2011-08-09: Random Meetings In Mutant Town


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Summary: An Evening in Mutant Town is quite peaceful, until Fiona walks into a pole.

Date: August 9, 2011

Log Title: Random Meetings In Mutant Town

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Walking out of the park after a bit of a walk is Jeremy. He's dressed in a pair of jeans with a black shirt under a jean jacket. Even though it's the summer he's got a scarf around his neck and a pair of gloves on. As soon as he's a few feet from the park he stops and leans up against the brick wall of an apartment building, lighting up a cigarette. He closes his eyes as he takes a long inhale, not really paying attention to the people around him at the moment.

Black seems to be a popular color around these parts! Fiona is dressed much the same although - her clothes are a bit more fit for the summer heat. Just her usual skirt and a black t-shirt, no scarf or anything like that! The girl seems to be on another one of those long walks through the city that she is prone to taking. Maybe there's some shop around here or something that she likes - but then again, maybe not, judging by the way she carries no bags. It doesn't take long for her to spot Jeremy, recognition sparking in her eyes as she waves at him with a friendly, "Hey!"

Vinny exits the Four Arms apartments with a cylindrial case over one shoulder and carrying a dufflebag and a small cooler. The hybrid mutant turning to heads towards the park and moving down the sidewalk in his usual waddling gait.

There's a jump from Jeremy as Fiona says 'Hey'. He opens his eyes to see a girl he doesn't recognize and he makes a cautious motion to himself as if to say 'me?'. He looks around just to make sure when he spots Vinny and a smile shows on his usually somber face. "Hey Vinny, it's…been a while." Which has mostly been his fault.

Fiona blinks at Jeremy again, shaking her head. "My bad, I… thought you were someone else, sorry," she shakes her head, face quite red as she stands there for a moment, kind of dazed, and then figures, "Yeah. Yeah, I should go," nodding, as she starts to head on down the street.

Vinny smiles and gives a wave to Jeremy "G'day, yeah it's been a bit hasn't it? Though I gotta say yer lookin' pretty good."

Jules strolls by on the opposite side of the street from Fiona, perhaps not quite as observant before because he essentially doesn't even seem to notice her. Or Jeremy. Or Vinny. Actually he's pretty unaware of /all/ the other mutants in the city. That's pretty much what it's like being new. Breaking the trend, today he is wearing a creme-colored t-shirt that says "Team Tesla" on it and a pair of baggy grey cargo shorts. Slung over his back is his completely unconspicuous black backpack. To onlookers, it's actually kind of hard to tell if he's a guy or perhaps just an unendowed girl.

Jeremy gives Fiona an odd look and doesn't really say much as she starts to wander off. His shyness ruling over polite things to say. He then turns to Vinny and nods. "Yeah, I've been trying. Sorry I haven't been around I've been on probation of sorts at school and figured I'd stay there and not do anything to raise suspicion." He's really working hard on turning over a new leaf. "How have you been? There hasn't been much trouble down here has there?"

Fiona is usually pretty observant, but seems to be studying her feet right now - yes, her toes are rather interesting; or maybe it's not the toes that are interesting, but thinking about what just happened. At any rate, she seems to have detached herself from the current situation… so much, in fact, that she manages to run into a lamp post. THWANG. Ow. "Not… my day…" she mutters, rubbing her forehead. Grr! Yes, hey everyone, look over here!

Vinny chuckles "Well that depends on yer definition of 'trouble'. Bruce broke outta jail and is back in town, we got two super-villains runnin' around mind-controlin' mutants and settin' half the bloody city on fire. So yeah pretty much standard fer this place." He looks over as Fiona walks into a lamp post. "Ya alright there?"

Someone grabs a hold of Fiona's shoulder after she hits the lamp post. Oh man, it's probably some kind of devious deviant planning to murder her RIGHT NOW. Instead, it's Jules. Wait. Wasn't he on the other side of the street? "Fiona, running into lamp posts probably isn't good for your health." Jules says with a grin in his usual higher-pitched by slightly whimsical voice that only bleeds soft tones. Jules' voice is only as androgynous as his body, which is to say a fair bit.

