2009-04-21: Raising Hellions


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Summary: Colors and Yelling and Testosterone! Oh my! A small chat between Eddie and Vladimir becomes a rather loud argument as more people join in.

Date: April 21, 2009

Log Title: Raising Hellions

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Vladimir it is late after noon around 7 PM it is warm outside but not super hot. Vlad settle into the living room sitting o nthe couch his boot cover feet up on the coffee table. He turns on the TV and start to flip thought the channels ending up on the sci-fi channel watching a part of Steven Kings rose red.

Humming a little tune, Eddie Parker-Mayfair's on his way into the living room. He's dressed in jeans and an Iceman t-shirt with his New Mutants uniform on under it. With his backpack slung over his shoulder, he seems to be in a good mood. There's a pause when he sees Vlad before Eddie offers a smile and moves to an empty seat. "Hi."

Vladimir looks over at Eddie and nods, "hey" He never spent any time with Eddie know him better then Eddie but he has a respect for him since he did come help him and July in Central Park." He smiles at the his fellow class mate, "how are you?"

Eddie sets his backpack down and pops it open. "Pretty good," he replies. "Jared healed me up all back to normal," he says with a grin and quick flexing of an arm. "You doing okay?"

Vladimir shrugs, "I better weeks but at the moment I am okay." He turns off the TV and smiles some, "To much drama in my life I not happy with it." He moves some hair out of his eyes.

Eddie blinks a few times, taking a notebook out of his backpack. "What's wrong?" he asks. He seems curious and a bit concerned. "That electric woman hasn't been hassling you again, has she?"

Vladimir shakes his head, "I have not seen her since but July said she saw once again but I don't think there any trouble. No this stuff happen in the school. I got in trouble for breaking the rules. Well it seems the X-Force guy just came to give me a warning and I lost my cool and threaten to break his nose. Well then his and I started yelling and he told me he going get shades and he could kick me out of the school. Well I decided to save time and started to pack and he contacted shades.

Eddie blinks a few times. "Umm…no offense, Vladimir…but I'm pretty sure that all the members of X-Force could flatten you without much of a fight…" he trails off with a wince. "Shades? Who's that?" he pauses. "Wait…you're leaving the school?"

Vladimir sighs, "most likely but that doesn't matter I would still try and they would have break me before I gave up. Shades you know Mr. Summers he always where those red shades. I call him shades all the time well not to his face. No shades cam and talked me out of it. So drama one day and then there the next day."

Eddie blinks then frowns. "He doesn't wear them by choice. He has to. Not an option…" he trails off. "And umm…I've never seen you without your sunglasses either," he chimes. "Well…I'm glad you're not leaving. This place is too awesome to wanna leave…"

Vladimir nods, "I know that but it seems less insulting them the name given to him as a code name." He smiles and reaches up to his glasses and rejected them, "i need them I am a blind as a bat with out them." He nods, "yah I glad you I am not going. In truth I like it here."

Eddie shakes his head slightly. "'Mr. Summers' would be even less insulting…" he trails off. He goes quiet for a few moments, just digging around inside his backpack. "You need glasses to see? What's wrong with your eyes?"

Vladimir shrugs, "well what ever. I have trouble seeing things far away. After a few feet everything becomes a blur. he looks down at the back pack, "what are you looking for?"

"This!" Eddie exclaims, pulling a pen out of his bag. Captain America themed pen. "Do you know what caused your vision problems? It might be fixable."

Vladimir blinks at the pen and smiles, "real fan boy aren't you?" He shrugs they say it from so many hours in front of the computers. Just over the last few years my eye sight has gotten worst and worst.

Eddie bluhes and nods. "Yeah. I'm um…a major fanboy. My Dads keep saying I'm like a walking encyclopedia of superheroes," he says, squirming a bit. "That sounds like it could be fixable…"

Vladimir shrugs, "never looked into it. It's a lot of money for things like laser stuff to be done." He laughs some, "well nothing wrong with that I'm a huge computer nerd and know way to much about star trek and myth about dragons."

Eddie blinks a few times then grins again. "There are other ways to get stuff fixed instead of lasers. Besides…I'm sure the school would pay for atleast part of it if your eyes became a real problem," he reasons. He then lets out a little chuckle, not knowing much about Star Trek himself.

Vladimir thinks about that, "yah but not a fan of having things done to my body while I am a sleep. Would rather keep the glasses then let some strange guy poke around my body while I am out cold." He seems to have a trust issues sure it come up with your dad.

Eddie blinks a few times. "Umm…I didn't mean surgery," he points out. "You should talk to my brother. Jared…he might be able to help you."

Vladimir blinks and his jaw drops, "I never thought of that." How dumb is he not to think of that once again proven high IQ does not make you bright. He close his mouth and smiles, "did I ever thank you for helping me and July?"

