Summary: A bit of musical Mayhem on the Friends of Humanity

Date: October 6, 2012

Log Title: Rampaging

Rating: R

// NYC - Upper East Side //

The Upper East Side of New York City is New York's richest living area. The apartments here are off the most expensive in New York, and in the United States, and the businesses that make their home here are some of the wealthiest companies. Elegant rows of landmark townhouses line the side streets. There aren't as many shops here as there is housing and businesses.

The Storefront is innocent enough, a recruitment and meeting center for the Friends of Humanity. For the moment the night is like any other as the group meets to discuss it's next rally and talk about the progress on the mutant regiestration act. The room was packed with at least forty people as the chapter leader moves to speak. He barely gets out a greetings to the members before the door is blasted off it's hinges, shattering into a thousand pieces. Through the doorway steps a bizarre figure, like somthing that walked out of the pages of a comic book or off the screen of a cartoon show. The gathered folks muttered in a panic until one of them shouts "It's one of those mutants from the Salem Center!" The living Cartoon only grins as it starts… picking a banjo?

(Sung to the tune of "The Time's they are a'changin')

Oh gather round bigots and racists and clowns,
it's time for a beating it's time to throw down.
For the lines have been drawn and the time it is now.
So it's battle now I'm Wagin'!
Our backs to the wall I've got nothing to lose,
So it's time for some Rampagin'!

Most of the people just stare dumbfounded as the mutant breaks out into song. There are some purifiers in the crowd however and they make a dash for the backroom. Wildcard just lets them go as he pumps the neck of the banjo with an audible *Ka-chak* and a barrel forms from the end, leveling it towards the crowd the sound of a machine-gun rattles through the room as bolts of energy rip into the now panicing FoH members who scramble for cover, those hit are thrown back with large holes blasted into their clothing but showing no real injuries.

The time it is over for peaceful exchange,
it's time to get crazy and really deranged.
You all picked this fight now the piper wants paid,
and you all will do the payin'.
So the die it is cast and the battle is waged,
Oh it's time for some Rampagin'!

The purifiers emerge from the room again carrying the dart rifles. Opening fire at least a dozen of the rounds strike wildcard square in the chest, only to fall to the ground. Wildcard looks at them with a 'are you serious?' expression and hefts the Banjo again, though the body of the instrument expands and changes into a mallet. He begins to spin and a sound like from the old Tasmanian devil cartoons fill the air as he turns into a spinning blur. Plowing straight through the scrambling mass of people he collides with the Purifiers sending them flying in all directions. People are beginning to run out the missing door into the streets to escape the crazed mutant. One of the Purifiers hits the wall and slumps to the floor. Reaching for it's rifle before it's stepped on and he looks up just in time to take a Golf Swing from the mallet that bounces him off the wall again.

I'm kicking your asses now that much is clear,
You wanted a monster now show me some fear.
Spread the word that I'm coming and I'm bringing hell,
Resistance is growing and time it will tell.
If we're just left in peace then all this will be fine,
but you fools won't back down so I'll kick your behinds,
you got no one to blame but yourselves for these crime.
So it's Time for some Rampagin'!
Yes it's tiiiiiiime, for some Rampagin'!

The Police descend on the scene to find Wildcard gone without a trace, the purifiers are stripped to their underwear and tied up with their own clothing. The weapons laying in a shattered pile in front of them. At least a dozen other people lay about the room, battered and bruised but otherwise fine. The main room, the back room and any other rooms in the building have been utterly wrecked and Ransacked, any weapons found destroyed as well.

From across the street Nigel watches the police pour into the building and turns to walk away. Flipping his collar up and pushes the sunglasses over his eyes. "And this.. is just the beginning."

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