2011-09-24: Raging In The Danger Room

Players: Prodigy and Rage

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Summary: Rage has his first Danger Room Session

Date: September 24, 2011

Log Title: Raging in the Danger Room

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Futzing around in the Danger Room with some controls, David sits dressed in one of his staff uniforms of black and gold shirts and pants with a large X-insignia across the front of his shirt. His red cybershades are propped up on a table showing holograms of some schematics and some old footage from when David was a student. It displays the old Field Day events at the Institute when squads would compete against each other in different events. Scratching his chin, he begins to input some information into the Danger Room controls and smiles, content with himself before sending out a message to the students via their cell phones asking if anyone is up for a Danger Room Session.

Anger had to be released. Quenton's empath session with Nathaniel left him changed subtly, and though it was a miniscule change, he still was afraid of what would happen if they did that often. He had arrived in the Control Room, first, that is, dressed in his training uniform, though he had made some adjustments so that a matching jacket would be thrown into the mix. Purple just wasn't his color, but he wore it anyway to keep to dress code. Hands shoved in his pockets. The suit was adjusted, like his clothes, to handle his power output. "Oh. Hello. Here for the session, I guess."

“Oh hey, Quenton.” David looks about and grabbing his cybershades, hops out of the control booth and into the main chamber with Quenton. His cybershades show no one else is in the vicinity, “Well, it’s Saturday. I guess everyone is out.” Offering a goofy smile, he asks, “So is this your first time in the Danger Room?” David admits, “I haven’t kept too track of the training sessions of the different squads, but I know some squads haven’t made it in yet.” Nodding to Quenton, “It can be quite the experience your first time.” With that David says aloud, “Run Sequence NMFD 1.” The entire chamber goes black and then sunlight peers in and David and Quenton find themselves outside, particularly the maze behind the Mansion.

Quenton glances around, now, pressing his lips tightly together, hands clenched into fists, before lifting them to David. "There has been combat training in here after class, but I've been skipping it." The mutant shrugs as he turns his eyes towards the maze now. "So yeah, this'd be my first time in the Danger Room." He pauses, now. "Do you look after one of the squads? Or just hold occasional Danger Room sessions?"

"I hold occasional Danger Room sessions. I don't run a particular squad yet. You have to be a full professor or X-Man for that. But hopefully soon." David offers a smile and goes into an explanation, "So we are still in that room you first walks into. Using a lot of Shi'ar technology and amazing special effects, It appears that we are outside the mansion. Any type of environment can be recreated. You name we can probably do it. Also, safety measures are put in place so that no one can get hurt. Since we are mutants and need powers training and control, this is the room to learn. This is where we train without fear of getting hurt." He smiles, "Run sequence." He hmmmns, "Oh remember. This isn't real. You won't be hurting anyone and if something happens to you. It will feel like you are hurt, but once the sequence is done. You are fine." They appear at the entrance of the maze and standing next to them are two mutants an angelic looking mutant with red wings hovering above and a large male mutant made completely of rock, a smaller looking version of the Thing.

"Kenta looks younger than you, and he runs a squad," notes Quenton, glancing over David a moment, before glancing around at the hedge maze. At the sight of the angelic looking mutant and the rock mutant, Quenton squints, though his fists clench. "So what if say, something fatal happens to you here? Do you feel the pain of death, or does the Danger Room stop before the pain overload does like… emotional trauma to someone?"

“Well, Kenta is actually older than I am. Physically anyway, I never know for sure how old he really is. But that’s a story you can ask him about.” David smiles and as he looks over at Icarus and Rockslide, “Safety measures will keep you from dying. The program itself will not deliver a fatal move or will end before the move is delivered.” Pointing to the maze, “The goal is, we have to get to the center of the maze before they do and retrieve what is there and get it back.” Smoke and bursts of flame can be seen overhead coming from the center. “Icarus and Rockslide will try to stop us. They are simulations of real students who went here, when I was a student. Ready?”

Quenton lifts his hands, slamming his fist into his palm, making a sound like thunder crashing and the air around his hands ripple. "I'll ask him," he agree as his eyes flick from Icarus to Rockslide, then back again. "Alright, then. I'll take Pebbles over there. Or try to keep them off you. I'm pretty sure you can handle Peter Pan, though, with your powers. I just don't want you breaking your hand over Pebbles eye. I'm sure you're better than him, but…" He glances off in the distance.