Eddie chuckles quietly. "Not everyone thinks about super stuff as much as I do…" he trails off, writing a few things. He then looks up and blushes. "You umm…you don't need to thank me. Just don't get into any more fights with insane women for awhile, please…"

Vladimir nods and laughs, "okay I try not to do that." He then looks at the paper, "whatcha writing?"

Eddie smiles and nods. "History homework," he replies. "Essay questions," he adds.

Vladimir nods, "oh yah I have that too what a pain way can't they give up history is gone it not going to help to know a bunch of names and dates of old dead people."

Eddie looks up quickly and shakes his head. "Not true. Learning the past can help prevent repeating it. Also, learing the mistakes and such that already happened can help shape better actions for the future," he says quickly. "Besides…who knows when you might get caught up in some crazy time travel thing."

Vladimir nods, "okay I get that but why do we need to know all the dates?" he blinks, "time travel you mean there is time travel that's not in bad movies and comic books?"

Eddie shrugs. "To help remember better?" he guesses. He then nods. "Yep! There are even mutants that can control time!"

Vladimir whistles damn that's cool. I wish I could do that." He moves closer and looks down at the paper, "can I ask you something personal?"

Eddie's handwriting isn't particularly neat but it's legible. He seems to be answering questions bout World War One right now on a worksheet while checking notes in his notebook. As expected, there's a bunch of hero-themed doodles in the margins of the notebook. The scarred mutant jumps when he looks up and sees Vlad closer. "What is it?"

Vladimir looks up the paper and looks into eddie's eyes, "Your dad what type of guy is he? I started to see him after the whole almost leaving thing you brother said I should see him a while back but could not pin him down for an appointment until yesterday. I just can understand him. I mean he said something that up set me but he did not stop when he saw they were but I also I got from him he was not trying to be mean."

Eddie blinks a few times. "Which one?" he asks, wondering if it was Chris or Jeri. Thankfully it's cleared up by 'appointment'. "Doctor Dad's a real great guy…and he's a psychiatrist…" he trails off. "What did he say?"

Vladimir nods, "i see" He looks away and frowns some, "well besides the uniform which was not mean just a difference of opponents. He accuse me of being like my mother and being scared I was going be like her. I am nothing like that bitch and will never end up like her.

Eddie tilts his head to the side. "The uniform? What's wrong with the uniforms? I love 'em! Wearing mine now," he says, lifting up his t-shirt to show the white and blue New Mutants uniform underneath. He drops his t-shirt when Vlad mentions what else Jeri said. "Then…on some level…aren't you afraid you'll end up like her? You reacted so…angrily against it…suggests that deep down, you do have some kinda fear that you somehow could end up like her so you try really hard to not be?" he seems more confused by this. Apparently he's been doing some reading. Whether he understands what he read is up to debate.

Vladimir looks at the blue and white skin tight uniform and sighs, "it just the colors I don't wear anything but black. Well besides my glasses which are blue since pure black glasses would suck at night. I am on your father squad so I have to wear red and white. I got shades to say if I can convince him to change the colors it would be fine. He refuse. Then I as him if I could wear black he refuse again. So I not going to wear it." She then snorts, "give me a break. I will never be like her"

Eddie blinks. The notion of only wearing one color confuses him. "Umm…Vladimir…you don't get to not wear it. YOu have to for team training seesions…" he trails off. "And why not just add some black then? Sure…it has to stay mostly red and white but you could like…add a black jacket or accents or something," he suggests. "Never said you would…"

Vladimir frowns, "you father told me that during training I was not allow to anything else beside it during training. I am just thinking of taken a can of spray paint to it and making it black my self. What is he going to do then?"

Eddie frowns. "He probably meant you couldn't wear your clothes over it like I'm doing now," Eddie says. He's sitting on the couch with homework in his lap and wearing jeans and an Iceman t-shirt. "But we're allowed to modify our uniforms for style as long as we don't chance the colors. So if you make it part of your uniform then it doesn't count as something else…" he pauses. "There are limits of course. And he'd put ya in detention and you'd have to wash the spray paint off."

After spending the last two hours in the music room working on his drumming, Daisuke has decided it was time to grab something to eat. Walking into the living room with a bag of chips and a bottle of Coke (it's great having a super powered metabolism, you don't have to watch what you eat). He's wearing a sleevless black shirt over a pair of blue jeans and most of his scars are either gone or considerably faded. There are still a few but nothing like they were a few weeks ago. Seeing Eddie, Daisuke breaks into a smile and sits down next to him. "Hey Eddie, what's this crazy rumour I heard about you getting injured with out me?" He asks, he's concerned but he knows Eddie can take care of himself. Daisuke offers Vlad a smile and a shy "Hello."

Vladimir snorts and shakes his head, "you father said I could wear in under my clothes when out in about but he also said The only time you wear it ONLY is when you're in a training simulation. He made sure to makes I heard the only part." she folds his arms, "ooo I scared of spending a few hours in a small room look at me shake. I will just repaint it next time." He looks at the new comer and smiles, "hey there."