Fiona continues rubbing her head until she feels a sudden hand on her shoulder, whirling around to find Jules. "I, um, erm, wha? It was an accident." She looks back towards the source of the other voice, "Erm, I think I'll be okay… wait, did you say Bruce?" she wonders, a worried look crossing her face momentarily. "Crazy guy with sand powers?"

It takes Jeremy a bit to remember who Bruce is before nodding. "Oh, I heard about the super villain mind thing from a friend of mine. Apparently a girl at my school is caught up in that but I don't really know her. Tabitha or Teresa." He says but Jeremy isn't the most social of folks. He watches Fiona run into the lamp post and tacks on another voice asking "Are you okay?"

Vinny nods "yeah Tabitha.. she's been a royal pain in the tail." Vinny stops as he feels somthing weird, a bioelectric signature disapears from his electrolocation sense only to reappear. He turns to look curiously towards Jules "Interestin'…" He nods to Fiona "Yeah.. Bruce. The guy with the crazy sand powers."

Jules lifts his hand as Fiona whirls around, which he then drops to his side. He even turns to look at the other two gentleman, Vinny and Jeremy, while participating in the conversation. "I have already heard some things about this. I probably know less than all of you, but it is worrying. Is it true there's a significant threat?"

Jeremy shrugs as he takes an inhale from his cigarette. "Well Bruce, from what I've seen, can be a bit of a handful. And as for the other thing, probably." He doesn't really know as he's been keeping out of it. He looks to Vinny and looks down at his feet. "I probably should know more but…it's just easier to keep to myself at school."

"Tabitha, yeah, she's one of my friends. She did some… well, I don't even know what it was. Some kind of illusion stuff, psychic powers. It seemed like she was going to try and kill me but she stopped short…" The look of worry increases more, then Fiona shrugs. "I don't even know what to do about that. This other friend I have - she seemed to know what was going on, but, all she'd say was it was more important to just get away. She's not really the kind that's easy to get ahold of, so I basically have no idea what's going on. But that Bruce guy is bad news. He really DID almost kill me and Tabitha once…"

Vinny nods "No Worries mate.. school's probably the safest place right now. I've had ta put out fires in Hell's Kitchen twice now cause she's been goin' nuts. As for a significant threat.. it's fairly standard around here."

"It seems to be a regular thing. Some things have also been taken from my room, though I suspect they'll show up eventually. It's all in good fun at the school, I guess." Jules smiles, nothing really seems to get this guy down.

"I don't know either." Jeremy says to Fiona about not knowing what to do. "I offered my friend Robin help if she needed it but she said she didn't." He doesn't say what he can do to help but Vinny might now. "I know, I don't want to get into much trouble again Vinny. I'm afraid if I do I might find an easy wait out that I don't want."

Vinny nods "Well just keep doin' what yer doin' Jeremy. Ya been good so far just gotta stick with it. Things'll get sorted out with this whole mess in time, they can't hide forever."

"The school?" Fiona raises an eyebrow at Jules, looking curious. She'd heard about a couple different schools, and there's of course /regular/ school… but… "I dunno, if someone's stealin' your stuff, seems the best to find out who it is and give 'em a nice punch to the face. That's what my dad would say, anyway. I've found with trouble, you can't just hide from it. Kinda… but…" she shrugs. "I guess I've never been caught."

What school could Jules possibly be talking about? "I don't think it's necessary. They haven't taken anything important. After all, it could still be the Thoggnyi." When Robin's name is mentioned, Jules looks to Jeremy. "Robin is pretty neat. She is a pretty strong person."

Jeremy runs a hand through his hair, pushing the long strands back out of his face. "Do you go to the same school as her? She's a close friend of mine." He says before nodding to Vinny. "Thanks." He says to him. "Really." He's not sure what to say so he looks down for a bit, taking out a pack of cigarettes and packing it idly.

