2009-12-16: Raining Teenagers


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Summary: Trey falls out of the sky and onto Christopher's Car.

Date: December 16, 2009

Log Title Raining Teenagers

Rating: PG

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

It's been a long day at work but the day is done and Christopher's closing up shop. He had Eddie at the store today helping him out and he looks over at his son. "Thanks for helping out, you wanna go for a coffee or hot chocolate at the Grind Stone before we head back home?" He says making sure that he has everything before going to his car. He goes to open the door and turn the car on, turning on the heater to let it warm up before getting in. "While the car is warming, how about we walk over to the Grind Stone." That's why you carry two sets of car keys.

Eddie grins as he looks back at Chris. "Sure, Dad," he replies. "And I was happy to help!" the power booster adds quickly. He follows Chris over to the car and waits patiently. "Alright. Sounds like a good idea."

There is a crackle in the air, the sound of static electricity being discharged and then the crackle gets louder and more frequent. The intense surge of power can be felt to those sensitive to that type of thing. Just as the surge hits it's peak there is a final crash as their is a hole torn in the cold air above Christopher's car as it warms up. It looks like a spiraling black hole, except that it isn't sucking things into it. The air stirs and then something falls out of the portal. The falling object is humanoid in shape and falling pretty fast. But the hood of the car absorbs most of the impact as the blonde teen is dropped onto it. The impact isn't enough to destroy Christopher's car but he's probably going to need one of the students at the school to fix the Trey shaped dent that was made from the impact. The blonde curls up in a ball and groans from the combination of the fall and previous injuries he appeared to have substained. What's left of his clothes hang in shreds from his body. He's got a few old scars on his tanned skin and a big scar over his heart on his naked chest. Curled up safetly in his arms is a fluffy stuffed animal that faired the journey a lot better then his clothes did. There is a dog tag around his neck and on his wrist is an odd tattoo.

As soon as the air starts to crackle, Christopher acts instinctively and steps in front of Eddie. "There goes that idea." He muttes before he sees the portal opening up, he then forms a protective shield of light in front of the two, but it can easily been seen though too. Then the kid falls out, and as much as Christopher will be groaning about his car later, he's too worried about the person who just fell to worry about his car. The shield is droped immedately. "Are…you okay?"

Eddie jumps at the air crackling, eyes flashing with blue light for a moment. He pouts for half a moment when Chris steps in front of him but quickly gets ready for trouble. "Woah!" he yelps when the kid falls into view. Since Chris already asked the obvious question, Eddie just goes about looking the kid over and taking note of all visible injuries.

Most of the physical injuries on Trey's body are superficial and a few of the bruises are from the impact with the inannimate object. Trey groans once more as he asked if he is okay. He lifts his blonde head and flutters his long eyelashes. His startling amethyst eyes look around and he focuses on Christopher first. "What? Wh-wh-wheree am I?" He looks thoroughly confused and he winces as he shifts and puts a hand on his forehead. "Pain… it is not significant. I shall live."

Christopher heads over to Trey and reaches out a hand to place lightly on his shoulder. "Well we should get you checked out anyway, and you're in Salem Center." Christopher says as he starts to look over Trey, looking at his injuries. The scars on his body just look awful to him. "How did you end up here?" His voice has a warm, soft tone to it as he's trying not to scare the mutant.

Bright lights, crackling air, and a kid falling out of portals is always bound to attract attention. Unfortunately for those near the site of the incident, Scout is one of those passerby's that just so happens to be attracted. She's pushing herself along the parking lot, on a skateboard. Her clothes look horrible, like they were just freshly pulled free from a dumpster andimmediately worn. They smell that way too. Coming to a screeching halt , Scout kicks down on the back lip flipping the board up into her hand and coming to a full stop. "Whoa, what happened to him?" She asks as an ominous darkness seems to creep towards the girl.

Eddie gives the scars a sad glance as he follows his adopted father over. "He doesn't look too beat up, but you're right. A doctor is a good idea, Dad," he adds in. "That looked like some kind of portal or distortion," the power booster remarks.

Trey is a little dazed and confused to say the least. "Salem Center?" He looks around and clings to the stuffed animal in his arms. "I don't know how I got here either. The only thing that I remember is… nothing. I don't remember anything." A bit of panic appears across his face. Scouts question gets Trey turning his focus on her. "I… I wish I knew." Confused even more so by Eddie's words, "Portal?" He was not awake when he went into the portal and when he came out.

"You fell out of a portal." Onto his car, but Christopher doesn't say that part. "My name's Christopher, this is my son Eddie." He says putting an arm on Eddie's shoulder. "I don't know your name. Would you mind Eddie here checking you out to make sure none of your injuries are serious?" He knows Eddie is good with first aid. "I work around here, and you don't remember anything?" He looks over at Scout and shakes his head. "I wish I knew."

"No idea, eh?" Scout says with a little added chuckle. "None of you?" The girl lets the skateboard fall down onto the street upside down so it doesn't roll away. She takes a coule steps forward, rounding around the new arrival, all the shadows nearby seeming to follow the girl with each step, slowly stretching out towards her. "A shame really." She stops, smiling at the three standing before her.