Jared has great timing, he was obviously thinking something close to what Daisuke was as he ends up right behind the scared teen with a can of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles and a large bottle of White Cranberry-Peach juice. "Its not his fault he ran into Boomerang, although I still say he shoulda called me down to the Meb Bay as soon as who ever was on Doc duty let him." Jared smiles slightly as he decides to move in and sits down next to Daisuke and Eddie. At the moment he is wearing a black 'wife beater' type tank top and a pair of grey sweat pants with no socks or shoes. Jared's hair is wet and plastered to his scalp, and his shirt is sticking to his chest in a fewplaces from the water since he recently showered after a nice long work out in the Gym.

Eddie shakes his head. "He probably meant you shouldn't try to wear a coat or clothes over it like someone else said they were going to," he says. When Dai walks in, Eddie grins and gives his friend a hug when he's close enough. "No rumor. Me and Pallaton beat up Boomerang and we got hurt but Jared healed me up," he says. He winces when Jared speaks up but hugs his half-brother too.

Returning the hug to Eddie, Daisuke can't help but shake his head. At Jared's words, Dai sighs. "Eddie, you should have found Jared and gotten healed right away." He smiles at Eddie and shakes his head. He loves his best friend but he knows Eddie can be stubborn about things. Dai smiles to Jared and leans against him and grins. "Hey Jared." He's still shy about public displays of affection, or at least initating the. Vlad gets a confused look as he speaks. "Actually detention is more than just a few hours in a small room, I've never had it but I've heard other students. And why are you sto stressed about a uniform?"

Vladimir sighs, "he be lucky if I show up with it under my clothes. He pulls up the leg of his pants showing black socks, "I only wear black." He looks at Jared, "hey I have a question about your powers if you have a moment." He looks back to eddie, "who is boomerang and why did ou beat him up?"

Jared grins and hugs his bro back, then leans into Daisuke. After taking a swig of his drink he sets the bottle in his lap and puts an arm around Dai's shoulders. "Boomerang is a super…well he is a villian not sure if he really deserves the Super' part of the title." Yes, the closet hero-phile is going to know who Boomerang is, and if pressed could give details about his last three fights with Spiderman. Jared gives Vlad a nod and a small smile, "Go ahead, if I know the answer I am happy to share…I hope."

Eddie offers Daisuke a sheepish smile. "It was late at night and I didn't wanna interrupt your and Jared's time together…" he trails off. He nods to what Jared says. "He tried to rob an armored car but me and Pallaton stopped him. I even got to be part of a Fastball Special," he declares. The scarred teen then frowns deeply. "You know…you shouldn't be so picky about what color you wear. Especially when the school's giving you a very nice and pretty special piece of clothing like the uniform. Some people are lucky just to find a shirt and pants that only have a few holes and don't have a choice what color they wear," he says, letting out the comment that had been nagging at the back of his head.

Daisuke shakes his head. "Eddie, if you're hurt I don't care what you interupt the two of us doing. You're my best friend your health is more important that…" And Daisuke doesn't finish, he just blushes, a lot. HE leans into Jared and rests his hand against his leg. "Only wear black? That's kind of boring. And there uniform isn't that bad, they were nice enoungh to add arm sails to mind so I kine of look like a White and Red Asian version of BAnshee. Or flying candy cane…" Dai says with a chuckle.

Vladimir nods and points to his sunglasses well his eyes but they are at the same place, "you might notice I wear my sunglasses all the time. Well in truth I need them to see. I need to wear them. They are glasses. Well Eddie came up with the idea that you might be able to fix my eye sight." He folds his arms, "I just like black I think it looks good on me. other colors do not work for my hair color and skin tone. On top of that red and white make you stick out like a sore thumb why not paint a target on my chest."

Jared nods and gives Eddie a pointed look. He does not say 'I Told You So' but he does think it really really loudly at his brother as Daisuke says he should have inturupted them. "I always liked Candy canes, kinda wish I was a Hellion myself, red and white are my colors. Heh, I could even have altered the uniform to look like the costume I wore last time I compeated…only throw in a corss in there since the red cross on a white field is a pretty universal symbol." The question about eyes makes Jared hmmm a little. "I…don;t know if I can or not. I mean, I can close wounds and heal old scars but eyes…it would depend on whats wrong and if my powers would actually work that way. I can always try though if nothing else…."

Eddie blushes as well. "No…" he says, shrugging at Jared's look. "You and Jared deserve to be happy and me getting beat up can wait. Wasn't even all that bad. I'm used to worse," he insists, squirming a little. He then gives Vladimir a look. "Are you intending to go out and be a superhero?" he asks. "Because you only -need- to wear it in the Danger Room. It's not like we have to wear them around," he points out. Dai might notice Eddie's got his on under the t-shirt. "And just because you'll be in red doesn't mean you can't be stealthy. Stealth is more than color."

