking his wardrobe choice over as well. Shifting himself, he sits down between Quenton and Nick before leaning himself forward almost too casually, "Cool goggles 'lock… but seriously… the boots. They do nothing." Faking a stupid german accent to say the last parts.

"You should do what he says, don't wanna end up with finger toes with sweets falling out of you", Lock crosses the room to sit down, "I just like the look of them… and i'm a big nerd i guess", he's not really sure what to say when Quenton enters, not really done anything to him but he doesn't agree with his treatment of other students, he looks down at his feet, "Yeah, lose the boots then?"

"Well, maybe if you stopped shitting your pants you wouldn't have that issue," Quenton suggests. "I mean, I get that there aren't any litterboxes here in the Mansion, precious, but if you gotta go, just squeeze your sphincter tight until you get outside, will you?" His crimson eyes flick over to Warlock a moment, whom he tips his chin to, then he glances to Nicholas. "Good," he offers, at least.

Nicholas throws down his controller and stands up. "God damnit Quenton! Just knock it off for one day! You almost killed me the other day for making a comment about Taylor and her cat-ness but you'll do it to Ahmed. I'm sick and tired of you!" He says before looking over at Ahemd as if to say 'why did you have to give him fuel'. He then shrugs to Warlock. "Dude, do what you want." He says sounding irritated. "If you want to look like a nerd, look like a nerd."

Ahmed doesn't say a word… but his skin takes that familiar plasticy sheen to it, and suddenly, his ectoplasmic goop starts to push him up off the couch, adding mass in seconds around his arms and chest. The head starts to take a vaguely feline-shape, the outline of ears and a muzzle forming as a growly bass voice from it, and not from Ahmed's mouth replies, "Oh no… let's let the meatsack open his gob one more time. I RRRRRREALLY wanna hear this." He begins crowding the couch as his formshift seems to not be his usual bulky feline state, but as the tail begins to tentacle up the back of the couch, it seems to be something between human and cat… and it's big. Very Big.

Three minutes, three frickin' minutes and it's kicking off, Warlock mirrors the rest and stands up moving to roughly halfway between Quenton and Nicholas and Ahmed, his eyes widen at the sight of Ahmed, his usual cat self is intimidating enough as it is, "L…look, we should all calm down, before the property damage, bad language and anything else not strictly pg takes place, like the sort of thing that could make a phychic headteacher mad yeah?"

"First of all, Nick, before you get all Prince Valiant on me, it was the game I insulted, not him. Then he spoke up. He obviously knew I was going to retort. I am Quenton fucking Michaels, after all. Sec-" Quenton is cut off by Ahmed's transformation, furrowing his brow as he watches the form grow. And grow. Until it's taller then even he is. 'What the fuck' he mouths, staring at it for a long time. It's probably time to go. But the monster in him speaks for him, seizing control of his throat muscles, and the words he speaks is: "One more time."

Nicholas seems quite surprised at Ahmed's transformation and he looks over at him. "Ahmed…dude….just calm down. This isn't worth…whatever it is." He says nerviously. He then looks at Warlock and rolls his eyes at the other teen. "Yeah cause that's really gonna stop a fight there goggled Jedi. Stop being a jelly fish and just grow a spine." He snaps at Warlock before looking at Quenton and Ahmed again, just waiting to watch the crap hit the fan.

Slime resolves itself into fur that seems to burst out of it starting around the muzzle, and going all the way down to the tail and feet… and standing there is an eight foot tall tower of muscle, bigger than Doctor McCoy, eyes glowing bright blue. It smiles, and that's a most disturbing thing because it's all fangs and nearly a snarl. Rakshasa leans in close, sniffing at Quenton, adding more deep rumbles before that same growling bass comes back, "Fairrr enouf." And then one arm lashes out, sending the easy chair end over and, and Quenton into the wall hard enough that it makes a human-shaped dent, and sets off the alarm. The beast seems to not care, stalking around the chair, "Put up orrrrr shhhhhut up, mmmmeatsac-kah."

Warlock clenches his fist as he's called spineless, "Fuck off Nick, do you have a better suggestion?!", he winces as Quenton is knocked into the wall and the alarm starts going off, not able to think of a way to talk the two down he steps inbetween the two hoping to stop any retaliation on Quenton's part, hopefully not being able to reach his target will calm him down.

Quenton slides down against the wall, the force having definitely knocked him away from Ahmed, the poor human shaped dent a new, hopefully not permanent testament to both students. At that, he smashes his fist into the floor, leaving two more little dents as the force propels him back to his feet, steam beginning to rise from his back as his upper lip curls into a sneer. Warlock is given a red eyed glare, and the steam begins to rise more, before his hand lashes out. But just an inch away from the steampunk dressed boy, it stops, air rippling, and instead that hand moves to Q's face, fingers driving into it and scratching down, leaving little red gashes. He abrubtly charges towards the wall to his right, smashing through the window and skidding a few feet out of it outside, already turning around to face the school, fingers curled in the dirt as he uses his hand to stop himself.