"Are those the fairy things you were talking about? With my eyes or something like that?" Yeah, she can't remember the exact names. Ironically, while she figures Jules is just a little off his rocker, she's certainly open to the /idea./ "Oh… Robin, I think I've seen her… maybe…" Fiona seems to have seen a lot of people! Fancy that. She does get around, though.

Vinny nods "I'm proud of ya Jeremy, ya got help and yer stayin' clean." He pats Jeremy on the shoulder. "Lotsa folks struggle with that every day, ya just gotta keep on beleivin' in yerself."

"Oh. No, those are the Nym's, Fiona." Jules says to the girl in an incredibly soft but concise voice, as super friendly as usual. Then he looks towards Jeremy, "Oh, yes. I do attend the same school. I don't really go outside, much. I'm trying to do so more often. She was the first person I spoke to."

"Tell Robin Jeremy said hello when you see her next." Jeremy says before looking to Vinny. There's an appreciative smile on his face. "Thanks, I should be going now. I don't want to stay out too late, even if it is the summer and there aren't classes. I'll come back the park soon again, I promise." He says to Vinny as Fiona and Jules get a slight nod as he starts to walk off.

Vinny nods "Stay safe Mate, I'll see ya around." He looks to Fiona and Jules "Well gotta go get some practice in, have a good evening." He starts heading towards the park.

"Outside's not so bad. I like being outdoors! Well, as outdoors as you can get in the city. Only problem is the sunburns. You know. Irish thing, I guess," Fiona shrugs, "Nyms! That's right. Crazy." She turns to the other two as they leave, "Well, take it easy, I guess!" giving them a little wave. Of course, she never did bother to get their names… Oh well!

Jules agrees to pass on the message with a polite nod and a sincere smile before waving to both of the people that he met. "Farewell." That is perhaps an odd goodbye. People don't usually say farewell. Regardless, Jules looks back to Fiona. "So you like to wear contacts and bump into light poles? I suggest new contacts."

"Well… it was an accident! I was thinking about something else," Fiona stammers, fopping back against the brick wall Jeremy was previously leaning against. "That's all," she laughs a little. "You really bought that contacts bit? Oh man."

Jules rubs his chin, "So are you telling me everything was true and that I'm also a totally normal person because I believed the other story?" Wait. That's probably not what Fiona wanted to imply. Probably.

"No, I mean, erm." Fiona shrugs a little, "No, well, you're certainly not normal! That's for sure… I mean, randomly appearing everywhere like that! What's up with that? And this crazy school business. Anyway, I meant, I'm kind of an awful liar, a lot of the time. I didn't think you believed me."

Jules lowers his hand again and shrugs, "I move around like everyone else. Using my legs. Finding out more about this danger thing though is peculiar. I didn't think New York would be so dangerous. I mean, being a normal person is incredibly frightening."

"Well, there are a lot of people with unusual abilities in this city. I mean stuff the cops really can't handle. For those sorts of people, you're sorta… above the law, kinda. I don't mean the laws don't apply, I mean, it's up to those sortsa people to defend themselves and their friends, and take down the ones who choose not to. If they so choose, I guess," Fiona shrugs - though, she's really pretty sure that Jules isn't normal. "Besides, I mean, if you go to the same school as that Robin girl… She's certainly not normal!"

Jules shrugs again without much change in his expression. He just continues to smile at Fiona. "Okay, you win. I'm a mutant. I would totally pound a bad guy in the face if I saw him or something. But I really don't know what's happening in the city. Just that people are getting hurt or mind-controlled."

"Oh… Well, yeah. I can't say that I do either! Anyway, I sorta figured, I guess. I guess. I'm not a mutant, though. I'm just, well. Me. But, I do do certain things…" Fiona shrugs, "You know. Magic and stuff."

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