Vladimir snort, "you can ' have my thing I not a candy anything" He takes off his glasses and rubs the bridge of his nose, "Well over the last few years my vision have become fuzzy. I can't see that far with my glasses. Doctors say it from so many hours in front of a computer." She places the glasses back on and, "hey are there any squads who wear black?"

Daisuke shakes his head. "No there isn't. They're all base white with another colour." Daisuke says as he looks at Jared. "Yeah well I'd rather have the green but I'm on your dad's team so I'm stuck with the red." Daisuke normally wears the cooler colours. "They're just training uniforms, I don't understand what the big deal is, it's just for the danger room. It could always be worse. And speaking of that, I have another flying lesson with Addison tomorrow, he's been helping a lot."

Jared eyes Vlad as he hits on him, and right in front of Jared's boyfriend too. He does not say anything, but does squeeze that arm around Daisuke a little tighter. "Heh, not the hugest fan of the green, but its part of the team thing and it would be a major fasion foux pas to have squads full of costumes that had clashing colors. Although I can understand your feelings a bit Vlad. Some times all a guy has his his personal style." Jared hmms as he learns about Vlad's vision problems. "Well if your problems are caused form damaged from eye strain then there are better odds I might be able to help…but if I can heal your eyes its not gonna happen all at once right away."

Eddie shrugs. "I already suggested adding a little black to suit personal style…" he trails off. "I lucked out getting blue and white…my powers would've just changed my uniform to that anyway like they did one of my old black and golds…" he shrugs, scribbling away at his homework. He's on the couch next to Dai with history homework in his lap. He's wearing jeans and an Iceman t-shirt but his New Mutants uniform is on under it, rolled up sleeves occasionally peeking out from under the t-shirt sleeves.

Vladimir frowns at the thing is I only wear black for the last three years I only wear black and I made a personal vow not to wear anything but black. That's the big deal. It is a symbol of my freedom by free will." He snorts some, "Okay tonight I will go out into the woods dress all in black and you can where red and white and lets see who can be found first. He looks at Jarred and nods, "I understand it got to beat lasers being shot into my eyes or having someone grope me while I am in a drug endues sleep." He looks at eddie, "why does you power change the color of your outfit?" He thinks, "fine are there any squads that are black and white?"

"Sorry if it sounds weird to say, but it doesn't sound like a symbol of your free will if you're restricting yourself like that." Daisuke says as usually certain colours are a personal choice not a 'vow'. And something Vladimir stays causes Daisuke to shudder and move closer to Jared. "No there isn't, just Green, Red, Blue and Yellow all with white. There are more important things to be hung up on than just a uniform Vlad. I mean, I think you're fighting an uphill battle that's going nowhere."

Entering the living room, is Julian Keller. Otherwise known as: Hellion. This X-Force member has met most of the room before. Wearing his old Hellion uniform red and white, waiting for the time to be right for his scheduled Danger Room training. The telekinetic looks around, giving nods to all, before taking a seat at one of the unoccupied chairs. "What's going on?" He asks, not really caring about the answer from some of the occupants.

Jared is wearing a a black wife beater type tank top and a pair of grey sweat pants wihtout shoes or socks sititng on a couch with one arm around Daisuke, the onther one pulling pringles out of the can of chips on his lap. "Adding black accents to the uniform might work. Black words really well with red and white both." Jared grins over at Vlad almost evil like, "You want to try it out, I can go pure white and probably beat you in a game of hide and seak in the dark."

Eddie gives Vlad a little smirk. "If you wanna lose the game, I'll play," he says simply. When Julian appears, Eddie grins. "Hey, Julian!" he greets, offering a wave. "We're just talking. Vlad seems to hate his uniform."

Vladimir eyes narrow and shakes his head, "I spent three years where neon orange jump suit with no choose of in clothing. I refuse to allow my self to wear clothing that I do not pick out. It was one of the reason I join the school I can wear what I choose. Then they give me the uniform and tell me I had to wear it." He looks at Hellion and nods smile to the X-Force member, "hello." look at Eddie, "oh why is that can you turn unseen or morph your body?" He looks at the Hellion, "I have a thing I don't like wearing anything but black. my uniform is well like yours." moves some hair out of his eyes, "Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. God they just want use picked off. Well green would be good
in the woods and yellow many in the sand but blue and red stick out."

Daisuke just leans against Jared and shakes his head. He doesn't feel like saying anything anymore but he's getting frustrated with Vlad. "Okay, I should go take a shower now, I was drumming earlier and still need a shower. Heya Julian, nice to see you in passing." He says as he pushes himself up. "Eddie, we'll have to hang out again soon and I'll see you in a bit Jared." DAisuke says as he leans in to give Jared a shy kiss before going to his room.

Jared kisses Dai back as he gets up to leave. "Yeah, I went and showered be fore I inflicted by BO on others. You go, I will see you later." Jared grins at Vlad a little. "Well he has hidden from more villians than I can shake a stick at in the city where there is no cover if all the storys I hear are true. And me…well my powers don't need me to be able to see to fond you or anyone else in the dark.