Eddie offers a little wave as he's introduced. He looks as innocent and non-threatening as he can when the request is made, shifting his weight. "I won't hurt you," he offers. When attention is drawn to Scout, Eddie frowns. He recognizes a few signs of someone dumpster diving and it brings back bad memories but he pushes them aside. The darkness is noted, Eddie's eyes narrowing a moment and a glance offered to Chris before he looks back to Trey. "Can you remember your name?"

Trey looks up, doubt appearing on his face at Christopher's words. "I fell from a portal, right." He rolls his purple eyes and then shifts his body and groans slightly. "Okay, it does feel like I fell out of the sky." He looks at Eddie for a moment and he shakes his head. "No, I don't mind." His clothes are shreds and he moves carefully to get into a more comfortable position. He keeps Mr. Fuzzles, the suffed animal close to his chest. "No, sorry. It's like a big wide open space… I get nothing." The cold air doesn't seem to be affecting him too much, even if he is almost completely naked.

Christopher then notices the dog tags and reaches out slowly to pick one up to read it. "Maybe army of some sort? I don't know." Does the army take kids and train them, he wouldn't be suprised. "So you don't remember anything, family, friends?" He's assuming this kid doesn't have any place to go and that worries him even more. "Is there something you think you can tell us about this?" He asks Scout curiously, not sure if she knows anything.

Scout laughs, "Ha! I bet you wish I could, but am unfortunately in the dark like the rest of you." Crossing her arms, her eyes are concentrated on the dog tags, her tongue slowly pushing out from her lips, adding a little moisture. The shadows appear to be wrapping around the teen, like some strange two dimensional cloak gathering at the base of her feet.

Eddie frowns slightly as he checks Trey over. "Dad…this guy's gotta be a metahuman of some kind. Just the injuries and how he's ignoring the cold…there's something extra keeping him safe," he whispers to the older mutant. Glancing at Scout, Eddie shifts his weight again. "And that girl's not normal either…look at the shadows," he adds in another whisper. "Well, like we said…the injuries are nothing too serious but seeing a doctor is a good idea. There might be internal injuries or something I missed."

Trey just shakes his head. "Just… no, I can't remember anything. It's all fuzzy." And he looks down at the stuffed animal in his arms with his unnatural eyes and he see's the tiny little tag that has the stuffed animals name upon it. "Mr. Fuzzles?" He clings to the stuffed animal even more. When Eddie starts whispering, the blonde can hear it all and he looks towards Scout and notices her shadows. It's then that his own defensive instincts kick in. The clouds above the parkinglot start to thicken. "I don't hurt too much anymore. Just from the initial fall, I think."

Looking at Trey's dogtags Christopher nods. "I see it says you name is Trey." He looks around a bit but just shakes his head, not mentioning the #3GEM on the tag. "I'm thinking, if you don't have anywhere to go, we have a couch at our place and you can spend the night with my husband, Eddie and I. We can get you some clothes and then get you check out?" And in the meantime he can talk to the school and see if they can find out what Trey is.

It's not necessarily the clouds the catch Scout's attention, but maybe the way both Trey and Eddie have looked at her. There's a couple glances exchanged between the two teens before she takes a couple steps back, reaching down to pick up her skateboard. "Well, looks like that one is solved." She mutters, eyeing the group with extreme caution, for really no apparent reason. Once again the board is dropped to the asphalt, but this time right side up. Fishing her foot out, she finds the grip tape with her shoe and quickly hops on, kicking herself off in the direction she momentarily arrived.

Eddie nods to what Chris says. "My brother and my boyfriend'll be there too," he adds in. "We should have something that'll fit you, Trey," he says with a smile. He's not noticed the clouds but is a bit surprised when Scout just skates away.

Trey blinks his amethyst eyes as Christopher says his name. He really doesn't know his name but he lifts a hand up to take the dog tag and look at it. "If it says Trey and I am wearing it. Then I must be Trey. Maybe thats why I am wearing them, because I don't know who I am?" He lets go of the dog tags to bring Mr. Fuzzles to his face and he rubs against the soft stuffed animal. "That would be okay I guess." He does keep an eye out for Scout as she starts to back away and as she does the clouds seem to stop getting denser and actually start to disappate the further she gets away and when she is gone the sky is back to normal. Trey still has a hard time acknowledging his name but he just says to Eddie. "That is a good thing, right?" He doesn't thank them for their kindness. Manners are lost to him perhaps?

Christopher looks at Trey and chuckles softly. "Yes, having a place to stay tonight is a good thing. And yes, your Dog Tags say Trey so I guess that's what we'll call you right now." Who knows if it's his name but it'll be his name now. "You could be wearing them for a number of reasos honey." He doesn't bring up Military right now, he thinks the kid has been through too much. "How about we say we see if we can get my car running, head to our home, get you some clothes, a bath and nice hot meal."

Eddie nods, offering a concerned frown after Chris' words. "Dad's a really great cook. His food's the best!" the power booster gives a glowing endorsement to Chris' cooking though.

Trey nods his head and he slides off the car and doesn't seem to have much in the way of modesty even as the shreds of clothes barely hide anything. His body is in top shape, a perfect weapon. "Okay, that is a good thing then." And he says his name, "Trey and Mr. Fuzzles, Unless I find out otherwise." He sure is clinging to that stuffed animal. "Food is good. I don't remember the last time I ate." A little amnesia joke, or maybe he is being serious.

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