Nodding his head in affirmation, “Sounds like a plan.” Taking a running stance as he is about to dash into the maze, he grins, “I fought and beat Pebbles when we were students.” He starts to run at a pretty decent pace for a non-speedster but the winger Icarus swoops down ready to grab a hold of David who seems prepared. Simultaneously Rockslide simply charges at Rage rocky fists focused on the youth.

Quenton is caught by Rockslide's first swing, the strike launching him through the wall of the maze, though luckily it's a hedge maze, so minimal damage is done. While Quenton flies back, he arches his back so that he somersaults in mid-air, hovering off the groud now and facing off the armoured mutant. He sails towards the larger mutant, growling as he moves to attempt to drop kick Rockslide in the jaw, though he keeps himself suspended in the air.

With each swooping down, David dodges Icarus’ attack, as if he sees it before it happens and knows which way to move. Moving further into the maze, eventually he and Icarus are out of sight. As Rage goes through and dropkicks Rockslide, his feet connect with the his head and the kick proves to be so strong that Rockslide’s head comes completely off and falls to the side. His rock body stops for a moment and as Rage hovers goes back over and picks up its head. Plopping it back on, Rockslide shakes his head, “Oh, no you are going to get it.” One rock arm is aimed and launched at the hovering Rage.

While Rockslide was grabbing his head, once he turns to strike Rage, the boy is already hovering above him. He crashes into the ground, flipping so that he lands on his feet behind the huge mutant. And then he leaps atop Rockslide's back, trying to wrap an arm around the bigger mutants neck to hold him there while his other hand lifts and he tries to repeatedly smash it into whatever he can reach. "Come on, Thing wanna be, show me what you got," he taunts, whether he's successful or not, his eyes only briefly flicking in David's direction to see how he is faring.

Out of sight for the moment, David is faring well enough, but Rage may find it odd to hear singing, specifically, an amazing choral sound as if the Vienna Boy Choir were in the maze. As the rock arm misses Rage it returns to Rockslide’s arm, but Rage is already him. His arm barely able to wrap around Rockslide’s neck, it is enough to keep the rock behemoth down. With each swing and smash, Rage is able to chip away at Rockslide’s granite form, but Rockslide begins to laugh, “You call those punches!” Rockslide attempts to reach behind and grab Rage from his jacket and flip him over and into the ground.

Quenton is grabbed and slammed into the ground, causing him to groan as he is smashed into the ground. He lifts his hands, now, and smashes them into the ground as hard as he could, propelling him upwards. While rising, he attempts to deliver an uppercut into Rockslide's jaw, letting out an angry roar.
The uppercut connects once again launching Rockslide’s head pretty far and causing the rock body to move about as it searches for its head. The singing get louder and louder as David yells out for Rage, “Quenton, fly overhead to the center of the maze. Icarus is about to grab the prize.” The singing gets louder and louder and proves to be more soothing and calming. The flames that were shooting up earlier are not as numerous or powerful as before.

Quenton furrows his brow, before the angry mutant begins running where he head David before, jumping onto Rockslide's headless body and using it to propel himself into the air, flying above the maze so that he can first assess the location of David, and then Icarus, the latter he begins diving towards. "Hold tight, I'm almost there!"

In the center of the maze is Lockheed, Shadowcat’s pet dragon. Despite it being an alien dragon the creature is oddly adorable and David stands at one of the center square patch calling the dragon over. Icarus remains at the other end, singing an almost hypnotic tone to calm the dragon and lull it closer towards him. When David moves closer the creature lets out small bursts of flame that he dodges, but it is near enough to Icarus whose arms are out ready to snatch it as it gets closer.