The telekinetic shifts up in his seat as he's brought up to speed. "Okay, so OH. You're a Hellion." He says, more than a bit of pride flows from him as he was a Hellion himself. But that soon fades away after Vladimir starts to complain. "You don't like the colors…you're a Hellion. Do you know what that means? You apparently don't. But first, this ain't the freakin' army. You ever seen a power battle first-hand? Camouflage ain't gonna do you shit out there. Look at Magneto, his costume is fucking /purple/ and /red/. How many other supers wear bright ass colors? Loads." The telekinetic is more than offended at the gesture from the next generation of Hellions. "My callsign is Hellion. I took it to honor those who came before me. When I was a student, we had all the other squads beat. The Hellions are winners, they are strong, powerful. And they have a history of being the best this school has."

Eddie blushes as Jared speaks up for him, just nodding a bit. "I'm not the strongest or smartest of fastest or anything but I can hide and get around without being seen pretty well," he remarks. He winces when Julian starts up, frowning. He moves a little closer to Jared, a bit worried about what might happen here.

Vladimir waves at Daisuke, "nice to meet you Daisuke." He talked about this so much the last few days his frustration on the subject is mostly gone. He nods at Jared's comment and knows he can sense others life force. He sighs, "I have no idea about the Hellion I was not even sure what time I was on until I met Jared and Eddies father yesterday. All I know about them is it was the white queens old team who ever she is. My guess is a teacher who took her name from chess or Alice and wonderland. I have no problem with the team love the name and what you just told me they sound great. It does confuse me I not the best at anything my powers leave me flat on my back unable to move while I use them. I most likely get hurt or killed first mission or someone else will die trying to help me." he pause, "you saw me in the park I was useless all I can do is hide and hope I don't get hurt.

Jared shakes his head. "Dude, your just not thinking about this right. Your thinking all gung hoe go in and smack someone around. Supers taht can smack people around are a dime a dozen, the ones that can out think thier opponent and use interesting skills are not only more rare but more important. THink about it, you have to put together a small gorup to infiltrate…say a factory that makes Sentinals to find a kidnapped scientist. Who would be better for the team than someone that could take over a Sentanal, or better yet the whole buildings computer system?"

Julian isn't so sure on the suggestion Jared just gave. But refrains from comment. "The White Queen, Headmistress Emma Frost. Well, Headmistress on vacation. She led me and our group, with me as their leader. And if you were chosen to be a part of the team that keeps the Hellion's name alive, then take pride in it." Julian says, taking off his jacket, showing the uniform he has on. "I saw you try to take a sucker punch to a woman who was bound twice. As that guy said." Motioning over to Jared. "Use your powers for what you can, the other Hellions will have your back while you're working the insides." he sure as hell expects every single Hellion to live up to the name.

Eddie works up the nerve to chime in. "Yeah. And like I keep telling you…you don't have to wear the uniform anywhere but the Danger Room unless you plan on going out to be a superhero. And in the Danger Room you're not going to get 'picked off'. You can't get hurt in there," he says simply.

Vladimir nods, "okay that's cool. Now I am in Central Park a lighting wielding she witch jumps down from a tree. What can I do? I bet anyone in this room could handle that but me." Sighs, "I have no problem with the group other then the color of the uniform like I said they sound like a cool team. Ah she no here that's why I don't know who she is" Nods, "that's all fine so I just fake dead in the danger room I'm talking about in real life."

Jared shrugs, "Eddie and Julian might take her down with thier powers sure, mine are not gonna help me beat some power slinging psycho. Heck, if she isn't super strong or ultra tough then as long as you can dodge you don't need powers per say to take her out. Central parks full of rocks you can bean her with, trash can lids to toss like Captain America's shield, even water that might be able to short out someone with electric powers. In a fight its not just about using your powers, sometimes your better off using what is around you without them. Right?"

"Dude, just fucking stop with the what if's. It's getting damn annoying." Hellion rings out, seriously starting to doubt this new squad. "Seriously, I'm about to bust myself down to a student just so I could show you guys. And you know what? Drop the color thing, they won't change it. It's tradition. It'd be like the Raiders changin' their colors to pink and white. And for the last fucking time, DANGER ROOM ONLY!" Julian's short fuse making a comeback. "It's for two hours a week, that isn't hard. You don't want to wear it more after that, fine. You don't have to wear it, I heard Eddie say that twice since I've been in here. But as long as you're a Hellion, you better wear these colors." He says, pointing to his chest, the fabric giving off an almost pearlescent look. "Show a little respect for those of us who've fallen…" He trails off, snatching his jacket from the chair and slings it back on with finesse, and finally dropping into his seat.
July pages, "May I join?" to Vladimir, you, Jared, and Julian.