"Yeah, don't sit there whining and being a boy-" Nicholas says before Ahmed throws Quenton against the way he whips his head and just glares at his room. "Ahmed! Calm the hell down, right now! I don't know whose being worse right now, you are him." He says motioning to Quenton and then the red-eyed mutant plows through the wall and Nick grits his teeth. "Probably you." He before looking between Quenton, Ahmed and then Warlock. "This all stops now! I don't want to but I will find the nearest teacher and get them to stop this if I have to! Both of you are….ARGH!" He screams in frustration clenching his fists to his sides.

Rakshasa's head whips around at Nick for a moment, snarling and baring teeth before growling out, "Brrring iht on." And then he charges the wall, and goes THROUGH it… the spherical hole sending brick and concrete out like a claymore mine as the big beast leaps to pounce Quenton! It seems that trash-talk time is over, and he's gone right to the HULK SMASH! part of this conversation!

Warlock blinks in shock as Quenton's hand stops an inch away from his face, "Mad se… don't do that!", he grimices as Quenton starts digging into his own face before throwing himself though the wall quickly followed by Ahmed leaping after him, "Fuck, now what?", he looks to Nick before stepping though the hole in the wall.

"Yeah, you big pussycat, that's it," Quenton mutters, already breathing hard from the exertion fighting off the monster inside is giving him. As Rakshasa pounces through the hole, Quenton rolls to the side, and then rises, moving to shove the flying form of the eight foot tall hulking beast to the side, and, if that succeeds, flying off after him. The Rec Room has a huge hole in the wall, and a human shaped dent in the one near the door, not to mention is blaring a pretty loud alarm.

"Grow a spine." Nick says again to Warlock in regards to his question of Now What before he bolts through the hole after Ahmed. He stops just a few feet shy of where the Were-Leopard and Quenton are fighting and raises both of his arms, one pointing at Ahmed and the other at Quneton. His eyes glow blue as he grips them both in a telekinetic field of some sort as to lift them off the ground, or in Quenton's case stop his flight. His eyes are glowing bright blue as he focuses on holding them. "You two knock it the hell off right now! I'm going to keep holding you two up here as long as I have to until you both cool down!" He yells at them though how long he can hold them, that's another story.

Having already been sent flying and leaving a circular dent in the metal fence around the pool, going airborne once more doesn't seem to bother Rakshasa one bit. From upstairs, the kids in detention today are looking out the windows, a couple of them yelling 'fight! fight! fight!', and Nick's power interposing itself makes the beast loose a low and angry roar of being denied it's prey. Glowing argent fire locks on blazing crimson and one arm swings out as if he intends to slash Quenton. It seems useless until the arm EXTENDS a foot and the claws lengthen into saber-like blades that almost get him, falling short thanks to the telekinetic grab. He then snarls out, "LLllet me go, Nirrk. I'm goink tuuu brrrreak this sack uff bonesh nnnnd show HIM how it feeelsh."

Warlock stops standing next to Nick, "Grow a spine?, what do you expect me to do?, i don't do violance, so how else can is stop the massive man/cat fight?", he watches as the two participents are lifted up mid attack, "Well thats one way to stop it", he looks around for any teachers nearby, "Man this place needs more staff".

Shoving her way past the chanting throng, stepping on feet where necessary and damn the results, Shane stalks into the highly-damaged Rec Room, in full practice gear. At a glance, she takes in the situation, and for those keen of senses, the stink of fear is rolling off her in waves, as she freezes for the span of a few heartbeats. Fury, however, soon enough overcomes, and she stomps her way to Nick's side, eyes locked on the floating Quenton, then the holy beyond. "…Pool," she says, knuckles popping as she clenches her hands into fists. "I'll handle Q there."

Quenton is flying towards Rakshasa, with the intention of trying to shove him again without actually striking, not knowing the other mutant's durability and how hard the blow might be to the beast, when suddenly he slows in mid-air, then is stopped altogether, a claw narrowly missing him. This interruption causes his crimson eyed gaze to jerk over to Nick at the creature's words, and he bellows, "This is not your fight, Nick!" The monster in himself tries to come out, and Quenton hunches over, hands lifting to his face to tear at it desperately, to fight it off, steam rising still from his shoulders, like smoke. He doesn't notice poor old Shane as she arrives.