Only a simulation. Rage dives down, now, rearing up just before he hits the ground and shooting his hands out in an attempt to grab at Icarus's wings, where the viel of feathers begin. If successful, his leg would come up and he tries to slam the sole of his foot into the back of Icarus. "Grab the dragon!"
When given the chance as Icarus flies down, Prodigy moves closers to the Lockheed and begins speaking to the Lockheed. It is an alien language, one difficult for Prodigy to utter as he painfully throats out in communication for the Lockheed to come with him and that the music is merely trick. Believing him, the dragon crawls into his waiting arms. “We win!” David looks up to see Icarus in a compromising position with Rage holding him down with his boot on his back. Blinking a bit, the room returns to normal as all signs of the maze, Rockslide, Icarus, Lockheed, and everything else disappears and the two mutants stand in the empty metallic chamber.

Rage was going to pull his wings off. This fact is accentuated by the glow of his eyes, and the steam rising from his skin, though he didn't berserk. He glances over towards Prodigy, panting, before he gradually begins to relax, closing his eyes and exhaling sharply. "We win," he echoes the other mutant, before his hands slide into the pockets of his jacket. "That Rockslide is strong."

@emit “Very Strong Actually! At his fullest potential, he has been known to use 75 tons worth of strength. But the Danger Room was calibrated and adjusted to make it a bit more even.” Noting the glowing eyes and the steam pouring from him, David is glad the scenario ended before Icarus was de-winged. “So, typically, I like to discuss the scenario after it was run. Considering this was your first, what did you think?”

"Seventy five tons," Quenton echoes, glancing over at himself. "I wonder if I'll ever become that strong." There's no hope or fear in that voice, just curiosity. Then he glances back up at David, furrowing his brow. "It was odd. I mean, I like the contest of it all, but it made me realize that our generation of mutants, the current student generation, I mean, are nowhere near as powerful as you and your classmates."

“Well, you never know you may become hat strong, so it is good that you are here now and are learning to control your abilities. As for the odd feeling, well it is like that for most students the first time around. I would say with the main purpose of the scenario, we won and we did well. You can’t pull your punches yet, so you made the right decision to face off against Rockslide with his strength and his ability to pull himself together after being destroyed makes him an ideal person for you to go up against. However, it appeared like you were going to pull off Icarus' wings. Now he has a healing factor, but that may have killed him. You didn't though and we have something to work with you on. Rage seems to be right name going into a berserker type rage can be lethal. But it wasn't this time around thankfully."

After assessing Rage's performance, David removes his cybershades a moment and pockets them and chuckles a bit as he is not used to being referred to as powerful, "I wouldn't sell yourself and your classmates short. You may not have met all your peers, but there are some powerful mutants in your group. Kieran and his electromagnetic control. Tyler and his cosmic abilities. And again, powers vary. Someone can be superstrong or powerful but may not know the best way to use it. The power for me is not what your given talent is, but how you use it."

"I admit, I scare myself sometimes," Quenton murmurs, lifting his shoulders. "We still have no idea how far my strength can go if I go berserk. So far, I haven't gotten stronger than I usually am, I just became a lot more durable and a lot less afraid." He furrows his brow. "Without telepathic or empathic abilities, it takes a lot of effort to put me down. Not that I'm bragging, I think I should work on it a little more, honestly. And yeah, I was going to rip off Icarus's wings. He was just a simulation, wasn't he?" How easy it was for the near-perpetually angry mutant to accept that.

“Well, yes it was a simulation, but still if this had been real. While this is a safe environment, treat it as real if that helps. It might help you curb your strength a bit, but again. We won and ultimately you didn’t rip off his wings.” David offers a smile, but in the back of his mind ponders how Rage would handle a real situation like this. And you know what you need to work on. Actually one of my friends is an empath and he has been visiting the campus lately, Nathaniel. I’ll see if I can hook you two up. Also there is a TA, Star Rosen and the X-Man, Xorn. And the headmistress is a telepath and actually Xorn is a telepath and empathy and he does some other stuff too. Bt yeah plenty of people to help you out.”

"Yeah, I've met Nathaniel, and Mister Xorn," agrees Quenton, crossing his arms over his chest as he glances up at David, before rising his hands. "And don't. I'll handle everything myself. Don't schedule any appointments for me, or whatever. I have everything under control." As if he's trying to reassure himself. "I'm not the one who's having issues with beating up a simulation."

Offering a nod and a smile, “No worries, Quenton.” David sighs, “Ok, I have to head over to work on some teaching plans. Great job again. And hopefully we get to do another one of these.”

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