Eddie shakes his head quickly and scowls. "If I was alone I'd be toast anywhere but Central Park and the only reason I could beat her there is because Cental Park is my turf. I lived there for two years and I know the entire park like the back of my hand. I have no offensive or defensive powers on my own, my only weapons are electrical and smoke bombs. I'm not exactly Wolverine, Vladimir," he says, crossing his arms and looking away. And aura of toughness he built up vanishes as he squeaks at Julian's short fuse. Blushing, the booster just nods.

Vladimir frowns more at him self for not thinking of rocks or trash cans, "i try to hit her with a stick she blasted me before I could get close to her." frowns and his hands ball up into fist looks at the X-Force member the only member until now he liked. He stands eyes glaring at the older guy, "Listen dip shit! I all brain and no brawn thinking and what if is all I can do. I can't fly around or throw people with you mind or what every you do! So go fuck you self if you do not like how I think thing over! So far i learn a few things I could have done different and that will help me next time!" he kicks the coffee table out of his way and walks over to the older guy, "I drops the subject of the colors a while ago and think the Hellions are cool what is your problem that you can't drop it!"

Jared just face palms, Here he was starting to think he had anger management issues because he wanted to kick the snot outa someone for being a moron earlier and now Vlad and Julien are both up and yelling. Jared shakes his head and really can't understand why people have to be so hard headed. He just leans against Eddie and starts counting backwards in side of his head.

Eddie sighs. He's on the couch with Jared, dressed in jeans and an Iceman t-shirt. Occasionally, the rolled up sleeves of his New Mutants uniform poke out from under his t-shirt sleeves. He cringes as what looks like a fight is going to start, trying to sink into the couch. He looks from Julian to Vladimir and back again. He squeezes his eyes shut and shakes his head. "Oh this isn't good…"

As soon as Vladimir starts on his rant, assuming the threatening position, Julian is up in a second, his stance equally as aggressive. "Oh yeah? All brains, no brawn? From where I'm standing, it's no brains, no brawn." Sure, when he got to this place, he was a skinny kid, but now he's muscular and can handle himself even without telekinesis. "You better check yourself before you call me a dip shit again, asshole. Ya know what? Go ahead, take a shot. I fuckin' dare ya to." The black haired telekinetic peers right into Vladimir's eyes. He means business, and won't be afraid of a fight. "I ain't here to be yer friend, I ain't here to sugar coat it like some of the professors do. My job is to make sure this school stays safe, and that I get on the X-Men. That's all I care about." Again, keeping his stance, Julian dressed in his old Hellions uniform. "The Hellions are the best squad in this school, it's a package deal, take it all and succeed, or don't and fail. Anyway, it ain't no skin offa my back."

July hums a soft tune to herself while sipping from her soda can, when she hears the sounds of commotion from the living room. "What the?" she blinks softly, and runs toward the room as soon as she hears Vladimir's voice. 'Great. Just great…' the girl grumbles in her mind as she arrives to see that the jousting arena is all ready and the contestants are about to ride toward each other. "What the /heck/ is going on here?" the new New Mutants girl asks, sighing and rubbing her forehead in annoyance.

Vladimir does not say anything thought your rant His eyes narrow and his body shaking. His breath is hard it is clear he about to explode about the let lose. He small only 5 feet 5 inches and thin but he has one thing on his side his fingerless gloves have silver studs on the knuckles. His hands still in tight fist as rage runs thought him. He looks over at July and back to Hellion and then back to July he speaks but it clean not to July, "man I do not want to get kicked out of this place and I do not want to fight in front of her so I give you to a chance to get out of my face before this get ugly."

Jared keeps counting down insidde his head till he gets to one. Once he gets there the young man takes a deep breath and says loudly enough he can be heard, "And who would have thought I would end up being the closest thing to an adult in here." He waits to see if Vlad or Julien look at him. "Now, are you two done spraying the room with testosterone, or do you want to just whip them out and measure? Your both acitng like idiots, get over yourselves."

Eddie shakes his head as he listens to all of this. When July appears, Eddie offers a bit of a helpless smile before nudging Jared with his elbow. He gives his half-brother a look before standing up and frowning despite the mental image Jared gave him. "Guys. Don't…" he requests, giving a concerned look to Julian as he looks between the two.

Hellion is taller, but not by much, reaching five feet eleven inches. Julian looks to the July coming into the middle of the fight. "We're having a failure to communicate here." Looking back to Vladimir, Julian's cobalt blue eyes pierce right into Vladimir's. "Bullshit, I got into countless fights and never got kicked out of this place." It's quite obvious that he doesn't want to back down, he will never back down. Julian starts to laugh. "Oh, really? You're gonna give me a chance to get out, of /your/ face. You were the one who got into /my/ face." He doesn't acknowledge Jared's comment, he heard it, but again, won't back down, especially since Vlad just tried to get Julian to back down for Vlad's sake. "I'm clearly not getting out of your face, so you've got two choices, start it up, or you shut yourself down. Choose." He really didn't want Eddie to see this side of him, but chances are he was going to see it eventually. He looks down at Eddie, a slight grimace appearing on his face. He's too far in, an
He's too far in, and Vlad's that much of an ass to let him try to upstage Julian.