Nicholas doesn't even look at Shane but he gives her a nod as uses his powers to move Quenton towards the pool and then, when Quenton is inches above the water, he lets go with his powers hoping to 'cool' him off before looking over at Ahmed. "I'm not letting you go Ahmed until you realize you're being a total jerkass right now. You're not breaking anything or anyone. Have you even taken a few moments to realize Quenton is just as much of an ass as I am at times and that there's a reason why? Have you?!" He's now using both hands to hold Ahmed in the air though a strain is starting to show on his face.

That flailing ball of fury whips limbs around, the blade-talons cutting furrows in the ground, occasionally even being left behind when they break, causing them to slowly dissolve. The thing that looks back at Nick isn't quite Ahmed, and he replies in a low tone, "Rrright… Iam supposed to ssssit therrrre… and let him grrrrowl… and SNARL… and ALL OF IT. FIGHT I SSSSAY. Let him sssufferrr for his insssultssss." Still raging against it's bonds, not having any leverage makes it very hard to resist. After about a minute, the snarling thing goes limp, the fight gone, and turns opaque, Ahmed falling out of the inside of it and onto the ground in a boneless heap, unconscious.

Shane glances Warlock's way, her upper lip lifting in a momentary sneer. "…Pussy." With that, she stalks toward the pool, fists clenched, eyes flat and glittering as they stare at the steaming, bleeding, hopefully-drenched Quenton. "…Happy?"

Quenton watches Shane now, at first the steam dissipating, water dripping off him, though he's not too drenched. He lowers himself to the ground near Ahmed, now, wetting his lips needlessly, before turning his eyes down to the unconscious boy. His toe moves slowly against the boy's side as he begins to nudge him towards the pool. "Happy," he echoes. "Happy," he then repeats, volume rising. "I didn't start this!" He then barks out, still steaming. "He started it with words, I gave it back. Apparently he couldn't take it, and lashed out with fists! This was not my fault." And then his voice goes cold. "So if you want to save him, go ahead and jump in the pool." And then he nudges him more, closer to the water.

Nicholas let's out a long sigh as Ahmed seems to go limp and he releases his hold, taking a few deep breaths of his own as his eyes fade back to their normal shade of blue. "That's all they are Ahmed, insults. Talk smack, insult back but starting a fight over a sphincter insult…" He just shakes his head before looking up at Quenton and he says two words before turning around and walking away. "I know." He looks over at Shane gives her a nod. "I trust you can take it from here, I'm going to go find a teacher." He says as he walks back inside through the hole in the wall.

Ahmed is only barely conscious for any of this, head still fuzzy from letting loose with something close to his full potential, the claw-gashes from his form still fresh on the ground around him. As the ectoplasm begins to evaporate into the air, it becomes harder to push him towards the drink with out the slime's lubricant qualities… but he's back to the spare, 90-something pound lanky kid again.

"Ain't savin' him," Shane grunts, her right fist snapping into luminescence. "…Savin' you." And all at once, the slight mutant in the SOLDIER clothing and the purple hair plants a glowing fist in the small of Quenton's back, her hand flaring red a split-second before the explosive pressure wave does its work. Not, perhaps, enough to do more than bruise the larger boy, but more than enough to pick Quenton's body-mass off the ground and send it flying.

Warlock choses to ignore Shane calling him a 'pussy', she doesn't know him, who gives a fuck, he walks over to where Quenton is dragging Ahmed, "Fights over leave him al…", the Shane is using her powers on Quenton, "Christ, is everyone here that bloody desperate for a fight?"

Quenton is caught off guard by the punch, body being launched off the ground and into the pool where he wanted to push poor Ahmed's body. There's silence for a moment and then he emerges from the water, drenched, looking confused and, for once, hurt, at least in expression. "It wasn't my fault this time," he says quietly, then after a moment, staring at both before rising further into the air. "You know what? I'm fine being the fucking bad guy." And then he lands, crashing into the ground hard enough to cause the pavement near the pool to crunch and crack under his feet, just an inch away from poor Ahmed. And then he just begins to move to the gates, wetting his lips. "I'm going out."

It's the crack of the pavement that bring's Ahmed around, the snap back to reality enough that he rolls out of the way… and right into the pool. Splashing and spluttering, he flails his way back to the ladder, and holds onto it, panting hard and eyes wide. Not really looking around at the moment, he's more in shock from the sudden wake-up AND the splash of winter-chilled water.

Shane starts toward the pool as Ahmed rolls in, but relaxes once the other boy seems capable of pulling himself out under his own power. "…*We're* goin out," she calls over her shoulder, pausing just long enough to say to Ahmed, "Medical. Downstairs. Tell th'nurse." And with that she turns, clomp-clomp-clomping after the sodden Quenton until she catches up.

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