July notices that the mood her is only getting worse, and so she lets out a soft, calm sigh. She places her soda on a nearby table before calmly walking toward Vladimir, and frowning once she's near him. "Vlad. Back off!" She says, angry that her nice day has been fouled by this fight. She knows Vlad have anger issues. "Starting a fight here? Are you out of your god damn MIND!?" She asks him. "You told me yourself you don't wanna leave this place. I don't want you to leave as well. I have no idea /what/ started this, but this isn't the way to end it!!" She says, still angry, but then she whips her head toward Julian, the New Mutant girl frowning and narrowing her eyes, "And you. Who the HELL do you think you are to give orders like that? Huh? You belong to the Hellions? BIG. FREAKING. DEAL!!" She says, pointing a finger at him accusingly. "That gives you no right to do what you're doing. You're one of the oldest here in this room, if one THE oldest, most experienced mutant, so GROW THE HELL UP!! Stop acting like a childish bully bothering little kids! Act like your age! Show some maturity and responsibility!!"

Vladimir grunt at Jared and and speaks in a humorless tone, "I'm six inches and happy with that size." look back at Hellion and frowns, "Man I try to warn you." He not about to back down even thought he is out matches most likely everything. He moves his neck to the right and his neck cracks from the movement He then brings it back to center and smiles some at the taller guy. He then looks at July and blinks at her she one of the only people in this school he would not take a swing at. He stands there and gets yelled at by her like a five year old being punished by his mother. He then smiles when she turns her wrath Julian and feels as a weight is lifted off his chest as she takes control. He thinks god if only she was into guy.

Jared glares back at Eddie, "What I should be quiet while they act like idiots? Both of them need time to cool off, makes me wish I had Owen's powers. I would drop them both in the lake, at opposit ends." Jared stops and lets July yell since she is probably less likely to get decked for it than he might, but at the end stage whispers to her, "Julien is a former Hellion, and on the adult team now."

Eddie looks down and away for a moment after the grimace from Julian. He glances to Jared and flashes the pout to counter the glare before looking back up and taking a deep breath. July's rant brings a sigh out of Eddie and he bites his lip. "Yeah…Julian's X-Force now so uh…" he just trails off. "Can we please just all sit down and stop yelling? Seriously…" he trails off, looking at all the others.

Julian gives a bit of a smirk at the six inches remark. And then as July starts to tear into him, he looks to her, allowing her to have her say, since most women have to get their two cents in. "I /am/ Hellion. And on X-Force, I told him to take the first shot, I was gonna give that to him for free." He says, looking to her. "You need to take a step back, you just got here. This guy was the one to start it up with me. But I'll sure as hell end it." He never was the bully, just a very opinionated guy, who happened to enter in a lot of fights, most of them mutual. His tone is not that of a yell while talking to July. He knows who he's yelling at, and it's none of the other three in the room.
July blinks at Julian. She just can't believe the guy, but she doesn't budge an inch from between him and Vladimir. "What is this? Some kind of idiotic male pissing contest? Come on!!" she says, frowning again, angry. "If that's the case, GO OUTSIDE!!" she keeps her eyes firmly on Julian. "If you're really telling the truth that you belong to the X-Force, then ACT LIKE IT! BE A FREAKING ADULT!!" The brunette still angry at him. "'I let him take the first shot'. 'He started, I will end it'… COME ON!! This isn't first grade! No one here is a god damn child, even though YOU are proving to be quite the spiled brat that never grew up! Stop being an ass, and. Act. Like. An. X-Force member. Arguing like the way you're doing is just childish! And it would only end in trouble!"

Vladimir feels more calm he does not normally stay mad long once the problem is removed and July has done that in a sense. He places a hand on July's shoulder and said in a calm voice it's over let him stay mad there be no fight unless he attack me" He looks at Julian, "I have a rage issue I lose my cool easy but that no excuse for my action. So I be the bigger man and say I am sorry for acting like a fool" He holds out his has to the X-Force member and looks in the eyes.

Jared shakes his head and stays seated next to Eddie. "Why do I feel superfulouse to the situation. I mean I said the same thing as the chick did and didn't get more than a glance." He is mostly talking to himself, and maybe Eddie, since he is sure July Julien and Vlad are all focused on each other. "Well at least it does not look like they are gonna destroy the room any more."

Eddie leans over to whisper to Jared. "Because you're a guy and it sounded more like you wanted to whip yours out and measure too," he guesses in that innocent way of his, blushing faintly. "Umm…July, you yelling isn't helping at all either…" he trails off. He watches how Vlad acts and then whispers to Jared again. "And I think Vladimir only calmed down cause he wants to date July but not you…" he adds, waiting nervously as he waits to see what Julian does.

If this had happened two, or even a year ago, Julian would have continued the fight. But he's changed a little since then. He looks to Vlad. "You know, saying that you're going to be the better man, makes you look like your still trying to continue the argument." Always having to get the last word in, but it is true. He looks to his hand and gives it a shake. Before moving to look at Eddie and Jared. "I told you Eddie." He says, hopefully jogging his memory on the one time he said he was a jerk.

July turns her head to look at Vladimir when the guy places a hand on her shoulder and then offers a truce. "FINALLY!!" she says, raising her arms up in the air. "I was wonder how much more of an annoyed angry pissy girl I'd have to be until ONE of you decided to back down!!" she says, and sighs, finally relaxing, her shoulders slumping, before she stretches her right arm to reach for her soda can on a table far away, and takes a long sip from it after her arm retracts back to normal.
Vladimir gives a sneer of a smiles at about the comment of his better man comment since it was a shot at Julian but he does not comment back and shakes your hand. He then looks at July and leans over and kisses her check, "thank you" he whispers to her and wraps a around around her waist. He never hidden his feels for her even thought he knows he has not a chance in the world with her. He then looks at the other two, "I sorry to you to I guess I need to keep seeing your dad and try to listen to him this time."

Jared nods at Eddie, "Good thing he is not quite my type. Although you have to admit they make a good couple, she can at least keep him in line." Jared grins a little as he says it and just sits there with Eddie.

Eddie sends a sad smile July's way before looking up at Julian. Standing, he frowns and looks the older mutant over. "Yeah…" he trails off. "But you're still wrong," he says right before moving to try and hug the X-Force member. Jared earns a small chuckle but Eddie doesn't comment.

Julian gives an equal sneer to Vlad. Hell no, no way this is over. He's still quite pissed off at Vlad. Not finding him suitable for the squad assignment. He does manage to sneak in The Bird before turning his attention back to Eddie and Jared. "I'm still wrong? Okay, if you think so." Seems he's a bit nicer to Eddie than most other students.

July finishes her soda after Vladimir kisses her cheek, and she sighs, "Well… now that this is over with, I'm going back to my dorm. I have homework to finish, and there's no more reason for me to be walking around." she sighs again, shaking her head softly, "You need to control your anger, Vlad. Keep your mind open…" she says, as she starts walking out of the room. "I'll see you all around. Later."

Vladimir nods to July, "I will try to. See you around." He walks over to the coffee table he kicks out of the way and pulls it back to where it was. He sits down on the couch and sighs not sure what to say after that. He looks at the X-Force member and needs to talk to someone about his action he should not be allowed to be a member of X-Force if he goes off like that.

Jared just shakes his head again. He has no room to talk about anger, or if anyones actions tonight really was right. He decides to keep quiet, watching to see if things explode again and thinking that Eddie is the only person he has never seen loose his head for any reason.

Eddie sits back down and nods. "Of course I think so. Just saw proof…" he trails off, choosing to ignore that Bird. He leands against Jared and packs his history homework back up. "I wonder if I can get someone to help me program something into the Danger Room. I kinda wanna another shot at Boomerang…" he says this mostly to himself.

The telekinetic looks to Eddie. "Just saw proof of what?" He asks Eddie. Then a response to his earlier question. "I can design a simulation. it's not that hard after the first time."

Vladimir yawns fighting always takes it out of him. He stands up and stretches some, "Well I going head to bed. Eddie Jared it was good see you again" He walks out of the livingroom and head to the his dorm room

Jared nods at Vlad but does not say anything to him. "Proof you were wrong man. Heck man, Eddie was the only one that kept a cool head…"

Eddie blushes when Jared answers for him but nods. He then grins. "Really? Thanks, Julian! I really wanna know if I can beat Boomerang without Pallaton…helping."

Julian still doesn't know what Eddie and Jared mean by that, giving a confused look. He was pretty much a jerk just then. "Yeah… about Pallaton…" He's already pissed off at the other member of the Hellions squad, most likely he's going to get a talking to as well.

Jared lets out a single bitter laugh. "Yeah, if you can take the guy down while Pallaton is quote unquote helping you then you can certainly kick his bent backside alone." Jared has an odd look on his face as Julian starts to say something about Pallaton, "Don't be shy, Eddie has heard me say more than a few things about him since I found out how helpful he was fighting Boomerang." After a second Jared yawns and shakes his head again. "Hmm, its getting later than I thought it was…"

Eddie frowns. "Guys…don't, please?" he requests. "I was there. I know what happened and if he didn't do it already, Mr. Summers is going to deal with Pallaton…" he trails off. He yawns after Jared does and then shakes his head. "I'm gonna be up later…spending the night here. I'll see you guys later, gonna go put my bag in my room then head downstairs for awhile," he says, giving Jared a quick hug then offering Julian a smile before jogging for the door. Certainly turned out to be a loud night…

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